Omakase Menu Prices

Get ready to taste the incredible flavors of Japan with the super-duper awesome Omakase menu! Inside, you’ll find a bunch of yummy dishes like starters, sushi, noodles, and more! Each dish is made using special and secret Japanese cooking tricks passed down through generations! How cool is that?

And wait, there’s even more fun! Omakase doesn’t just stop at regular meals; they’ve got something for everyone! They can cater to your parties and celebrations, making them extra special and unforgettable! So, whether it’s a birthday bash, a family get-together, or any other super-duper exciting event, Omakase has got your back! Don’t miss out on these unique and authentic Japanese flavors – they’re waiting just for you! Yum!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Omakase menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Best Sellers

Katsudon 320
Dynamite Roll380
California Maki 260
Gyudon 390
Salmon Sashimi 420
Beef Teppanyaki 490
Ebi Tempura435
Pork Gyoza 250
Spicy Tuna Salad 395
American Dream 310
Miso Soup 85


Miso Soup 85
Omakase Soup 105
Seaweed Salad 255
Spicy Tuna Salad 395
Seafood Crepe Salad 365
Mikado Salad 365

Small Plates

Beef Gyoza 270
Pork Gyoza 250
Salmon Vegetable Gyoza 250
Seafood Dumplings 275
Okonomiyaki 305
Oyster Butteryaki 395
Salmon Skin Crunch 250
Seared Salmon 405
Gyu Chisu Maki 270


Salmon Sashimi 420
Salmon Nigiri 360
Salmon Aburi Nigiri 220
Tuna Sashimi 420
Tuna Nigiri 420
Ebi Sashimi 385
Ebi Nigiri 405
Kani Sashimi 260
Kani Nigiri 240
Uni Sashimi 360
Uni Nigiri 290
Tamago Sashimi 250
Tamago Nigiri 230
Mix Sashimi 230
Mix Nigiri 650
Chirashidon 495
Shakedon 510


California Maki 260
California Crunch 270
American Dream 310
Crazy Maki 345
Rock N' Roll 330
Salmon Skin Roll 250
Philadelphia Roll 320
Tempura Maki 340
Boston Roll 340
Rising Sun 340
Omakase Roll 345
Spicy Maguro Roll 350
Sunset Roll 345
Dynamite Roll380
Singaporean Roll 385
Kenji Maki 385
M2 385
Seabreeze Roll 405
Green Dragon Roll 420
Mount Fuji Roll 420
Jurassic Maki 425
Deep Blue Sea 465
Spider Roll 580


Sushi Boat 1580
Sar Boat 860
BDR Boat 1030
JSC Boat 1150

Main Entrees

Tonkatsu 280
Torikatsu 280
Tori Karaage 295
Chicken Teriyaki355
Salmon Teppanyaki 405
Seafood Teppanyaki 590
Chicken Teppanyaki 355
Beef Teppanyaki 490
Salmon Head Teppanyaki 400
Yasai Itame 220
Tofu Steak 330
Saga Tofu 230
Agedashi Tofu 230
Salmon Shioyaki 400
Saba Shioyaki 395
Ebi Tempura 435
Kani Tempura 270
Kisu Tempura 270
Softshell Crab Tempura 750
Kakiage 280
Mix Tempura 395


Katsudon 320
Salmon Katsudon 320
Tonkatsudon 320
Torikatsudon 320
Karaagedon 320
Salmon Belly Don 350
Teriyakidon 355
Tendon 370
Gyudon 390
Salmon Teriyakidon 400

Bento Box

Seafood Bento 690
Beef Bento 650
Chicken Bento 580


Shhoyu Ramen 330
Tonkotsu Ramen 390
Tempura Soba 360
Zaru Soba 290
Tenzaru Soba 360
Cha Soba 290
Sukiyaki 420
Yakisoba 330


Steamed Rice 85
Fried Rice 95
Garlic Rice 90
Salmon Fried Rice 105

Sumo Bento

Sumo Bento A 1599
Sumo Bento B1599
Sumo Bento C1599

Party Trays

Regular Party Tray 2450
Special Party Tray 3100
Deluxe Party Tray 3100

About Omakase

Omakase is a Japanese restaurant founded in 2002. It starts as a small counter that offers take-out service. Since then, they offer authentic and delightful Japanese cuisines that satisfy the cravings of their customers. With the passion and dedication of the
management, it has grown into a full-service restaurant after twenty years and was able to build more branches in Metro Manila.

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Omakase Menu Best Seller

These are some of the best-selling Japanese dishes of Omakase that are lauded for their delightful taste.

Katsudon – A delicious meal where rice is topped with pork, egg, scallions, and onions. The crispy breading and juicy tonkatsu go well with rice and other ingredients making this dish delightful.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Gyudon – It is one of the well-known Japanese rice bowls as it is flavorful and tastes great. The aroma and flavors of beef, mushroom, onion, and egg over rice please the crowd making it one of the restaurant’s best-selling dishes.

Spicy Tuna Salad – Spice up your meal with this salad menu from Omakase that consists of raw tuna cubes and other special ingredients with spicy dressing. The simplicity and savory goodness of this salad make it a great choice.

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Beef Teppanyaki – It is a delightful dish that comes with tenderloin steak and sauteed vegetables. The special sauce that comes with makes it extra delicious. This fancy entrée never fails to please diners with its flavorful ingredients.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Dynamite Roll – This bite-sized and flavorful roll is made up of unagi tempura with a choice of spicy tuna or salmon. The spicy flavor of this dish always wakes up the senses and stimulates the appetite of diners.

Omakase Menu Starters

The starters of Omakase consist of comforting soup and flavorful salad dishes that will boost your appetite.

Miso Soup – A comforting soup made with tofu, seaweed, and spring onions. Aside from being healthy and delicious, it is also good for health as it contains protein and has low calories.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Omakase Soup – This is a special soup menu of Omakase that consists of seaweed, egg, and crab stick. Its warmth and comfort stimulate the taste buds making the whole dining experience satisfying.

Seaweed Salad – It is a salad made with shredded seaweed and vinaigrette. It provides a lot of health benefits as it is packed with nutrients such as iodine, vitamins, and minerals.

Seafood Crepe Salad – The ingredients of this salad such as tuna, squid, kani, shrimp, mayo, and chili oil makes this salad delicious and look festive. It is best to mix it well with crepe to enhance its texture making it crunchier and more fulfilling.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Mikado Salad – A salad dish that is packed with delectable flavor and texture as it consists of kani, apple, chicken, mango, cabbage, and lettuce. The colors of its fresh ingredients make this dish visually appetizing.

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Omakase Small Plates Menu

The small plates of Omakase consist of bite-sized and flavorsome Japanese dumplings that are perfect for a quick snack.

Salmon Vegetable Gyoza – These deep-fried dumplings are made with salmon and vegetables. It is one of the must-try dumplings as its flavor will make you crave more.

Seafood Dumplings – This Japanese dumpling is made with deep-fried seafood wrapped in nori. Its fresh seafood and special seasonings create an exceptional flavor that never fails to delight customers.

Oyster Butteryaki – A delicious dish where oysters with butter are grilled and served with a special dipping sauce. The butter enhances the taste of this dish making it incredibly delicious.

Pork Gyoza – It is one of the best-selling dishes of Omakase that consists of savory minced pork wrapped in a dumpling dough. The exceptional and classic taste of this dumpling makes it a perfect dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Gyu Chisu Maki – This is an appetizing dish where beef fillet with soft cheese is coated with a crunchy golden batter and cooked to perfection. The savory goodness of this maki will make you come back for more.

Omakase Sushi Menu

The sushi of Omakase menu consist of sashimi and nigiri such as salmon, tuna, ebi, kani, uni, and tamago. It also offers mixed sashimi and nigiri for those who want to try its different variants. The sushi rice bowl that it offers are Chirasidon, where raw seafood is laid over rice; and Shakedon, where rice is topped with fresh salmon. These rice bowls are served with the restaurant’s best-selling miso soup. These sushi dishes are highly recommended to be added to your meals as they will make your Japanese dining experience more pleasurable.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page


Experience the fresh flavors of the sea with these Japanese cuisines that are served on a boat-like food container. It offers Sushi Boat, which consists of Mount Fuji Roll, Sunset Roll, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Salmon and Tuna Nigiri, Ebi, Kani, and Tamago Nigiri; SAR Boat, which includes Salmon Skin Roll, American Dream, and Rock ‘N’ Roll; BDR Boat, which is composed of Boston Roll, Dynamite Roll, and Rising Sun; and JSC Boat, which consists of Jurassic Maki, Seabreeze Maki, and Crazy Maki. These boats are perfect for those who want a beach-themed celebration as they will take your loved ones on a fun seafood adventure.

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Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Sumo Bento

Omakase offers three sets of Sumo Bento that are good for sharing of three to five people. It serves Sumo Bento A consists of Japanese Fried Rice, Tori Karaage, Beef Teppanyaki, Saga Tofu, and Ebi Furai; Sumo Bento B, which includes Garlic Rice, Tori
Karaage, Salmon Teppanyaki, Katsuni, and Tofu Steak; and Sumo Bento C that is composed of Yakisoba, Seafood Dumplings. Kakiage, Tonkatsu, and Chicken Teppanyaki.

These boxes will make your bonding with your loved ones more enjoyable as it consists of dishes that every member of the group will surely love.

Photo Credits: Omakase PH FB Page

Omakase Menu Delivery

Enjoy the flavors of Japan from the comfort of your home or office through online delivery. These authentic and classic dishes of Omakase are available on Grabfood. It is also available on its easy-to-use website at

Social Media Pages

Following Omakase’s social media pages are advisable so that you can stay up to date with their promos and discounts. Links are provided below.





The Omakase menu is known for its authentic and mouthwatering Japanese cuisines. These dishes are crafted using fresh ingredients cooked by integrating a variety of Japanese culinary methods. It never fails to impress customers as the flavors of the
dishes that it serves blend perfectly. Its flavorful and wide array of products encourages its diners to come back and bring their loved ones to share a satisfying Japanese dining experience.

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