The Lost Bread Menu Prices

The Lost Bread menu offers a variety of innovative and creative desserts and treats that were inspired by classic Filipino treats, childhood favorites, and other unique creations. In addition to their famous milk bread, they also serve a wide range of other desserts and beverages, such as milkshakes and a variety of creative ice cream flavors. Aside from the delicious flavors of their products, The Lost Bread grew in popularity as they also served them in the most creative and visually appealing way possible.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of The Lost Bread menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

The Lost Bread x Arce Dairy

HawHaw Ice Cream750
Blue Vanilla650

Signature Flavors

Milk and Cookies450
Mango Graham450
90s Kids Mix450
Brown Sugar Milk Tea450
Choco Banana Smoothie450
Campfire Smores450
Fun Air Popcorn450

Cold Brew Coffee

Original Cold Brew Coffee140
HawHaw Milk Latte160
Butter Ball Caramel Latte160
Chocnut Cold Brew Mocha160

Cold Brew Tea

Original Earl Grey140
Wild Strawberry160
Sweet Ginger160
Ripe Mango160

Comfort Food

Angus Beef Tapa500
Truffle Pork Sisig400
Angus Bitek Tagalog550
Sriracha Glazed Chicken450
Truffle Sisig Carbonara550
Spicy Bolognese450
Cilantro Rice300

Cafe Shakes

The Carnival120
Nut Interested Doughfee120

Spiked Milkshakes

Birthday Cake145
Spike Cookie145
Swiss Missed145
The Campfire145


Cookie Jar185
The Carousel185

Secret menu

Strawberry Tropical Crunch Chocolate Cookie Cone/Sub-zero Soft-serve cup95/165
Chocolate Breakfast Club Chocolate Cookie Cone/Sub-zero Soft-serve cup95/165
Summer Camp S'mores Chocolate Cookie Cone/Sub-zero Soft-serve cup95/165
Choco Caramel movie Snack Chocolate Cookie Cone/Sub-zero Soft-serve cup95/165


Bacon Sisig Truffle Carbonara220
Spicy Corned Beef Aglio Olio195


Teriyaki Fish180
Spicy Fried Chicken195

Rice Bowls

Sriracha Fried chicken270
Truffled Sisig2360
Sinigang Beef sukiyaki270
Angus Beef Tapa280

French Toast cubes

Sweet Cheese185
Matcha Envy185
Coffee Fix185
Hot Cocoa185
Double chocolate185
Classic Cinnamon185

About The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread Philippines is a popular dessert and beverage shop known for its innovative ice cream flavors and milkshakes. The Lost Bread uses premium ingredients and makes their ice cream from scratch, resulting in rich and creamy textures and flavors. The Lost Bread has several locations throughout the Philippines and also provides delivery services via their website and various food delivery platforms.

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The Lost Bread Menu Best Seller

The products that are part of this menu are those that are mostly ordered by visiting customers or from The Lost Bread’s delivery service.

90s Kids Mix – This flavor is a fun and nostalgic combination of various childhood treats. This ice cream is most popular among people in their late twenties and early thirties who want to travel back in time with the flavor that this ice cream brings.

The Lost Bread best seller is the 90's Kids Mix Pin
Photo Credit: The Lost Bread Official FB Page

Mango GrahamMango Graham flavor features a creamy mango ice cream with Graham cracker bits for added crunch that is well-known for its sweetness and delectable flavor.

Mango Graham Pin
Photo Credit: The Lost Bread Official FB Page

Choco Banana Smoothie – The Choco Banana Smoothie flavor is a rich and indulgent blend of chocolate and banana. This ice cream has the perfect combination of chocolate and banana flavor.

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Summer Camp S’mores – It is a decadent treat with a rich chocolate taste and crunchy cereal bits that will make your breakfast even better. Children love the additional gooey marshmallows and chunks of chocolate that are put on top of this ice cream.

The Lost Bread Menu Signature Flavors

As ice cream is the face of The Lost Bread, these following flavors would be considered their signature product.

Milk and Cookies – This ice cream flavor combines creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of chewy cookies, resulting in a nice blend of vanilla and chocolate tastes that will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!

Brown Sugar Milk TeaBrown Sugar Milk Tea is a deliciously unique twist on traditional milk tea. It makes milk tea fans wonder how their favorite drink would taste when combined with ice cream.

Photo Credit: The Lost Bread Official FB Page

Campfire Smores – Campfire Smores flavor is perfect for those who love the classic combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. This distinct flavor combination would suit those who are looking to try something new.

Fun Air Popcorn – The Fun Air Popcorn flavor incorporates popcorn into the ice cream, making it a fun and tasty treat. This ice cream flavor puts a new twist on your ice cream experience.

Cold Brew Coffee and Tea

This menu is made up of coffees and teas whose recipes were originally created by The Lost Bread’s founders.

Original Cold Brew Coffee – The Original Cold Brew Coffee is a classic choice for those who want to try and taste The Lost Bread’s depiction of coffee and tea.

HawHaw Milk Latte – The HawHaw Milk Latte menu of The Lost Bread adds a unique twist with its creamy, milky flavor to The Lost Bread’s originally brewed coffee and tea.

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The Coldbrew Hawhaw milk latte Pin
Photo Credit:

Butter Ball Caramel Latte – The Butter Ball Caramel Latte is a well-executed classic flavor with a good balance of butter ball and caramel flavors in your coffee that offer a smooth and buttery taste.

Chocnut Cold Brew Mocha – The Chocnut Cold Brew Mocha combines the nutty flavor of chocolate with a strong coffee flavor, making it an ideal drink for those who enjoy both chocolate and coffee.

The Lost Bread Secret Menu

This menu features The Lost Bread’s products that are only available at their location due to their uniqueness.

Strawberry Tropical Crunch – It has a delicious blend of tropical flavors and crunchy strawberry bits that would satisfy every customer’s sweet tooth.

Chocolate Breakfast Club – This ice cream has a delicious blend of tropical flavors and crunchy strawberry bits that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Choco Caramel Movie Snack – The Choco Caramel Movie Snack has a rich chocolate cookie base with caramel bits for added sweetness. It is best to munch on when watching a movie or spending time with friends or loved ones.

Comfort Food

The Lost Bread’s Comfort Food menu offers a variety of dishes with a unique twist. This menu offers entrees that are flavorful and tender, while others are tasty and indulgent and take on a Filipino classic. Not only that, they also serve a refreshing and flavorful side dish that complements the other entrees well. Overall, the Comfort Food menu is worth trying for its creative take on Filipino favorites.

Innovative Comfort Food Pin
Photo Credit: The Lost Bread Official FB Page

The Lost Bread x Arce Dairy

The Lost Bread x Arce Dairy menu offers a unique and nostalgic twist to their ice cream flavors. This menu’s products have a creamy and sweet taste that is reminiscent of childhood, and everything on it is visually appealing and has a pleasant sugary taste that will surely make people with a sweet tooth fall in love. The items that are part of this menu are all excellent choices for those seeking a fun and unique ice cream experience.

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The Lost Bread Menu Delivery

If you’re craving for Lost Bread’s delicious offerings but prefer the convenience of food delivery, you’re in luck! Ordering their delectable treats is easy as pie. Simply visit their website or download the Grab Food and Food Panda mobile apps, which are readily available on both the App Store and Google Play. Once you’re on the platform, browse through their menu and select the items you wish to order. Next, provide your delivery information, and pay online for a hassle-free transaction. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy Lost Bread’s sumptuous treats in the comfort of your own home.

Social Media Pages

Got a sweet tooth craving? The Lost Bread’s got you covered! Follow their social media pages for the latest updates on their soft-serve ice cream and French toast creations, as well as exciting deals and promos. Connect with their online community, share your love for their desserts, and join their sweet success story. Visit their stores and follow their social media pages for a truly satisfying dessert experience!






The Lost Bread is a highly recommended dessert place for their menu, which offers unique and innovative ice cream flavor combinations along with other tasty treats such as milkshakes, French toast, and coffee. A lot of locals love how creative they are with their products and how Instagram-worthy they are in the way that they are served. Overall, The Lost Bread has earned a good reputation not just among the locals but also among the tourists who have tasted their products. It is definitely worth a try for those with a sweet tooth.

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