Oedo Menu Prices

Have you found yourself craving Japanese food but Don’t know where to get the most authentic and delicious Japanese food since a lot of Japanese restaurants are mushrooming the market these days? I got you people, no worries since I found an authentic Japanese restaurant that is very affordable and delicious and they have a nice place by the way. Have you heard about Oedo? If not please take the time to read this article. Oedo is a Japanese restaurant where you can Savor the most delicious Japanese food, the Oedo menu have a lot to offer and surprisingly the quality and affordability of their product are really interesting. This restaurant serves authentic Japanese dishes, food is really good and tasty. Let’s get to know them more, let’s see what foods are they offering and their whereabouts. Don’t want to delay anything since we’re all set. Let’s start now.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of the Oedo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Gyu-motsu ni130
Tako wasabi155
Pirikara nama harumaki190


Tamago jiru50
Miso jiru55
Asari jiru90
Ton jiru190

Sashimi Appetizer

Aburi salmon hatate mayo550
Salmon ponzu260
Maguru ponzu260
Shiromi ponzu260
Tako ponzu260


Oedo salad340
Puri puri salad230
Kani salad240
Kani salad with mango310
Tekka salad355
Maguro tataki salad385
Seafood salad455
Wakame salad150
Mango aigamo salad390
Spicy tuna salad350
Spicy salmon salad450

A la carte

Ika butter yaki285
Asari butter yaki285
Uni tamago yaki230
Buta shoga yaki265
Shake kabuto ni455
Chawan mushi155
Gyu teppan yaki380
Okonomiyaki regular265
Okonomiyaki special295
Saba miso ni285


Ten don320
Katsu don260
Oyako don280
Kakiage don280
Gyu don320
Chicken teriyaki don365
Beef stamina don330


Omu rice185
Pork chahan150


Beef curry360
Katsu curry350
Ebi fry curry370
Chicken curry350
Pork curry260
Burger curry330


Supashi maguro305
Supashi shake345
Rapu rapu300
Botam ebi500
Ama ebi380
Shime saba280


Botan ebi340
Ama ebi285
Shime saba205
Aburi lapu lapu140
Aburi hamachi350

Special Sushi

Oedo maki320
Dragon maki495
Moster maki450
Crunch roll sushi380
Maguro uzu sushi325
Saba battera sushi365
Shake ikura roll410
Hot night roll maki495
Ning mai maki295
Tuna imperial maki165
Ika ebi mayo sushi185

Maki Sushi

Oshinko maki140
Kappa maki130
Ume shiso maki180
Kanpyo maki120
Natto maki160
Crazy maki480

Chirashi Sushi

Oedo chirashi1350
Tekka dan355
Uni don400
Ikura dan655
Shake don355
Shake ikura dan585
Shake uni don485
Maguro uni don450
Supaishi maguro don375
Supaishi shake don385


Mixed tempura345
Mixed yasai tempura225
Ebi tempura350
Kisu tempura185
Uni tenpura240
Chikuwa isobe185
Hotate tempura385
Hotate kakiyage355
Nasu tempura200
Aspara tempura150
Kakiage tempura285
Kani kakiage180


Ika fry320
Chikuwa isobe age190
Aji fry200
Tori kara age225
Ikageso kara age190
Tori katsu260
Harumaki age320
Agedashi tofu195
Ebi fry320

Hot Udon and Soba

Kaisen yakisoba310
Kaisen yakiudon310
Omu yakisoba290
Nabe yakiudon400

Cold Udon and Soba

Zaru soba250
Ten zaru350
Cha soba250


Shoyu ramen290
Miso ramen320
Ankake ramen350
Chasyu ramen320
Tonkatsu ramen310
Shio ramen250
Hiyashi chuka320
Negi ramen290
Karubi ramen380
Kaiko ramen360

Nabe Hot Pot

Buta kimchi nabe290
Tori kimchi nabe270
Chikuwa tsukimi nabe320
Pork yose nabe290


Hamachi teriyaki855
Shishamo yaki225
Ebi shioyaki320
Shake teriyaki350
Saba shopyaki270
Gindara shioyaki700
Gindara teriyaki750
Sanma shioyaki225
So saba yaki480
Salmon head200
Shake shioyaki350
Chicken teriyaki300


Coke, royal, sprite60
Fresh orange juice150
Four season juice150
Household ice tea60
Matcha shake150
San miguel beer75
Brew kettle beer75
Asahi beer100
Heineken beer100
Brewed coffee100
Premium organic coffee150
Lemon grass ice tea60
Fruit shake150

About Oedo

Oedo is a Japanese restaurant located in Sto. Domingo street Quezon City. The location is very near to Sienna College and is located away from other restaurants mostly surrounded by houses (residential area) so going to their place means lesser crowds. The restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine.

The ambiance of the restaurant contributes to the Japanese dining experience. Simple, clean, tasty, and light. The design of the restaurant is minimalist, the exterior maintains traditional Japanese settings. Their careful and artistic cooking brings back their customers to their restaurant. The food is really good and at the same time very affordable. Oedo is a hangout place on Sto. Domingo street.

The entrance of this Japanese restaurant will give you the feeling that you’re in japan because of the grand shrine-like entrance. They also have al fresco dining which is recommended for evening dine-in. You’ll be impressed with the design and architecture of this restaurant. This Restaurant is managed by the same entrepreneurs behind the two popular restaurants which are Mandarin sky restaurant and Artsy Cafe Restaurant.

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Oedo Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Oedo’s menu best sellers that you should try upon going to their restaurant. This list is a safe choice if you are just new to their menu.

Photo Credit: Oedo FB Page

California Maki – Oedo serves their California maki with very tasty nori or dried seaweeds. A Japanese dish that is so tasty and has a lot of textures. This California maki version of Oedo is so tasty and satisfying. Made with a lot of flavors for sure it will satisfy your cravings in an instant.

Ebi Tempura – Rich flavor and delicious. The Ebi tempura version from the Oedo menu is so good it’ll be your favorite as soon as you try this one. Good side dish. Really delicious and satisfying.

Asari Butter Yaki – The richness of butter plus the meat of the clam equals delicious. A powerful dish to complete your Japanese food cravings. This one is good with any noodles or even rice.

Photo Credit: Oedo FB Page

Gyu Tepanyaki – This Oedo menu is a complete meal with meat and vegetables all on one plate. This tepanyaki version is one of the best that you can get on their menu. Very tasty and savory. Meat is really good for this one.

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Takoyaki – Most of us are already familiar with takoyaki and Oedo’s version happens to be the best that I tasted so far. It got a big piece of octopus inside and plumpy. One you shouldn’t miss trying.

Gyoza – This popular Japanese dumpling is really good and Oedo’s version is far way better than good. Gyoza comes with a savory sauce. One of their most popular appetizers.

Okonomiyaki Special – These Japanese savory pancake topped with mayo and bonito flakes is so good they will become your instant favorite. Their version is quite good. This is a must try

Oedo Menu Best Maki

Dragon Maki – Oedo is serving maki. What’s good about their maki is they are serving this with seasoned nori or seaweeds that’s why their California maki is really tasty and different from other maki that you can find in the market these days, bursting with flavor in every bite. This Oedo menu is a combination of flavors wrapped with rice and nori served with sweet-salty sauce.

Oedo Best Ramen

Photo Credit: Oedo FB Page

Chasyu Ramen – Of course, every Japanese restaurant serves ramen and Oedo has this simple but satisfying ramen with braised pork belly. A warm bowl of hearty warm noodles cooked in a Japanese way. However, if your looking for more authentic ramen this is not what you’re looking for as I noticed that this ramen has some Chinese influence but is just minimal but overall it is really delicious.

Oedo Best Tempura

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Ebi Tempura – This Oedo’s version of tempura is not your typical tempura. Tiger prawns which are pretty big ate the one that they use for this one. Dipped in tempura butter and deep fried until golden brown. I really enjoy this version of tempura with or without some sauce, really flavorful and satisfying with each bite.

Oedo Menu Delivery

If you’re craving some Japanese food but you can’t go outside Oedo got you. You can call their delivery number at 02-85180058 for your orders or if this is too complicated enough for you, you can just order thru third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods or any delivery services available in your area. Just take note that delivery service is not applicable nationwide as it depends upon your location.

Talk to Oedo Philippines Staff

If you need to talk with the team of Oedo Philippines, you can reach them by sending them a message on their Facebook, or Instagram, or by sending them an email. Below, you will find the pages and email that they use.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OedoJapaneseRestaurant/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oedojapaneserestaurant/

Email: [email protected]


Surprisingly the foods from the Oedo menu that we order are all good, some actually become my favorite and sure we are going back to this restaurant any time we could. The crews are amazing, they are all respectful and the ambiance of the restaurant is so Japanese you’ll think you’re really in japan upon entering their restaurant. Customer-friendly service, good ambiance and well-maintained place, the whole place are clean and comfortable and that’s a big plus for them, right? Good experience good food everything is delicious, the crews are all nice and approachable and the price is so affordable. Highly recommended Japanese restaurant. Thumbs up.

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