La Cabrera Menu Prices

Are you ready for another beefy adventure? brace yourselves because today we are about to head on to something different but a type of difference you will surely love! Introducing La Cabrera! A famous steakhouse that is known for its Argentinian steaks making it a must-visit destination for grilled to perfection steaks and other grilled meats. Come on and join me and let’s start with the La Cabrera menu collection.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Bruschetta De Jamon345
Parma Ham Bruschetta345
Mollejas Crocantes con Manteca, Vino Blanco y Verdeo650
Empanada de Carne "La Cabrera"250
Morcilla Criolla490
Chorizo Criollo de Rueda790
Camembert con Chutney de Manzana495
Provoleta con Panceta950
Provoleta con Jamon Crudo, Tomates Secos y Albahaca990
Mollejas Grilladas550


Sopa de Tomate250
Sopa de Calabaza250


Ensalada Mixta450
Ensalada de Rucula y Queso Parmesano450
Ensalada Caprese Tomate, Mozzarella, Albahaca - Half Order550
Ensalada Caprese Tomate, Mozzarella, Albahaca - To Share1050
Ensalada Caesar Lechuga, Croutons, Pollo, Panceta y Aderezo Caesar - Half Order375
Ensalada Caesar Lechuga, Croutons, Pollo, Panceta y Aderezo Caesar - To Share680
Jamon Crudo con Mozzarella, Albahaca, Tomates Secos y Rucula - Half Order500
Jamon Crudo con Mozzarella, Albahaca, Tomates Secos y Rucula - To Share950
Ensalada de Huevo Poche - Half Order400
Ensalada de Huevo Poche - To Share750
Ensalada de Chicharrones y Huevo A Baja Temperatura495
Ensalada de Palta, Tomates y Albahaca680


Linguini con Oliva, Tomate y Albahaca480
Chorizo Carbonara Linguini650

Argentinian Special Cuts

Asado del Centro - Servings (500g)2420
Entrana - Servings (500g)2870
15 Days Wet Aged Rib Eye - Servings (500g)3880
Cuadril - Servings (500g)3280

Imported From Argentina - Grass Fed

Ojo de Bife - Servings (500g)3995

Selected Prime Steaks

Ojo de Bife - Servings (500g)3480
Ojo de Bife - Servings (800g)4995

Bone-In Full Blood Wagyu

Chuleton Rib Eye Bone-In - Servings (1000g)5980


Costillas de Cerdo con Barbacoa1720
Milanesa de Carne Napolitana1880
Sea Bass Rosado con Tomates, Albahaca y Alcaparras2150
Pollito con Queso Ahumado y Tomates680


Brown Rice150
Steak Rice320

Side Orders

Papas Fritas250
Papas Fritas con Cebolla Confitada380
Papas Criollas con Huevos Revueltos380
Papas Fritas con Ajo280
Tortilla de Papas280
Aros de Cebolla250

Set Menu

Set 12,195.00+
Set 22,195.00+
Set 32,000.00+
Set 42,500.00+
Set 52,600.00+
Set 62,700.00+

Organic Iced Teas



Evian - Still Water140
Badoit - Sparkling Water140


Coke Regular, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite80


Le Mojita250
Orange Ginger Special250


Estrella Galicia220
Pilsner Urquell250

Draft Beer

Engkanto Lager320
Engkanto IPA320


La Cabrera Martini320
Reposado Margarita320
East Meets West350
The Gin Hop340
Sparkling Mt. Kanlaon390
Grand Cognac330
Rob Roy370
Malbec Sangria / Sangria Blanca370

Wines - House Wines (per glass)

Finca Delos Andes, Sauvignon Blanc250
Lagarde Malbec525
Finca Delos Andes, Malbec/Merlot250

Wines - Altas Cumbres (per bottle)

Cabernet Sauvignon1750

Wines - Lagarde

Blanc de Noir2595
Cabernet Sauvignon2595

Wines - Guarda

Malbec Doc2995
Cabernet Franc2995
Guarda Blend2995
Cabernet Sauvignon2995

Primeras Vinas

Cabernet Sauvignon 20123995
Malbec 20123995

Henry Gran Guarda No.1

Henry Gran Guarda No.15995

Sparkling Wine

Altas Cumbres Extra Brut2395
Lagarde Moscato Dolce - Sweet Sparkling2295

Dessert Wine

Henry Cosecha Tardia Late Harvest Moscato3450

Wines - Barone Ricasoli

Torricella Toscana IGT2575
Brolio - Bettino Chianti Classico DOCG2995
Casalferro 20th Anniversario Toscana IGT5295
Castello di Brolio Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG5495
Colledila Chanti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG5695

Scotch / Whisky

ohnnie Walker Blue700
Chivas Regal200
Johnnie Walker Gold250
Glenfiddich 12yr400
Glenfiddich 15yr520
Glenlivet 12yr400
Glenlivet 15yr550
Macallan 12yr480
Macallan 15yr750
Oban 14yr550
Glenmorangie 10yr350
Bushmills 16yr700
Singleton 12 yr350
Jameson Irish Whiskey200

Bourbon / Whiskey

Basil Hayden's410
Bulleit Bourbon300
Jack Daniels200


Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa230
Gran Centenario Reposado270
Cazadores Reposado290
Herradura Anejo420
Don Julio 1942 Anejo1500
Vida Mezcal450
Casa Noble Anejo450


Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa230
Gran Centenario Reposado270
Cazadores Reposado290
Herradura Anejo420
Don Julio 1942 Anejo1500
Vida Mezcal450
Casa Noble Anejo450


Pyrat XO Reserve280
Don Papa210


St. George Botanivore420
Tanqueray Dry180
Bombay Sapphire160
Iron Balls420


Tito's Handmade210
Beluga Noble Russian350
Seagrams Sweet Tea180
Ketel One230
Hangar One290

Cognac / Brandy

Brandy de Jerez Cardenal Mendoza690
Hennessy VS390
Pisco Porton400

Liqueurs / Aperitifs / Almaro

Fernet Branca275
St. Germain395

About La Cabrera

La Cabrera is a steakhouse that specializes in various steak selections showcasing the best flavors of Argentine steaks. La Cabrera offers a wide range selection of premium-quality Argentine steaks. Their unparalleled steak selection and perfectly grilled meats offer you mouthwatering and smoky flavors you won’t soon forget. Even though they specialize in various steak selections, they also offer other collections of pasta, Salads, and Soup along with their premium quality wines and other beverages.

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La Cabrera Menu Best Seller

I know you are also excited so I am now giving you this list of their top five best-selling dishes at La Cabrera to spike up that fiery and flaming adventure.

Ojo de Bife – Ojo de Bife, commonly known as ribeye steak, is a special cut of beef that comes from the beef cut that comes from the cow’s rib region. It’s famous for its marbling, tenderness, and flavor. In Argentina, the term “Ojo de Bife” is often used.

Ojo de bife Pin
Photo Credits: La Cabrera Manila Facebook Page

Cuadril (Culotte Picanha Steak) – Cuadril is a lean and flavorful cut of beef that is also known as Coulotte or Picanha. It originated from the top sirloin of the area of the cow and grilled to perfection giving you a robust beefy taste. 

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Cuadril Pin
Photo Credits: La Cabrera Manila Facebook Page

Entraña Skirt Steak – This Entraña menu of La Cabrera is a beautiful cut of beef that is commonly known as skirt steak. It is famous for its extra beefiness and tender and succulent texture.

Costillas de Cerdo con Barbacoa – This best-seller features baby back pork ribs that are cooked in a low and meticulous process and finally grilled to perfection to unleash a very savory and aromatic balance of its barbeque flavor.

costillas de cerdo con barbacoa Pin
Photo Credits: La Cabrera Manila Facebook Page

Bife de Chorizo – This famous bife de chorizo is the finest thick cut of sirloin steak. It is commonly referred to as sirloin strip steak and a popular Argentinian cuisine.

Striploin – Welcome to the best-tasting steak from New York. This Striploin is a cut of beef that comes from the short loin of the cow. It is famous for its lean and absolutely tender meat giving you an extra beefy flavor.


Make your day extra special with these recommended dishes from their Especiales collection. The following La Cabrera menu features various specialties that elevate your dining experience tremendously.

Costillas de Cerdo con Barbacoa –  This meal contains barbecued baby back pork ribs. That exudes a very refreshing aroma and flavorful bite that you will surely love.

Milanesa de Carne Napolitana – A breaded and fried striploin steak topped with Provolone cheese and typically served with a tomato-based sauce. It’s a popular meal in Argentina.

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milanesa de carne napolitana Pin
Photo Credits: La Cabrera Manila Facebook Page

Pollito con Queso Ahumado y Tomates – A grilled chicken dish topped with smoked Provolone cheese and tomatoes. It has a smokey, cheesy, and savory flavor profile.

Set Menu

Set 1 – This set menu consists of a starter of Bruschetta de Jamon (ham bruschetta), a main dish of Grilled Chicken with Smoked Cheese and Tomatoes (with 1 hot side and 2 cold sides), a dessert of 2 pieces of Alfajores (a type of sweet pastry), and your choice of beverage—1 glass of Passionberry or 1 cup of Americano.

Set 2 – This set meal of La Cabrera menu consists of a soup or salad as a beginning, Ensalada Caprese (Caprese salad), BBQ chicken as the main dish (along with two hot sides and one cold side), Chocotorta as the dessert, and your choice of beverage.

Set 3 – This three-course meal comes with your choice of beverage, a beginning of Ensalada de Chicharrones (pork crackling salad), a main dish of grilled chicken (served with two hot and two cold sides), and a dessert of choco torta.

ensalada de chicharrones Pin
Photo Credits: La Cabrera Manila Facebook Page

Set 4 – This fixed-price menu comes with an appetizer of Bruschetta de Jamon Crudo (raw gammon bruschetta), a main course of Entrana (a particular cut of steak) weighing 250g (with 2 hot sides and 2 cold sides), a dessert of Alfajores and your choice of beverage.

La Cabrera Menu Delivery

Unfortunately, there is no available delivery service for La Cabrera, and this I think because they always want to make the best of your Argentinian steak house experience to its maximum potential. I am certain that you will never regret visiting their store and experiencing the utmost beefiness with their freshly grilled steak that exudes a high level of smokiness and aroma right at your plate.

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Social Media Pages

Join their food-loving social media pages, be the first to know about special events, and exclusive discounts, and get ready to satiate your cravings for Argentinian flavor.



Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of cuisine does La Cabrera offer? 

La Cabrera offers a trip to Buenos Aires Argentina in their delightful collection of authentic Argentinian steaks along with their other savory collections.

What is La Cabrera known for?

It is famous for their Steak Collections which highlights the best and authentic way of grilling their famous Argentinian steaks.

What are the operating hours of La Cabrera?

La Cabrera offers their steaks any day of the week with operating hours that start from 11 AM until 9 PM.

Where is La Cabrera located in the Philippines?

La Cabrera is nestled at the busy city of 6750, Ayala Ave, Makati, Philippines.


In conclusion, La Cabrera is more than just a restaurant but a wonderful experience that encapsulates the authentic essence of Argentinian cuisine. Its exceptional selection of premium steaks and its master-of-the-art culinary experience is what makes it stand out and a perfect destination for an unforgettable steak experience that leaves a lasting impression. To add to that, I recommend that you make a reservation in order to secure a place in this iconic steakhouse. I am certain and confident that this recommended restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate and dine in with your friends and family. I am fully satisfied with my experience and it won’t surely be my last time visiting this restaurant.

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