But First Coffee Menu Prices

But First Coffee offerings bring energizing choices, providing the aromatic boost needed to navigate the day. This assortment caters to coffee enthusiasts, using high-quality local beans to support Filipino coffee farmers. Through their collective expertise, they deliver a premium product that competes with well-known brands, ensuring affordability for every Filipino to relish. Anyone seeking a delightful cup of coffee anytime anywhere can easily access it through the best-tasting coffee and complimentary delivery service provided by But First Coffee.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of But First Coffee menu prices.




Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Milk Based

Iced Milky Choco120
Iced Milky Caramel120
Iced Milky Salted Caramel120
Iced Milky Butterscotch120

Snacks and Pastries

Revel Bar55
Banana Bread55
Blueberry Cheesecake170
1 pc Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut40
4 pcs Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut120
8 pcs Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut175
Coffee Bun90

Drip Based

Plain Black (12oz) Hot55
Plain Black (16oz) Iced60
Plain Black (500ml) Jar Iced100
Plain Black (1L) Bottle Concentrate190
Vietnamese Classic (12oz) Hot65
Vietnamese Classic (16oz) Iced70
Vietnamese Classic (500ml) Jar Iced110
Vietnamese Classic (1L) Bottle Concentrate210
Caramel (12oz) Hot85
Caramel (16oz) Iced100
Caramel (500ml) Jar Iced140
Caramel (1L) Bottle Concentrate240
Vanilla (12oz) Hot85
Vanilla (16oz) Iced100
Vanilla (500ml) Jar Iced140
Vanilla (1L) Bottle Concentrate240
Hazelnut (12oz) Hot85
Hazelnut (16oz) Iced100
Hazelnut (500ml) Jar Iced140
Hazelnut (1L) Bottle Concentrate240

Espresso Based

Americano Hot (12oz)100
Americano Iced (16oz)110
Americano Iced (500ml) Jar150
Americano Iced (1L) Bottle Contentrate430
Café Latte (12oz)120
Café Latte (16oz)130
Café Latte (500ml) Jar170
Café Latte (1L) Bottle Contentrate460
Spanish Latte (12oz)120
Spanish Latte (16oz)130
Spanish Latte (500ml) Jar170
Spanish Latte (1L) Bottle Contentrate460
Caramel Machhiato (12oz) Hot120
Caramel Macchiato (16oz) Iced130
Caramel Macchiato (500ml) Jar Iced170
Caramel Macchiato (1L) Bottle Concentrate460
Salted Caramel Latte (12oz) Hot120
Salted Caramel Latte (16oz) Iced130
Salted Caramel Latte (500ml) Jar Iced170
Salted Caramel Latte (1L) Bottle Concentrate460
Butterscotch Latte (12oz) Hot120
Butterscotch Latte (16oz) Iced130
Butterscotch Latte (500ml) Jar Iced170
Butterscotch Latte (1L) Bottle Concentrate460
Café Mocha (12oz) Hot120
Café Mocha (16oz) Iced130
Café Mocha (500ml) Jar Iced170
Café Mocha (1L) Bottle Concentrate460
White Chocolate Mocha (12oz) Hot120
White Chocolate Mocha (16oz) Iced130
White Chocolate Mocha (500ml) Jar Iced170
White Chocolate Mocha (1L) Bottle Concentrate460

About But First Coffee

In her position as manager of credit and finance solutions for a Makati-based software company, Anna Magalona was content, but when COVID-19 struck, she began to have many doubts. She was aware that she would require a fallback strategy. She made the choice to have coffee since she likes it. When Anna posted the online launch of But First, Coffee, she had no idea how to run a firm. With her initial investment of P6,000, she purchased a coffee maker, branded cups and packaging, as well as basic goods like coffee grounds, milk, and sugar syrup.

YouTube video

Some people informed her that her passion was only a phase, which made her worry if it was really something she could accomplish on a long-term basis. The ideal coffee mix had to be developed by Anna, who also had to market it online and personally deliver orders.

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This resulted in a number of disasters, such as her car’s battery dying while she was in the middle of delivering the package, but she persisted. She gradually picked up the skills necessary, and as word of mouth worked its magic, she was able to add more flavors and desserts to the menu.

But First Coffee Menu Best Seller

Vietnamese Classic – Even while robusta is still used to make traditional Vietnamese coffee today, blends of robusta and arabica can still deliver the strong, bitter, and chocolaty flavors that go great with condensed milk. The Vietnamese Arabica in their menu has a medium body and robust flavor, with vibrant and rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. Vietnamese Arabica is noted for its smoothness and lower acidity, making it the ideal bean variety for both novice and ardent coffee drinkers. They offer more antioxidant characteristics than arabica beans and 60% less sugar and fat, which results in a bolder and smoother drink.

Spanish Latte – It is a beloved breakfast beverage of Spaniards and is prepared similarly to lattes from regions of Italy and France with hot, scalded milk.

Caramel – The ratio of milk to coffee in a Spanish latte is one-to-one, giving it a pleasantly creamy texture and a somewhat sweet flavor. Due to the inclusion of sugar, a Spanish latte is typically sweeter than a conventional latte. An espresso-based beverage in their menu that contains regular milk and condensed milk is known as a Spanish latte, or Café with Leche. The Spanish latte is typically consumed by Spaniards with breakfast. A simple espresso-based beverage that may be created with water, espresso, and milk are referred to as a Spanish latte or a Café with Leche. The origin of this latte is Spain, as the name suggests. However, it has recently become more well-liked in the Philippines, Florida, and most of Latin America.

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Caramel Macchiato – In its most basic form, caramel macchiato is simply coffee with a lot of milk. The beverage is creamy and delightful because of the eight ounces of milk and the potent espresso. Although it is sweet, the macchiato has a lovely texture. You can always use less caramel and vanilla syrup to lessen the sweetness. It is created with steaming milk, espresso, caramel sauce, and vanilla syrup. The milk is topped with espresso, which leaves a dark stain on the milk foam.

Salted Caramel Latte – A rich, creamy beverage with a dash of sea salt and sweet caramel. A flavored coffee beverage called a salted caramel latte is created with caramel sauce and sea salt. The addition of vanilla syrup and sweet caramel sauce makes an iced caramel taste rather sweet.

White Chocolate Mocha – Whether enjoyed as a pleasure or on a regular basis, white chocolate mocha drinks are delightful. It tastes delicious and rich.

Iced Milky Choco – This decadent, summer-appropriate Iced Chocolate is great for entertaining or just enjoying on a warm night. You’ll detect a chocolatey flavor initially, followed by a tea flavor and a tinge of sweetness. With flavors of heated milk, caramelized sugar, and a vanilla aftertaste, milk chocolate frequently has a flavor profile that can be characterized as sweet and chocolatey. Decent middle-of-the-road chocolate is thought to be milk chocolate. Highly recommended menu to try on.

Iced Milky Butterscotch – The flavor of butterscotch is highly distinctive. It is frequently mistaken for caramel or even toffee, but they are extremely different. We must first understand what butterscotch is in order to comprehend its flavor. Butterscotch is a cooked sugar similar to caramel, and brown sugar rather than white is always used to make it. To make it properly, you must first melt the butter and brown sugar together, which aids in the granules dissolving evenly and melting gently.

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But First Coffee Promo

But First Coffee offers a discounted price for its first twenty customers. The price of each coffee would only be eleven pesos. It also offers free coffee for its first fifty customers if a new branch has opened.

But First Coffee Delivery

To get a taste of this delicious coffee, you need not go to a physical store. You could always do it via delivery to enjoy it at your home before you start your day or while taking a break from a stressful day. You could order via their website or Facebook page which they charge no delivery fee. They are also available on the Grab food and Foodpanda app.

Social Media Pages

For more information on this delicious start-up coffee shop, here are some of its social media pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/butfirstcoffeeph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/butfirstcoffeeph/

Website: https://butfirstcoffee.ph/


Anna, the owner of the But First, Coffee eventually found success online, which allowed her to create a kiosk and rent a small area beneath her condo. It also helped to increase their credibility, which led to increased sales. But First Coffee has steadily grown in popularity, and numerous people expressed interest in franchising the company. By the end of 2021, But First, Coffee had 15 locations because to perseverance and hard effort. Anna reflects on her path and how it taught her more about her own talents while pursuing her passion. She had to remain true to their goals, which were to help people start their own businesses or to provide jobs for people. They get to provide consumers with high-quality, yet reasonably priced, coffee.

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