Tenya Menu Prices

Tenya’s menu offers sincere dishes, and by using a lot of their equipment and ingredients that are from Japan, it makes sure that Tenya gives you, their customers, the best-tasting and most authentic Japanese dishes as they can. They now bring their delectable Japanese dishes to their neighboring countries, which are Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines, to let the locals in each country enjoy the delicious authentic Japanese cuisine.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tenya menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Tempura Tendon

Asakusa Special Tendon395
All-Star Tendon395
Classic Tendon295
Jo Tendon385
Kakiage Tendon355
Chicken Mayo Tendo355
Buta Kimuchi Tendon355
Yasai Tendon345
Chicken and Cheese Tendon395

Teishoku Sets

All-Star Teishoku465
Asakusa Special Teishoku475
Classic Teishoku 455
Nikujyaga Teishoku415
Jo Teishoku465
Sukiyaki Teishoku465

Tenya Express

Buta Miso Don185
Ebi Toji Don185
Chicken Karaage Don185
Ramen Komori with Maki165
Sukiyaki Bento265
Seafood Tempura Bento255
Chicken Teriyaki245

Maki and Baked Sushi

Ebi Tempura Maki385
Tenya-Style California Maki385
Spicy Salmon Maki385
Califarnia Sushi Bake 365
Spicy Salmon MSushi Bake365
Karaage Chizu Sushi Bake365

Appetizers and Snacks

Chicken Karaage235
Isobe Cheese195
Okinawa Vegan Chips165
Cheese Age165
Tori Blak Bun Burger195
Spicy Spam Musubi85
Appetizer Basket395

Ooedo Set

Kagayaki Ooedo Set1275
Yume Ooedo Set1595


Spicy Salmon325
Tenya Salad285
Udon Salad275
Tori Karaage Salad285


Asukasa Special385
Ebi Tempura355
Kani Tempura185
Salmon Tempura255
Ika Tempura195
Shimeji Mushroom195
Sweet Potato155
Small Kakiagi265

Ramen and Noodles

Tempura Ramen395
Gyo! Ramen395
Buta Ramen395
Hokkaido Butter Ramen395
Ebi Ten Soba365

About Tenya

Located at SM stores all over Manila, Tenya is one of the most popular chains of tendon restaurants in Manila that originated in Japan. Traditionally thought to be on the pricey side, Tenya strives to offer their customers premium quality tempura and tendon at a very affordable price. Tenya started back in 1989, when Mr. Yoshio Iwashita, the founder of Tenya, founded the organization’s initial location in the Yaesu underground mall at Tokyo Station.

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Tenya Menu Best Seller

The list below shows the most popular dishes at Tenya’s. They are the dishes that are ordered the most by people who visit the place.

Chicken Mayo Tendon – Fantastic combination for a Japanese mayo day! Anything paired with Tenya’s authentic Chicken Mayo Tendon will make you crave their tempura more. For a very affordable price, you can get this delectable Japanese treat!

Chicken Mayo Tendon is one of Tenya menu best seller item Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

All-Star Teishoku – Composed of Japanese rice, different varieties of seafood ingredients, green beans, and shimeji, this teishoku set also includes hot soba and potato salad that will give you an Asakusa experience after consuming them.

Classic TeishokuTeishoku is a form of Japanese set dinner in which the entire course is presented as a single unit. The classic teishoku is often served in Zen temples and features a main course, soup, rice, and pickles.

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Hokkaido Butter Ramen – Green beans and tempura eggplant are served with buttery tonkotsu ramen that is topped with a shrimp stick, corn, and Pacific white shrimp. In fact, compared to other instant ramen dishes, this dish’s mild soy sauce flavor is more reminiscent of the original fresh shoyu ramen.

Hokkaido Butter Ramen Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

Ebi Ten Soba – This dish literally means shrimp tempura noodles in English. You can now satisfy your hunger with this soba variety made of buckwheat noodles, eggplant tempura, and small shrimps.

Tempura Tendon

This menu is composed of different varieties of tendon dishes that are not only delectable but also affordable!

Classic Tendon – There’s nothing elaborate or gimmicky about this dish; it’s just plain old tempura. And it’s as genuine as anything that is available in Japan. It is simple and to the point, as an average person would anticipate a tendon would be.

Yasai Tendon – Essentially, it’s a dish of rice with vegetable tempura on top. For ordering this item, customers can ask for yasai or vegetables only because, oftentimes, these tempuras are made of prawns and other ingredients.

Chicken and Cheese Tendon – Tenya’s Chicken and Cheese Tendon will have you getting cheesy with them. It is a tempura dish that cheese lovers would drool over because it is so heavily loaded with cheese!

Chicken and Cheese Tendon Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

Kakiage Tendon – It is a form of donburi, or a rice bowl that is topped with tempura, made from components like a mixture of julienned vegetables and occasionally a few tiny pieces of seafood, created in a hand-full sized amount, then cooked as tempura in hot oil.

Teishoku Sets

Nikuyajyaga Teishoku – This meal set is composed of authentic Japanese pork stew with eggplant, green beans, black tiger prawn tempura, and a potato salad. A lot of spices, sauces, and rice are served on the side.

Jo Teishoku – It consists of two black tiger prawns, kanim green beans, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and a potato salad. Jo Teishoku is also served with rice and miso/potato salad or hot/cold soba/udon depending on the customers’ preferences.

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Fully loaded Superstar Teishoku and Tendon Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

Sukiyaki Teishoku – A bowl of sukiyaki with eggplant, green beans, black tiger prawn tempura, and a potato salad. Sukiyaki Teishoku also comes with a different array of sauces and dips.

Ramen and Noodles

As any Japanese restaurant should, Tenya also serves hot, spicy, and filling ramen & noodles on their menu. 

Tempura Ramen – It is a ramen dish that is topped with eggs and ground pork. Customers can also order an additional shrimp for an additional cost.

Gyo! Ramen – Gyo! Ramen is a delicious combination that you know you can’t live without! This dish is offered for dine-in services, in-house delivery, and walk-in and takeout. Tenya’s Gyo! Ramen is set to take on the next rainy season.

Gyo! Ramen Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

Buta Ramen – It is a variety of tonkotsu ramen that is topped with fried pork cooked using the tenya style of cooking. Buta Ramen is served hot and spicy with tempura on the side.

Tenya Express Menu

This menu offers a delectable range of Japanese cuisine, featuring an array of donburi, ramen, and bento dishes. Whether you are a fan of hearty rice bowls, comforting noodle soups, or well-balanced bento boxes, Tenya Express has got you covered. Indulge in the classic flavors of their salmon teriyaki donburi or opt for the bold and spicy kick of their tantanmen ramen. For those who prefer a mix of flavors, their bento boxes offer a perfect combination of protein, veggies, and carbs in every bite. With Tenya Express, you can have all your favorite Japanese dish styles packed into one convenient menu.

Sukiyaki Bento Set in Tenya Express menu Pin
Photo Credit: Tenya Philippines Facebook Page

Maki and Baked Sushi

This menu consists of maki and baked sushi that has all the common sushi elements deconstructed into one casserole dish! You can either enjoy the fresh flavors that the maki brings or the delectably crunchy sushi.

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Ooedo Set

This menu is composed of only two items: Kagayaki Ooedo Set and the Yume Ooedo Set. Each of them contains black tiger prawns, kani sticks, squids, kakiage, sweet potatoes, green beans, and rice. There are a few different dishes here and there, and the quantity varies, but they almost all have the same exact dishes.

Tenya Menu Delivery

Enjoy your favorite authentic Japanese dishes at home, as Tenya now offers menu delivery services for their beloved customers. You can conveniently place an order for your favorite Japanese treats through the use of your mobile devices by downloading the FoodPanda or GrabFood applications. After installing, open the app, search for Tenya, browse their menu, and place an order for the food that you are craving! Simple, easy, and quick!

Talk to Tenya PH Staff

Craving for authentic Japanese tempura? Look no further than Tenya! Not only can you visit their stores for a delicious meal, but you can also communicate with them through their social media pages. Follow them to stay updated on their latest menu items, promos, and events. And if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to them through their social media channels. Visit their social media pages and their stores for a truly satisfying dining experience!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TenyaPhilippines

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenyaph/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@tenyaphilippines4387

Website: https://tenya.com.ph/branches/


The tasty and authentic Japanese meals on Tenya’s menu are just superb!  The tempura tendons and teishoku sets, which are their most well-liked meals, are nothing short of excellent! In addition to the generous servings that each of their meals has, each serving includes the majority of the elements that a teishoku set should have! The place itself is spacious, and the interior is wonderfully decorated, which can also be a wonderful way to spend the time while you wait for your order. Overall, Tenya is a must visit place if you are craving authentic Japanese dishes!

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