Red Mango Menu Prices

One of the well-loved desserts nowadays is this trending frozen yogurt that recently became one of the most talked about topics on TikTok. Most people do not know that these frozen yogurts have been here since then and the goodness of this delightful dessert is well deserving to be the newest talk of the town. And when it comes to frozen yogurt, I have my favorite place where you can have them. This is Red Mango and let’s talk about their amazing menu!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Red Mango menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Frozen Yogurt

Original Small90.00
Original Medium132.00
Original Large171.00
Original Family261.00


Banana Cornflakes23.00
Cocoa Pebbles23.00
Fruity Pebbles22.00
Special K22.00
Sliced Almonds21.00
Chopped Cashews22.00
Crushed Graham20.00
Oreo Crumbs21.00
Chocolate Chips20.00
Brownie Bites23.00
Dried Cranberries23.00
Yogurt Popping Boba21.00
Red Beans20.00
Caramel Shell22.00
Dark Choco Shell23.00

Froyo Parfait

Chocolate Lovers187.00

Other Menu

Froyo Combo Kit1,159
Rocky Road Special495.00
Mango Jubilee Froyo457.00
Chocolate Overload Froyo455.00
Banana Almond Crunch Froyo455.00
Trail Mix458.00
Banoffee Special495.00
Original Froyo (Plain)396.00
Make Your Own Combo (Original)395.00
Double Mango Jubilee Froyo518.00
Double Chocolate Overload Froyo515.00
Double Banana Almond Crunch Froyo518.00
Double Trail Mix515.00
Matcha Mochi Dream Froyo455.00
Matcha Trail Mix Froyo455.00
Choco Matcha Overload Froyo458.00
Matcha Froyo (Plain)395.00
Make Your Own Combo (Matcha)396.00
Double Matcha Mochi Dream Froyo515.00

About Red Mango

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain that offers a variety of flavors of Frozen yogurts such as their newest Rocky Road Special which gained immense support and love from yogurt enthusiasts as well as their iconic Froyo such as their Double Chocolate Overload Froyo and other Limited edition flavors that you surely don’t want to miss. They offer a variety of delightful desserts that are available on the store menu as well as on the Delivery Menu.

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Red Mango Menu Best Seller

Here are the hottest picks of their flavorful collections of frozen yogurts that you need to consider especially on your first visit.

Choco Overload Froyo – This best-selling froyo is topped with the absolute goodness of chocolate with the chocolate chips and Oreo crumbs that are loaded on this mountainous delight.

Original Frozen Yogurt (Family) – This is their original frozen yogurt but is served in a larger portion of a cup for you to share and enjoy with your family. It is good for 2-3 people per serving with the three-upping mountain goodness of this yogurt.

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Original frozen yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Red Mango Philippines FB Page

Froyo Parfait Banoffee – This banoffee menu of Red Mango is found in their froyo parfait collection which features layers of fruity goodness with various textures such as crunchy as well as smooth textures that soothe every bite. This flavor is a delightful fusion of banana and toffee that has a well-balanced formula where the banana does not overpower the entire flavor.

Froyo Parfait Chocolate Lovers – These chocolate lovers I also found in their froyo parfait collection that highlights the crunchiness of chocolate bites with the malty textures of Oreo that is a sure hit!

Froyo parfait chocolate lovers Pin
Photo Credits: Red Mango Philippines FB Page

Frozen Yogurt

This Frozen Yogurt menu of Red Mango is a curated goodness of their original flavor which is considerably one of the greatest formulas of Frozen yogurt you can have on the market. 

Original – This original frozen yogurt comes in various sizes such as Small, Medium, Large, and Family. It has the right sour and sweet spot that provides a wide range of health benefits. It is also natural and nonfat so it is a perfect dessert for people on a diet.

Original frozen yogurt with fruits side toppings Pin
Photo Credits: Red Mango Philippines FB Page

Other Red Mango Menus

This collection features a delightful fusion of layered goodness of fruits and crunchy delights that you will surely love.

Mango Jubilee Froyo – This flavor features the sweetness of crushed graham along with the smooth mango cube slices with a caramel shell that perfectly goes along with the sweetness of mangoes and Grahams.

Trail Mix – This is one of the latest released flavors which is a combination of Dark Chocolate shell with flavorful granola and dried cranberries which is also a must-love in their collection.

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Trail mix Pin
Photo Credits: Red Mango Philippines FB Page

Banoffee Special – This banoffee is a well-curated goodness that is loaded with extra goodness to make it extra special. It is a combination of banana with Caramel Shell, Crushed Graham, Banana Corn Flakes, and Hershey’s chocolate chips.

Chocolate Overload Froyo – This flavor of froyo that is delivered in pint sizes is made out of original yogurts topped with the chocolate goodness of Oreo Crumbs, Hershey’s Choco Chips, and Chocolate Shell.

Froyo Combo Kit – This combo kit menu of Red Mango is one of their creative creations that features customizable delights you can enjoy at home. It is an original frozen yogurt that is served with cups of your selected toppings to add to your yogurt.

Rocky Road Special – This is also one of their latest released flavors that features the finest textures of chocolate and walnuts. It is made out of Hershey’s Chocolate Chips, Mochi Balls, Chocolate Shell, Bite-sized brownies, and walnuts.

Rocky road special Pin
Photo Credits: Red Mango Philippines FB Page

Make your Own Combo – This is one of their innovative curated options where you can design your own pint-size Frozen yogurt with all of their available toppings and shells from the fruits, and crunchy Oreos to their chocolate collections, you can definitely do what pleases you with this make your own combo!

Red Mango Menu Delivery 

Red Mango’s official website is actually designed for delivery options so you can efficiently have your frozen yogurt delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks. You can also order through their partnered delivery services such as FoodPanda Philippines, GrabFood, or any third-party delivery channels available in your area.


Social Media Pages

Get the latest trends in their menu, promotions, and even discounts if you tune in to their social media pages. Be healthy feels just by scrolling to their page and you may be hooked up with their creations. So, click the links below to start following them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Red Mango offer? 

Red Mango offers a great selection of flavorful frozen yogurt with a wide array for you to choose from.

What is Red Mango known for?

Red Mango is known for its Froyo Parfait Collections as well as its Pint Sizes of flavorful Froyo to share with your favorite people. One of their popular items is their Chocolate Overload Froyo which is also one of the safest options for your first time.

What are the operating hours of Red Mango?

Red Mango operates daily from 10 AM to 9 PM along with all of the branches of Red Mango nationwide.

Are there ways I can reach them online?

Yes, you can visit their official accounts on Facebook as well as on Instagram where they actively respond to your queries about their product.

Where is the nearest Red Mango in my area?

You can check the nearest Red Mango in your area through this link


In conclusion, Red Mango definitely offers a well-curated collection of original frozen Yogurts menu and an option where people can design their own cups which adds a great point to the ratings. However, I suggest that they release more flavors because the latest available collections are really great and I am sure they can really excel more if they expand these kinds of delightful fusions more and more. 

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