Sushi Ninja Menu Prices

The Sushi Ninja menu consists of various Japanese cuisines. It offers Zensai (appetizers), Poke, Tacos, Sashimi & Naagiri, Special Platters, Modern Sushi, Traditional Sushi, Tushi Sushi, Yakitori, Donburi, Specials, and Beverages. The cuisines of this restaurant are innovative while keeping its authentic flavors. Chef Matthew Floro Tanjuakio applied the knowledge and skills that he gained in studying sushi dishes at Tokyo Sushi Academy and California Sushi Academy to create these innovative and delightful dishes.  

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sushi Ninja menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Zensai (Appetizer)

Wakame Salad 235
Kani Salad 285
Sunomono 215
Spicy Tuna Salad 410
Spicy Salmon Salad 395
Stuffed Shitake 365
Agedashi Tofu 220
Yasal Itame 210
Miso Soup 90


Maguro Poke 400
Sake Poke 385
Mixed Poke 395
Maguro Miso Poke 450
Maguro Roasted Garlic Poke 435

Additional Poke Toppings

Benishoga 30
Chuka Wakame 40
Japanese Mayo 20
Furikake 20
Gari 30
Hoisin 20
Ebiko 20
Kani Salad 30
Mango 20
Nori 10
Pickled kyuri 20
Red Cabbage 30
Red Onion 20
Spicy Mayo 20
Tako 35
Tempura Flakes 20
Togarashi 25
Wakame 20
Yuzu 50
Bonito Flakes 10


Ishikawa 310
Hattori 300
Momochi 280
Mochizuki 270
Jinichi 300
Hikaru 350
Oyaki 280
Miho 280


Maguro (Tuna)395
Sake (Salmon) 385
Uni (Sea Urchin) 330
Saba (Mackarel)460
Kani (Crab) 260
Tamago (Japanese Omelet) 240
Ebi (Prawn) 385
Tako (Octopus) 320
Japanese Ikura (Roe) 620
Hamachi (Yellow Tail) 800


Maguro (Tuna)290
Sake (Salmon) 255
Uni (Sea Urchin) 230
Saba (Mackarel)260
Kani (Crab) 200
Tamago (Japanese Omelet) 185
Ebi (Prawn) 265
Tako (Octopus) 220
Wagyu (Beef)350
Unagi (Roe) 380
Japanese Ikura (Roe) 360
Hamachi (Yellow Tail) 310

Special Platters

Nigiri Platter Special 1200
Sashimi Platter Special 1350

Kindaiteki Sushi (Modern Sushi)

California Maki (Good for Sharing) 340
Tsukiji Maki (Good for Sharing) 400
Ikebukuro Maki (Good for Sharing) 500
Nagasaki Maki (Good for Sharing)590
Harajuku Maki (Good for Sharing) 580
Koenji Maki (Good for Sharing) 450
Hiroshima Maki (Good for Sharing) 540
Sakura Maki (Good for Sharing) 480
Osaka Maki (Good for Sharing) 510
Shibuya Maki (Good for Sharing)510
Fuji Maki (Good for Sharing) 510
Shinjuku Maki (Good for Sharing) 600
Covarrubias Maki 470
Otaru Maki (Good for Sharing) 630
Mulanay Maki (Good for Sharing) 660
Pucela Maki 520
Arashiyama Maki (Good for Sharing) 585


Teka Maki (Tuna) 310
Sake Maki (Salmon) 305
Kappa Maki (Cucumber) 250
Futo Maki (Mixed Vegetables, Tamago, Kani & Oboro)510
Hamanegi (Hamachi and Negi)350


Spicy Tuna Temaki 220
Spicy Salmon Temaki 290
California Temaki 230
Ebiko Temaki 230
Unagi Temaki 330
Jap. Ikura Temaki 370
Kani Temaki 210
Sake Temaki 280
Tuna Temaki 310

Toshi Sushi (Good for Sharing)

Keiyo Toshi 470
Ginza Toshi 445
Asakusa Toshi 650
Marunochi Toshi 420
Oedo Toshi 660
Kyoto Toshi 420
Odakyu Toshi 455
Ebisu Toshi 460
Hibiya Toshi 430
Okinawa Toshi 455


Butanika (Pork) 220
Gyuniku (Beef) 350
Tebasaki (Chicken Wings) 210
Negima (Chicken Meat & Leeks)230
Bonjiri (Chicken Tails) 215
Kawa (Chicken Skin) 210
Leba (Chicken Liver) 200
Salmon Belly 230

Ebi Tempura

Ebi Tempura (3 pcs.)380
Ebi Tempura (5 pcs.)600
Ebi Tempura (5 pcs.)940


Oyakodon (Chicken) 380
Gyuniku Sute-ki don (Steak)480
Karai Maguro don (Spicy Tuna) 560
Karai Sake don (Spicy Salmon) 540
Tendon (Ebi Tempura) 540
Tori Teriyaki don (Chicken Wings) 440
Beef Gyudon 440
Unagidon 730
Maguro Pokedon (Hawaiian tuna salad) 530
Sake Pokedon (Hawaiian salmon salad) 525
Mixed Pokedon 550
Gohan (Japanese plain rice) 115
Sushi Rice 125


Salmon Shioyaki 380
Salmon Teriyaki 430
Tuna Teriyaki 485
Fried Chicken Curry & Rice 450
Beef Curry Rice 750
Grilled Miso Salmon 440
Japanese Ginadara Teriyaki 990
Grilled Miso Japanese Gindara 1165
Grilled Hamachi Head 620
Salkoro Steak & Rice 880
Wagyu Ribeye Teriyaki (Good for Sharing)1270
Mentalico Udon 590
Sukiyaki (Good for Sharing)700
Chahan 220
Wagyu Chahan 230
Leon's Sushi Burger (Good for Sharing)800


Green Tea Ice Cream 180
Vanilla Ice Cream 160
Strawberry Ice Cream 160
Chocolate Ice Cream 160
Fresh Ripe Mango 150


Bottomless Iced Tea 150
Iced Tea 110
Coca-Cola 90
Coca-Cola Zero 90
Coca-Cola Light 90
Sprite 90
Sprite Zero 90
Royal Tru-Orange 90
Bottled Water (purified)70
Wellness Purified Water 60
Calamansi Juice (hot or cold) 130
Iced Tea Shake 180
Ripe Mango Shake 170
Green Mango Shake 170
Grape Shake 170
Lemonade 95
Pink Lemonade 95


Ginjo Sake (300ml)600
Josen Sake (300ml) 600
Nigori Sake (300ml)600
Sparkling Sake (250ml)600
Kirei Peach (300 ml) 600
Hakkaisan Dai Ginjo 4650
Hakkaisan Ginjo 4400
Hakkaisan Honjozo 2075
Hakkaisan Sparkling 2325
Hakkaisan Tokubetsu 2000
Gekkeikan Traditional Sake (1.8L)2000

Local Beer

San Miguel Light 120
San Miguel Pale Pilsen 120
San Miguel Super Dry 150
San Miguel Premium 160

Imported Beer

Sapporo (330 ml) 190
Sapporo Draft 210
Kirin 190

About Sushi Ninja

Sushi Ninja initially operated as a stall in weekend markets like Soderno and Mercato. The concept of this restaurant is designed by Chef Matthew Floro Tanjuakio. It opens its doors in a catering business until it becomes a completely developed restaurant. Today, it has gained popularity for serving authentic and delectable Japanese food and beverage.

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Sushi Ninja Menu Best Seller

These are the delectable and remarkable dishes of Sushi Ninja that will satisfy your cravings. 

Ebi Tempura – It is the most popular and favorite dish of its customers. The flavorful tempura sauce and crunchy batter coated on succulent prawns make this dish a crowd-pleaser. 

Sushi Ninja's Ebi Tempura Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Spicy Tuna Salad – The spices of this spicy tuna salad dish complement well with the texture and flavor of tuna.  The perfect mixture of spiced tuna, shredded nori, ebiko, and special sauce makes this a best-selling dish. It is also good for sharing so you can enjoy this with your loved ones. 

Covarrubias Maki – This dish is inspired by Spanish cuisine. Chorizo is the main ingredient of this dish that is prepared with negi, tempura flakes, and tamago

Japanese sushi added with Spanish style presents Covarrubias Maki, best selling menu at Sushi Ninja Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Momochi Tacos – A delightful taco made up of savory salmon and a special blend of spices. Thinly sliced leeks are topped on this taco dish and stuffed in a crunchy fish skin taco. 

Shinjuku Maki – It is a flavorful modern sushi made with deep-fried tuna, unagi, tamago, and a special sauce topped with ebiko, kani, Japanese sauce, and sesame seeds. 


Zensai is a Japanese term for an appetizer. The appetizing menu that Sushi Ninja offers are salads, shitake, tofu, vegetable, and soup. 

Wakame Salad – On the Sushi Ninja menu, you’ll find a delicious salad comprising of seaweed, tender bits of tako, and a delectable topping of ebiko. This Japanese-inspired dish offers a delightful blend of textures and flavors that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

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Kani Salad – Savor the taste of summer with our exquisite Mango and Kani Cucumber salad, elevated with a generous topping of ebiko and shredded nori. The juicy sweetness of fresh mangoes and the refreshing crunch of cucumbers complement the succulent kani (crabstick) perfectly, creating a symphony of flavors in every bite. To top it off, the ebiko adds a delightful pop of color and texture, making this dish a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Spicy Salmon Salad – Chunks of succulent tuna are mixed with crispy tempura flakes, sprinkled with freshly shredded nori, and drizzled with spicy mayo for an explosive burst of flavors and textures.

Spicy Salmon Salad, an appetizer menu served in Sushi Ninja Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Stuffed Shitake – A delectable appetizer made up of shitake mushrooms stuffed with spicy tuna, battered lightly, deep-fried, and glazed in special sauce and roasted sesame seeds. 

Agedashi Tofu – Savor a mouth-watering blend of textures and flavors with this delicious menu. It features tofu that is lightly breaded and deep-fried to perfection, resulting in a crunchy exterior and a soft, silky interior. The tofu is served with a flavorful tempura sauce, which adds a rich umami taste that complements the delicate flavor of the tofu. To complete the dish, grated radish, and onion leeks are sprinkled on top, adding a refreshing and zesty note to the dish.


Poke is a Hawaiian dish inspired by Japanese cuisine. Sushi Ninja offers various seafood chunks that are served with special sauces and toppings. 

Maguro Poke – This exquisite dish features succulent chunks of fresh tuna bathed in a delectable poke sauce that perfectly complements its natural flavor. The tuna is then artfully adorned with vibrant colors and crunch of thinly sliced onion leeks and a sprinkle of fragrant sesame seeds.

Sake Poke – The salmon pieces are garnished with a delectable combination of onion leeks and sesame seeds, generously coated in the restaurant’s signature poke sauce.

Mixed Poke – This dish is a seafood lover’s dream, combining two of the ocean’s most flavorful fish – tuna and salmon – in one tantalizing dish. It is a mixed Maguro poke and Sake poke dish

Tuna and Salmon soked in vinegar is what you called Mixed Poke dish menu available in Sushi Ninja Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Maguro Miso Poke – This dish features chunky pieces of tuna coated in a unique miso glaze and generously garnished with shredded nori and white sesame seeds. The flavors and textures meld together to create a harmonious balance of savory and nutty, with a satisfying contrast between the soft tuna and the crispy toppings.

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Maguro Roasted Garlic Poke – This Sushi Ninja menu is a tantalizing blend of savory and fragrant flavors. Juicy chunks of tuna are bathed in a delectable garlic sauce, then finished off with a generous sprinkling of chopped negi and crunchy white sesame seeds.


Yakitori consists of flavorful dishes grilled to perfection. Grilled chicken parts are the most popular Yakitori dishes. Sushi Ninja adds pork, beef, and salmon yakitori dishes to serve their customers new and exciting dishes. 

Negima Yakitori Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

The chicken yakitori that it offers are Tebasaki (Chicken Wings), Negima (Chicken meat & Leeks), Bonjiri (Chicken Tails), Kawa (Chicken Skin), Leba (Chicken Liver), and Chicken Heart. It also offers Butaniku (Pork), Gyuniku (Beef), and Salmon Belly. 


Donburi is a Japanese rice bowl dish filled with toppings like meat, seafood, vegetables, and sauces. The donburi menu of Sushi Ninja will make your Japanese dining experience more satisfying and delightful. 

Oyakodon – It is a traditional Japanese comfort food where chicken and egg are simmered in soup and a special sauce blend of this restaurant. 

Beef Gyudon – A mouthwatering dish made up of marinated tender beef that is cooked to perfection with pickled vegetables. It is laid on a bed of guhon rice and topped with egg and sesame seeds. 

Karai Maguro Don – It is a rice bowl dish where rice is topped with spicy tuna. This is an ideal dish for those who want to spice up their meal with exciting flavors. 

Tendon – This is a rice bowl made of lightly breaded and deep-fried ebi tempura laid on a bed of rice. 

Level up your tempura cravings with these Tendon dish Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Tori Teriyaki Don – Slices of chicken are cooked with authentic Teriyaki sauce until it becomes tender and juicy. 


The tacos that Sushi Ninja offers are stuffed with seafood and various toppings. The tacos that include a rice option are Ishikawa, minced salmon belly with fried chorizo topped with capers and alfalfa sprouts; Hattori, a kani salad with fried chorizo topped with negi and garlic mayo; Jinichi, spicy tuna with arugula toppings; Mochizuki, minced tuna with poke sauce and white onion leeks toppings, and Momochi, spicy salmon topped with onion leeks. 

Ishikawa Tacos that you should not miss! Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

The other taco menu of Sushi Ninja that don’t have a rice option are Hikaru, made with ebiko, spicy tuna, kani, negi, and unagi; Oyaki, salmon with bonito flakes, alfalfa sprouts, and Japanese mayo; Tomoe, shredded tomago, unagi, and toasted sesame seeds; and Miho, tempura flakes, cream cheese, Japanese mayo, and onion leeks. These satisfying dishes are filled with fresh and delectable ingredients. It can also be eaten as a quick snack at any time of the day.  

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Another innovative taco dish is the Hikaru Tacos Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Sashimi and Nigiri 

Sashimi is raw seafood sliced thinly while Nigiri is sushi made with thin slices of seafood and contains rice molded by hand. 

The Sashimi and Nigiri that it offers are Maguro (Tuna), Uni (Sea Urchin), Kani (Crab), Ebi (Prawn), Tako (Octopus), Tamago (Japanese Omelet), Saba (Mackarel), Sake (Salmon), Japanese Ikura (Roe), and Hamachi (Yellow Tail). The other Nigiri cuisines that it provides and has limited supply are Wagyu (Beef), and Unagi (Eel). 

Classic Sake (Salmon) Sashimi Pin
Photo Credit: Sushi Ninja FB Page

Sushi Ninja Special Menu

Sushi Ninja offers special dishes that are expertly cooked. It consists of Salon Shioyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Tuna Teriyaki, Fried Chicken Curry & Rice, and Beef Curry Rice. 

The meals that it offers with limited supply are Grilled Salmon Head, Japanese Gindara Teriyaki, black cod with teriyaki sauce; Grilled Miso Japanese Gindara, black cod in marinated miso; and Saikoro Steak & Rice, made with grilled steak cubes, beansprout, pontu sauce and topped with negi, radish, and garlic chips. 

The good for sharing meals that it offers are Wagyu Ribeye Teriyaki, steak with mixed vegetables & two kinds of teriyaki sauce; Sukiyaki, a hot pot filled with ribeye meat, mixed vegetables, noodles, and tofu; and Leon’s Sushi Burger, a meal that consists of Kani salad, spicy tuna, jamon, chuka wakame, black ebiko, and garlic mayo. 

Sushi Ninja Menu Delivery 

Sushi Ninja only accepts takeout and dine-in orders. You can call their mobile number at 0917 837 8744 and their hotline number at 85567706 (using a landline), and 0285567706 (using mobile) for your orders. 

Social Media Pages

Craving for Japanese sushi? Sushi Ninja’s got you covered. Follow their social media pages to get notifications about the latest updates in their restaurant. You might get a chance to grab a discount or promos if you keep scrolling in their pages. The links of their pages are provided below, so click the links now and follow them to support them.




The wide range of Japanese cuisine on the Sushi Ninja menu makes it a perfect place for everyone who wants to try various authentic and innovative sushi dishes. It can alleviate your Japanese dining experience with food cooked to perfection. Aside from the delectable food and beverages, its relaxing ambiance and the amazing service of its staff will make you come back for more. 

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