Brewing Point Menu Prices

Food is one of the easiest escapes from stress and I found a restaurant that serves comfort foods, they actually have the best salpicao that I tasted so far so I want to introduce you guys to this restaurant. Have you heard about brewing point neighborhood cafe? Brewing Point neighborhood cafe has loads of delicious comfort food menu to serve to their guests. This restaurant is also pet-friendly, family-friendly, and has affordable dishes that im sure you will like. Interesting right? So stay with me in this article and together let’s get to know this restaurant, especially the foods that they offer and their prices. This is taking too long so I’ll cut it here and let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Brewing Point menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All day breakfast

Beef tapa335
Garlic Longganisa 395
BP corned beef 415
Breakfast platter695
Pork tocino 330
Steak & eggs695
Gourmet tinapa465
Daing na bangus405


5 spice chicken 335
Chicken inasal345
Lemongrass 345
Beef bulgogi 360


Quesadillas 165
Spinach & artichoke dip360
Chicken fingers 435
Potato chips 160
Vietnamese spring rolls 275
Squid a la pobre470

Salads & soups

Caesar salad 265
Asian chopped salad 295
Greek salad 340
Pumpkin soup 195
Tomato soup 215
Mushroom soup 225


Matteo's grilled cheese 395
Clubhouse 335
Chicken & argula 300
Crispy chicken burger 400


Spaghetti and meatballs 435
Chicken pesto 330
Truffle cream415
Tomato cream 320
Vegetarian 355
Carbonara 315
Spicy tuyo395
Bella's mac & cheese425
Shrimp Alfredo 450
Bolognese 295

Main entree

Beef salpicao 570
KD's fried chicken 595
Sinigang 545
Florian's seared tuna 735
BBQ chicken 340
White chicken 485
Chicken shawarma rice355
Callos 445
Sizzling corned beef 655
Mahi-mahi in lemon caper sauce520
Blue marlin a la pobre675
Beef & tendon stew455

Cakes & desserts

Carrot cake165
Red velvet 235
Matcha cake205
Yema cake185
Super moist chocolate cake745
New york cheesecake 255
Burnt basque cheesecake 1920
Brazo ice cream205
Brazo de Mercedes 85
Sansrival cake635
Blueberry cheesecake 245

Petite cakes

Carrot cake petite 195
Super moist chocolate cake petite205
Ube petite 205
Red velvet petite 235
Choco lava cake petite210
Yema petite195
Choco caramel cake petite235
Strawberry shortcake petite205
White chocolate petite195
Matcha green tea petite260
Sugar free cake petite 255
Sansrival petite 195


Iced tea 130
Cucumber shake 195
Caramel frappe 265
Mocha frappe 245
Cookies and cream milkshake 205
Double choco milkshake 225
Strawberry shake 205
Mango shake 215
Watermelon shake 205
Grape shake225
Mocha latte 185
Cappuccino 155
Cafe latte 145
Cafe americano 120
Espresso 105


Atchara 15
Quinoa 140
Chicken rice90
Garlic rice 90
Plain rice 65

About Brewing Point

Florian Enriquez is a food enthusiast that founded brewing point neighborhood cafe in 2003. The vision of founding the restaurant is to provide a restaurant with a great ambiance making their customers feel at home. Brewing Point’s make sure that they will only give the best quality way of service to their customers. After years of service, the restaurant evolves and became successful and by the year 2013, Florian’s son Karl Edward Enriquez took over the business and became the restaurant chef. 

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Brewing Point Menu Best Seller

He is on the list of brewing point’s best-selling food items that you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning on visiting their restaurant. 

Beef salpicao – This menu is something you shouldn’t miss. This is made with Beef tenderloin that they cook until tender, some garlic, and beef fat for more flavor, and Served with garlic rice. Their beef salpicao is one of the best beef salpicao that I tried so far, this is a must try and I can guarantee you that this one is really good. Their beef salpicao is perfect with garlic rice or even plain rice. 

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Photo Credits: Brewing Point Facebook Page

5 spice chicken – Brewing Point’s version of 5 spice chicken is very flavorful. Their 5 spice chicken has a lot of spices and is deep-fried until golden. They also serve their 5 spice chicken with rice and a special sauce. 

Beef bulgogi – This beef bulgogi menu from Brewing Point is very tender it has a mildly sweet flavor and is smoky at the same time. Very savory. It was marinated in garlic, ginger, sesame, and soy sauce overnight for better flavors. They also serve this on top of rice. 

Beef and tendon stew – Their beef and tendon stew version is flavorful and something good with rice. It reminds me of pares the only difference is this is more delish than pares. The thick sauce has a bit of sweetness and is not too salty. Delicious and perfect with rice. 

Photo Credits: Brewing Point Facebook Page

Daing na bangus – One of the most favorite dishes in the country is included in their best seller and this is their daing na bangus. This includes Fried milkfish which is actually whole just without the head, 2 fried eggs, and served with garlic rice. 

Brewing Point All-day Breakfast Menu

Brewing Point’s all-day breakfast has 9 products to choose from, most on the menu are Filipino favorites, and im sure you guys will love it. First on the list is their beef tapa, they serve this with two yolk fried egg, rice, and achara. Next is their garlic Longganisa just like the beef tapa they also serve this with fried egg and rice. Aside from those they also serve corned beef with rice, fried egg, and atchara.

Photo Credits: Brewing Point Facebook Page

Four on the list for their all-day breakfast menu is their breakfast platter which has fried egg, rice, fried daing na bangus, Longganisa, and pork tocino with atchara and slice tomato. Pork tocino is also available on their al day breakfast menu just the same they serve this with rice and fried egg with atchara. Steak and egg if you’re feeling fancy for breakfast. Other choices are gourmet tinapa, daing na bangus and BP bacon. 

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Afford-a-meals is one of the top choices if you’re looking for something good at an affordable price. They have 4 dishes to choose from and they also serve them with rice. Choices are 5 spice chicken, the Filipino favorite chicken inasal, lemongrass, and beef bulgogi. 


Sandwiches menu of brewing point is a great option if you want to eat lighter, they have 4 choices for this menu. First is their matters grilled cheese if you’re a cheese person then you should try this one. Next is their version of the clubhouse this is so good and they serve it with potato wedges too. Next on the list is their chicken and arugula this sandwich is healthy because it has more veggies and when it comes to the taste this is a bomb. Last but not least is their version of the crispy chicken burger, they also serve this with potato wedges. 

Photo Credits: Brewing Point Facebook Page


If you’re looking for good pasta dishes then maybe you should try their pasta menu. They have 11 pasta dishes to choose from and based on experience my favorite is their spaghetti and meatballs this is a must-try. Their spicy tuyo is also something that you shouldn’t miss that’s awesomely tasty. Chicken pesto for you if you love pesto-based pasta, or could be truffle cream and tomato cream if you want creamy pasta.

Photo Credits: Brewing Point Facebook Page
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Other options are vongole which is a pasta dish with clam and a slice of lemon that they serve with garlic bread, vegetarian pasta for those who don’t like meat, carbonara, and shrimp alfredo if you love seafood. They also have something for cheese lovers which is their Bella’s mac & cheese. Bolognese is also present on their menu and this is also one of my favorites aside from spaghetti and meatballs. 

Brewing Point Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite brewing point food items and you’re living in the metro no worries since their SM Fairview branch is available to deliver across the Metro Manila area. Online orders from 10 am until 4 pm will be delivered within the day and any orders After cut-off will be delivered on the next day. If you want to know more information about their delivery, you can check their website it.

You can also book your favorite food delivery services like GrabFood, LalaFood, or FoodPanda that are available at your location. 

Social Media Pages

You can stay updated with Brewing Point’s ever-evolving menu items and be informed about their latest promotions and events by visiting their social media pages, which you can access by clicking on the links provided below. Additionally, you can follow them on their social media accounts.




Great place for friends and family eat outs. Been here and their food has been consistently very good. The Brewing Point menu has a lot of spectacular dishes that im sure you’ll like for sure. Their restaurant has that cozy ambiance, comfortable place, and customer-friendly atmosphere. Service crews are okay as well. Their artichoke dip is a must try also their Beef salpicao, is good with garlic rice. Don’t forget to try their cakes, as those can rival the top bake shops in the country. I highly recommend this restaurant for family, colleagues, and friends eat outs. Very good place and the prices are reasonable. 

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