Gong Cha Menu Prices

Milk tea is a popular drink nowadays, especially when it’s cold outside. Gong Cha, a brand originating from Taiwan, offers some of the tastiest and most affordable milk teas in the market. You can find their outlets almost everywhere, particularly in urban areas. Their drinks are top-notch, maintaining high quality without compromise. If you’re a milk tea lovers, Gong Cha is definitely worth trying. Let’s dive into the world of Gong Cha and explore their delicious milk teas!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Gong Cha menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

House Special

Matcha milktea medium115
Matcha milktea large130
Milk alisan tea medium95
Milk alisan tea large110
Milk black tea medium95
Milk black tea large110
Milk brown sugar BT medium115
Milk brown sugar BT large130
Milk chocolate medium105
Milk chocolate large125
Milk coffe medium145
Milk coffee large165
Milk earl gray tea medium95
Milk earl gray tea large110
Milk golden ovaltine medium105
Milk golden ovaltine large115
Milk green tea medium95
Milk green tea large110
Milk mango alisan tea medium125
Milk mango alisan tea large140
Milk milktea medium125
Milk milktea large140
Milk taro medium105
Milk taro large125
Milk wintermelon medium95
Milk wintermelon large105
Oreo tea medium135
Oreo tea large150
Strawberry milk smoothie medium130
Strawberry milk smoothie large150

Choco Loco

Banana chocolate medium100
Banana chocolate large120
Chocolate milk medium90
Chocolate milk large105
Earl gray chocolate medium95
Earl gray chocolate large115
Golden ovaltine medium90
Golden ovaltine large105
Hot chocolate milk medium90
Hot golden ovaltine medium90
Matcha chocolate medium120
Matcha chocolate large130
Matcha oreo chocolate medium125
Matcha oreo chocolate large135
Salted caramel chocolate medium90
Salted caramel chocolate large105
Strawberry chocolate medium100
Strawberry chocolate large115
Strawberry oreo chocolate medium125
Strawberry oreo chocolate large135

Wintermelon Mania

Banana wintermelon medium100
Banana wintermelon large115
Choco wintermelon medium95
Choco wintermelon large110
Lemon wintermelon medium85
Lemon wintermelon large100
Passion fruit wintermelon medium100
Passion fruit wintermelon large115
Wintermelon alisan tea medium85
Wintermelon alisan tea large100
Wintermelon milk medium90
Wintermelon milk large105
Yakult wintermelon medium100
Yakult wintermelon large115

Coffee Special

Butterscotch coffee medium120
Butterscotch coffee large135
Caramel coffee medium125
Caramel coffee large140
Hot caramel coffee medium125
Hot mocha coffee medium125
Hot special milk coffee medium85
Mocha coffee medium125
Mocha coffee large140
Oreo mocha coffee medium115
Oreo mocha coffee large135
Special milk coffee medium85
Special milk coffee large95

Ice Cream Special

Ice cream chocolate medium120
Ice cream chocolate large135
Ice cream milktea medium110
Ice cream milktea large125
Ice cream tea medium95
Ice cream tea large110

Ice Smoothies

Banana choco ice130
Brown sugar110
Brown sugar large140
Butterscotch large145
Chocolate ice with pearl115
Honey dew ice115
HS caramel milk150
HS earl gray chocolate150
HS matcha milk150
Mango ice with pearl135
Matcha chocolate130
Matcha ice135
Matcha oreo chocolate ice140
Milk ice with PJ & FJ115
Oreo choco ice135
Oreo vanilla ice135
Passion fruit green tea130
Strawberry banana ice130
Strawberry choco ice130
Strawberry oreo chocolate130
Taro ice smoothie115
Wintermelon ice110

Fruit Tea

Honey lemon tea medium95
Honey lemon tea large110
Hot honey lemon tea medium95
Hot lemon green tea medium75
Lemon green tea medium75
Lemon green tea large85
Lychee green tea aloe large110
Mango alisan tea medium95
Mango alisan tea large110
Passion fruit GT with pearl and fruit jelly medium95
Passion fruit GT with pearl and fruit jelly large110
Peach green tea medium85
Peach green tea large100
Strawberry black tea medium95
Strawberry black tea large110

Fruit Series

Banana milk medium90
Banana milk large105
Honey dew milk medium95
Honey dew milk large110
Lemon juice with aloe medium90
Lemon juice with aloe large105
Peach juice and fruit jelly medium95
Peach juice and fruit jelly large110
Strawberry banana medium100
Strawberry banana large115
Strawberry lime medium110
Strawberry lime large130
Strawberry matcha latte medium135
Strawberry matcha latte large150
Strawberry taro medium130
Strawberry taro large150
Taro milk medium95
Taro milk large110

Brewed Tea

Alisan tea medium60
Alisan tea large70
Honey green tea medium75
Honey green tea large85
Hot alisan tea medium60
Hot honey green tea medium75
Hot taiwan black tea medium60
Hot taiwan green tea60
Taiwan black tea medium60
Taiwan black tea large70
Taiwan green tea medium60
Taiwan green tea large70
Yakult green tea medium95
Yakukt green tea large110


Coconut jelly21
Coffee jelly21
Fruit jelly21
Gong cha milk cream42
Grass jelly21
Ice cream32
Oreo crumbs27
Pearl jelly16
Splenda sweetener6

About Gong Cha

Gong Cha was founded in Kaoshiung Taiwan on the year 2006 by Wu Zhenhua. The name of this shop means tribute to Gong and tea for Cha. (Tribute tea) Its first international store was established in 2009 by a Hong Kong native who lived in Taiwan for years. As of 2012 it becomes popular and has 46 stores already but unfortunately, those stores decrease to just five because of some health and safety scandals.

YouTube video

One of the scandals is the DEHP. This is a plasticizer that can be used to improve the appearance of the product. Study shows that consuming this kind of chemical will affects male genital development and also heart problem, luckily they proved that their product doesn’t contain DEHP but still, the sale decreased by 30%.

In 2017 seventy percent of the ownership was sold to the Korean franchise owner so their headquarters was set in Korea promising that they will change everything but not the taste in 2019 TA Associates agree to provide investment to Gong Cha Korea then later brought 100% of the company. The UK company GC group BIDCO limited brought the remaining 30% in the same year changing the name to Gongcha global in 2020 then eventually moving the headquarters to the United Kingdom.

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Gong Cha Menu Best Seller

Here are some of the best seller’s menus of Gong Cha here in the country.

Milk Tea with Pearls – This classic milk tea with pearls is the best that you should order when it comes to milk tea. Nothing beats the classic right? And this milk tea will give you the satisfaction that you are looking for when you’re craving milk tea. Not too strong but satisfying the pearls also give excitement to the experience. A must-try.

Wintermelon Milk Gong Cha Menu Pin

Wintermelon Milk – Wintermelon milk is one of their best menu if you want a milk tea that is lighter than a typical milk tea taste. So if you’re not a fan of the strong flavor of milk tea but still want to try it then this is the one for you. Creamy and milky and the flavor is just right for beginners. Recommended for those who love to explore and experience the difference in every sip.

HS Milk Wintermelon – It is a little strong for me but it also tastes really good. The distinctive taste of the tea and the goodness of the milk in this menu, are just lovely. Surprisingly Really good and something that you will crave when you try this one. Also great with oreo crumbs for a more satisfying taste.

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Oreo Milk Tea – This yummy treat for sweet cravings tastes really good. Actually my personal favorite. The combination of flavors is just something. This one is a must-try and I can assure you that this would be your favorite on your first sip. Not recommended for people who don’t like too sweet drinks though.

Chocolate Milk Gong Cha Menu Pin

Chocolate Milk – It is actually a basic chocolate milk but the special thing about this is the way they made this drink. The quality of the chocolate that they use is really good. It is a gorgeous drink simple and easy and also a safe choice if you can’t decide what to get on their menu.

Gong Cha Best Seller Coffee

Coffee lovers must be happy to know that the Gong Cha coffee series are now available in the market. They have different flavors to offer and here are the five best-selling coffee series of Gong Cha.

  • Caramel Coffee
  • Mocha Coffee
  • House Special Milk Coffee
  • Oreo Mocha Coffee
  • Special Milk Coffee


Gong Cha is generous enough to give their customers promo discounts from time to time. One of those promos is the Payday half-pay promo which is available for delivery orders. They have a lot of promotions that you can take advantage of but take note that those can change, it only depends on the season or occasion. To know more about their promo you must follow or like their social media accounts to be updated.

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Gong Cha Delivery

Ordering your favorite Gong Cha item can be easy simply by getting to their website at http://gongcha.ph/ or you can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods or other delivery services that are available in the market these days.

Social Media Pages

Do you want to make sure that you have the latest Gong Cha promo, and news about it? In that case, we highly encourage you to follow their social media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gongcha.ph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gongchaphils/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gongchaphil/


Is Gong Cha Korean or Chinese?

Gong Cha was established in Kaohsiung Taiwan, therefore Gong Cha is a Chinese brand and not Korean.

Why is Gong Cha so popular?

Gong Cha became popular because they use fine and quality ingredients for their products, and they serve delicious drinks at affordable prices without compromising the quality.

What does Gong Cha mean?

Gong means tribute and cha means tea so Gongcha means tribute tea.


One of the best milk tea shops that serve good-tasting milk tea. The service is great and the staffs are very okay. The experience is worth it, especially the Gong Cha and its milk tea with pearls. Crews know what exactly you need. We don’t have to wait for a very long time for them to serve our drink and that’s a plus as well. Highly recommended for people who are willing to try different beverages and also for milk tea lovers. Also for coffee lovers since they have coffee series as well.

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