Sambo Kojin Menu Prices

Sambo Kojin menu modernizes the restaurant business while incorporating the genuine elements of Japanese yakiniku houses to offer comfort, effectiveness, and enjoyable dining. The exhaust system was created to reduce odor and remove smoke when grilling so that visitors could completely enjoy the process. The abundance of delectable over 50 Sushi Bar favorites is unmatched by any other. In this article, we discover the roots of this delicious restaurant, know its best sellers, answer questions, and who knows you might eat here after reading this article.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of the Sambo Kojin menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Japanese Specialties

Sukiyaki Single300
Sukiyaki Group1400
Udon Suki Single250
Udon Suki Group1150
Original Ramen Single175
Original Ramen Group950
Spicy Ramen Single175
Spicy Ramen Group950
Nagisa Single300
Nagisa Group1850
Teba Chili Single3750
Teba Chili Group1000
Tori Kuwayaki Single190
Tori Kuwayaki Group1050
Yasal Itame Single130
Yasal Itame Group800
Tofu Suteki Single190
Tofu Suteki Group950
Kaisen Udon Single280
Kaisen Udon Group1550
Sanshoku Maki Single230
Sanshoku Maki Group1250
Beef Roll Single180
Beef Roll Group970
Tori Chisu Maki Single170
Tori Chisu Maki Single1000
Ebi Tempura Single240
Ebi Tempura Group1050
Ika Tempura Single175
Ika Tempura Group875
Kisu Tempura Single160
Kisu Tempura Group820
Shishito Tempura Single100
Mixed Tempura Single205
Mixed Tempura Group1000
Rosu Katsu Single300
Rosu Katsu Group1300
Tori Katsu Single290
Tori Katsu Group1250
Menchi Katsu Single295
Menchi Katsu Group1250
Ebi Katsu Single325
Ebi Katsu Group1350
Sakana Katsu Single25
Sakana Katsu Group1225
Tuna Karaage Single220
Tuna Karaage Group1075
Corn and Oyster Karaage Single235
Corn and Oyster Karaage Group1100
Mabo Tofu Single205
Mabo Tofu Group1150
Gyoza Single120
Gyoza Group1020
Ebi Gyoza Single155
Ebi Gyoza Group1280
Cheese Gyoza Single255
Cheese Gyoza Group1500
Amai Takoyaki Single125
Amai Takoyaki Group750
Kari Takoyaki Single135
Kari Takoyaki Group800
Yakitori Single185
Yakitori Group1500
Teba Kushi Yaki Single225
Teba Kushi Yaki Group2200
Torimotsu Single210
Torimotsu Group1700
Uzura Single150
Uzura Group1075
Niku Single235
Niku Group2300
Kani Bacon Single210
Kani Bacon Group2100
Buta Kushi Single160
Buta Kushi Group1350
Sambo Kojin Kamameshi Group750
Tori Kamamashi Single160
Tori Kamamashi Group2250
Salmon Ebiko Single380
Salmon Ebiko Group5600
House Chaihan Single150
House Chaihan Group950
Gohan Single65
Gohan Group520

Sushi Singles

Spicy Salmon350
Spicy Tuna280
Sahshimi Moriawase380
Salmon Sushi230
Tuna Sushi200
Sushi Moriawase335
California Maki140
Salmon Maki210
Tekka Maki175
Futo Maki215
Thunder Roll305
Tropical Roll300
Alaska Beauty Roll305
Alligator Roll195
Deep Sea Roll205
Golden Roll290
Nagoya Roll200
Makimorio Moriawase320
Salmon Aburi Sushi330
Tuna Aburi Sushi210
Ebi Aburi Sushi450
Aji Aburi Sushi190
Ika Aburi Sushi180
Saba Aburi Sushi230
Aburi Moriawase370
Salmon Ebi Aburi Roll360
Ebi and Kani Aburi Roll285
Salmon Tartare Aburi Maki260
Oyster Aburi Maki315
Salmon Skin Roll300
Tuna Tartare205
Kani Avocado270
Ebi Mozzaralla290
Aburi Makimono300
California Temaki130
Ebi Sarada Temaki185
Kani Sarada Temaki135
Salmon Temaki240
Spicy Tuna Temaki225
Salmon Tataki340
Tuna Tataki280

Sushi Group

Spicy Salmon975
Spicy Tuna650
Sahshimi Moriawase2800
Salmon Sushi1750
Tuna Sushi1100
Sushi Moriawase2200
California Maki600
Salmon Maki900
Tekka Maki700
Futo Maki750
Thunder Roll950
Tropical Roll825
Alaska Beauty Roll1475
Alligator Roll875
Deep Sea Roll975
Golden Roll1300
Nagoya Roll
Makimorio Moriawase950
Salmon Aburi Sushi1900
Tuna Aburi Sushi1850
Ebi Aburi Sushi1185
Aji Aburi Sushi2625
Ika Aburi Sushi1050
Saba Aburi Sushi1000
Aburi Moriawase1375
Salmon Ebi Aburi Roll1550
Ebi and Kani Aburi Roll1550
Salmon Tartare Aburi Maki1250
Oyster Aburi Maki1125
Salmon Skin Roll1350
Tuna Tartare1300
Kani Avocado915
Ebi Mozzaralla1185
Aburi Makimono1275
California Temaki1250
Ebi Sarada Temaki775
Kani Sarada Temaki1000
Salmon Temaki800
Spicy Tuna Temaki1425
Salmon Tataki1325
Tuna Tataki1100

Korean Specialties Single

Beef Bulgogi450
Galbi Jim325
Dwaeji Bulgogi260
Ojingo Bokum300
Dubu Duru Chige160
Sandubu Cchige340
Kimchi Panjeon105
Original Yangnyom225
Sweet Yangnyom235
Spicy Yangnyom220
Godungun Jjim125
Bibim Naengmyeon170
Salad Kyuri130
Spicy Cucumber155

Korean Specialties Group

Beef Bulgogi2400
Galbi Jim1450
Dwaeji Bulgogi1450
Ojingo Bokum1650
Dubu Duru Chige700
Sandubu Cchige1275
Original Yangnyom1300
Sweet Yangnyom1350
Spicy Yangnyom1275
Salad Kyuri625
Spicy Cucumber700

International Roast

Gyuniku Rosuto 1/23100
Gyuniku Rosuto Whole5900
Hitsurugi Rosuto5500
Buta Hara Rosuto2250


Apple Tart650
Checkered Cake850
Green Tea Cake450
Green Tea Sansrival695
Mango Lime Cheesecake650
Triple Chocolate Mousse750
Ube Mousse450

Sambo Kojin Fully Vaxxed Promo

Monday to Thursday758
Friday to Sunday and Holidays858

Dads and Sambo Kojin Collab

Monday to Thursday888
Friday to Sunday and Holidays988

About Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin leads the way in pleasing Japanese and Korean grill diners not only with its high-grade US Beef and premium seafood primary features, outstanding grilling and food safety technology, and complete freshly prepared Japanese, and Korean culinary favorites but also by bringing in genuine features and origin of Japanese yakiniku establishments. Yakiniku. Since it is cooked over searing flames, the original Korean invention, known as hurumonyaki, the forerunner of the renowned bulgogi, dates to Korean immigrants in Japan’s Kansai area during World War II. Hurumonyaki literally means fire meat.

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In honor of Sambo Kojin, the Japanese kitchen god and fire carrier who presided over the home and hearth, the greatest grill all you can, eat all you can Yakiniku restaurant was given that name. It currently delivers the finest of Japanese BBQ and the charm of its Korean equivalent. The ritualistic delights of grilling and the thrill of communal dining on foods that showcase the skill of Japanese and Korean culinary traditions are enjoyed by diners. The menu offers a range of delectable, prepared dishes, a sizable sushi bar, and only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

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Best Sambo Kojin Menu Foods to Choose

Ramen – The taste is often salty and light since the broth is translucent, and the noodles are frequently thin curly noodles. Nowadays, the original Japanese and Chinese ramen have increasingly diverged. The soup contains the answer. Japanese ramen is popular among international tourists because of its soup. Simply described, ramen is a Japanese noodle soup made with a variety of noodles, a richly flavorful broth, and a choice of meats or vegetables, frequently topped with a cooked egg.

katsu sambo kojin menu Pin

Katsu – Despite having the name curry, this Sambo Kojin menu is very different from its Indian and Thai equivalents. A foundation of caramelized onion, garlic, and carrot gives it a richer, fruitier flavor. The dish is then sweetened with some sugar or honey and seasoned with a mild curry powder and soy sauce. Japanese panko breadcrumbs are used to make the crispy, fried cutlets of meat or seafood known as katsu. Katsu, which resembles a German schnitzel in shape, is one of several Western cuisines that have been assimilated into Japanese cuisine, customized to local preferences.

Gyoza – Gyoza, sometimes referred to as pot stickers, were first made in China under the name jiaozi but have since gained enormous popularity in Japan.

Pajeon – The seafood is really chewy, and it tastes and smells like fried green onions and toasted eggs. Everyone would enjoy this menu since you can taste the original ingredients used even if it isn’t as hot or garlicky as another Korean cuisine. Korean scallion pancakes are called pajeon. Its name is derived from the Korean terms pa, which means scallion, and jeon, which means battered or pan-fried dish. In addition to being a delicious snack, it also tastes great in lunchboxes in place of regular kimchi and works well as a side dish with rice.’

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Galbi Jim Sambo Kojin Menu Pin

Galbi Jim – It is unquestionably one of the foods to look forward to at this time. The flavorful short ribs are soft and somewhat sweet and savory, simmered with a variety of veggies, and served with steaming rice for a delicious full supper. Koreans refer to spicy pork as daeji galbi. Additionally, this marinade is the ideal complement to it. That’s because it’s suitable for preparing any type of pork grilled ribs in addition to being sweet and spicy.

Sambo Kojin Rates

Sambo Kojin offers different prices for its buffet menu. Here is a summary of it:

Sambo Kojin Fully Vaxxed Promo

  • Monday to Thursday: 758 pesos
  • Friday to Sunday and Holidays: 858 pesos

Its regular price is 958 pesos

Sambo Kojin Buffet Collab Promo

  • Monday to Thursday: 888 pesos
  • Friday to Sunday and Holidays: 988 pesos

Its regular price is 1,088 pesos.

Sambo Kojin Birthday Promo Menu

birthday promo sambo kojin Pin

If it is your birthday, then you are in luck for you can avail one free buffet if it is 7 days before or after your birthday. Provided, you should bring two companions who pay for the 958 pesos buffet meal.

Sambo Kojin Menu Delivery

Unlike most restaurants in the Philippines, Sambo Kojin is currently not available in GrabFood and the Foodpanda app. However, you can always by calling them at their hotline number. Also, please note that availability will depend on your location.

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Contact no.: 8696-1291, 0917-7056037 or 0998-9907890.

Talk to Sambo Kojin Philippines Staff

For more information about the Sambo Kojin menu, price, and promo, you can always talk to them by going on their social media pages, or contacting them via their website below:






How much is Sambo Kojin buffet per head?

The delicious and worth it Sambo Kojin starts at nine hundred and fifty-eight pesos. However, this is the regular price and is still subject to different discounts depending on your situation.

How do I make a reservation at Sambo Kojin?

If you have decided to eat at Sambo Kojin, you need to make a reservation. It is difficult and close to impossible to eat there without a reservation. To make a reservation all you need to do is contact them using the same number from the menu delivery.

Who owns Sambo Kojin?

It is owned by the Triple V Group. By incorporating the Filipino custom of eating with one’s hands into his Kamayan restaurant chain, VicVic Villavicencio revolutionized Filipino cuisine.     


One of the top restaurants in Metro Manila may be Sambo Kojin, which serves delectable limitless real Yakiniku and Korean BBQ. The eatery takes pride in its smokeless grills, which let customers enjoy the pleasure of cooking their preferred meats and veggies without the smoke that barbecue grills generally produce. Despite not being particularly exceptional, the dumplings were nevertheless entertaining to eat due to the crunch of the wrapper. Furthermore, the kimchi filling in the dumplings was abundant and tasty. It provides one of Metro Manila’s top buffet lunches. Celebrations are made significantly more joyous by Sambo Kojin’s endless food options. Sambo Kojin accepts credit cards and senior citizen discount cards. Reservations are necessary for dining.

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