Padi’s Point Menu Prices

The Padi’s Point menu consists of delectable Filipino snacks and entrees. It offers munchies, light bites, sizzlers, barkada meals, grilled hot plates, rice meals, merienda specials, pizza, and drinks. A wide variety of alcoholic beverages are also provided for those who want to drink and party with their friends. Everyone in the group will find something to enjoy on its extensive menu. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Padi’s Point menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Quail Eggs in Chicken Skin 210
Kilawing Liempo 290
Nacho Grande 480
Nacho Chips n' Cheese 380
Nachos with Pork BBQ topping 430
Cheesy Cheese Sticks 203
Chili Chicken Sticks 250
Original Chicken Wings 279
Hot Wings 289
Crispy Chicken Skin with Buffalo Sauce 230
Fried Chicken Pops 309
Deep Fried Pork 'n Tofu 186
Chicharong Bulaklak 230
Sinuglaw 309
Chichara 170
Kilawing Tanigue 280
Garlic Shrimp Gambas 330
Calamari Crunchies 255
Garlic Mushrooms 202
Onion Rings140
Fat Potato Wedges160
Thin Potato Fries 173
Hot Peanuts 129
Green Mango with Bagoong 169
Fried Shrimp Crackers 132

Light Bites

Pork & Tamarind Sinigang (Good for 2)249
Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso 219
Chicken Tamarind Soup 219
Bulalo Soup 290
Mango Salad 179
Eggplant Ensalada 85
Kare-Kareng Gulay 140
Kare-Kareng Pata 230
Vegetable Sticks 140
Pipino 119

Barkada Belly Busters

Barrio Feast 820
Party of Six 1229
Island Carnival 820
Barkada Feast 410
Barkada Monster Feast 770
Triple Treat 680
Sulit 10 1220
Deep Fried Crispy Pata 760
Bagnet Kare-Kare750
Lechon Kawali 250
The Pad Signature Fried Chicken (1/2 Chicken)385
The Pad Signature Fried Chicken (Whole Chicken)690
1 Meter Pulutan 610


Sizzling Sisig 339
Sizzling Double Sisig 560
Sizzling Crispy Sisig 360
Sizzling Chicken Sisig 319
Sizzling Tuna Sisig 319
Sizzling Squid 340
Sizzling Bangus Sisig 249
Sizzling Garlic Liempo 309
Sizzling Crispy Liempo 309
Sizzling Tofu 150
Sizzling Tanigue 410
Sizzling Gambas 360
Sizzling Corn 195
Sizzling Hotdog 215
Sizzling Bulalo 270

Grilled Hot Plates

Pork 'Cue Platter (5 sticks Pork BBQ) 299
Pork 'Cue Platter (10 sticks Pork BBQ) 539
Pork BBQ Plate 253
Chicken BBQ Platter (1/4 Chicken) 288
Chicken BBQ Platter (1/2 Chicken) 389
Fire-Grilled Liempo 300
Fire-Grilled Tilapia 203
Fire-Grilled Squid 340
Fire-Grilled Tuna Belly 380

Big Plates

A Taste of Asia 300
The Usual 345
Pork & Chix 345

Anytime Rice Meals

Chicken Teriyaki 179
Korean Barbecue 190
Beef Tapa 200

Merienda Specials

Club Sandwich 142
Chicken Sandwich 129
Pancit Canton 130


Platter Rice 100
Steamed 45
Garlic 49
Java 60

Hand-Crafted Pizzas

Good Ol' Cheese Pizza 265
Garlic Kick 'N Cheese Pizza 265
Classic Pepperoni Pizza 295
Oriental Chicken Teriyaki Pizza 375
Margarita Pizza 265
Mexican Pizza 295
Grilled Barbecue Pizza 375
Hot Chili Pizza 265

Top 5

Top 1 (Barkada Feast)980
Top 2 (Padi's Signature Fried Chicken)1110
Top 3 (Crispy Pata)1210
Top 4 (Barkada Monster Feast)1280
Top 5 (Barrio Feast)1395

Barkada Packages

Package 1 (Island Carnival)1280
Package 2 (Crispy Pata, Sizzling Tofu, & Sizzling Corn)1605
Package 3 (1 Whole Chicken, Sizzling Tofu, & Sizzling Corn)1460
Package 4 (Sizzling Corn, Sizzling Mushroom, Chicken Neck)1080
Package 5 (Half fried chicken, Sizzling Tofu, Fat Potato Wedges)1180
Package 6 (Double Pizza)1110
Package 7 (Triple Pizza)1380
Package 8 (Sizzling Tofu, Cheesy Cheese Sticks, Chicken Neck)1080
Package 9 (Sizzling Corn, Cheesy Cheese Sticks, Sizzling Mushroom)1080
Package 10 (Sizzling Tofu, Sizzling Mushroom, Fat Potato Wedges) 1080

Package Upgrade Options

For Beer Tower 150
For XXX Tower 200
For SML or Pale Pilsen Tower 250
For Red Horse Tower 350

Softdrinks & Juices

Softdrinks (Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7 Up)95
Iced Tea 85
Iced Tea (Pitcher)230
Calamansi Juice 85
Mango Juice 85
Orange Juice 85
Pineapple Juice 85
Coffee with Creamer 59
Hot Tea 59
Premier Water 59
Shirley Temple 107


Mango 195
Coffee Melon 195
Choco Melon 195

ABI Beers

Tiger Crystal (Bottle)107
Tiger Crystal (Bucket)560
Tiger Crystal (Tower)710
Tiger Black (Bottle)105/150
Tiger Black (Bucket)540
Tiger Black (Tower)660
Chang Classic (Bottle)110


San Mig Light (Bottle)109
San Mig Light (Bucket)592
San Mig Light (Tower)860
San Mig Apple (Bottle)109
San Mig Apple (Bucket)590
San Mig Apple (Tower)860
Red Horse (Bottle)120
Red Horse (Bucket)640
Red Horse (Tower)900
Pale Pilsen (Bottle)108
Pale Pilsen (Bucket)568
Pale Pilsen (Tower)760
Pale Pilsen Gold (Bottle)120
Pale Pilsen Gold (Bucket)640
Pale Pilsen Gold (Tower)900
Super Dry (Bottle)120
Super Dry (Bucket)640
Super Dry (Tower)900

Imported Beers

Asahi (Bottle)166
Heineken 240


Rum Cola (Glass)170
Rum Cola (Pitcher)390
Gin Cola (Glass)170
Gin Cola (Pitcher)390
Mojitos (Glass)200
Mojitos (Pitcher)390
Maitai (Glass)200
Maitai (Pitcher)390
Zombie (Glass)200
Zombie (Pitcher)390
Weng Weng (Glass)200
Weng Weng (Pitcher)390
Frozen Margarita (Glass)330
Frozen Margarita (Pitcher)430
Padi's Margarita (Glass)200
Padi's Margarita (Pitcher)335
Long Island Tea (Glass)200
Long Island Tea (Pitcher)390
Jack & Cola (Glass)200


Don Enrique Mixkila (Shot)130
Don Enrique Mixkila (Bottle)1005
Jose Cuervo Gold (Shot)180
Jose Cuervo Gold (Bottle)2345
Jose Cuervo White (Shot)130
Jose Cuervo White (Bottle)2345
Jose Cuervo 1800 (Shot)200
Jose Cuervo 1800 (Bottle)2860
Patron Anejo (Shot)340
Patron Anejo (Bottle)6360
Patron Silver (Shot)280
Patron Silver (Bottle)5110
Patron XO Café (Shot)230
Patron XO Café (Bottle)2635
Blow Job 250

Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Red (Shot)200
Johnnie Walker Red (Bottle)2646
Johnnie Walker Black (Shot)240
Johnnie Walker Black (Bottle)3510
Johnnie Walker Double Black (Shot)320
Johnnie Walker Double Black (Bottle)4260
J&B Rare (Shot)190
J&B Rare (Bottle)2446
Chivas Regal (Shot)190
Chivas Regal (Bottle)2446
Gentleman's Jack (Shot)240
Gentleman's Jack (Bottle)3710
Macallan (Shot)240
Macallan (Bottle)3347
Glenlivet (Shot)220
Glenlivet (Bottle)3347
Glenmorangie (Shot)220
Glenmorangie (Bottle)3610


Remy Martin VSOP (Shot)335
Remy Martin VSOP (Bottle)7010
Remy Martin XO (Shot)810
Remy Martin XO (Bottle)3210

Bourbon Whiskey

Jack Daniel's (Shot)250
Jack Daniel's (Bottle)3210


Absolut Blue (Shot)200
Absolut Blue (Bottle)2260
Absolut Citron (Shot)200
Absolut Citron (Bottle)2260
Absolut Kurant (Shot)200
Absolut Kurant (Bottle)2260
Absolut Vanilla (Shot)200
Absolut Vanilla (Bottle)2260
Smirnoff Red (Shot)170
Smirnoff Red (Bottle)2290
Stolichmaya (Shot)170
Stolichmaya (Bottle)2290
Grey Goose (Shot)230
Grey Goose (Bottle)2810
Belvedere (Shot)290
Belvedere (Bottle)5085
Sky Vodka (Shot)170
Sky Vodka (Bottle)2210
Ciroc (Shot)250
Ciroc (Bottle)3385
Ketel One (Shot)170
Ketel One (Bottle)1963


Carlos I (Shot)220
Carlos I (Bottle)3160
Carlos II (Shot)260
Carlos II (Bottle)4810
Fundador (Shot)190
Fundador (Bottle)1910
Bacardi 151 (Shot)200
Bacardi 151 (Bottle)2610


Emperador (Bottle) (750ml)860
Emperador Bottle & Iced Tea or Pineapple Tower or 1.5 Pepsi or 7-Up1009

Smirnoff Mule

Sminoff Mule (Bottle)100
Sminoff Mule (Bucket) (6 Bottles)520

Emperor's Tower

Emperor's Tower by Emperador and Smirnoff Mule (Happy) (12pm-7pm)310
Emperor's Tower by Emperador and Smirnoff Mule (Regular)660


Tanduay Rhum 5 years (Shot)100
Tanduay Rhum 5 years (Bottle)970
Tanduay Rhum White (Shot)100
Tanduay Rhum White (Bottle)970
Bacardi Gold (Shot)160
Bacardi Gold (Bottle)2200


Ginebra (Shot)100
Ginebra (Bottle)970
London Gin (Shot)100
London Gin (Bottle)970
Jin Rho (Shot)100
Jin Rho (Bottle)990
Hendrix (Shot)210
Hendrix (Bottle)4800


Baileys (Shot)160
Baileys (Bottle)1824
Kahlua (Shot)160
Kahlua (Bottle)1729
Jagermeister (Shot)160
Jagermeister (Bottle)1624

Tanduay's RTD

Vivo Red Wine (Shot)210
Vivo Red Wine (Bottle)1100
Carlo Rossi (Shot)220
Carlo Rossi (Bottle)1200
Jack Cola (Shot)280
Andy Player Whisky Cola (Shot)100
Andy Player Whisky Cola (Bottle)700

Crazy Cocktail Towers (Shot)

Zombie 650
Gotcha Aftershock 650
The Pad's Ice 650
Double Trouble 750
Mindoro Sling 650
Hulk 650
Tornado 700
Rainbow 999
Pink Moon 700
Blue Moon 700

About Padi’s Point 

Padi’s Point is a bar and restaurant where diners can eat, drink and party with their friends. It is one of the well-known modern party destinations as it offers a lot of beverages and great dishes. There are also live bands and events to make parties and dining experiences more fun and special. 

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Padi’s Point Menu Best Seller

These are the best sellers of Padi’s Point that always delights its customers with their distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture. 

Mexican Pizza – The thin crust of this pizza is topped with onion rings, sausage, bell peppers, nacho chips, and cheese. 

Sizzling Sisig – Its delectable taste makes it one of the most-sought dishes in this restaurant. This dish is made with thinly chopped pig parts cooked with other special ingredients and served on a hot sizzling plate. It is also one of the most popular dishes paired with alcoholic beverages as their flavors match well. 

Padi's Point meu best-seller item is the Sizzling Sisig Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Deep-Fried Crispy Pata – A menu at Padi’s Point that is made with deep-fried pork knuckles. It is best eaten with vinegar dipping sauce. Kare-Kareng gulay is the best dish to pair with it. The crunchy skin and savory tender meat make this dish delightful. 

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Deep-Fried Crispy Pata Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Pancit Canton – It is made with Filipino-style thick noodle dish stir-fried with vegetables and crispy pork belly cutlets. This is one of the common snacks eaten in the afternoon and is always present in Filipino parties or celebrations, especially on birthdays as it signifies long life. 

Chicken TeriyakiChicken Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that is popular in different parts of the world where chicken is cooked in a special teriyaki sauce. The teriyaki sauce makes this simple dish appealing, unique, and flavorful. 


The munchies of Padi’s Point consist of delightful dishes that will stimulate your appetite and satisfy your cravings. 

Nacho Grande – It consists of multi-colored nachos topped with melted mozzarella cheese, barbecue bits, and tomatoes. 

Muchos Nachos in Padi's Point Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Chili Chicken Sticks – Ground chicken and hot pepper are coated with bread crumbs and fried until golden brown. 

Sinuglaw – This Padi’s Point menu is made with grilled pork, squid sinunog, and kinilaw na tanigue. It is a delectable dish that matches perfectly with beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

Original Chicken Wings – It is one of the signature dishes of Padi’s Point. The flavor of these original chicken wings is simply delicious and irresistible. 

Original Chicken Wings Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Kilawing Tanigue – A Filipino dish where tanigue is marinated with calamansi. The tender texture of tanigue and the sour taste of its marinade make it a delicious dish. It can be eaten as an appetizer, a viand with rice, and paired with alcoholic drinks. 

Light Bites

The Light Bites offered by Padi’s Point consist of light, delicious, and healthy meals that can be eaten as appetizers or entrée. 

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Pork & Tamarind Sinigang – It is sour and savory sinigang made with pork ribs, tamarind, and vegetables. 

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso – A Filipino fish stew that has a distinctive sour taste. Bangus or milkfish is cooked with tamarind soup mix, miso paste, and vegetables. 

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Kare-Kareng Gulay – This is a hearty dish where vegetables are cooked in rich peanut sauce. 

Eggplant Ensalada – It is a salad dish where eggplant is cooked with other vegetables. The appealing presentation, amazing flavor, and nutritional properties of this dish make it delightful. 

Vegetable Sticks – These vegetable sticks consist of carrots, turnips, and cucumber with thousand island dip. 

Padi’s Point Barkada Belly Busters Menu

Barkada Belly Busters consists of meals designed for gatherings. It consists of Barrio Feast, which includes tilapia, chicken, liempo, and pusit with mouthwatering side dishes; Party of Six, which is composed of pork, chicken, tilapia, bangus, liempo, and squid; and Island Carnival, a combination of tilapia, pusit, tuna belly, kilawing tanigue, bangus, and salted egg & tomato. 

Barrio Fiesta in Barkada Belly Busters in Padi's Point Pin

It also offers sets of snacks and munchies such as Barkada Feast which consists of five treats; Barkada Monster Feast, a mix of classic pica-pica treats; Triple Treat, which includes three munchies, and Sulit 10, which consists of ten different snacks. 

There is also 1 Meter Pulutan, an ideal set of dishes paired with alcoholic beverages. This is a great choice if you are drinking with friends. It consists of cornics, hot peanuts, tofu, hot chix, kropek, and dilis. 

The other good for sharing dishes that you can enjoy with your loved ones are Deep Fried Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Crispy-Lapia, Bagnet Kare-Kare, and The Pad Signature Fried Chicken

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Padi’s Point offers a lot of sizzling dishes menu such as sisig, double sisig, crispy sisig, chicken, tuna, squid, bangus, garlic liempo, crispy liempo, tofu, tanigue, gambas, corn, hotdog, and bulalo. The mouthwatering aroma, appealing presentation, and sizzling sound of these dishes make them remarkable. 

Barkada Packages 

Barkada Packages are another good for sharing sets of meals. It offers 12 packages that cater to different needs. Each package comes with 1 cocktail tower and it can be upgraded to beer, pale Pilsen, and red horse tower. These packages are reasonably priced so you can enjoy various dishes with your loved ones at an affordable price. 

Cocktail Towers Pin
Photo Credit: Padi’s Point Official FB Page

Padi’s Point Menu Delivery 

Padi’s Point does not have a delivery service. Its menu is only available for dine-in and take-out. Its operating hours differ in each branch so it is better to check the nearest branch to your location by visiting its social media pages. 

Social Media Pages

If you want to know more about Padi’s Point and their offerings, their social media pages are a great place to start. You can check out their Facebook page, Instagram account, and other social media platforms to see what they have to offer and stay updated on any upcoming events or promotions.






Padi’s Point menu consists of dishes that are ideal to be paired with alcoholic drinks. It also offers rice meals and non-alcoholic beverages for those who want a simple yet memorable dining experience. This restaurant is a good place where you can have a great time with your family and friends, but it is not ideal for kids, especially in the evenings as it gets crowded and noisy. It is a great place where you can eat, drink, and party with your friends. 

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