Breadtalk Menu Prices

Many people credit BreadTalk, a Singaporean lifestyle brand with global appeal, with revolutionizing the bread and bakery sector. Since its establishment in 2000, the BreadTalk menu has continued to churn out interesting items and provide a distinctive shopping experience for its clients. Its release of the Floss bun drove the company into consumers’ consciousness. A flour and water dough are baked to make bread, a common food. There are an almost unlimited number of forms, shapes, sizes, and textures that may be made using various flours and variable quantities of other components.

It can either be left unleavened or leavened using a variety of methods, including naturally occurring bacteria or high-pressure artificial aeration during preparation and baking. A wide range of additions, including fruits, nuts, different types of fats, and chemical additives made to enhance flavor, texture, color, and shelf life, may be utilized. Bread has developed into a staple in religious ceremonies, secular cultural life, and language as a fundamental food that is consumed by people all over the world. This significance goes beyond nourishment.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Breadtalk menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)


Bacon & Corn Croissandwich61
Chicken Croissandwich61
Choco Cro66
Choco Croissant64
Egg Tart45
White Chocolate Croissant55


Almond Frenzy43
An Pan Cream Cheese43
Banana Kick53
Beckham & Cheese45
Beefy Bun43
Berries n’ Cream47
Butter Rocky51
Butter Sugar43
Chicken Curry43
Chicken Mushroom Cheese67
Chicken Parmesan53
Chicken Teriyaki51
Choc Aleck45
Choc Donut43
Choco Chip Hokkaido99
Choco Chips Extreme43
Choco Cream Cheese55
Cinnamon Bun81
Coco Bundle41
Coffee Ball43
Coffee Bun111
Custard Bun37
Double Dog56
Double Trouble41
Get Cheesy!45
Golden Flower61
Hokkaido Dome86
Jumbo Cranberry Cheezymada199
Kick Kick41
Mini Cheese Boat37
Moshi Mushroom53
Mr. Beans44
Organic Chicken Floss68
Organic Spicy Chicken Floss68
Parmesan Sausage51
Pillow Raisin51
Pineapple Cheezymada50
Pizza Bread69
Premium Chicken Floss67
Premium Spicy Chicken Flosss67
Prosperity Polo58
Rainbow Donut45
Raisin Braid56
Rise & Shine58
Rocky Rocky Milk47
Sisig Bun50
Smart Aleck45
Spicy Tuna Sisig51
Spring in the City72
Standard Sausage46
Strawberry Rocky51
Triple Chocolate54
Tuna Bread53
Ube Bundle43
Walnut Braid55
White Chocolate Donut45


Baked Ham Sandwich59
California Toast128
Carrot Toast134
Earthquake Cheese Toast165
Mini Cranberry Toast63
Premium Toast145
Raisin Cranberry Toast165
Standard Toast93
Walnut Fruit Toast159
Wholemeal Toast115


Cheese Mamon44
Chocolate Tiger Roll48
Honey Marble45
Japan Light Cheesecake330
Marble Steamed Cake45
Mini Japan Light Cheese Cake109
Orange Steamed Cake39
Pretty in Pink750
Black Forest718
Blueberry Cheesecake728
Boston Chocolate688
Hazelnut Story728
Mango Pleasure750
Mocha Avalanche718

About BreadTalk

Each BreadTalk store is a veritable sanctuary for bread shoppers, emphasizing the notion of a boutique bakery where every item has a backstory. Whether it be a baker or chef’s personal inspiration, the politics or trends of society, BreadTalk’s “Earthquake Cheese,” “Mr. Some of the bread that have brought true stories to life is “Beans” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon.” A youthful experience is created via the open kitchen at BreadTalk, the store’s clean lines, and the names and designs of the products.

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Most recently, BreadTalk won the overall category for Most Popular Regional Brand at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) in December 2011 and was also chosen as Most Popular Regional Brand by customers.  Since its start, BreadTalk has honored the craft of bread-making by bringing its innovative creations to life Four unique Generations have been used to capture BreadTalk’s history and expansion as a globally known bakery brand over the last 16 years in the continuous process of invention and innovation.

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The new idea from BreadTalk intends to engage customers in a singular experience that evokes the thrill of consuming natural goodness and great-tasting loaves. It is the company’s response to the widespread consumer demand for more natural food options. The new concept features an intriguing repertoire of over 50 brand-new items from source to store, specially developed by its international Master Chefs.

BreadTalk Menu Best Seller

Flosss – Also known as Flosssophy. Both the tales and appearance are lacking. Simply said, its goal is to make you happy now, tomorrow, and forever. Always remember to floss. I’m a soft, light bread with a delicate flavor enhanced by a particular cream and lavishly dusted with pig floss, according to the secret recipe. a wonderful bite!

Floss on Breadtalk Menu Philippines Pin

Fire Flosss – This BreadTalk menu has spicy Pork Fire Flosss that will sate your ferocious appetite and ignite your tongue! Do you feel up to the task?

Hot Chic– Hot Chic Spicy chicken flosss on top of the iconic soft Flosss bun.

Cheese Flosss – Cheese Flosss, the same renowned delectable cream, soft sweet bun covered by your selection of pig flosss. Can you see the difference? View and savor!

BreadTalk Menu Famous Bread

Spring in the City – Ham-laced rolled bread with spring onions, carrots, and floss on top.

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Golden Flower on Breadtalk Menu Philippines Pin

Golden Flower – White chocolate-filled bread with cocoa cream and almond sprinkles upon topping is called the “Golden Flower.”

Get Cheesy! – Cheese, mayonnaise, and parsley on bread. bread with a coffee ball-shaped topping of coffee cream and almond flakes.

BreadTalk Cake Best Seller Menu

Salted Caramel Cake – A decadent chocolate treat with layers of chocolate chiffon, crispy hazelnut feuilletine, and dark chocolate mousse, all glazed in caramel.

Mangococo – Welcome to the tropics with layers of chiffon and a mango and coconut mousse with mango jelly that complements a zesty explosion of fresh mango pineapple coulis.

Granite (Sesame) – This BreadTalk menu will blow your mind with each taste! This beauty is composed entirely of black sesame: a layer like a New York cheesecake, black sesame Oreo crumbs, black sesame mousse, and vanilla chiffon.

Pretty Pink (Lychee Mousse) – Thanks to its irresistible combination of Lychee Raspberry Mouse, and Lychee Mousse Rose Coulis, Pretty Pink will undoubtedly win your heart.

BreadTalk Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite BreadTalk menu has made it easier. If you don’t have time to stand in a long line in the BreadTalk shop, you can simply use the FoodPanda or GrabFood app. Open it and then find the BreadTalk on their page. From there, you can select the available menu for delivery. Keep in mind that the delivery time and availability is depending on your location.

Spring in the City on Breadtalk Menu Philippines Pin

Social Media Pages

If you want to get in touch with the team of BreadTalk Philippines for inquiries and the latest updates, you can message and follow them on their social media.

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What is BreadTalk famous for?

BreadTalk is a distinctive Singaporean brand that was established in 2000 and has expanded globally. It is notable for changing the way people consume bread in a culture where buying bread was unheard of.

Is BreadTalk cake good?

Yes, it is. The cake in BreadTalk is what customers always find when visiting their stores.

Is BreadTalk halal?

No, it is not Halal-Certified.


Going through the array of pastries that BreadTalk outlets produce each day is an overwhelming task. But everyone who has tried them agrees that you must taste the original Flosss, which are coated in mouthwatering pork floss. BreadTalk’s Filipino bakers are dedicated to producing bread with regional flare and character, as well as unique desserts that feature regional tastes. The delectable BreadTalk menu such as Sumo Pandesal, the sweet Cheezymada, the savory Sisig Bun, and the Cheese Flosss are exclusive to this location and are well worth trying. You should dine at BreadTalk for three key reasons. Choosing natural components comes first. Global sourcing is used to handpick and choose the best organic ingredients, such as New Zealand’s pure butter, and Japanese milled wheat. To provide better quality control of the final products, the components are professionally cooked in the Central Kitchen from their raw form to make pastes or fillings. Second, craftsmanship, the recipes are influenced by each Master Chef’s own interpretation of traditional simplicity. Third, healthy goodness, Every bite’s a delight, as they continue to develop goods that deliver a lot of happiness and goodness to meet the changing demands of consumers.

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