Bistro Ibarra Menu Prices

Today I welcome you to a world filled with unmatched elegance highlighting culinary excellence at the heart of the Metro. Prepare yourself to be dazzled by their artistry in culinary cuisines offering you intricately well-made dishes that are waiting to be indulged. Let us savor the best of Filipino favorite cuisines here at Bistro Ibarra while celebrating the best of the Filipino menu.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bistro Ibarra menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

What's New

Pot Roast Beef Shank3900
Supreme Bulalo Ibarra2590


Ibarra's Parcel105
Lumpiang Habhab168
Tokwa't Baboy Diablo259
Crispy Oyster Mushroom234


Ibarra's Caesar Salad308
Bistro Mango Salad346

Express Meals

Chicken Salpicao220
Pork Bbq On Stick With Kare-Kare Rice245
Mixed Seafood Salpicao295
Pork Humba300
Pork Belly Bbq330
Pot Roast Beed345
Beef Short Ribs Ala Pobre360

Á La Cartes

Callos Á La Madrilena395
Classic Beef Kaldereta425
Bulalo Ibarra595
Beef Kare-Kare635
Sinigang Na Tadyang Ng Baka725
Bulalo Steak845


Ensaladang Talong220
Pinakbet With Boneless Bangus265
Tortang Talong295


Sinigang Boneless Bangus Belly385
Calamari Ensu Tinta450
Tuna Belly Inasal565
Mixed Seafood Salpicao675
Salmon Belly In Kare-Kare Sauce725


Paella Martin (Good For 5 - 7)1155
Paella Valenciana (Good For 5 - 7)1575


Crispy Sisig320
Pork Barbeque On-Stick495
Sinigang Na Bagnet520
Pork Humba605
Prison Belly895
Crispy Pata Bawang975
Crispy Pata In Kare-Kare Sauce1125
Pork Liempo Ibarra (Good For 5-7)1680


Tinolang Manok Sotanghon385
Chicken Salpicao415
Crispy Spicy Chicken Adobo (Whole)495
Country Fried Chicken (Half)785

Pasta & Noodles

Spaghetti Bolognese255
Spaghetti Puttanesca255
Fettuccine Carbonara255
Pancit Palabok255
Sizzling Sisig Spaghetti Carbonara295
Pancit Canton300
Pancit Malabon Blanca (2-3 Pax)485


Chunky Chicken Salad Sandwich200
Tuna Melt On Wheat Bread235
Ibarra's Clubhouse295

Family Bundles

Family Bundles 12200
Family Bundles 22370
Family Bundles 33100
Family Bundles 43200
Family Bundles 53100
Family Bundles 62700
Family Bundles 73500

By The Carafe

Pandan Iced Tea265
Lemon & Ginger Iced Tea265
Cucumber Blush275
Citrus Punch280
Guyabano Virgin Mojito285
Apple Sangria285

By The Glass

Calamansi & Honey130
Ginger & Lime Iced Tea130
Lemongrass & Honey Iced Tea130


Ibarra's Halo-Halo115
Buko Pandan145
Blueberry Cheesecake180
Lecheese Flan190


Fresh Watermelon Smoothie130
Mixed Nuts, Berry & Oats Smoothie150
Banana & Oatmeal Smoothie150
Yoghurt & Pistachio Smoothie150
Manzana De Amapalava Smoothie150
Fresh Mango & Yogurt Smoothie180
Strawberry Mango Smoothie180

Virgin Mojitos

Fresh Orange Mojito135
Fresh Strawberry Mojito145
Fresh Kiwi Mojito150
Fresh Watermelon Mojito125
Fresh Lemon & Lime Mojito145


Bottled Water55
Coca-Cola Zero90
Coca-Cola Light90
Brewed Coffee95
Hot Or Cold Tea95
San Miguel Light105
San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen105


Garlic Bread30
Plain Rice45
Garlic Rice50
Kare-Kare Rice50
Garlic Rice Platter195
Tinapa Aligue Fried Rice Platter265
Tinapa And Salted Egg Rice Platter325


Bistro Ibarra is a famous casual dining restaurant with several available branches in selected areas of the Philippines. They are very well known for their delicious and authentic Filipino cuisines highlighting their famous Sisig, Adobo, Crispy Pata, and more. This juicy and savory platter awaits you at the table. Their cozy and friendly atmosphere is something to acknowledge they are happy to serve you the finest curated dishes in their collection.

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Bistro Ibarra Menu Best Seller

Elevate your Bistro Ibbara experience with this best-selling category celebrating Filipino flavors.

Pinakbet with Boneless Bangus – The famous Pinakbet is served with boneless bangus highlighting the blend of vegetables that features pumpkin along with other vegetables that are seasoned with shrimp paste and the final touch of milkfish.

Crispy Sisig – A must-try in their collection that offers you an addicting level of crunch with the juicy bites that feature chopped pork flavored and enhanced with onions, chili, and peppery flavor. 

Crispy sisig Pin
Photo Credits: Bistro Ibarra – SM City Clark FP Page

Tinolang Manok Sotanghon – A classic Filipino meal with a fun twist is served in this bowl of Tinolang Manok Sotanghon. This Bistro Ibarra menu features a juicy chicken that is seasoned with ginger, onions, and a glass of noodles to give you a very refreshing sip while savoring the light feels of this sotanghon.

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Bulalo Ibarra – This signature take on the original Filipino Bulalo is made extra flavorful because of the stew of beef shanks made to create this savory meal. It has bone marrow along with vegetables and the kicking flavor of broth giving you a satisfying bowl of Bulalo.

Bulalo Ibarra Pin
Photo Credits: Bistro Ibarra – SM City Clark FP Page

Sinigang Boneless Bangus Belly – This Filipino soup is made with the flavor of tamarind and a bangus belly that is cooked along with vegetables giving you a perfect blend of sour and savory soup.

Express Meal

Coming in heat is this express meal collection. Bistro Ibarra is ready to serve you this hottest collection offering you the tender and succulent menu you need to make your day extra fiery.

Pork BBQ on Stick – Starting this list with the famous Filipino grilled pork that is served on a stick. It is well marinated with mixtures that are infused with soy sauce, vinegar, and other spices.

Mixed seafood Salpicao – Take this oceanic adventure you’ve never been before with this Mixed Seafood Salpicao that features stir-fried and fresh seafood cooked with onions and vegetables. It is a healthy yet satisfying way for a meal.

Mixed seafood salpicao Pin
Photo Credits: Bistro Ibarra – SM City Manila FP Page

Chicken Salpicao – A perfectly stir-fried chicken is waiting for you in this flavorful and healthy meal that features chicken and onions along with mixed vegetables.

Pot Roasted Beef – A must-try in this collection that offers you an extra level of beefiness with this pot roasted beef that is perfectly tender and typically served with mashed potatoes. An extra cup of rice is a must because this meal is highly satisfying.

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Bistro Ibarra Pasta Menu

Indulge in this hearty pasta collection with a well-curated list for you to choose from.

Spaghetti Bolognese – It is an Italian pasta that is infused with bolognese sauce and enhanced with the great flavors of ground beef and tomatoes. It is also a highly recommended dish on their menu.

Fettuccine Carbonara – Another aromatic adventure is waiting for you here in a plate of Fettuccine Carbonara that features fettuccine noodles along with bacon, eggs, and high-quality parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti Puttanesca – The aroma this pasta gives you is immensely on different levels. From the fumes of the olives and anchovies along with tomatoes and capers, this Spaghetti noodles is a must-try pasta in this Pasta collection.

Spaghetti puttanesca Pin
Photo Credits: Bistro Ibarra – SM City Clark FP Page

Pancit Palabok – Now for your Filipino heart. Flavorful noodles highlighting the goodness of shrimp sauce and varieties of toppings such as Pork, eggs, and veggies are here to bring warmth to your Filipino heart.

Bistro Ibarra Menu Delivery

Looking for an easy way to savor these collections and have them delivered to your front door? Good News because Bistro Ibarra is available for food delivery services through FoodPanda, GrabFood, and also through their own food delivery service. You have so many options for your favorite Filipino food so make the best out of your Bistri experience while enjoying these comfort foods in the coziness of your home.

Social Media Pages

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Follow and like Bistro Ibarra’s social media pages today, and you’ll be treated to a world of mouthwatering dishes, gastronomic inspiration, and exclusive promotions that will redefine your dining experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Bistro Ibarra offer? 

Bistro Ibarra offers you premium quality dining with their well-curated Filipino cuisine that is waiting for you to savor. They offer a wide range of appetizers to the Meat collection giving you a load of options in what to choose for this flavorful dining. 

What is Bistro Ibarra known for?

Bistro Ibarra is known for their flavorful meat collections such as Crispy Pata, Pasta, BBQ, and more.

What are the operating hours of Bistro Ibarra?

Most of the Bistro Ibarra branches are located inside the malls which follow operating hours from 10 AM to 9 PM every day.

Where is the nearest Bistro Ibarra branch in my area?

If you are looking for the nearest available Bistro Ibarra branch in your area you can check out this link I will provide below that will redirect you to their official page. 



In conclusion, Bistro Ibbara is a very recommended place if you are looking for the finest experience while enjoying this Filipino favorite menus. Attention to detail is something to be recognized and their ability to innovate traditional cuisines such as their Tinola with Sotanghon which is a fun way to play along with the classics. Another thing is they are available in selected Malls in the Philippines giving convenient access for people who want to try their finest Filipino collection. A must-try restaurant I could say and it won’t surely be my last dine-in.

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