David’s Tea House Menu Prices

David’s Tea House menu offers various flavors of Hongkong. It consists of dimsum, noodles, congee, fried rice, noodles, and rice toppings. It also offers dishes such as beef, pork, chicken, roasting, hot soup, vegetables, fish, prawns, and other seafood. The taste, aroma, and authenticity of their dishes never fail to impress their customers. Customized and set menus are also available for various events. There are also frozen packs so you can cook and enjoy them with your family.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of David’s Tea House menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


David's Assorted Dimsum Platter305
Hakaw Shrimp135
Japanese Siomai130
Fried Shanghai Dumpling130
Steamed Shanghai Dumpling120
Shrimp Siomai120
Tausi Chicken Feet120
Tausi Spareribs120
Beef Ball120
Fish Tofu120
Shark's Fin Dumpling120
Beancurd Roll120
Kuchay Dumpling120
Pork Asado Siopao120
Bola Bola Siopao120
Taro Puff120
Raddish Cake120
Fried Spring Roll120
Fried Cuapao90
Steamed Cupao80


David's Congee210
Fish Fillet Congee200
Pork Century Egg Congee190
Asado Congee190
Bola Bola Congee190
Sliced Beef Congee190
Halo Halo Congee190
Plain Congee100


David's Special Noodles 260
Wanton Beef Noodles250
Wanton Noodles 230
Beef Brisket Noodles230
Meat Ball Noodles215
Beef Ball Noodles 215
Fish Ball Noodles215
Chicken Noodles215
Plain Noodles 130

Rice Topping

Beef Amplaya Rice220
Beef Oyster Sauce Rice220
Minced Pork w/ Eggplant Rice220
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice220
Soyed Chicken Rice220
Asado Rice220
Fish Fillet w/ Beancurd Rice220
Beef Brisket Rice235
Fish Fillet w/ Tausi Rice220
Chicken Feet Spareribs Rice220
Chicken Curry Rice220
Chopsuey Rice220

Fried Rice & Noodles

David's Fried Rice (Half)190
David's Fried Rice (Whole)370
Fried Hofan w/ Mix Seafood (Half)180
Fried Hofan w/ Mix Seafood (Whole)355
Crispy Fried Noodles (Half)180
Crispy Fried Noodles (Whole)345
Pineapple Fried Rice (Half)170
Pineapple Fried Rice (Whole)330
Frookien Fried Rice (Half)170
Frookien Fried Rice (Whole)330
Bihon Guisado (Half)170
Bihon Guisado (Whole)330
Misua Guisado (Half)170
Misua Guisado (Whole)330
Beef Fried Hofan (Half)170
Beef Fried Hofan (Whole)330
Pancit Canton (Half)170
Pancit Canton (Whole)330
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Half)140
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Whole)270
Salted Fish Fried Rice (Half)140
Salted Fish Fried Rice (Whole)270
Garlic Fried Rice (Half)100
Garlic Fried Rice (Whole)190
Plain Rice45


4 Season Shake120
Almond w/ Lychee110
Mango Shake110
Watermelon Shake110
Pineapple Shake 110
Almond Jelly80
Black Gulaman80
Calamansi Juice80
Cold Lemon Tea110
Lemon Coke100
San Miguel Beer85
Soya Milk65
Soft Drinks in Can75
Mineral Water40


Sesame Buchi95
Mango Sago70

Hot Soup

Polonchay w/ Seafood Soup340
Pumpkin w/ Seafood Soup365
Fish Lip Soup325
Hototay Soup310
Hot & Sour Soup310
Chicken & Corn Soup (Half)160
Chicken & Corn Soup (Whole)310
Nido w/ Quail Egg Soup (Half)160
Nido w/ Quail Egg Soup (Whole)310


David's Hot Chicken Salad440
Honey Glazed Chicken380
Fried Breaded Chicken w/ Salted Egg335
Chicken Curry 335
Lemon Chicken325
Crispy Fried Chicken (Half)325
Crispy Fried Chicken (Whole)620
Fried Breaded Chicken 325

Juicy Pork

David's Braised Pata Tim (Big)680
Fried Crispy Pata (Big)680
Sizzling King Dao Spareribs 335
Minced Pork w/ Eggplant in Pot335
Sweet & Sour Pork 335
Fried Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper335
Shanghai Spring Roll310
Fried Wanton260

Tender Beef

Beef Tenderloin w/ Black Pepper450
Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style450
Beef Brisket in Pot410
Beef Broccoli Flower350
Beef w/ Ampalaya330
Beef w/ Polonchay350
Beef w/ Oyster Sauce350

Roasting & Coldcut

David's Cold Cuts410
Lechon Kawali 380
White Chicken (Half)325
White Chicken (Whole)620
Soyed Chicken (Half)325
Soyed Chicken (Whole)620
Roasted Pork Asado 335
Seaweeds w/ Century Egg315
Soyed Beef Kenchi 315
Soyed Tofu130
Century Egg60

Fresh Fish

Fried Whole Lapu Lapu w/ Soy Sauce650
Fried Whole Lapu Lapu w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce650
Whole Lapu Lapu Thailand Sauce650
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce420
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet Corn420
Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Garlic420
Fish Fillet w/ Beancurd in Pot420
Fried Breaded Fish Fillet420

Golden Prawn

Hot Prawn Salad540
Camaron Rebusado560
Steamed Prawn w/ Garlic 560
Fried Prawn w/ Salt & Pepper560
Japanese Tempura580
Shrimp w/ Broccoli Flower460
Shrimp w/ Scrambled Egg420

Other Seafood

David's Mixed Seafood in Pot450
Sizzling Seafoods w/ Szechuen Sauce440
Sauteed Squid w/ Broccoli Flower360
Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper360


David's Chopsuey310
Abalone Mushroom w/ Broccoli Flower350
Sizzling Chopsuey w/ Size Chuan Sauce350
Lo Han Chai (Mixed Vegetable)310
Sizzling Fresh Button Mushroom290
Braised Beancurd in Pot290
Mapo Tofu290
Polonchay w/ Garlic290
Taiwan Pechay w/ Garlic 290
Broccoli Flower w/ Garlic320
Fried Beancurd w/ Salt & Pepper290

Set Menu

Set Menu 14800
Set Menu 25400
Set Menu 35900
Set Menu 46500
Set Menu 57000
Set Menu 67800

Soup Base

Plain Soup85
Satay Soup110
Combination Soup110
Spicy Scechuan Soup110
Century Egg Wansoy Soup120
Pork Bone Soup165

Fresh Meat

U.S. Angus Beef270
U.S Baby Fat Beef240
David's Mix Fat Beef255
Slice Chicken170
Fresh Slice Beef170
Beef Libro170
Pork Isaw 140
Pork Kidney140
Pork Skin (Chicharon)140
Pork Liver140
Pork Tito140
Pork Bacon200
Lamb Meat (New Zealand)250


Japanese Udon160
Egg Noodle95

Hand Made Dumpling

Fresh Shrimp Dumpling (8pcs)185
Fried Shrimp Dumpling (8pcs)195
Shanghai Dumpling (8pcs)160
Fresh Shrimp Wanton (8pcs)185
Fresh Shrimp Wanton (8pcs)195


Sweet Corn100
Baguio Pechay100
Taro (Gabi)130
Taiwan Pechay100
Fresh Shake Mushroom 160
Black Mushroom150
Fresh Golden Mushroom 150
Tomato 100

Hand Made Specialty

Season Ball (10pcs)250
Shrimp & Squid Ball (8pcs)220
Squid Ball (8pcs)190
Shrimp Ball (8pcs)250
Pork Mushroom Ball (8pcs)180
Beef Ball (8pcs)180
Fish Ball (8pcs)170
Fish Cake (10pcs)170
Cheese Pork Ball (8pcs)190
Cheese Beef Ball (8pcs)190


Live Suahe (200g)240
Sea Cucumber190
Japanese Crabstick180
Slice Squid220
Fish Fillet200
Fresh Oyster190


Red Chili40
Fresh Garlic 40
Satay Sauce40
Spring Onion (Chang)35
Onion Leaks 30


Fresh Beancurd Stick140
Fried Beancurd Stick150
Fresh Tofu 100
Fried Tofu110
Fried Tao Pao140
Black Fungus 130
Fresh Egg30

Frozen Dimsum

Pork Siomai (60pcs)190
Chicken Siomai (60pcs)190
Beef Siomai (60pcs)220
Gyoza (60pcs)190
Sharkspin Dumplings (60pcs)190
Lumpiang Shanghai (60pcs)195
Japanese Siomai (60pcs)220
Jumbo Asado / Bola-Bola (10pcs)170
Mini Siopao Asado / Bola-Bola (48pcs)230
Toasted Garlic80
Chili Sauce100
Hoisin Sauce (Siopao Sauce)85

About David’s Tea House

David Yue founded David’s Tea House in 2003. Its first store was opened on Tomas Mapua Street in Sta. Cruz Manila. The quality of food and service that they provide is the foundation of their integrity. Today, it has more than 25 branches in the country and remains one of Filipino’s favorite Chinese restaurants.

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David’s Tea House Menu Best Seller

The best-sellers of David’s Tea House are classic and popular Chinese dishes. It consists of dimsum, soups, noodles, and yang chow fried rice.

Hakaw Shrimp – It is one of the best-selling dimsum on David’s Tea House menu. A generous amount of shrimp is wrapped in a thin and smooth dimsum wrapper and expertly cooked. It is an ideal dimsum for shrimp lovers.

Pork Asado Siopao – It is a classic and most popular siopao in the Philippines that can be eaten as a snack or appetizer. Pork Asado is made up of sweet and salty sticky sauce, minced pork, garlic, and other spices.

Polonchay w/ Seafood Soup – Polonchay is known as Chinese spinach. The presence of shrimp and egg in this soup makes it tastier. It is a healthy soup as its ingredients have a lot of nutritional content.

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Wanton Noodles – This is one of the famous noodle dishes in Hongkong. The soup of this dish is garnished with wonton dumplings and Chinese cabbage.

Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

Yang Chow Fried Rice – It is a classic comfort food that is bursting with flavor. It can be eaten as a main or side dish. This nutritious meal is made up of green peas, ham, small shrimp, fried eggs, and rice that are perfectly mixed.

Dimsum Menu

Dimsum is the most popular product of David’s Tea House because of its authentic Chinese flavor.

David’s Assorted Dimsum Platter – This platter consists of assorted dimsum such as hakaw, fried spring roll, beef ball, siomai, and shark fin. It is perfect for those who want to try various dimsum in one plate.

Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

Japanese Siomai – This David’s Tea House menu is a siomai made up of minced pork and their special seasonings that are wrapped in a nori sheet. It can be eaten as a snack or viand paired with rice.

Beef Balls – A tasty dimsum that is made up of minced beef and other special seasonings and spices. You can easily distinguish its beefy taste on your first bite. It is also added to the beef ball noodles of this restaurant.

Hot Soup

David’s Tea House hot soups have tons of flavor that makes them aromatic and delicious. These comforting soups will make you feel better.

Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

Hot and Sour Soup – A must-try soup that is aromatic and full of flavors. Bamboo shoots, shredded pork, tofu, and crunchy wood ear mushrooms create a satisfying texture that will warm you up.

Chicken and Corn Soup – The vibrant yellow color of this soup will make you anticipate this dish. Shredded chicken and corn combined with special ingredients create a flavorful and hearty soup.

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Nido with Quail Egg Soup – This menu from David’s Tea House is inspired by Chinese Bird Nest soup that has a gelatinous texture. Boiled quail eggs are added to this soup which makes it healthier and tastier.

Hototay Soup – It is a Chinese egg drop soup where vegetables, seafood, and meat are blended. It is a light and nutritious soup that is best in cold weather. Its various ingredients make it an all-in-one meal served in a single bowl.


David’s Tea House noodles come with various ingredients so you will easily find the perfect noodle dish that suits your appetite.

Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

David’s Special Noodles – The soup and its ingredients are served separately. Noodles, Chinese cabbage, and another dish come with the soup. The customer will be the one to mix them according to their preference.

Beef Brisket Noodles – Beef and Chinese cabbage are served on top of this soup. The consistency of its flavor, aroma, and texture makes it delightful.

Chicken Noodles – Chicken noodles are made up of thin noodles, Chinese cabbage, shredded chicken, and other spices and seasonings. It is a light and comforting dish that will make you crave more.

Plain Noodles – It is a plain noodle dish where Chinese cabbage is the only ingredient added to the noodle soup. This is great for those who preferred noodles without additional flavors or ingredients.

Rice Toppings

Rice toppings are dishes that are paired with rice. These dishes consist of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetable.

Beef dishes consist of beef ampalaya rice, beef brisket rice, and beef oyster sauce rice. Pork dishes include sweet and sour pork rice, asado rice, and minced pork eggplant rice. Soyed chicken rice, chicken curry rice, and chicken fat spareribs rice are the available chicken dishes that you can choose from. Fish fillet with beancurd rice and fish fillet with tausi sauce is ideal for seafood lovers. Health-conscious customers can order chop suey rice.

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Congee is a Chinese rice porridge that can be eaten plain or with toppings. David’s Tea House offers plain and congees with various toppings.

The congee dishes that are part of their menu are plain congee, David’s congee, halo-halo congee, fish fillet congee, sliced beef congee, bola-bola congee, asado congee, and pork century egg congee.

david's tea house pork century egg congee Pin
Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

This popular comfort food can be eaten at any time of the day. Congees served with various toppings taste better than plain ones. The toppings enhance its flavor and visual presentation that stimulate appetite.

David’s Tea House Menu Delivery

Photo Credit: David’s Tea House Facebook Page

Bring the flavors of Hongkong to your house or office through deliveries. This restaurant delivers via Grabfood and Foodpanda. Orders for deliveries can also be arranged through the social media page of the nearest branch in your location. You can also get the contact information of the nearest branch to your location from their official website to make deliveries faster. The availability of its menu for delivery varies from each branch.

Social Media Pages

They have multiple social media accounts for you to choose from and get in touch with their latest updates about their dishes, promos, new branches, and more. You can reach them for your concerns or reviews about their services and products from the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidsteahouse.net/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidsteahouse/


David’s Tea House menu offers a wide selection of Chinese dishes and comfort foods so you’ll surely find the food that will satisfy your cravings. It has multiple branches nationwide that offer dine-in, pick-up, and deliveries so you can conveniently order your favorite dishes from this restaurant. It also offers frozen packs that you can cook for a snack at home or prepare on special occasions.

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