Sugi Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices

Are you a foodie that loves to explore foods? Great news I Found an interesting place for you to try. Have you heard about Sugi Japanese Restaurant? I’m sure some of you already know about them since they are quite popular in the corporate world of Makati. Sugi Japanese Restaurant menu offers delicious food of the best quality and the great news is their food is not pricey, if you’re living in the metro, I highly recommend this shop for you to try but before that stay with me in this article because we are going to know them first and of course, the products and prices that they offer. I’m sure you’re already intrigued about them so let’s cut this long intro and let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sugi Japanese Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices

Salada (Salad)

Seafood salad400
Kaiso salad370
Kaiware salad190
Kaiware kani salad250
Yasai salad190
Yasai kani salad230
Kani mango salad280

Sunomono (Vinegared Dish)

Sunomono moriawase240
Kyuri sunomono200

Aemono (Food Mixed with Special Sauce)

Maguro nuta240
Ika nuta330
Okura goma ae150
Horenso goma ae150

Ippin ryori (A la Carte)

Mini agedashi200
Nasu abura itame180
Tori teba nanbanzuke280
Kari kari bone120
Goshuku nattou325
Maguro nattou250
Ika nattou250
Horenso ohitashi150
Okura ohitashi150
Tori kuwayaki460
Chawan mushi180

Sashimi Moriawase


Local Item

Kajiki toro400

Imported Item

Shime saba400
Kani stick225
Wagyu tataki1800
Tai usuzukuri340
Aji tataki250
Maguro tataki400
Creamy spicy tuna420

Vegetable (Cold Items)

Horenso goma ae150
Kaiso salad370
Kaiware salad190
Yasai salad190
Okura goma ae150

Vegetable (Hot Items)

Yasai tempura moriawase280
Kakiage tempura 380
Tofu steak special 350
Moyashi itame250
Yasai itame340
Enokidake itame400
Yasai udon or soba300
Shitake tepanyaki 250
Nasu abura itame180
Yaki nasu120
Mani agedashi200

Chef's Recommendation

Nama harumaki300
Salmon cheese maki380
Wafu steak520
Tofu gyuniku steak520
Seafood chili tepanyaki670
Sanshoku fish tepanyaki 700
Lapulapu potato hasamiyaki780
Haikara maki470
Tiger roll520
Spider roll620
Crazy roll320
Chicken amiyaki400

Menrui (Japanese Noodles)

Kitsune udon or soba300
Haikara udon or soba250
Kakiage udon or soba330
Curry udon or soba330
Niku udon or soba340
Sukiyaki udon or soba300
Yasai udon or soba420
Nabeyaki udon or soba250
Zaru udon or soba300
Cha soba280
Hiyashi somen350
Yaki udon or soba450


Nigiri moriawase matsu1400
Nigiri moriawase take900
Nigiri moriawase umi680
Osaka box sushi unagi550
Osaka box sushi saba340
Osaka box sushi tai340
Osaka box sushi ebi380
Sushi moriawase 650
Futo maki500
Sanshoku maki380
Nishiki maki650
California maki340
California maki special 420
Tekka maki440
Kyuri maki250
Nattou maki280
Inari sushi300
Unagi boh sushi600
Soft shell crab roll520
Dragon roll 420
Ebi tempura maki400

A la Carte Nigiri Sushi (Local Items)

Kajiki toro185

A la Carte Nigiri Sushi (Imported Items)

Shime saba220
Kani stick135
Chirashi sushi matsu 1300
Chirashi sushi take 900
Chirashi sushi uni donburi 600
Chirashi sushi tekka donburi 580
Chirashi sushi ikura donburi 1350

Tenpura and Fry

Eri tempura600
Tempura moriawase 460
Yasai tempura mor280
Koebi tempura500
Koebi karaage270
Ebi fry600
Tori no karaage 400
Gyoza moriawase 480

Yakimono (Robata Yaki)

Gindara teriyaki 1150
Unagi kabayaki850
Chicken teriyaki 440
Beef teriyaki 420
Hamachi kama teriyaki 600
Saba shioyaki 500
Sanma shioyaki280
Ika shioyaki 400
Shio sake580
Sake hasamiyaki480
Tai no shioyaki 550
Yakitori moriawase 320

Nimono (Cooked in Sweet Rice Wine and Soy Sauce)

Tai kabutoni400
Hamachi kabutoni600
Hamachi kama nitsuke600
Niku jaga320
Niku dofu260
Salmon head kabutoni500


Wagyu steak3500
Black angus rib eye2000
Tenderloin steak550
Samurai steak550
Kaki gyuniku steak700
Chicken 380
Kuruma ebi500
Ika 450
Kaki kari kari yaki460
Tofu steak special 350
Okonomiyaki 420
Asparagus beef maki470
Asparagus bacon maki560
Seafood tepanyaki 660
Enokidake itame400
Yasai itame340
Moyashi itame250
Shitake 250
Yaki udon or soba350
Nasu tofu soboroan340


Sukiyaki 1600
Beef shabu shabu1700
Seafood shabu shabu2200
Mixed shabu shabu2500
Udon suki2200

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu sukiyaki 4700
Wagyu shabu shabu4500

Tempura Donburi

Sukiyaki donburi 460
Beef teriyaki donburi 450
Oyako donburi440
Katsu donburi460
Sake donburi 670
Curry rice400

Kaiseki, Bento, Teishoku

Jo kaiseki2200
Sushi kaiseki1200
Fukisoye bento1400
Makunochi bento1000
Tempura teishoku640
Ebi tempura teishoku 780
Yakisakana teishoku 380
Tonkatsu teishoku580
Sashimi teishoku 650
Curry rice teishoku 550
Katsu curry rice teishoku 650
Beef teriyaki teishoku 500

About Sugi

Sugi has been known in the corporate world of Makati for 39 years, they are also popular among big family gatherings or get together and even friends meet ups and catch up. This restaurant already proves their excellence when it comes to Japanese food. Sugi Japanese Restaurant was founded in 1983 by business partners and at the same time friends Jesus Cabarrus Jr., Eduardo Lim, Toshi Yoshida and Chito Madrigal. They first opened their restaurant at Makati along Greenbelt, it became successful then they tried to expand and opened a second branch in Greenhills but sadly it closed down after 20 years of serving Japanese cuisine.

Photo Credit:

Year 2002 when they change their location to their current location right now. As of today, Sugi is still managed by family of the founders like Charrie Lim which is Eddie’s sister and Ines Cabarrus Habayed Jesus Cabarrus’s daughter. They are the ones that handle day to day operations, social media and other promotions. Their menu specialized with traditional Japanese cuisine though their food changes a bit but still you can still find Classic Japanese foods like tepanyaki, sukiyaki and tempura. 

Sugi Japanese Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Sugi Japanese restaurant best sellers that you should consider trying if ever you’re planning on visiting their location. 

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Chicken Amiyaki – This one taste really good. Amiyaki literally means net grilling so I’m sure everyone will like their chicken amiyaki. It is savory and has a combination of sweet and salty if we’re talking about the taste. Meat is tender and cooked well. The flavors and aroma coming from net cooking give this dish an extra flavor. 

Wafu Steak – One word that best describes their wafu steak is awesome. The steak is seasoned with pepper and salt and other spices and cooked according to their customers’ liking. Wafu means beef steak and in this dish, you can expect tender and well-seasoned beef. A must try on their menu. 

Nama Harumaki – This one is Japanese rice paper rolls. This one is recommended and already quite popular, especially if you are looking for a lighter alternative or as an appetizer. It also comes with a dipping sauce made with combinations of Japanese mustard, rice vinegar and soy sauce. 

Nama Harumaki Pin
Photo Credit: Sugi Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Tofu Gyuniku Steak – This Sugi Japanese Restaurant menu is made with roasted tofu in a frying pan with mixture of spices and other ingredients like herbs, mirin and sake. This is also a healthier alternative to meat if you are trying to lose some fat. The taste is also good as well. Their tofu gyuniku steak is also one of the most ordered items on their menu. 

Tofu Gyuniku Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Sugi Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Seafood Chili Teppanyaki – This dish is made with seafoods like for example squid, scallops, mussels and clams. This one is seasoned really well then pan fried until cooked perfectly. This one is highly recommended for those of you who loves seafoods and when it comes to the taste it is definitely worth the price because it’s delicious. 

Sugi Japanese Restaurant Sushi Menu

Sugi Japanese Restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi’s. They have options for Nigiri moriawase which are matsu, take and umi. They also have osaka box sushi with options unagi, saba, tai and ebi. Aside from those they also have variety of local sushi like maguro, tai, shimaaji, tako, uni and many more, on their imported items they have hamachi, amaebi, sake, ikura, unagi and a lot more. Chirashi sushi is also available on their menu with options of matsu, take, uni donburi, tekka donburi and ikura donburi. 

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Vegetarian Menu

Sugi also offers vegetarian dishes that you will surely love and enjoy. So, if you’re a vegetarian, no need to worry, they have what you need on their menu list. On their vegetarian menu they have cold items. The choices on their cold items’ menu are Horenso Goma, Hiyayako, Kaiso Salad, Kaiware Salad, Yasai Salad, Morokyu and Okura Goma.

Ika Ring Salad Pin
Photo Credit: Sugi Japanese Restaurant FB Page

They also have hot items, choices are Edamame, Yasai Tenpura, Moriawase, Kakiage Tenpura, Tofu Steak Special, Moyashi Itame, Yasai Itame, Enokidake Itame, Yasai Udon or could be Soba, Yudofu, Shiitake Teppanyaki, Nasu Abura Itame, Yaki Nasu and lastly their Mini Agedashi. 


If you love meat, you’ll definitely love what’s on the Sugi Japanese Restaurant Misono or tepanyaki menu. Kobe beef steak is the first item on this menu, next is black angus ribeye, other than that they also have their version of tenderloin steak, if you want to taste different why not try their samurai steak. Kaki gyuniku steak and chicken are also great options if you don’t have any idea about the food that they offer.

Kuruma ebi is also included on their list of tepanyaki, kaki which is the most affordable they also have ika. Kaki kari kari yaki is also a great choice if you’re considering price together with tofu steak special and okonomiyaki. They also have asparagus beef maki and asparagus bacon maki. If you’re looking for seafoods they also have seafood tepanyaki, moyashi itame and shiitake. Last but definitely not the least is their nasu tofu soboroan. 


They have a lot of delicious foods to offer on their yakimono menu. They have four kinds of teriyaki which are gindara, chicken, beef and hamachi. They also have unagi kabayaki. They also have four kinds of shioyaki which are saba, sanma, ika and tai no. Shio sake is also included on their menu, shishamo and yakitori moriawase. 

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Gindara Teriyaki Pin
Photo Credit: Sugi Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Ippin Ryori

Ippin ryori is basically a la carte menu of Sugi Japanese Restaurant. On their ippin ryori menu they have a lot of options to choose From. Most of the food items on their ippin ryori menu are affordable and delicious. I will start with the cheapest on the list which is kari kari bone, edamame is also cheap. Next is their morokyu, nasu ibura itame, horenso ohitashi and okura ohitash have the same price.  Chawan mushi is one to consider good and delicious at the same time. They also have different kinds of nattou like plain nattou, goshoku, maguro and ika. Tori kuwayaki is the most expensive on the list but worth the price. 

Wagyu Beef

Sugi also offers the famous wagyu beef, they have 4 choices on their wagyu menu. First is their wagyu sukiyaki, next is wagyu shabu shabu then wagyu ishiyaki steak and lastly their wagyu yakiniku steak their wagyu beef menu is also good for sharing. 

wagyu yakiniku Pin
Photo Credit: Sugi Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Sugi Japanese Restaurant Menu Delivery

Sugi Japanese Restaurant is offering delivery orders all you have to do is to call them at (02) 77573678. You can also use other delivery services like Toktok, Food Panda, and Grab. 

Social Media Pages

Stay up-to-date on the latest menu offerings, promotions, and events at Sugi Japanese Restaurant by following their social media pages. As a follower, you’ll receive exclusive access to special deals and offers while connecting with other Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. Sugi Japanese Restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and authentic cooking techniques ensures a delicious and authentic dining experience. Don’t miss out on the flavors of Japan – follow their social media pages today and discover the taste of Japan!





A great place to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Sugi Japanese Restaurant menu has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese foods. Their place is clean and well maintained to be quite fair, also their service crews and staff are customer friendly. The ambience of their restaurant is cozy. I want to mention how fast they serve our food every time we visit their restaurant. Nice place and highly recommended. 

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