Super Bowl of China Menu Prices

Nowadays, a lot of people are exploring different cuisines that are available in our market these days, I have tried a lot and I can tell that everything is delicious, some foods like Cantonese are a bit like our own cuisine or maybe because of the Chinese influence in our country is the reason why most are already familiar with us. Have you tried Cantonese cuisine? If not and you wanted to try it no worries because I found a nice place for you guys. The Super Bowl of China menu has a wide variety of dishes that is affordable and delicious. Let’s see if after this maybe you’ll crave and be curious enough to try their restaurant. Let’s get to know the Super Bowl of China more and let’s begin. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Super Bowl of China menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Minced beef west lake soup110
Sweet corn and chicken soup110
Hot and sour soup110

Fried rice

Yang chow fried rice250
Diced chicken with salted fish fried rice 250
Steamed jasmine rice 45


Dimsum combination platter 360
Vegetarian spring rolls 100
Chicken feet110
Pork siomai 130
Pork asado siopao 120
Deep fried wonton140
Steamed pork ribs with taosi130


Super bowl lemon chicken 290
Half fried crispy chicken 360
Three cup chicken 260
Honey glazed chicken 290


Sliced beef with broccoli 375
Beef with black pepper sauce 330
Braised beef with kailan380


Deep fried pork ribs with spicy sauce 365
Sweet and sour pork310
Lechon macau350
BBQ pork asado320


Szechuan fish fillet 265
Steamed fish fillet with garlic 290
Szechuan shrimp 350
Fish fillet with taosi 290
Sweet and sour fish fillet 290
Deep fried cuttlefish with spicy salt320
Hong Kong style spicy shrimp350


Braised tofu with mushroom 250
Eggplant with minced pork hot and spicy 240
Stir fried baguio beans with minced pork250
Sautéed broccoli with garlic 280
Sauteed kailan with garlic 240
Seafood chopsuey 280
Mapo tofu240


Crispy noodles with assorted seafoods 285
Super bowl birthday noodles350
Braised beef brisket noodle soup 295
Wonton and braised beef brisket noodle soup 270
Wonton noodle soup210

Super solo meal

Beef with broccoli 180
Braised beef brisket 185
Superbowl lemon chicken 150
Sweet and sour fish fillet 160
Sweet and sour pork180
Pork ribs with taosi180
Lechon macau170
BBQ pork asado170
Pork chop170
Braised beef brisket noodle soup 170
Wonton noodle soup150


Mango sago95
Deep fried sesame balls120
Black gulaman with lychee 95
Mango pudding 95


Bottomless soda, red iced tea, iced tea, lemonade 100
Single serve soda, red iced tea, iced tea, lemonade 70
Pepsi black in can80
Mineral water 50
Black gulaman100
Green mango shake120
Ripe mango shake120
Ginger apple shake120
Apple carrot shake120
Banana shake120
Cucumber lemonade 120
Mango juice85
San Miguel pale pilsen85
San Miguel light85

About Super Bowl of China

Super Bowl of China was built with a concept to serve Asian people, though everyone is welcome in this restaurant their main target customers are our race. The story behind this successful restaurant began years ago, they are serving Chinese foods which they highlighted Cantonese cuisine, and they are sticking with their commitment to giving value to their customers by serving delicious and quality food without compromising their quality.

YouTube video

When it comes to the look of their restaurant you can never tell that it is a Chinese restaurant because the interior of the place seems western design, Everything that I mentioned above plus great customer service made their customers at home in their restaurant and eventually became their regular customers. Their head office is in Bagumbayan Mandaluyong City and as of today they already have 4 branches all located in NCR. 

Super Bowl of China Menu Best Seller

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We want you to have an idea about the Super Bowl of China’s best sellers so we listed the top 5 best-selling items on their menu. The gathered information is based on our interviews with their crews. 

Dimsum Combination Platter – This is the best seller on their dim sum menu and I personally wanted to promote their Dimsum combination platter because it is really good. It has vegetarian spring rolls, pork siomai, deep-fried wonton, and BBQ pork Siopao. All the goodness is in one order. This is surprisingly affordable and great for sharing as well. By the way, Their vegetarian spring rolls are great with red vinegar. Their Dimsum combination platter is served with 4 sauces for each item. 

Dimsum Combination Platter, a best-seller dish menu at Super Bowl of China Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page

Seafood Beancurd – We have this as a starter before devouring all the yummy foods that we order, the tofu is really soft but not soggy it has a feel as it melts in your mouth. To be honest, the soup is really good and delicious they served it very hot and it has a mild taste that doesn’t overpower the flavors on it. Aside from the great taste of this Super Bowl of China menu, it is also affordable and also great for sharing like we Filipinos normally do when eating outside. 

Lechon Macau – One of their top best-selling item on their menu and our favorite is their version of Lechon Macau. Pork is easy to chew because of its tenderness and the skin is really crispy. They also serve it with a dipping sauce which is also really good though the lechon macau with or without the sauce is already a bomb. The serving size of their lechon macau is quite big and perfect for big appetites customers. 

Super Bowl of China's version of Lechon Macau is definitely a hit! Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page

Superbowl Lemon Chicken – This is the best-selling food on their chicken menu so we know that this is really good. The chicken was cooked well but tender and it was fried just right. The lemon sauce is okay as well it has a mild sweet taste that adds to the deliciousness of their Superbowl Lemon Chicken. It has a very unique flavor that I’m sure you’ll love once you try it. 

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Homemade specialty of Super Bowl of China is the Lemon Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page

Sliced Beef with Broccoli – The best seller on their beef menu is their sliced beef with broccoli. It has a lot of beef strips that are quite flavorful and delicious, the sauce is a bit thick but not too much. It has a combination of salty and sweet tastes in one. The broccoli is the neutralizer for this dish, it’s not overcooked as well and is tasty. 

Sliced Beef with Broccoli Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page

Solo Meals

Super Bowl of China offers a solo meal menu that is served with single-serve lemonade. They have a lot to choose from and the price is very affordable and not more than 180 PHP only. On their solo meals, they have beef with broccoli, Braised beef brisket, Superbowl lemon chicken, Sweet and sour fish fillet, Sweet and sour pork, Pork ribs with taosi, Lechon Macau, BBQ pork asado, Pork chop, Braised beef brisket noodle soup, and lastly their Wonton noodle soup. 

Super Solo Meals varieties that you can choose from in Super Bowl of China Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page


Three different kinds of soup are what you can choose from on the Super Bowl of China food menu. These soups will cost you just 110 PHP. They have their minced beef west lake soup, sweet corn, chicken soup, and lastly their hot and sour soup which is my favorite. I can recommend the hot and sour soup because it’s really good but if you’re not into exploring food then the two other soups are good enough. 

Warm your tummy with this Minced Beef West Lake Soup Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page


Super Bowl of China has 5 noodle dishes to choose from. They have crispy noodles with assorted seafood which will cost you 285 PHP. Their Superbowl birthday noodles are priced at just 350 PHP only. Braised beef brisket noodle soup that I highly recommend and this is just 295 PHP. Wonton and braised beef brisket noodle soup for only 270 PHP. Lastly, their wonton noodle soup for only 210 PHP only. 

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Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup Pin
Photo Credit: Super Bowl of China Official Facebook Page

Super Bowl of China Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite Super Bowl of China food items is made easy simply by calling 8556-0584 for the Mall of Asia branch and 8354-5945 for their malate branch. Their minimum delivery order is 300 PHP and is also subject to a 10% delivery charge. If you’re not near MOA or malate you can order thru Grab Foods and other food delivery services. 

Super Bowl of China Social Media Pages

Would you be interested in receiving the most recent news regarding Super Bowl of China’s menu items, pricing, and ongoing promotions? If so, we strongly suggest subscribing to their social media pages. Their website also offers delivery so make sure to check it out. The links are provided below.







A great place if you’re craving some Cantonese food, the Super Bowl of China menu has a lot to offer that is affordable and also delicious, they just prove to us that you don’t need to spend too much in getting foreign cuisine, you’ll just have to research when to get the best ones without breaking a bank. Their Service is also good and fast. The place is clean and well-maintained and paying is hassle-free, they accept  Credit cards. They also give senior citizen discount based on and mandated by the government. I can highly recommend this place for Chinese food lovers and food explorers out there, nice place. 

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