Pho Bac Menu Prices

The Pho Bac menu offers a huge selection of nutritious Vietnamese cuisines. Its noodles are the most popular dishes that make customers come back. The other dishes that they offer are appetizers, vegetarian, Vietnamese sandwiches, salads, soup noodles, extras, rice toppings, salad noodles, specialties, rice items, a platter menu, short orders, desserts, and drinks. The meals that it offers are fresh, delicious, healthy, and affordable. Its menu is described as “the healthiest choice” because of its high nutritional content that provides various health benefits.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Pho Bac menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Spring Rolls 165
Steamed Rolls 205
Pork Mushroom Dumplings140
Shrimp Spring Rolls165
Platter Rolls275
Fresh Rolls 160


Tofu Garlic or Spring Onions185
Vegetarian Soup Noodle290
Vegetarian Salad260
Tofu Salad Noodle225
Vegetarian Crepe260
Vegetarian Fresh Roll160
Vegetarian Spring Roll150

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Pork Barbeque230
Chicken with Lemon Grass230
Sausage and Pork230


Panfried Beef w/ kangkong260
Chicken Salad260
Shrimp & Pork Salad275
Pomelo Shrimp Salad275
Sashimi Salad Salad275
Seaffod Salad275

Soup Noodles

Chicken Noodles270
Chicken w/ Egg Noodles270
Chicken Sotanghon270
Fish Noodle290
Saigon Noodles305
Mixed Seafood Noodles380
Beef Noodles335
Beef Ball Noodles335
Beef w/ Beef Ball Noodles335
Beef Stew Noodles380
Four Seasons Noodles300


Quail Egg11
Squid Ball25
Beef Ball 35

Rice Toppings

Mixed Seafood 285
Carmelized Pork Loin285
Beef Rice285

Salad Noodles

Spring Roll Salad Noodles250
Pork BBQ Salad Noodles295
Fish Salad Noodles280
Chicken Chagio Salad Noodle335
Pork BBQ Chagio Salad Noodle335


Panfried Beef with Kangkong185
Vietnamese Crepe285
Pork BBQ rice or Rice Wrapper335

Short Order

Sauteed Sotanghon210
Imperial Noodles210
Crispy Noodles235

Platter Menu

Sweet & Sour fish395
Grilled Pork445
Fish & Tofu Tausi395
Mixed Seafood w/ Vegetable Platter445

Rice Items

Chicken with Lemon Grass295
Grilled Pork with Lemon Grass295
Spicy Chicken with Turmeric275
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet280
Beef Stew with Rice or Bread345
Seafood Curry295
Grilled Tanigue330
Panfried Fish Fillet265
Grilled Fish Fillet255

Extra Rice

Plain Rice50
Tomato Rice60
Fried Rice95

Extra Rice Change To

Tomato Rice20
Fried Rice65

Additional Menu Items

Mixed Vegetables Rice310
Beef Brocolli Rice350
Pork BBQ On Stick90


Pandan Pudding50
Fried Mongo Roll60
Black Gulaman With Magic Seeds50

Fresh Juices

Carrots With Honey120
Carrots With Pineapple120


Lemon Iced Tea55
Black Gulaman 70
Iced Coffee With milk / Black80
Coffee With Milk / Black75
Vietnamese Hot Tea in Pot (1 Refill)55
San Miguel Beer75
Canned Soda80
Mineral Water45
Bottomless Lemon Iced Tea85

Fresh Fruit Shakes

Ripe Mango85
Green Mango85
Papaya 85
Tropical Shake90
Fruits in Season90

About Pho Bac

Pho Bac Vietnamese specialties offer a broad range of cuisines from Vietnam. The management of this restaurant aims to introduce the culture and taste of Vietnam to the Filipino people. It serves authentic Vietnamese popular dishes that are perfect for any occasion. Today, it has multiple branches in Metro Manila and serves more customers through online delivery platforms.

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Pho Bac Menu Best Seller

Noodles, rolls, and salads are the best-seller dishes of this Vietnamese restaurant. Its delicious taste and healthy meals make people come back for more.

Beef Noodles – The splash of calamansi juice, its beefy broth, and aromatic Vietnamese basil leaves make this soup noodles delectable. Beef bones are simmered over long hours. This is a must-try dish from the Pho Bac menu if you want to try something new.

Chicken Noodles – Vietnamese pho is all about the broth that is simmered for a long hour. Its broth is made up of simmered chicken bones. It consists of chicken meat slices, soft slippery pho noodles, Vietnamese herbs, and other special seasonings.

Spring Rolls – Spring rolls are Pho Bac’s best-selling appetizer as it is one of the dishes that are familiar to the taste buds of Filipinos. It is one of the dishes that first-time customers try when they visit this restaurant. It is a fried spring roll that consists of various fillings such as ground meat, diced vegetables, noodles, and mushrooms. It is rolled up on a sheet of moist paper. Lettuce and Vietnamese fish sauce are commonly served with this dish.

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fried spring rolls in Pho Bac Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page

Steamed Rolls – Pork and ear mushrooms are chopped into small pieces and wrapped in thin sheets of steamed rice flour. Slices of Vietnamese sausage are placed on top, and crispy fried shallots are added as a garnish. Vietnamese herbs, fresh thin cucumber slices, blanched bean sprouts, chopped lettuce, and Nuoc cham sauce also come with this dish.

Pho Bac Vietnamese steamed rolls Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page

Chicken Salad – This salad is one of the most popular salads in Vietnam. The pops of color, taste, texture, and crunchiness of this salad will give you a delightful experience. It is made up of hand-shredded chicken, herbs, carrots, cabbage, onions, and sweet and savory fish sauce dressing. Every ingredient of this Vietnamese Chicken salad is surely delicious. I highly recommend that you try this healthy menu from Pho Bac.

Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page

Pho Bac Specialties

Pho Bac specialties consist of Vietnamese dishes where two or more ingredients create a perfect combination.

Panfried Beef with Kangkong – It is made up of pan-fried beef and water spinach. The vibrant green color and crunchiness of water spinach and the tenderness of beef that is perfectly seasoned create a delicious and nutritious meal.

Vietnamese Crepe – A crowd-favorite street snack in Vietnam. This menu has a crispy and golden-brown crepe and is filled with various herbs and vegetables. It is served with lettuce on the side. This delicious snack can also be eaten as a main meal.

Pho Bac vietnamese crepe Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page
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Pork BBQ Rice or Rice Wrapper – Pork is marinated with special ingredients, grilled over charcoal, and served with rice and crispy lettuce. This Pho Bac specialty is one of the favorite dishes of their customers.

Rice Items

Rice items are the different varieties of rice served with various nutritious and delicious Vietnamese dishes. If you can’t resist eating dishes without rice, these Pho Bac menus are the ones that you should try.

Grilled Tanigue – This rice item consists of rice, grilled tanigue, and mixed vegetables. Eating this dish at least two times a week and adding it to your diet can help you prevent cardio diseases.

Beef Stew with Rice or Bread – It is a Vietnamese beef stew that has many layers of aroma and flavor in its broth. It is served with rice or bread, whichever you prefer. 

Vietnamese Beef Stew with Rice (Bo Kho) Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page

Chicken with Lemongrass – This is an attractive and irresistible dish that you should try when you visit this restaurant. Sliced chicken is perfectly seasoned, marinated, and grilled with lemongrass. It is served with rice and mixed vegetables.

Chicken with lemon grass Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac FB page

Spicy Chicken with Turmeric – This nutritious and delicious dish never fails to make customers flatter. The spiciness of the chicken, the aroma of turmeric, and the combination of other seasonings create a savory taste that will satisfy your cravings.

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet – It consists of fried fish filled stewed with various vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce.

Vegetarian Menu

A set of dishes that are perfect for vegetarians or health-conscious customers. It has high nutritional content and provides a lot of health benefits.

Tofu Garlic or Spring Onions – Tofu is expertly cooked with Pho Bac’s special ingredients and topped with garlic and sauce. 

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Vegetarian Soup Noodles – This Pho Bac menu is a meat-free soup noodles that will fill you without feeling heavy. Its low-fat broth creates a fragrant smell that will make you anticipate this dish. It is topped with tofu, slices of carrots, lettuce, mushrooms, and other herbs and spices.

Vegetarian Salad – A salad that consists of mixed vegetables. Lettuce and slices of tomatoes are served on its side.

Veggie people will love these Vegetarian salad Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac Instagram page

Tofu Salad Noodles – This dish is one of Pho Bac’s dishes that doesn’t contain meats. It is a cold noodle dish that is served with tofu, lettuce, and authentic Vietnamese sauce that will surely satisfy your palate.

tofu salad noodle is a must try food menu in Pho Bac Pin
Photo Credit: Pho Bac Instagram page

Pho Bac Menu Delivery

Enjoying healthy and delicious Pho Bac Vietnamese foods in the comfort of your home or office is more convenient than ever. It is just a few clicks away via online platforms such as GrabFood, or FoodPanda. You can also order through any Pabili delivery service of your choice like GrabExpress Pabili, Lalamove Purchase, MrSpeedy Pabili, Joyride Pabili, Move It Pabili, and MyKuya App.

Talk to Pho Bac PH Staff

If you have concerns about their services, products, or branch locations then you may visit their social media pages and website. They have active staff to answer your concerns and are active in posting about their new food menus, promos, and more. You may also follow and like their pages to support their restaurant. See the links below to get more in touch with them.





Pho Bac’s menu is perfect for those who love Vietnamese dishes. This restaurant is a great place if you want to eat light, healthy, delicious, and soothing foods. Its Vietnamese dishes are bursting with aroma and flavors that will make you come back for more. It has a variety of items on the menu so you can create a perfect food combination that suits your taste.

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