Friuli Trattoria Menu Prices

Friuli Trattoria Italian food is one of the most popular foreign cuisines in our country, we learned to embrace their cuisine many years ago and until now many people still loved this cuisine. The Friuli Trattoria menu is composed of Italian dishes that everyone loves, so if you’re an Italian food lover this is the perfect place for you. Have you heard about them? If not no worries, in this article we are going to talk about this restaurant, have a little knowledge about them and let’s take a sneak at their best sellers and prices. Let’s go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Friuli Trattoria menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Piu Venduti

Tre formaggi 240
Viva venezia265
Pancetta 280
Spiced romano290


Hawaiian 225
Marinara 250
Pepperoni 250
All Meat295


Buono Vendure240
Funghi pizza240
Antonio's pizza240


Bianco Favorito275
Bianco Italiano295
Gamberetti al pesto290
Bianco picante255


Barbecue chicken 290
Chicken tandoori 285
Hot sausage and pepper270
Cheese steak 300


Cheese pizza230
Garlic and cheese240


Pepperoni delight 275
Buffalo chicken 290
Cheeseburger 340


Spaghetti con II tonoe funglio265
Penne con smoked sausage 200
Capellini a la putanesca185
Spaghetti al pesto 195
Spaghetti con salsa di manzo180
Spaghetti a la carbonara 195
Aligue pasta275
Truffle pasta220
Aglio e olio220
Veggie aglio e olio230
Sausage aglio e olio285
Lasagna 185

Altri preferiti

Zuppa di cipolle130
Minestrone 110
Creamy mushroom soup 90
Toasted ravioli 185
Mozzarella sticks 190
Lasagna 185
Eggplant parmigiana 150
Chicken wings 210

Un Po di Tutto

Pizza, pasta, mozzarella sticks or ravioli combo 195
Pizza, pasta and chicken combo 240
Additional 2 slices of pizza 70


Bread plate 105
Italian breakfast plate195
Tapa aglio e olio185
Tapa rice 180
Burger steak alfredo180
Burger steak rice160
Additional egg20
Additional sausage 50
Additional ham50
Additional rice20
Additional garlic rice25
Brewed coffee 30
Hot chocolate 30
Pineapple juice 30
Hot tea in a pot90

Solo Orders

Panini with soup 105
Solo arrabiata160
Solo Aglio e Olio160

Gelato cakes

Pharaohs delight 140
Tartufo nero150
Tartufo bianco150
Fragola strawberry 180
Pistachio balls180
Tiramisu 135
After 8135


Blueberry cheesecake slice 110
Blueberry cheesecake whole 880
Soufflé cheesecake slice 135
Soufflé cheesecake whole 1080
Carrot cake 120

Pasta trays

Tuna and mushroom 495
Carbonara 585
Spaghetti meat sauce 540
Pesto 585
Smoked sausage 600
Aligue 825
Truffle 660
Lasagna 3-6 persons 555
Lasagna 6-12 persons 1110

Food trays

Eggplant parmigiana 3-6 persons450
Eggplant parmigiana 6-12 persons 900
Mozzarella sticks 380
Toasted ravioli 370
Chicken wings 420

About Friuli Trattoria 

Friuli Trattoria is already in the market in the early 2000s, they became a regular place to go with University students nearby which is the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University. The students love going to this restaurant because of how affordable their food items are and aside from that the quality of the food that they are serving is really good. This restaurant has its iconic tablecloth (checkered) that serves Italian foods.

YouTube video

The customers already embraced this restaurant and that’s the reason we can tell that this is a successful establishment already. They also serve big portions of food that won’t leave you hanging for more. If you’re coming to their restaurant in a group we can recommend that you order pizza since the restaurant has the usual Italian pizza fare. Aside from pizza they also have other items like pasta, mozzarella sticks, and some coffee drinks. They have two branches in Quezon City, one in Maginhawa street and the other one in U.P Town Center. 

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Friuli Trattoria Menu Best Seller

Here on the list is Friuli Trattoria’s best sellers according to their website. These items on the list are their most popular food items and are usually ordered by their customers. 

Margherita – The sauce for this one is a combination of a little sweet and tangy. It’s more just like marinara sauce but a bit better, the crust is very good, a bit chewy but okay. This tasty and very delicious pizza is something you will want to order again and again. 

Best tasting Margherita in Friuli Trattoria. Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page

Tre Formagi – This very delicious pizza from the Friuli Trattoria menu is very cheesy and very satisfying especially if you are a cheese lover. Their crust for this pizza is not too thick and has that crunch on the edges. What I like the most about this pizza is the way it is prepared, marinara sauce on the crust a lot of cheese, and some spices to make this pizza fabulous and you have this masterpiece. 

Tre Formagi pizza for cheese lovers. Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page

Vegetable Aglio e Olio – This spaghetti dish has that garlicky and nutty flavor. A bit starchy and salty at the same time and that’s the reason why this pasta dish is really good. Their vegetable Aglio e olio has al dente noodles combined with that delicious sauce and it’s something that you will never forget, this could be your new favorite I swear! 

Toasted Ravioli – This is breaded ravioli then deep-fried and normally serves as an appetizer but of course can also enjoy it while dipping it in a special sauce. In Friuli Trattoria they serve it 6 pcs with a dipping sauce that is so tasty we actually love it. It is crispy and the inside is really flavorful. 

Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page
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Mozzarella sticks – They have a mild and just a bit of salty taste it is also creamy. They seasoned it very well before breading their mozzarella sticks that’s why Friuli Trattoria’s mozzarella sticks are definitely delicious. And I think these are the best mozzarella sticks that I tried in years. This menu from Friuli Trattoria is really perfect for snacking and their mozzarella sticks are something that you will crave after the first time ordering it. 

best Mozzarella Sticks in Friuli Trattoria Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page

Blueberry cheesecake – This is classic and they say nothing beats the classic, right? Friuli Trattoria’s version of blueberry cheesecake is heavenly. I’m not exaggerating things here I’m just telling the truth. It has a tangy and smooth base that balanced the flavor, and the preserved blueberries on top are sweet but just right not too much. This is a good dessert after all the mains. 


Friuli Trattoria Novita food items have 4 choices. First is, they have Fantastico which is really meaty. Second, Pepperoni Delight. That is best paired with beer. Third and Fourth, Buffalo Chicken that I like with beer as well as their Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page


On their Buongustaio menu, they offer four gourmet dishes. They have their delicious Barbecue Chicken. This smokey-flavored meal is also topped with cheese and sprinkled with some herbs. Aside from the barbecue chicken, they also have Chicken Tandoori. This is made with chicken breast that they marinated with a special kind of sauce and has a spicy flavor.

The next one from the Friuli Trattoria menu is Hot Sausage and Pepper. This is basically a spicy pizza made with bell pepper, tomatoes, Italian sausage, pizza sauce for the base, and cheese. Last but not least, is their Cheese Steak, which is a pizza that is topped with sirloin steak strips, mixed vegetables, some cheese, steak sauce, and mashed potato

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Have a taste of Barbecue Chicken pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page

Piu Venduti

On their Piu Venduti menu which is also their best seller, they have 5 dishes to choose from. They have Tre Formaggi, Margherita which is their top best seller,  Viva Venezia, Pancetta, and lastly their Spiced Romano. The most expensive item on their Piu Venduti is spiced romano which is 290 PHP and the cheapest is their Margherita which will cost you around 235 PHP. 

Viva Venezia pizza Pin
Photo Credit: Friuli Trattoria Official Facebook Page

Friuli Trattoria Menu Delivery

If you’re craving your Friuli Trattoria favorite dishes, no worries because you can enjoy their foods in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to go to their website by clicking this link. They accept Gcash, Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard. You can also use other options like Food delivery services that are available in your area. 

Talk to Friuli Trattoria PH Staff

To get to know more about their promos, sales, or discounts, you may reach them through their social media platforms. They have staff that will accommodate your inquiries and they will surely respond to you. Refer to the links below:





To be fair enough, the Friuli Trattoria menu has a lot to offer and already exceeded its customer’s expectations. They are one of the favorite restaurants in their location. The food was spectacular most specifically their pasta and pizza. They have a big serving size of food which is also great, service is quite fast despite their busy sked when we came, crews are polite. I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re into Italian food or you’re a food explorer just like me. 

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