Yakumi Menu Prices

Yakumi menu features authentic and finest Japanese cuisine. It offers appetizers, salad, soups & chawanmushi, tempura & agemono, sashimi & sushi, live lobster, makimono, seafood, rice, noodles, meat, and desserts. It also provides special teppanyaki dishes created by Chef Norimasa. These dishes are cooked using traditional and contemporary Japanese cooking methods to create cuisines that are flavorful and unique. There are also Sunday brunch and seasonal dishes such as its best tairagi, a Japanese pen shellfish. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Yakumi menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ebi mayo880
Gillardeau oyster with yuzu ponzu (3 pcs)2650
Hamaguri sakamushi1280
Ika karaage garlic soya680
Nasu dengaku980
Usuzukuri of the day980


Kani salad1180
Mushidori banbanji880
Salmon skin680
Tofu and avocado650

Soups and Chawanmushi

Chef ’s daily soup220
Egg custard ‘Chawanmushi’370
Lobster miso860
Salmon ishikari shiru680

Tempura & Agemono

Ebi tempura1280
Hotate tempura1280
Ika tempura680
Seafood kakiage1120
Soft shell crab tempura880
Tempura moriawase1120
Yasai tempura480

Sashimi & Sushi

Tuna (Sashimi)980
Tuna (Sushi)380
Salmon (Sashimi)980
Salmon (Sushi)380
Ebi (Sashimi)980
Ebi (Sushi)380
Red Lapu-Lapu (Sashimi)980
Red Lapu-Lapu (Sushi)380
Sawara (Sashimi)790
Sawara (Sushi)280
Ebiko (Sashimi)580
Ebiko (Sushi)280
Tamagoyaki (Sashimi)490
Tamagoyaki (Sushi)179
Unagi (Sushi)530
Jokkaido Hotate (Sashimi)1780
Jokkaido Hotate (Sushi)560
Sushi sampler (seven types)1980
Sashimi Sampler (five types)1980

Live Lobster

Sashimi Market Price
Tempura Market Price
Grilled Market Price
TeppanyakiMarket Price


California special (4 pcs)690
Fantastic 4 (6 pcs)5800
Grilled salmon roll (6 pcs)780
Salmon lover (4 pcs)880
Seafood tartare roll (6 pcs)1280
Soft shell crab roll (4 pcs)820
Spicy tuna roll (6 pcs)670
Takuwan (small size 6 pcs)380
Unagi mango roll (6 pcs)880
Veggie maki (6 pcs)380
Volcano roll (8 pcs)1180

Chef Norimasa Special Teppanyaki Dishes

Cherry blossom smoked black cod2050
Chilean sea bass tsutsumiyaki2480
Fresh black tiger prawns teppanyaki1680
Hamachi teppanyaki1780
Hokkaido hotate teppanyaki2880
Ika teppanyaki1180
Japanese Ohmi wagyu beef strip loin 9+ (100 grams)7200
Japanese Ohmi wagyu beef tenderloin (100 grams)8150
Soy mirin sous-vide duck breast1780
U.S. prime beef tenderloin (150 grams)2580
Yasai itame480


Beef miso katsu2480
Esguerra Farm kurobuta kakuni1280
Crispy fried chicken with Yakumi dressing680
Gyunabe hot pot ‘sukiyaki’ (for 1 person)1980
Esguerra Farm kurobuta tonkatsu1180
Tori teriyaki800
Wagyu beef hobayaki3650


Mixed fried rice880


Chilean sea bass teriyaki2480
Grilled fish of the day2100
Grilled salmon head with salt1930
Kampachi kama robatayaki2480
Lapu-lapu karaage3800
Sake steamed fish of the day with ponzu2100
Salmon harasu shioyaki880
Salmon head teriyaki1930
Yosenabe seafood mixed hotpot1180


Hiyashi chasoba980
Hokkaido miso butter ramen680
Niku udon or soba1320
Seafood ramen1280
Shoyu ramen680
Spicy tonkotsu ramen680
Tempura udon or soba980


Chestnut mont blanc, salted caramel ice cream380
Ice cream, or sorbet (3 scoops): matcha, mango, raspberry, yuzu380
Japanese imported fruits, mango sorbetMarket Price
Matcha tiramisu, black sesame ice cream380
Oreo ice cream mochi380
Strawberry cheesecake macaron, white chocolate soil, strawberry ice cream380
Tonka bean mousse, sweet corn cream gelato, hazelnut caramel380

Yakumi Sunday Brunch

Yakumi Sunday Brunch (per person)3888+

Season's Best: Tairagi (Pen Shell)

Tairagi teppan isobeyaki2480
Tairagi sushi780
Tairagi carpaccio2180
Tairagi shinryoku age2280

About Yakumi 

Yakumi is a restaurant located at Solaire Resort and Casino that serves authentic and mouthwatering Japanese dishes. The top chefs of this restaurant expertly create Japanese cuisine using the finest and freshest seafood. Its stylish hardwood furnishings, well-lighted space, and luxurious ambiance create an ideal environment that sets the atmosphere for a special dining experience. 

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Yakumi Menu Best Seller 

These are blockbuster dishes of Yakumi that will give you a special Japanese dining experience. 

Agedashi – It is made up of deep-fried organic tofu, warm fragrant broth, and vegetables. This dish is perfect for health-conscious diners as it provides a lot of nutritional value. 

Agedashi Tofu Pin

Tofu and Avocado Salad – This is a gluten and vegetarian dish that consists of silk tofu, avocado, and mixed greens dressed in sesame soya. It is a nutritious and healthy salad that will delight your taste buds in every bite making your dining experience more satisfying. 

Ebi Tempura – This menu of Yakumi is made up of prawn tempura. It is one of the dishes that can be paired with other Japanese cuisines as its crispy texture and delicious flavor complements well with it. 

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Ebi Tempura in Yakumi menu best seller Pin

Volcano Roll – It is a signature roll of Yakumi that is made up of salmon, tuna, unagi, spicy mayo, cream cheese, and sweet soy. Volcano roll is one of the most recommended dishes of Yakumi as it is rich in flavor and texture. 

Hotate Tempura – A seafood dish made with scallop tempura. Its tender meat and delicate texture are the special features of this dish that makes it one of the most loved dishes. 

Yakumi Menu Appetizers 

Start your meal with these flavorful appetizers of Yakumi that are packed with goodness to stimulate your appetite. 

Edamame – It is a vegetarian dish made with boiled, salted young soya beans. This dish is a good source of antioxidants, calcium, protein, vitamin K, magnesium, and fiber. 

Edamame Pin

Ika Karaage Garlic Soya – Squid is deep-fried and served with garlic soya sauce. The aroma of squid and the savory taste of sauce are combined perfectly resulting in a simple yet delectable dish. 

Ebi Mayo – Tiger prawn tempura is fried and coated with wasabi mayonnaise and micro herbs. 

Hamaguri Sakamushi – Hamaguri clams are steamed and seasoned with garlic butter, tomato, and onion leeks. 

Nasu Dengaku – It is a traditional Japanese cuisine made with deep-fried eggplant garnishes with gluten cake, tiger prawn, dengaku miso, and micro herbs. 

Noodles & Rice

These are the comforting noodles and rice menu offered by Yakumi that are loved for their delectable taste. 

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen – This noodle dish is made with ramen noodles, spicy pork stock, and pork belly. 

Seafood RamenSeafood ramen is a flavorful dish that is made up of scallops, tiger prawns, squid, pork, and seafood stock. 

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Seafood Ramen Pin

Hiyashi Chasoba – It is a delectable noodle made with cold green tea soba noodles and tempura. 

Unadon – This rice bowl is topped with delicious unagi kabayaki. It is a traditional Japanese dish that has a firm texture, a pleasant aroma, and a sweet and savory flavor. 

Mixed Fried Rice.  A hearty and flavorful rice bowl topped with seafood, wagyu beef, and vegetables. 


Yakumi offers delicious seafood, gluten, and vegetarian salad menu. The seafood salad that it offers are Salmon Skin, which is made up of crispy salmon skin and organic mixed greens dressed in sesame soya; and Kani Salad, a gluten seafood salad made with blue crab meat, mango, mixed greens, and tobiko dressed with Japanese mayonnaise. 

The gluten salad that it provides is Mushidori Banbanji which is made up of steamed chicken beast, cucumber, and mizuna with soy onion dressing. It also offers Tofu and Avocado, a vegetarian and gluten salad dish that is loved for its delicious flavor. 

Each ingredient of these salad dishes has a special aspect that enhances their flavor making them healthy and delicious. It can be consumed on its own or as an appetizer or side dish. 

Jet Fresh Fish & Seafood 

The fresh fish that Yakumi offers is the live lobster which is available in sashimi, tempura, grilled, and teppanyaki. The seafood dishes that it offers are grilled fish of the day, grilled salmon head with salt, kamoachi kama robatayaki, lapu-lapu- karaage, sake steamed fish of the day with ponsu, salmon harasu shioyaki, salmon head teriyaki, and yosenabe seafood mixed hotpot. It also provides Chilean sea bass teriyaki, a Chef’s recommended dish that is worth trying. These are the dishes that seafood lovers should not miss out on as they are made from the finest, fresh, and authentic ingredients that are skillfully cooked. 

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Grilled Lobster Pin
Photo Credit: Yakumi at Solaire Facebook Page

Sashimi and Sushi 

Sashimi and sushi are two of the famous Japanese dishes that are well-loved for their delectable taste. The dishes that it offers are tuna, salmon, ebi, red lapu-lapu, sawara, ebiko, tamagoyaki, unagi, and Hokkaido hotate. It also provides a sushi sampler that consists of seven types of sushi; and a sashimi sampler, which includes five types of sushi dishes. Fresh and quality ingredients are used to make these dishes flavorful. These delicious sashimi and sushi menu of Yakumi are great options for those who want a light, healthy, and convenient meal. The taste of these well-known Japanese cuisines never fails to impress the crowd. 

Sawara fish sashimi Pin
Photo Credit: Yakumi at Solaire Facebook Page

Yakumi Menu Delivery 

Unfortunately, this restaurant does not currently provide delivery services and their menu is solely available for dine-in customers. However, you can relish their delicious meals by dining in during their lunch hours from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM or during dinner hours from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM, which are offered daily. Come and indulge in their mouth-watering dishes while enjoying the restaurant’s ambiance.

Social Media Pages

Check out Yakumi Restaurant’s social media pages to get hooked on their latest updates and promotions. Make sure to follow their pages to help them grow their online presence and keep up with their delicious offerings.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YakumiAtSolaire

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/solaireresort/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solaireresort

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.solaireresort.com/dining/yakumi


The Yakumi menu showcases the art of Japanese cuisine. The superb dishes and top-notch service that it provides will make you come back for more. This is the perfect place for those who love authentic Japanese and seafood dishes. It is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants as it has impressive dishes, friendly and welcoming staff, stunning views, and a luxurious ambiance. 

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