Oz Bar Menu Prices

Are you looking for an elegant and classy place around the metro where you and you’re friends can chill and relax while drinking your favorite beverages? The great news is I found the perfect location for you, so you don’t have to look any further. Oz Bar is a rooftop bar located on the rooftop of a hotel that offers a great and fantastic view of the city. This type of bar is the best since it offers privacy and exclusivity for its customers. Oz Bar’s menu has a lot to offer especially with delicious dishes and alcoholic beverages. This place is just around the most popular mall in Makati that’s why it is easy to locate this place. In this article we are going to get to know Oz Bar more, their menu, prices, and of course their best-selling products. Interested in this topic if yes then without further ado let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Oz Bar menu prices.

MenuPrice (PHP)


Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla535
Chicken Fingers and Chipotle Sauce510
Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Thai Spicy Sauce510
Smoked Salmon Vietnamese Spring Rolls695
Beef Salpicao with Mushrooms and Shallots535
Oz Fish and Chips375
Vegetable Samosa375
Spicy Thai Pork Meatballs375
French Fries250
Mexican Nachos375
Pork Rillettes375
Salmon Rillettes695


New York Pizza620
Hawaiian Pizza510

Aperitif (shot/bottle)

Martini Bianco250/2725
Martini Dry250/2725
Martini Rosso250/2725

Port (shot/bottle)

Harvey Bristol Cream290/3925

Gin (shot/bottle)

Bombay Saphire315/3925
Tanqueray London Dry330/5340

Rum (shot/bottle)

Bacardi 151330/3595
Bacardi Gold250/1745
Bacardi White290/1965
Havana Club 3yrs355/4250
Havana Club 7yrs465/5560
Captain Morgan Spice300/2180
Don Papa465/6100
Pyrat XO Reserve575/9370

Liqueur (shot/bottle)

Disaronno Amaretto355/4470
Grand Manier355/5560
Tia Maria290/4250
Dom Benedictine290/5560

Tequilla (shot/bottle)

Jose Cuervo Platino465/8825
Jose Cuervo Silver330/3380
Jose Cuervo Gold250/3925
Patron Anejo685/11550
Patron Silver575/9915
Patron XO465/6100
Casa Noble Anejo900/1560
Casa Noble Crystal685/13185
Casa Noble Reposado790/14270
1800 Aneio465/6250
1800 Reposado355/4470
1800 Silver355/4685
Sauza Gold250/2510
Tequila Rose290/3380
Olmeca Anejo355/5015

Brandy (shot/bottle)

Carlos 1470/5560

Cognac (shot/bottle)

Hennessy VS465/7735
Hennessy XO2290/46295
Hennessy VSOP1965/33225
Martell Cordon Bleu570/9480
Martell VSOP570/9480
Remy Martin VSOP680/13185

Vodka (shot/bottle)

Absolut Blue300/3200
Absolut Peppar350/6800
Absolut Kurant350/3800
Absolut Ruby Red350/3800
Absolut Vanilla350/4000
Belvedere Blue450/8050
Greygoose Blue450/6900
Greygoose Orange500/9100
Ketel One400/5600
Smirnoff Red300/2400
Skyy Blue350/3600
Russian Standard Premium450/4900
Russian Standard300/2600
42 Below300/3600
Stolichnaya Red250/2900
Stolichnaya Elite550/10000
Stolichnaya Wild Cherry350/3100
Stolichnaya Vanilla350/2600
Stolichnaya Citros350/3100

Scotch wiskey (shot/bottle)

Chivas Regal 12yrs400/6100
Chivas Regal 18yrs700/14000
Glenlivet 12yrs750/9100
Glenlivet 15yrs850/12100
J&B Rare300/3100
Johnnie Walker Black400/5100
Johnnie Walker Blue750/9100
Johnnie Walker Double Black550/9600
Johnnie Walker Gold470/7600
Johnnie Walker Green650/10600
Johnnie Walker Red250/3100
Johnnie Walker Swing850/10100
Ballantines 12yrs400/5200
Old Parr500/8600
Royal Salute1700/35000

Burbon wiskey (shot/bottle)

Jack Daniels450/5600
Jim Beam White300/2400
Makers Mark350/4500
Wild Turkey350/6100
Evan Williams300/3100

Irish wiskey (shot/bottle)

John Jameson350/7600

Canadian wiskey (shot/bottle)

Canadian Club300/3100
Crown Royal300/5100
Black Velvet550/10600


Cuba Libre350
Tequila Sunrise350
Whisky Soda350
Screw Driver465

The unforgettables

Dry Martini510
Black Russian400
Perfect Manhattan400
Long Island Iced Tea510
Mai Tai400
Mojito 510
Margarita 465
Bloody Mary420
Whiskey Sour400
Singapore Sling695


Coke 135
Coke light 135
Coke Zero 135
Sprite 135
Sprite zero135
Schweppes Ginger Ale215
Schweppes Tonic165
Schweppes Soda Water165

Bottled water

Hope in a Bottle100
Viva Mineral Water135
San Pellegrino220

Fresh fruit juices

Mango 220
Watermelon 220
Orange 220

About Oz Bar

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati has a trendy roof deck bar and that’s Oz Bar. This is a great place where you can enjoy your favorite beverages or choose from their specialty cocktail options. These drinks are perfectly paired with their bar snacks. You can also enjoy your drinks while listening to the bar’s music from their DJs and guest bands on their bar. You can find them at Glorietta 1 Makati and the great news is you don’t have to stay in their hotel to enjoy their bar and its great site. They are open from 11:00 in the morning until 12:00 midnight but they extend until 1:00 AM from Thursday until Sunday. This bar is also beside the swimming pool of the hotel where guests can also enjoy the pool while enjoying their snacks and beverages. 

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The al fresco area feels casual and relaxing while the indoor area has a more elegant atmosphere. This place has so many drinks to choose from including craft cocktails, white and red wines, imported and local beers, sodas, juices, and of course their non-alcoholic mocktails. They also have happy hour every 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM where their guests can have appetizers, one cocktail or local beer, and a glass of wine for only 1000php. 

Happy hour featuring crafted cocktails Pin
Photo Credits: Holiday Inn & Suites Makati (Glorietta Mall, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines) FB Page

Oz Bar Menu That You Should Try

Banana Smoothie – Oz Bar banana smoothie is the one that you should order if you love luscious and creamy fruit shakes. It is also topped with generous amounts of whipped cream and some slices of banana. Oz Bar also offers a chocolate smoothie or Mango Smoothie. This item is really good and quite affordable as well. If you’re on a diet this is not the most recommended drink for you but if you’re into smoothies this could be your new favorite. This is also a must-try. 

Gancia Pinot di Pinot Brut – This one is a sparkling wine. Made with Pinot grapes to make this floral-scented and fresh sparkling white wine. This one also tastes really good and at the same time chill. Perfect for ladies and even men. Their Gancia Pinot di Pinot Brut is something that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Photo Credits: Holiday Inn & Suites Makati (Glorietta Mall, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines) FB Page

Singapore Sling – This amazing drink menu from the Oz Bar is made with cherry liqueur, gin, D.O.M. Benedictine, pineapple juice, triple sec, grenadine, and bitters. This one is one strong mix because of the gin but highly tol

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Mojito Mojito is something that you should order if you want a refreshing drink. Their mojito is made with lime juice, white rum, soda water, and sugar syrup combined together. Their mojito is easy to enjoy and has a great taste. If you’re looking for a great drink mojito is one of the best ones. 

Mojito Pin

Salmon Rillettes – Their salmon rillettes are a great appetizer This one is made with toasted bread and smoked salmon spread which is a classic French spread. This is enjoyed by Scooping some of the salmon paté spreading on your bread and just enjoy. 

Calamares – This one is one of the most popular, made with deep breaded fried squid wrapped around crunchy and golden in color outer part. The calamares menu of the Oz Bar is really delicious and is quite popular on their menu. The squid is not rubbery in texture and is really tender. 

Calamares Pin

Fish and Chips – The fish and chips combo is also one of the best choices to get especially if you’re looking for a delicious snack. this kind of appetizer is just what you need to keep you busy and going all night since this one is really good. 

Oz Bar Social Media Pages

Eager to join the ongoing celebration? Simply tap the ‘Follow’ button on their social media pages and immerse yourself in a virtual nightlife that knows no bounds. Let their vibrant imagery whisk you away to their lively ambiance, signature concoctions, and live performances that set the stage ablaze.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolidayInnMakati

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holidayinn

Website: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/dining

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Does Oz Bar offer menu delivery?

No, according to our research Oz Bar doesn’t offer delivery services as of the moment.

Where can we find Oz Bar?

Oz Bar can be found in Makati city at Glorietta 1. 

Are they halal-certified?

No, Oz Bar is not halal certified because they are serving liquor and other dishes using pork ingredients. 

Are minors allowed to enter Oz Bar?

No. this bar only allowed guests who are 18 years and above. Only customers 18 years old and above are also eligible for discounts on their happy hours. 

Do we need to check in at Holiday Inn to be able to go to Oz Bar?

No, actually even if you’re not a holiday inn guest you can still enjoy Oz Bar. 


If you’re looking for a great place to go and hang out with your friends while enjoying some appetizers and delicious drinks, Oz Bar of Holiday Inn and Suites Makati is definitely worth visiting. The staff are really welcoming and friendly making guests feel right at home. The Oz Bar menu has a lot to offer especially drinks liquor and appetizers. The appetizers in Oz Bar are definitely the highlight, with a wide range of choices that are both satisfying and really tasty. But the real star of the show at Oz Bar is their cocktails! Their mojos and mojitos are also must-try items on their menu and will surely leave you satisfied. The place is also clean and perfectly maintained the bar is spacious as well and very comfortable. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and great ambiance, Oz Bar is what I can highly recommend.

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