Tropical Hut Menu Prices

Are you craving Filipino food and fast food at the same time? Are you willing to try something different than your typical fast-food chain? Well, actually I found something interesting. Ever heard about Tropical Hut? If not please pay attention. This restaurant is actually existing for a long time, in fact, they are one of the oldest fast-food chains in the Philippines and I think this is the right time for consumers to know more about them. They have the most affordable meals that you can find in a fast-food restaurant and the food to be honest is great. Now, let’s talk about the Tropical Hut Menu items, their history, and the service that they can offer. Without further ado, let’s start.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tropical Hut menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Burger and Sandwiches

Super Cheeseburger Classic96.8
Cheesedog meal with 12oz drink58.3
Regular hamburger meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink62.7
Ham and Egg sandwich meal with 12oz drink68.2
Tropical cheeseburger meal with 12oz drink75.9
Tuna bunwich meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink75.9
Regular cheeseburger meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink79.2
Chicken sandwich meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink89.1
Rancho ranchero with reg.fries and 12oz drink115.5
Hawaiian glee meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink115.5
Shrimp fillet meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink115.5
Classic burger meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink121
Clubhouse sandwich meal with reg.fries and 12oz drink126.5

Chicken and Noodles Meal

Spaghetti meal62.7
Palabok espesyal meal71.5
Spaghetti and regular burger meal89.1
Chicken meal92.4
Spaghetti and 1 pc chicken meal110
Spring chicken meal154

Rice Meals

4 pc chicken shanghai meal51.7
1 pc burger steak60.5
2 pc burger steak meal82.5
Chicken katsudon meal88
Pork dinuguan meal93
Quick fried beef meal93.5
Bistek tagalog meal93.5
Beef stew meal93.5
Tapa meal99
Daing na bangus meal128.7

Big Breakfast Meals

Plain hotcake meal46.2
Hotcake with ham meal64.9
Omelette meal75.9
Longganisa meal90.2
Tocino meal90.2
Corned beef meal90.2
Tapa breakfast meal93.5
Hamburger meal96.8
Ham meal96.8
Hotdog meal96.8
Daing na bangus breakfast meal121

Chicken Family Meal

Fried chicken363
Family meal473
Family meal with spaghetti583


Mais con hielo35.2
Green salad tuna49.5
Fruit salad58.8
Chicken macaroni salad58.8
Big green salad82.5


Mineral water19.8
Hot chocolate35.2
Mango juice38.5
Pineapple juice38.5
Iced tea38.5
Black gulaman38.5

About Tropical Hut

Tropical Hut is one of the oldest fast-food chains in the Philippines, it was established in Cubao 1962 started in a grocery store, and became a supermarket. The Cue family got the idea of putting a coffee shop in the vicinity of their grocery for customers to have light snacks and merienda and Tropical hut was born. Filipinos are food lovers we embrace every cuisine that was introduced to us by Americans and one of those is hamburgers, a ready-to-eat light meal.

YouTube video

They got the idea to offer burgers to their customers but they also have other Filipino dishes on their menu like palabok tapa and bistek tagalog. Tropical Hut has 50 stores nationwide, their tagline is the “sarap na babalik balikan” which they already proved.

They are still growing and striving to be one of the best fast food in the Philippines. Mercury group of companies inc. acquired the company in 1972 and later introduced a drugstore within the supermarket. As of today, THFMI has 50 Tropical hut hamburger outlets, 4 drugstores, 6 tropical hut supermarket branches, and 2 10-Q convenience stores.

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What is Tropical Hut Known for?

Though they serve a lot of delicious foods Tropical Hut is known for their Burgers, one of their signature burgers is called Hawaiian Glee, a burger with a slice of pineapple.

Tropical Hut Menu Best Sellers

Here is the list of some of their best sellers that you should try. This could be a guide for you if you are new to their menu.

Clubhouse Sandwich – Made with ham, tropical Hut chicken spread, and layers of scrambled eggs. A classic treat. This light sandwich is delicious and mess-free, highly recommended for people on the go. This tasty sandwich is best partnered with their fresh salad mix.

Fresh Salad Mix – Looking for a healthier way to eat? Then you should try their fresh salad mix. Made with fruits, tomatoes, and croutons with special dressing topped with grated cheese. Perfectly paired with their clubhouse sandwich.

Hawaiian Glee – This menu is actually their signature burger. Hawaiian glee is a burger topped with sweet pineapple.  At first, I really don’t get the idea of putting a pineapple into a burger but after trying their Hawaiian glee all I can say is wow. Try it for yourself.

Spaghetti and Cheese Burger Combo – What’s great to eat with their Hamburger is their spaghetti, this duo never gets old. A perfect combination of taste and flavors, you can also add sides like fries if you want to. A meal that will surely bring back your childhood memories.

Rancho ranchero – Another classic original from the Tropical Hut menu. Their rancho ranchero is made with one hundred percent beef patty lettuce cucumbers tomatoes and topped with a sunny side up egg to add savory to the taste. It’s delicious humans, I’ve already tried this burger a couple of times.

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If you want to try different burgers you may check the Wendys.

Tasty Clubhouse on Tropical Hut Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut FB Page

Tropical Hut Menu Breakfast

Tropical Hut also serves a breakfast menu for early birds. Here is the list of their delicious and fulfilling breakfast menu that you can get. They serve these menus until eleven in the morning only.

Big Shot Breakfast – Consists of 3 pcs lumpia, omelet, burger steak, garlic rice, pineapple juice, and brewed coffee that you can refill once for free.

Delicious Hamburger on Tropical Hut Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut FB Page

Hamburger Meal – Three slices of loaf bread, burger patty, and 2 eggs. With pineapple juice or brewed coffee.

Hotdog Meal – Three slices of loaf bread, 1 hotdog, and 2 eggs. With pineapple juice or brewed coffee.

Ham meal – This menu has three slices of loaf bread, a ham slice, and 2 eggs. With pineapple juice or brewed coffee.

Tapa – Garlic rice, egg, and tapa with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

Daing na Bangus – Garlic rice, egg, and fried daing na bangus with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

Corned beef – This Tropical Hut menu consists of garlic rice, egg, and corned beef served with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

Longganisa – Garlic rice, egg, and 2 pcs Longganisa served with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

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Tocino – Garlic rice, egg, and slices of sweet tocino served with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

Plain hot cakes – 2 regular-size hotcakes served with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.

Omelette – Garlic rice and their original recipe omelet served with brewed coffee or pineapple juice.


How old is Tropical Hut?

Tropical Hut is a 57-year-old fast-food chain. Days ago they became popular again because of a viral tweet. It unleashed nostalgia among its customers from the 80s and 90s and now they experiencing a massive revival.

Fresh Salad Combo on Tropical Hut Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut FB Page

How do I order online at Tropical Hut?

Ordering online is made easy since you can use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods. Upon checking currently they don’t have their own delivery website but I’m sure they are working on it already. They actually have phone numbers but it depends on the store location.

Does Tropical Hut offer takeouts?

Definitely Yes. You can order your favorite Tropical Hut food menu from them thru grab food delivery. Here’s the link

How do I reach their team?

You can easily talk with them on their social media in case you want to tell them your questions, comments, and suggestions. The most active social media is their Facebook Page which can be found on this link.


After so many years this fast-food restaurant has already become an institution, they remain in the hearts of Filipino consumers that’s why even though keeping the business running is tough many of their patriots choose to come back. Their tagline “sarap na babalik balikan” really stamped on the mind and hearts of their customers. Foods are great and really affordable. We recommend this fast food if you want to try something else.

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