Luxin – The Flow Menu Prices

Another day for another Japanese restaurant as we take a flavorful step into the world of culinary mastery with the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine curated by master chefs. Introducing Luxin – The Flow! a restaurant that will transport you to the heart of Japan from their exquisite Sushi and Sashimi up to their savory ramen and other Japanese delicacies. They offer a very reasonable price on their menu so you can surely make the best out of it. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Luxin – The Flow menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Flavoured Tea

Tamago Roll Sushi150
Conch Sushi150
Shimasaba Sushi150
Fresh Shrimp Sushi200
Lapu-Lapu Sushi250
Meka Sushi250
Garlic Butter Steak Sushi200
Tenderloin Steak Sushi250
Ika Sushi150
Smoked Ika Sushi150
Crab Stick Sushi150
Asparagus Sushi90
Truffle Tuna Akami Sushi250
Octopus Sushi200
Beetroot Salmon200
Elephant Clam Sushi250
Eggplant Sushi90
Unagi Sushi250
Tuna Sushi200
Fresh Salmon Sushi200
King Prawn Sushi200
Salmonelly Sushi250
Smoked Salmon Sushi200
Garlic Cheese Shrimp Sushi250
Inari Sushi150
Spam Sushi150

Luxin Specials Sushi

Smoked Ducks Sushi250
Premium Kanis Sushi250
Hokkigai Sushi250
Ama Ebis Sushi250
White Kimchi with Flat Fish Sushi250


Corn Gunkan90
Negitoro Gunkan250
Scallop Gunkan200
Uni Mousse250
Tuna Salad Gunkan90
Baby Octopus Gunkan200
Ikura Gunkan250
Tobiko Gunkan200


Ebi Tempura Roll200
Salmon Roll150
Beef Bulgogi Roll150
American Cheese Roll90
Tobiko Roll150
Fresh Tuna Roll200
Crab Meat Roll150


Tuna Hoso Maki90
Salmon Hoso Maki90
Tamago Hoso Maki90
Futo Maki200


Tuna Akami Sashimi250
Home-made Smoked Salmon Sashimi250
Tuna Tataki200

Additional Japanese Delicacies

Fried Tofu Ponzu90
Tomato Salad90
Fruit Salad90
Fresh Salmon Salad200
Tamago Sando150

Comfort Food

Beef Gyudon690
Inari U-Don430
Zaru Soba450
Maguro Zukedon600
Salmon Poke620
Katsu Don650

Shabu Shabu Set

Beef Brisket 120g750
Iberico Pork Belly690
Lamb Shoulder 120g790
Mixed Chicken 180g590
King Prawn 120g850
Plant Ball (for vegetarian)590

Luxin Premium Dish

Beef Wagyu 100g1550
Additional Wagyu1,100
Lobster Tail 1 pc1,400
Additional Lobster Tail1,250
Luxin Thunder Bolt (Beef Striploin) 100g1,200
Additional Luxin Thunder Bolt850
Imported Beef Tenderloin 100g1,100
Additional Beef Tenderloin800

Luxin Premium Set Menu

2 Pax2,888
4 Pax5,888
6 Pax8,888

A La Carte Tempura Skewers

Ebi Tempura810
Beef Wagyu1,200
Chicken Karaage690
Squid Tempura600
Teriyaki Chicken Wings450
Vegetable Tempura450
Mixed Vegetable390
Deep Fried Spring Roll510
Chicken Thighs450

A La Carte Charcoal Grilled

Wagyu Sirloin 1,500
Lobster Tail with Grilled Leeks1,400
Garlic Buttered Scallops (Half Shell)850
Butter-Flavored Seared Salmon with Vegetables780
Black Tiger Prawn (Baked in Salamander with Butter)780

À La Carte Sushi

Luxin Special Sushi Set (10 pcs)1,200
Salmon Sushi Set (10 pcs)930
Tuna Sushi Set (10 pcs)920


Salmon Belly Sashimi (Aged with Kelp)1,200
Salmon Sashimi (Aged with Kelp)1,000
Lapu-Lapu Sashimi (Fresh)1,100
Tuna Akami Sashimi (Tuna Loin)950

Sashimi Moriawase


Kids Menu

Japanese Mild Curry Rice310
Kindergarten Cheese Cutlet300
Jacob's Kids Fried Rice280


Vanilla Matsna Ice Cream210
Chocolate Frozen Mochi (Japanese Frozen Rice Cake)250
Manjoo Modern Japanese Manju210

Chilled Juices

Mango (Seasonal)200
Apple (Seasonal)200
Guava (Seasonal)200

Japanese Juices

Horoyoi Apple125
Horoyoi Hapikleyakult125
Horoyoi Yuzu Lemonade125

Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea160
Peach Iced Tea160
House Blend160


Iced Americano Iced150
Iced Americano Hot140
Cappuccino Iced180
Cappuccino Hot170
Cafe Latte180
Double Espresso120
Iced Latte190

Bottled Water

Wilkins Distilled 500ml70
Evian 500ml170
Perrier 250ml200
San Pellegrino 250ml170

Soft Drinks

Coke (Regular/Zero)100
Sprite (Regular/Zero)100
Royal Tru Orange 330ml100
Ginger Ale200
Schweppes Tonic130
Schweppes Soda130

Home Party

Good for 6-8 Pax9,888

About Luxin

Luxin is a Japanese restaurant famous for its exquisite sushi and sashimi along with its savory ramen. they’re very dedicated to providing excellent dining that will transport you into a whole new world. They take a great branding as the Flavors of Japan with their Sushi and Luxin Special Sushi along with other additional Japanese Delicacies. They are also famous for their comfort food collection Shabu Shabu Set which features the finest cuts of meat that unleashes the best flavors of Japan.

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Luxin – The Flow Menu Best Seller

For the most awaited part! There are lots of exquisite dishes that are finely crafted by their master chefs to give you an unforgettable dining experience while savoring these best-selling dishes from Luxin.

Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki – Experience eth burst in the burst-in-the-mouth flavors with this wagyu beef teppanyaki that highlights a cooked-to-perfection teppanyaki grill that features a tender flavourful bite.

Gyoza – Luxin’s version of this Gyoza is made special and highlights the fresh and enticing journey to the flavorful mixture of meat and vegetables that are perfectly seared to fully give you an irresistible gyoza appetizer.

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shabu-shabu set Pin
Photo Credits: LUXIN – The Flow Facebook Page

Tonkatsu Ramen – This ramen is one of their favorite ramen that highlights a rich and creamy pork that is cooked in a meticulous process that creates a delightful base of tender pork slices.

Tempura Moriawase – Indulge in this tempura assortment that features a spring and vegetables along with other seafood. Every bite of this tempura is light and absolutely crispy, fully enhancing the flavors with the dipping sauce that you will definitely love.

seafudo burger Pin
Photo Credits: LUXIN – The Flow Instagram Page

Unagi Don – Time for the classic in this Japanese dish that features a grilled eel glazed that is flavored with sweet and savory sauce served in a flavorful bed of steamed rice.


These collections of Sushi menu at Luxin are the art of masterpiece that unleashes the simplicity and precision of their master chefs. It highlights the seafood and other ingredients.

salmon sashimi Pin
Photo Credits: LUXIN – The Flow Facebook Page

Tamago Roll Sushi – A delicate yet delightful sushi roll that showcased the fully Japanese omelet on a flavorful layer of seasoned rice and wrapped with a sheet of seaweed.

Garlic Butter Steak Sushi – This fusion of Japanese and Eastern cuisine that is served on this platter highlights the succulent slices of grilled steak that are infused with aromatic flavors and rich fillings.

Tenderloin Steak Sushi – A luxurious choice for your expensive taste! This sushi features a tender and high-quality tenderloin steak that is seared to perfection giving you a delightful contrast of textures.

Fresh Shrimp Sushi – This fresh shrimp sushi has a natural sweetness you will surely love. It has delicate flavors and perfectly cooked shrimp that are elegantly draped over a mound of perfectly seasoned rice.

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fresh shrimp sushi Pin
Photo Credits: LUXIN – The Flow Facebook Page

Comfort Food

Luxin’s is here to bring extra warmth and a satisfying meal with this comfort food selection that is famous for its hearty and very familiar flavors that you will surely love.

Tonkatsu – A classic and well-loved dish that is breaded in deep-fried pork cutlets. It highlights pork that is absolutely tender and crispy. It has a golden brown texture and is accompanied by various veggies.

Beef Gyudon – A very comforting bowl is here to serve thinly sliced beef that is simmered in a sweet and savory sauce. It’s a healthy and satisfying dish that offers a satisfying experience for everyone who is looking for a filling meal.

beef gyudon Pin
Photo Credits: LUXIN – The Flow Facebook Page

Inari U-donInari Udon combines your Japanese favorites that feature udon noodles and inari sushi. It has a chewy udon and is served with delightful and flavorful broth.

Zara Soba – Time for the traditional! This traditional Japanese noodle dish offers you thin buckwheat that is served in cold and flavorful dipping sauce. It has a very refreshing option perfect for everyone who loves noodles.

Luxin – The Flow Menu Delivery

Do you want some more? I am sure you are now satisfied with Japanese food. However, they are not offering any food delivery service from their menu so it is best to visit their store for a full-blown experience of Japanese dining with exquisite meals. Their dining offers a very cozy and inviting atmosphere with a luxurious view of the Japanese setting. You will never regret visiting their store so head on and treat yourself to this delightful meal.

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Expect a visual symphony of creatively crafted dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. By following them, you’ll step into a world of edible masterpieces that will ignite your senses.




Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Luxin offer? 

Luxin – The Flow menu offers exquisite collections of authentic Japanese dishes that are seared to perfection offering you culinary bliss and excellent dining.

What is Luxin known for?

Luxin is known for its sushi and shabu shabu set. They are also quite famous for their Comfort food and Ala Carte platters.

What are the operating hours of Luxin?

Lyxin operated from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM to 11 PM

Where is Luxin located in the Philippines?

Planning to visit their store? great because you can visit them on the Ground Floor, Active Fun Building, 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig.


For the overall experience, I really love how it went well and smoothly which warms my heart tremendously. Their meticulously crafted sushi is truly showcasing the authentic tradition of Japanese cuisine as well as their comforting classics. Indeed, Luxin will provide a premium quality of dining that will truly transcend the ordinary. Their dedicated chefs are worthy of appreciation for every piece of art that is packed with freshness and utmost precision. I love their tamago sushi roll which is something that I had truly indulged in their collection as well as their butter steak sushi that exudes sophistication and luxuriousness. Their comforting food is definitely one of the must-tries, especially for your first time because it offers a safe option for everyone who is taking a flavorful first step into Japanese cuisine.

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