Mesa Menu Prices

Have you already heard about this restaurant named Mesa a restaurant that serves Asian specialties but is done the Filipino way? If you are a fan of grilled foods and Filipino foods then they are the perfect place to go to satisfy your cravings for grilled goodness. They have a lot of variety to choose from, different flavors and textures for you to try and their price is surprisingly affordable. The Mesa menu offers Asian cuisine with a touch of Filipino. This restaurant aims to provide a new experience not only for its unique interior design but also in how they prepare and presents each of its meals. All of their items are also good for sharing and are affordable. This modern Filipino restaurant is really interesting so let’s get to know them more, how they started, the food that they offer the services that they provide, and let’s see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to try their restaurant. Without further ado let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Mesa menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Hito flakeson spoon235
Tinapa roll185
Baked scallops260
Baked mussels with cheese335
Chicken adobo flakes215


Sinigang in pineapple or guava (bangus belly)385
Sinigang in pineapple or guava (baboy)350
Sinigang in pineapple or guava (hipon)395
Chicken binakol375
Sinigang salmon head375
Beef ribs nilaga415
Hipon sa tanglad390


Pork sisig230
Tofu sisig170
Sisig in a pouch240


Pomelo salad260
Shrimp tofu salad310
Mangga salad135
Ensaladang talong95

Bangus Belly

Daing with tons of garlic355

Baby Squid

In olive oil385
Own ink355

White Shrimp

In salted egg435
In lemon butter385
Salted and spicy365

River Shrimp Swahe

Salted and spicy325
Crispy fried325


Crispy boneless tilapia455
Escabeche tilapia465
In coconut sauce tilapia465
Blue marlin belly350
Inihaw sampler995
All meat810
All seafood890
Pinirito sampler995
Seafoods mix in chili610


Mesa braised beef405
Karekare beef and tripe410
Karekare shortribs450
Crispy tadyang425


Binagoongan ni kaka310
Grilled liempo mesa way240
Crispy boneless pata special595
Crispy boneless pata family790
Boneless patatim615
Pork bbq fried155
Pork bbq grilled155


Garlic chicken285
Bbq honey patis180
Chicken pork adobo280


Laing 2 way205
Pinakbet bangus belly255
Pinakbet vegetarian185
Pinakbet crispy pork215
Mixed vegetables205
Gising gising205
Kangkong lechon175


Pancit canton225
Sotanghon guisado225



1.5 Sodas

Coke/Coke zero/Sprite/Royal95
Soda in can75
Bottled water50


Served two ways- whole5985
Served two ways- 1/23045
Served two ways- 1/41680
Served two ways- 1/61220


Saba con hielo95
Mais con hielo95
Turon with ice cream80
Cassava cake95
Leche flan65
Crispy leche flan70
Ginataang halohalo solo70
Ginataang halohalo family120
Chilled ginataang castañas solo70
Chilled ginataang castañas family120


Fresh buko in a shell100
Fresh buko110
Ripe mango105
Green mango105
Bottomless iced tea85
Bottomless lemonade85
Soda in can80
Sagot gulaman90
Bottled water50
Hot tea60
Brewed coffee70
Pale pilsen80
San mig light85

Grab and Go Meals

Go 1. Tinapa roll, sisig, rice149
Go 2. Garlic chicken, laing, rice165
Go 3. Grilled liempo, laing, rice175
Go 4. Tinapa roll, binagoongan ni kaka, rice185
Go 5. Tinapa roll, chicken kaldereta, rice185
Go 6. Tinapa roll, karekare beef and tripe, rice 199

About Mesa Filipino Moderne

Mesa was founded in 2009 by co-owners and real-life partners Sharon Cuneta and Francis Pangilinan with Kc Conception as one of the investors. Mesa is the only grill restaurant where customers can have their meal grilled right at their table. They are serving traditional Filipino food with a twist, where they made it extra special with their innovative idea of modernizing the way they create and cook their food masterpiece.

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From chicken, pork, beef, and seafood they all have it. They are also the only restaurant that serves crispchon. To add to the excitement their dining area is designed with native contemporary interiors.

As of today, they have a total of 60 plus store locations nationwide and are currently engaging in opening more branches in different locations throughout the Philippines. Some of their branches can be found in NCR, North Luzon, South Luzon, Boracay Islands, and some parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

Would you like to eat a chicken inasal with unlimited rice? If yes, then it is highly recommended that you see the Mang Inasal.

Mesa Best Seller Menu

Here is the list of some of the Mesa menu best sellers that you guys must try. This may serve as your guide if you are new to their food options.

Tinapa Roll – This menu is like a spring roll or the Filipino favorite lumpia, but the only difference is this dish is actually tinapa or smoked fish with salted egg, onions, and tomatoes wrapped with lettuce. Really good with their suka “vinegar” a great appetizer and surprisingly good.

Shrimp Tossed with Salted Egg Sauce – Filipinos loved salted eggs very much, and this dish is one of the must-try on their menu. This innovative shrimp goodness will surely satisfy your tastebuds, The texture flavors everything is already there, and it’s really good, I can actually finish a whole order without sharing. Try this for yourself.

Chicken Binakol – This chicken binakol is like your favorite tinola the only difference is the broth that they used in this is young coconut water. Now imagine having your favorite tinola upgraded. This one is also good.

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Crispy Leche Plan on Mesa Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Mesa FB Page

Crispy Leche Flan – Imagine your favorite Filipino dessert wrapped and fried, delicious right? Another twist from our favorite Leche flan. The savory taste of Leche flan and the crispiness combined in one delicious treat.

Crispchon – This Mesa menu is one of their best sellers, it will be served chopped and served on your table. The more you eat it the more you crave it. It is really good and I still can’t forget the day that I first have it. Served with pandan crisp. Also, The sauce for their crispchon is super good.

Salted Shrimp on Mesa Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Mesa FB Page

Laing Two Way – They will literally serve you two laing one is wet and another one is dry, both delicious the only difference is the wet version has more coconut milk than the other one. You can also request some chilis for a different kick and more Bicolano vibe.

Crab in Aligue – This menu is really good though we cannot have too much because of cholesterol and high blood pressure people. If only I could, I think I can finish 2 orders of this dish. Really delicious and savory, the aligue sauce is something!

Mesa Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite Filipino dishes menu in mesa but you don’t have the time to go outside because of your busy schedule you can order thru third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.

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However, you have to take the consideration that ordering from a third-party delivery service might charge you an additional fee, and is only available depending on your location.

Or you can call their hotline number (0917 327 6372) to ask for more information regarding the delivery.

Talk to Mesa staff

Reaching out to mesa staff made it easier, the staff and crews for this restaurant are friendly and professional. If you wish to talk with them or you have inquiries and suggestions all you have to do is check their following social media pages or website:





Tasty Tinapa Roll on Mesa Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Mesa FB Page


It is really heartwarming to know that our food is now innovative and exciting. This restaurant only proves that Filipino cuisine is a world-class cuisine that we can all be proud of. Everything on the Mesa menu is like a new dish because of the way they presented their dishes. The ambiance of their restaurant is really cozy and customer friendly, their staff and crews are respectful and nice, and it’s like the smile on their face are automatic whenever they pass thru customers which is good. The food, actually every food that they serve is really delicious, and the place is clean and not unorganized. Overall a good dining experience, is highly recommended for everyone whether you are Filipino or not. Two thumbs up to this amazing restaurant.

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