Shinsen Menu Prices

Shinsen provides high-quality and delicious Japanese dishes for Filipinos across Metro Manila. They are popular for their maki and sushi, which are perfect for Filipinos, who are known to have large families. Shinsen serves its menu in large quantities at an affordable price. They also prioritize the freshness of the ingredients that they use in all of their recipes. Additionally, they also serve authentic, high-quality Japanese dishes that are of the highest quality and provide their diners with the best Japanese dining experience possible.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Shinsen menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Kajiki Toro Sashimi378


Kajiki Toro 198
Aburi Sake298


Shinsen Double XP Roll408
California Maki298
Futo Maki308
Spicy Salmon Maki398
Tekka Maki228
Ebi TempuraMaki248
Ebi Maki208
Kani Maki168
Dynamite Roll398
Crazy Roll348
Salmon Cheese Maki408
Seafood Futomaki378
Salmon Skin roll278


Kyuri Maki118
Unagi Maki378
Unagi Boh Sushi498
Age Maki398
Dragon Roll628
Spicy Tuna Maki328
Tuna Avocado Roll428
Nishiki Maki468
Chef's Ocean Roll468
Geisha Roll478
Crazy Tuna Roll398


Miso Soup68
Sukiyaki Small438
Sukiyaki Large768
Kani Salad308
Yasai Salad248
Kini Mango Salad318
Spicy seafood Salad358
Spicy tuna Sald478
Spicy Salmon Salad528
Sashimi Salad628


Shinsen Gyoza228
Agedashi Tofu198
Salmon Skin karaage108
tofu Furai228
Steamed Tofu Steak198
Nasu Abura itame198
Naso Tofu Amai Sauce288
Okra Gumae188
Tori Teba Nanbuzuke288



Shinsen Bento

Chicken Teriyaki478
Beef Teriyaki598
Mixed Sashimi578


Spicy Miso Ramen338
Tonkotsu Ramen358
Shoyu Ramen298
Spicy Vegetarian Ramen348


Tori Teppanyaki298
Seafood teppanyaki428
Ika Teppanyaki358
Oyster Teppanyaki498
Misono Tofu Steak398
Lapu lapu Teppanyaki298
Blue Marlin Teppanyaki408
Salmon Teppanyaki528
Beef Tenderloin Teppanyaki498


Beef Teriyaki 528
Sake Teriyaki238
Tori Teriyaki278
chicken Wing Yakitori408
Kani Bacon Yaki318
Tori Shitake Hasamiyaki428
Saba Shioyaki478
Kaijiki Shioyaki428
Salmon Hasami Yaki558
Unagi Kabayaki798

About Shinsen

Shinsen is a Japanese sushi restaurant located at Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila. They provide great and authentic Japanese food for their guests, who are primarily Filipinos. The goal of Shinsen is to further introduce Filipinos to Japanese dishes and to remind them how great and scrumptious Japanese foods are! Whenever you want to eat or are just craving some delicious traditional Japanese dishes at a very reasonable price, Shinsen wants to be the location for you.

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Shinsen Menu Best Seller

These are the foods that are always ordered by diners whenever they visit Shinsen. Not only they are well-liked, but they’re also among the restaurant’s best dishes.

California Maki – This type of sushi from the Shinsen menu is composed of mangoes, avocados, crab meat, and cucumber and is rolled inside a nori roll. Everyone enjoys this type of sushi, making it a wonderful and healthy alternative to dinner.

California Maki is one of the Shinsen menu best seller dish Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Sukiyaki – This dish uses the nabe-mono method to cook and serve sukiyaki. It is made up of beef that is boiled or slowly cooked at the table with vegetables and other components in a shallow iron pot with soy sauce, sugar, and a mixture of mirin.

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Katsudon – A common dish in Japan, katsudon is a dish that is mainly composed of a bowl of rice with a deep-fried, breaded pork cutlet, an egg, veggies, and sauces on top. The Japanese phrases tonkatsu and donburi are used to name the dish.

Yummy Katsudon Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Sashimi Menu

Shinsen’s menu features a Japanese delicacy known as sashimi – a dish made from fresh, raw fish or slices of meat that are expertly prepared and served with a special dipping sauce. This classic dish is a staple of Japanese cuisine and is highly prized for its delicate texture and subtle flavors. Their chefs carefully select only the highest quality fish to create a truly authentic and unforgettable experience. Each slice is expertly presented with precision, making it as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Maguro – Maguro is a term for tuna. Shinsen uses lean tuna meat for their Maguro Sashimi which they make from whatever species of tuna they have in their kitchen. The flesh of the maguro is very pink and has a sweet, moderately acidic flavor.

Maguro with rice? Definitely a hit. Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Shimeseba – Shimiseba is a cured mackerel filet that Shinsen uses for their sashimi. It is a pretty straightforward dish that is good and reasonably priced. Mackerel, salt, and rice wine vinegar make up the majority of this dish’s ingredients.

Tobiko – The tiny, orange-colored eggs from more than forty different species of flying fish are known as tobiko in Japanese and are the main ingredients for this dish. Tobiko is a highly common ingredient in sushi and sashimi, two dishes that are quite popular in Japan.

Nigiri Sushi

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This menu is made up of a small and delectable variety of dishes, most of which feature thinly sliced raw fish and are arranged over a mound of sweet and salty vinegared rice.

Tai – This menu from Shinsen uses sea bream as its main ingredient which is said to bring good luck to Japanese culture. Shinsen’s Tai Nigiri Sushi is a vinegared rice topped with thinly sliced sea bream.

Shinsen's Tai under Nigiri Sushi menu Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Hata – Shinsen’s Hata Nigiri Sushi uses a grouper as its main ingredient. Hata has a mild flavor that tastes similar to fish like halibut and bass. After cooking, their meat creates a firm but flaky texture.

Ebi – It is a traditional Japanese nigiri sushi that comprises butterflied shrimp on top of hand-pressed sushi rice. The size of the shrimp doesn’t matter but the best one is the kuruma ebi.

Makisushi – This is made up of maki dishes that you have to taste each time you go to Shinsen. All of these rolls are made with vinegared rice, your choice of the main ingredient, and wrapped with nori that has been covered in your choice of coating before being dipped or drizzled in Shinsen’s unique sauces.

Raw fish inside Makisushi Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page


This menu, composed of Japanese staple soups, will bring warmth and fullness to the diners. Each of these dishes has a delicious soup and a hearty broth. This menu features miso soup, which is one of the staple soup dishes in Japan. This meal is made by combining miso paste and dashi broth.

Shoyu Ramen Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Shinsen Bento Menu

We all know that rice is a prominent staple meal in Japan, and also in the nearby regions of East and Southeast Asian culinary traditions. It is a Japanese version of a takeout or home-packed meal that is mainly consumed for lunch. Shinsen’s bento frequently includes pickled and cooked vegetables in a box with rice, noodles, fish, or meat.

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Shinen’s Agemono dishes are made by deep frying vegetables or seafood at a high temperature in a substantial amount of oil. The highlights of this menu are their tempura, and kara-age, which are the best examples of typical agemono dishes. Shinsen cooks the ingredients of their agemono dishes completely until the batter is fully crisp to make it more enjoyable to eat.

Agemono dish is these Soft Shell Crab Karaage Pin
Photo Credit: Shinsen Facebook Page

Shinsen Menu Delivery

Shinsen offers its delicious Japanese treats through delivery services. There are many options for how you want your food delivered or ordered; you can download the FoodPanda, GrabFood, or Lalamove applications on your mobile devices and search for Shinsen’s online store to browse their menu. The ordering process is really simple, and you can also choose to pay for your order first or opt for a cash-on-delivery service.

Shinsen Social Media Pages

For more information or questions about Shinen’s food menu or discounts, you can send them a message through their social media pages, such as Facebook or Instagram. Links are provided below; just click the links to be redirected to their social media page.




The Shinsen menu is composed of delicious Japanese dishes that will satisfy your cravings. They offer superb quality sashimi, sushi, and maki dishes with a consistently delicious taste. The staff is kind and attentive to their customer’s needs, and even the managers help serve the orders if the place is packed with people. Shinen restaurants are very stylish and have a traditional Japanese-style interior, which is good for taking pictures. Overall, Shinsen is a great place to visit. Not only that, it is a great place, and the food tastes great!

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