Mamou Menu Prices

Are you tired of every typical fast food restaurant and still looking for something that can truly satisfy your tastebuds? Have you found yourself craving steak pasta and salads and other special meal and wanted to bring family or special someone to that specific place but don’t know where to go? No worries I got you. Savor the satisfying foods from the Mamou menu, this family-style restaurant only offers good quality foods for a reasonable price. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy dining in their restaurant, and maybe they’ll be your new favorite place the moment you try their food. Let’s get started to know them even more, I bet you’ll get interested in their foods and that for sure. Let’s go.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of the Mamou menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Mamou's bacon steak177.00
Palm spring rolls276.00
Tofu and smoked fish spring rolls278.00
Barcia strips278.00
Fish fingers with grilled vegetable dip278.00
Truffle flavored vegetable mushroom dip with whole wheat melba chips275.00
Cracked chips with fuet and honey325.00


Vegetable mushroom and barley soup267.00
Orange camote cream soup265.00
Hearty lentil soup265.00
Mamou mami297.00


Healdsburg harvest426.00
Soft shell crab salad495.00
Caesar salad428.00
Mamou's green387.00


Lorenzo's truffle cream427.00
Mamou's linguine vongole398.00
Spaghettini al olio with labuyo flakes348.00
Mario bottarga al olio455.00
Lola fem's birthday spaghetti327.00
Linguine al nero398.00
Pasta andrada bolognese428.00
Pasta cipolla427.00
Pasta stracciatella428.00
Lobster linguine (red/white)1863.00


Mamou's shroom burger495.00
Dry aged burger587.00
Roast beef sandwich427.00
Lobster roll598.00


Vegetarian adobo with pickled ubod297.00
Grilled vegetable stew395.00


Angus rib eye USDA prime grade steak2791.00
Dry aged USDA prime grade bone-in ribeye steak4990.00
28 day dey aged USDA prime grade t-bone steak 700g4591.00
28 day dry aged USDA prime grade porterhouse steak 1kg5990.00
Wawa's prime rib 250g1651.00
Wawa's prime rib 400g2553.00
Lamb chops 600g1991.00
Wagyu rib cap4223.00
Roast pork and chicken regular395.00
Roast pork and chicken to share685.00
Kurubota sinigang626.00
Lamb tapa426.00
Duck adobo flakes427.00
Venison curry458.00
Alex's fried chicken347.00


Steamed sea based896.00
Salmon steak748.00
Spicy sweet tuyo378.00
Maine lobster tails997.00
Beer battered fish with malt vinegar496.00


Crispy milk298.00
Dark chocolate sansrival228.00
Keylime pie with schlagsahne258.00
Pecan pie with schlagnahne298.00
New york cheese cake346.00
Crepe de lou155.00

About Mamou

Mamou restaurant was established in 2011, their first location is in Fort Bonifacio heights, Taguig City. This restaurant is a family-style restaurant and is pretty popular. The menu that they offer is inspired by international cuisine and carefully created with homemade ingredients.

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They got the name of this restaurant from a family member Ms.Malou Montano-Fores. Her nephew cannot pronounce correctly her name instead of Malou he kept on calling her Mamou and there started the beginning of history. With their concept of home kitchen food, Mamou only offers food that they will serve with their family.

Their delicious dishes made them popular and make their customers regular dinners. Their steak is one of the best on their menu. They offer good quality steaks, salads, pasta, and many more. Their place is not the typical big restaurant, actually, they can only cater 40-50 dinners but the place is cozy and amazing and for sure you’ll enjoy eating comfortably.

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Best Food to Get on Mamou Menu

Here is a list of some of their best food that you should try if you happen to go to their restaurant. This can also serve as a guide for you since all of the food on the list are really satisfying and delicious.

Healdsburgs Harvest Mamou Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Mamou FB Page

Healdsburg’s Harvest – A good starter before the main course. This lovely salad is super satisfying. fresh and wholesome ingredients, I was really surprised about this salad, it is so good I finished it and left nothing for my friend haha. This salad is truly a winner. Cranberries, Pecan, and cheese over lettuce (I just can’t remember if it’s romaine or iceberg sorry) tossed with berry vinaigrette. This is really Perfect with steak as it will compliment its richness of it. A must-try salad but actually, this is their most recommended salad on their menu.

Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream – This Mamou menu is so good you’ll order this every time you go on their restaurant and that’s for sure. The noodles are always al dente. The richness of parmesan cheese, cream, and truffle oil combined and you have the perfect pasta. I’m not into white sauce pasta but this pasta dish made me change my mind. I can actually finish 2 orders for this and I know you will as soon as you try their truffle cream pasta. One of my favorites on their menu and a must-try for new customers.

Pasta Andrada Bolognese – It looks like a typical spaghetti with red sauce but dang this is much better. Perfectly cooked pasta tossed with a rich and flavorful sauce. This I will recommend for those who are not a fan of white sauce and loves Italian-style pasta. Very flavorful. I enjoyed and love this one but nothing beats Lorenzo’s truffle cream pasta sorry. (Just my opinion, I know we have different tastes) also, a must-try.

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Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak Mamou Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Mamou FB Page

Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak – This is perfection. Yes really. The richness of the steak in this Mamou menu is very flavorful. Though I want it medium well since I’m not a fan of the medium. Very juicy steak. My favorite actually. It also comes with two servings of complimentary side dishes which are steak rice and broccoli with cheese. Steak rice is a bomb but I choose broccoli with cheese. I highly recommended this steak for groupies you’ll never go wrong with this one for sure.

Wagyu Rib Cap – A very satisfying meal. This wagyu rib cap of Mamou can be served in four different ways. Garlic, Butteryaki, mustard, and salt and pepper. I like garlic and butter yaki more than the other two flavors. Very tender and flavorful meat. Perfect with steak rice. What’s best about this wagyu rib cap is The meat is effortlessly tender. Not dry and very savory. Highly recommended and also a must try.

Mamou Menu Angus Ribeye Steak

This perfect steak could be served in a single or share. Single-serve price is 1950php and for to share it’s 3490php. Steak is very tender and savory, you’ll never regret trying this one. This is actually the most popular steak that they offer on their menu and also most recommended. You’ll get to choose how they prepare the steak for you whether it’s medium or well done. And it comes with two complimentary sides which are steak rice and broccoli cheese.

Mamou Menu Dry Aged Steak

Mamou Menu Dry Aged Steak Mamou Menu Pin
Photo Credit: Mamou FB Page

Enjoy 14oz Momous 28-day dry-aged USDA prime grade T-bone steak. For a very reasonable price of almost 2400php, you’ll get to enjoy this masterpiece of succulent flavors. No words can express the satisfaction of this meal. Reliable and very consistent home Filipino cooking. Big serving as well and it is usually enough.

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Mamou Menu Delivery

If you are craving some pasta and steak Mamou is accepting online orders so you don’t have to go out of your house and enjoy their best meals in the comfort of your home. To order you can call their branch at

Mamou (The Podium) – 09175062668

Mamou 3.0 (Ayala Ortigas) – 09178662668

Mamou (BGC) – 09178162668

Though They offer this for pick-up only you can try ordering thru third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods for an easier choice.

Talk to Mamou Philippines Staff

Do you have comments or suggestions and wanted to reach out to the Mamou Philippines staff? In that case, you should send them your concerns on their social media account or by sending them an email.




Email: [email protected]


Who is the owner of Mamou?

Chef Malou Fores is the owner of Mamou restaurant.

What cuisine is Mamou?

Mostly western and European cuisine.

Who is Mamou?

Mamou is no other than Maou Fores the owner. The name of the restaurant Mamou means Malou. It’s because her nephew cannot pronounce her name correctly.


Best place to go if you’re looking for a good steak. The place is cozy and customer friendly and the staffs are very polite and welcoming. You’ll never be wrong going to this restaurant. Servings of food on the Mamou menu are okay, foods are fantastic very delicious, especially their steaks. Highly recommended for those who love pasta, salad, and steak.

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