Beanleaf Menu Prices

With a lot of coffee shops mushrooming in the country nowadays are you the type of customer that is still looking for something new? Don’t know which place to go if you want some alone time or if you just want to relax and chill for a moment? No worries I got you covered. I found a place where you could get your favorite coffee, milk tea, fruit teas, and other special blends of beverages for a very affordable price, they also serve snacks, sandwiches, sausages, and other yummy items so I’m sure it could be your one stop coffee shop. Have you heard about Beanleaf coffee, tea, and connect? If not please take some time to read this article, and let us get to know more about the Beanleaf.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Beanleaf menu prices.





Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Americano small hot100
Americano medium hot110
Americano medium iced110
Americano large iced120
Beanleaf latter small hot120
Beanleaf latte medium hot140
Beanleaf latte medium iced130
Beanleaf latte large iced150
Cafe latte small hot120
Cafe latte medium hot140
Cafe latte medium iced130
Cafe latte large iced150
Cafe mocha small hot130
Cafe mocha medium hot160
Cafe mocha medium iced150
Cafe mocha large iced170
Cappuccino small hot120
Cappuccino medium hot140
Cappuccino medium iced130
Cappuccino large iced150
Caramel latte small hot140
Caramel latte medium hot160
Caramel latte medium iced150
Caramel latte large iced170
Hazelnut latte small hot140
Hazelnut latte medium hot160
Hazelnut latte medium iced150
Hazelnut latte large iced170
Hot chocolate small hot140
Hot chocolate medium hot160
Hot chocolate medium iced150
Hot chocolate large iced170
Matcha latte small hot140
Matcha latte medium hot160
Matcha latte medium iced150
Matcha latte large iced170
Vanilla latte small hot140
Vanilla latte medium hot160
Vanilla latte medium iced150
Vanilla latte large iced170
Wintermelon latte small hot140
Wintermelon latte medium hot160
Wintermelon latte medium iced150
Wintermelon latte large iced170

Espresso Blends

Caramel small150
Caramel medium165
Caramel large185
Coffee crumble small160
Coffee crumble medium175
Coffee crumble large195
Coffee jelly small160
Coffee jelly medium175
Coffee jelly large195
Hazelnut small150
Hazelnut medium165
Hazelnut large185
Mocha small150
Mocha medium165
Mocha large185
Mocha Java small160
Mocha Java medium175
Mocha Java large195
Vanilla small150
Vanilla medium165
Vanilla large185

Dairy Blends

Caramel matcha small150
Caramel matcha medium165
Caramel matcha large185
Cookies and cream small150
Cookies and cream medium165
Cookies and cream large195
Japanese matcha small150
Japanese matcha medium165
Japanese matcha large185
Milo matcha small160
Milo matcha medium175
Milo matcha large195
Milo monster small150
Milo monster medium165
Milo monster large185
Nutella overload small160
Nutella overload medium175
Nutella overload large195
Raspberry choco loco small160
Raspberry choco loco medium175
Raspberry cholo loco large195


Beanleaf milktea small120
Beanleaf milktea medium135
Beanleaf milktea large155
Choco hokaido small90
Choco hokaido medium105
Choco hokaido large125
Creamy taro milktea small90
Creamy taro milktea medium105
Creamy taro milktea large125
Dark chocolate milktea small90
Dark chocolate milktea medium105
Dark chocolate milktea large125
Japanese matcha small90
Japanese matcha medium105
Japanese matcha large125
Okinawa milktea small90
Okinawa milktea medium105
Okinawa milktea large125
Pearl milktea small90
Pearl milktea medium105
Pearl milktea large125
Wintermelon milktea small90
Wintermelon milktea medium105
Wintermelon milktea large125

Brown Sugar Series

Brown sugar milktea medium130
Brown sugar milktea large150
Brown sugar pearl milk medium140
Brown sugar pearl milk large160

Extra Sinkers

Nata de coco25
Egg pudding25
Coffee jelly30
Milk cheese froth55
Cream puff40

Fruit Tea

Citrus green apple small85
Citrus green apple medium95
Citrus green apple large110
Citrus with malunggay small85
Citrus with malunggay medium95
Citrus with malunggay large110
Green apple small85
Green apple medium95
Green apple large110
Green apple lemon small85
Green apple lemon medium95
Green apple lemon large110
Green apple lychee small85
Green apple lychee medium95
Green apple lychee large110
Lychee lemon small85
Lychee lemon medium95
Lychee lemon large110
Raspberry blueberry small85
Raspberry blueberry medium95
Raspberry blueberry large110
Raspberry lemon small85
Raspberry lemon medium95
Raspberry lemon large110
Raspberry lychee small85
Raspberry lychee medium95
Raspberry lychee large110

Milk Cheese Froth

MCF black tea medium125
MCF black tea large140
MCF dark choco milktea medium145
MCF dark choco milktea large165
MCF green tea medium125
MCF green tea large140
MCF matcha medium145
MCF matcha large165
MCF pearl Milk tea medium140
MCF pearl milktea large160
MCF wintermelon medium140
MCF wintermelon large160


Spam and cheese140
Ham and cheese140
Chicken salad140
The clubhouse200


Spaghetti with meatballs180
Spanish sardines180
Italian seafood155
Seafood pasta180

All Day Breakfast

Beef tapa120
Corned beef120
Pork Tocino120
Chicken tocino120


Classic Caesar140
Green salad140


French fries90
Squid fries135
Fish and chips110
Cheesy bacon nachos190
Cheesy bacon fries160


Chocolate cupcake50
Cheese cupcake80
Blueberry cheesecake250
Medovic honey250
Chocolate ganache250

About Beanleaf

Beanleaf started on the year 2014 to offer its customers more selections of drinks and dishes in one stop. Coffee, snacks, tea, or whatever you’re in the mood to have. Beanleaf offers an enjoyable coffee shop experience. Typically most of the coffee shops in the country surprisingly have the same menu and that’s what beanleaf noticed that’s why they focused on creating a variety of flavors so their customers would not be bored with what they offer.

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They only use high-quality and imported ingredients to ensure that they will offer only the best for their customers. And because of that they actually pleased coffee and tea lovers and noncoffee and tea lovers as well.

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Beanleaf Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of their best sellers that you should try. This may also serve as a guide if you are just new to their menu.

Nutella Overload – Quench your thirst and satisfy your chocolate cravings at the same time with their Nutella overload. This is not your typical drink, loaded with Nutella and this will surely satisfy you in an instant. Perfect any time of the day, it is also best paired with cheesecake. One you shouldn’t miss and a must-try especially if you are a chocolate lover.

Okinawa Milk Tea – This light but very satisfying drink from their menu will give you the impression of being easy but very good. Enjoy this Okinawa milk tea with your favorite cake or dessert and for sure this will be your new favorite. Very light, refreshing, and easy to enjoy. One of their best milk tea to be fair and also a must-try.

Coffee Crumble – A special cold drink for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a cold drink with some coffee accent and kick. What I like about this drink are the richness and the flavor burst. Also, a must-try especially if you are looking for something not so ordinary. Also best with cakes.

Wintermelon Milk Tea – Nothing beats the classic and enjoy this old milk tea flavor with beanleaf winter melon milk tea. Refreshing but not that strong, something you can easily enjoy. This watermelon milk tea is the root of milk teas so this one should not be missed out as well. I personally enjoyed this one and also a great choice for you if you want to play it safe if you are not familiar with their menu yet.

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Matcha Green Tea – The hype with matcha green tea never stops, with the beanleaf version, you’ll get that awesome flavor that you are longing for and something that will remind you of their brand. Their matcha-flavored drink is not that strong so it can be easily enjoyed and also perfect with almost anything. Personally love this one and also a must-try.

Creamy Cookie Butter – Buttery cookie with smooth espresso works together and creates this masterpiece. The creamy cookie butter of beanleaf is absolutely delicious, for me, it tastes like Christmas, to be honest. This drink has a wonderful spice and sweetness that everyone will surely love. Perfect with cookies or other hard pastries. Also, a must-try on their menu.

Caramel Macchiato – This one tastes like a classic coffee with a lot of milk, this is really sweet with a very good aroma that will leave you hooked with this drink. Caramel and vanilla syrup are one of the main ingredients for this drink, highly recommended for caramel and sweets lovers, and also perfect with pastries. My personal favorite among all of their beverages.

Beanleaf Cake

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea Shop also offers cupcakes and homemade cakes. here are some of their delicious cakes that you can get in their shop.


  • Chocolate cupcake
  • Cheese cupcake

Homemade cakes

  • Marjolaine
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Medovic honey
  • Chocolate ganache
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Beanleaf Cheesecake

blueberry cheesecacke beanleaf menu Pin

Enjoy their very delicious cake and try Beanleaf’s blueberry cheesecake. Sweet and flavorful with a little tangy accent, this could be your new favorite. This melt-in-your-mouth goodness will keep you coming back for more. Sweet from the topping to the cake glazed and have just a little sourness. thick texture as well. this yummy goodness is a must-try if you are planning to give their coffee shop a try.

Beanleaf Delivery

If you are craving beanleaf food items but because of your busy schedule you can’t go outside or it just happens that you have surprise visitors and you want to impress them with beanleaf items all you have to do is to order online. They don’t have a website for orders as of now but You can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods. And other third-party delivery services that are available in the market these days.

Talk to Beanleaf Philippines Staff

Have you got any questions or suggestions? You can easily reach them via the following social media pages:




This coffee chain is very cozy, and spacious as well which is good and the food is great, not to be biased but everything here is good, especially their blueberry cheesecake. A lot of their menu is a must-try, I swear. Their crews are very accommodating and their furniture is really comfortable to sit with. The affordable price I may say so anyone can enjoy the goodness of the food that they offer. You’ll enjoy this place if you’re looking for alone time. Good lighting inside the cafe and the music is not so loud but not that gentle. This coffee shop is a great place to go, highly recommended for coffee and non-coffee lovers who want to enjoy their alone time. Thumbs up.

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