Happy Lemon Menu Prices

Aside from food people loves to explore drinks and nowadays milk tea shops and other beverages are mushrooming our country. Just like other establishments, the Happy Lemon menu offers a variety of options like milk teas, smoothies, lemon-based drinks, and more. Happy Lemon almost has every drink that you might crave.

Have you heard about Happy Lemon? If not please make sure to read this article to know more about them, the kind of drinks that they are selling, and of course their price per product. Not a fan of drinks? No worries they also have bubble waffles in 3 different flavors. This is too much already for an introduction, let’s start, shall we?

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Happy Lemon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rock Salt and Cheese Series (reg/large/hot)

Black tea with rock salt and cheese 80/90/90
Green tea with rock salt and cheese 80/90/90
Milk tea with rock salt and cheese 90/100/100
Cocoa with rock salt and cheese 90/100/100
Coffee with rock salt and cheese 90/100/100
Cocoa and oreo cookies with rock salt and cheese 100/110/110

Smoothie Series (reg/large)

Milk tea smoothie NA/85
Chocolate milk tea smoothie NA/95
Lemon calamansi smoothie NA/100
Lemon yakult smoothie 90/100
Mango and orange yogurt smoothie 90/100
Matcha smoothie with red beans 90/100
Milk tea smoothie with oreo cookies and creamNA/110

Lemon Series (reg/large/jumbo/hot)

Lemon special cooler75/85/100/NA
Lemon yakult green tea 80/90/105/NA
Pomelo grapefruit lemon green tea 80/90/105/90
Lemon yogurt with QQ jelly 90/100/115/NA
Lemon calamansi tea90/100/115/100

Cocoa and Coffee (reg/large/jumbo/hot)

Cafe Americano 75/85/NA/85
Chocolate milk tea classic75/85/100/85
Cocoa with black pearl sago 75/85/100/85
Cocoa with pudding 80/90/105/90
Cafe latte 85/95/NA/95
Chocolate milk tea with puff cream 90/100/115/100
Cocoa with Oreo cookies and cream 100/110/125/110
Coffee with Oreo cookies and cream 110/120/NA/120

Milo Dinosaur Series (Large)

Milo dinosaur 95
Milk tea dinosaur 95
Matcha dinosaur 115

Milk Tea Series (Regular/Large/jumbo/hot)

Milk tea classic 65/75/90/65
Roasted milk tea classic 70/80/95/80
Milk tea with black pearl sago75/85/100/85
Roasted milk tea with black pearl sago80/90/105/90
Milk tea with black pearl sago and puff cream90/100/115/100
Milk tea with oreo cookies and cream 90/100/115/100
Roasted milk tea with red bean and pudding 90/100/115/100
Milk tea with pudding, QQ jelly and black pearl sago95/105/120/105

Green Tea and Black Tea Series (Regular/Large/jumbo/hot)

Jasmine green tea 60/70/85/70
Black tea60/70/85/70
Mango orange black tea with QQ jelly85/95/110/95
Pomelo grapefruit green tea with QQ jelly85/95/110/95

Matcha Series (Regular/Large/jumbo/hot)

Matcha latte with red beans and pudding 100/110/125/110
Matcha latte with oreo cookies and cream 110/120/135/120

Tiramisu Series (Regular/Large/hot)

Cocoa tiramisu100/110/110
Milk tea tiramisu with oreo110/120/120
Matcha tiramisu110/120/120

Bubble Waffle

Chocolate 95
Classic 85

About Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon was first started in China in 2006 by the Yummy town group which is a tea culture company that originates in Taiwan. This brand is a global franchise and already has 1500 locations worldwide. Happy Lemon only uses the freshest and finest ingredients to ensure its product quality. They use freshly squeezed lemon and other fruits and also natural ingredients in making the tea that they use on their branches. As much as they can they want to stay away from sweetener products instead they got their sweetener from sugar cane and brown sugar. Their sample locations are in Mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Chris Tiu and their friends bring Happy Lemon here in our country The Philippines, they opened their first branch in 2010 and the rest is history. This establishment grows and has different branches, especially in Metro Manila, other parts of Luzon, some branches in the northern part of Luzon, and even Davao in Mindanao. 

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Happy Lemon Menu Best Seller

I gathered Happy Lemon’s top best-selling items to help you decide which one to order if you are going to try them for the first time. Here ate the list of their best sellers. 

Lemon Special Cooler – This very refreshing drink from the Happy Lemon menu is perfect for the hot weather here in our country. If you’re not into milk teas or other milky or creamy drinks then this is the right one for you to order. They also topped it with real lemon fruit for a more refreshing and delicious tea experience. 

Lemon Special Cooler only in Happy Lemon Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Milo Dinosaur – Milo Dinosaur is a cold drink that is made with milo a powdered chocolate drink that gives nostalgia to kids and kids at heart. Who wouldn’t like and know Milo right so why not make it a cold drink? 

Oreo Milk Tea – Imagine a sweet and creamy milk tea and of course, cold then topped with crunchy oreo cookies isn’t that good? Their oreo milk tea is really good and delicious. It has the right amount of sweetness and really flavorful. 

Milk Tiger – This is made with caramelized brown sugar and boba pearls on the bottom and milk. This delicious treat has chewy and sweet boba pearls that are perfect with their milk and added brown sugar syrup. This is one of their best milk tea as well. 

Brown Sugar + Milk = Happy Lemon Milk Tiger Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Miktea with Rock Salt and Cheese – This menu from Happy Lemon has the right amount of sweetness the rock salt only made this drink very sweet but not too much plus the creaminess of the cheese also adds to the flavor of this drink. They recommend adding oreo for extra crunch but for me, this is already perfect. 

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Creamy Baby – This drink is a combination of milk tea, cheese, rock salt, and oreo cookies. This masterpiece is one of the crowd’s favorites. 

Cream Baby is truly a masterpiece drink in Happy Lemon Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese – made with cocoa drink, some ice, rock salt and cheese, and oreo crumbs. This drink is their top-selling drink and also their most popular among their menu and their best sellers. 

Lemon Series

On their lemon series, they have lemon special coolers, lemon yakult green tea, pomelo grapefruit lemon green tea, lemon yogurt with QQ jelly, and Lemon Calamansi tea. This lemon series has 4 serving options, they have regular, large, jumbo, and hot. 

Introducing Grapes Lemon Coolers of Lemon Series Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Rock Salt and Cheese Series

Happy Lemon rock salt and cheese series has 6 flavors to choose from; Black tea with rock salt and cheese, Green tea with rock salt and cheese, Milk tea with rock salt and cheese, Cocoa with rock salt and cheese, Coffee with rock salt and cheese and Cocoa and Oreo Cookies with rock salt and cheese. They also have regular size, large size, and Hot.

A best-selling drink in RSC Series in Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Smoothie Series

On the Happy Lemon smoothie series menu, they have 7 flavors to choose from. They have a Milk tea smoothie, chocolate milk tea smoothie, lemon calamansi smoothie, lemon yakult smoothie, mango and orange yogurt smoothie, matcha smoothie with red beans, and milk tea smoothie with oreo cookies and cream. They have only 2 sizes for their smoothie series, regular and large. 

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Milk tea just got better if it becomes a smoothie! Pin
Photo Credit: Happy Lemon PH Facebook Page

Cocoa and Coffee

On their cocoa and coffee series, they have café americano, classic chocolate milk tea, cocoa with black pearl sago, cocoa with pudding, café latte, chocolate milk tea with puff cream, cocoa with oreo cookies and cream, and lastly their coffee with oreo cookies and cream. Items are also available in regular, large, jumbo, and hot. 

Happy Lemon Menu Delivery

Craving for Happy Lemon drinks but unable to step outside? Don’t worry! Happy Lemon offers a range of online ordering options, including their Facebook page, as well as popular delivery services such as Foodpanda and Grabfood. Regardless of your location, you can now enjoy the exquisite taste of Happy Lemon’s beverages from the comfort of your own home. No need to venture out when you can order your favorite drinks with just a few clicks and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Happy Lemon’s signature drinks, with their unique and refreshing flavors, are sure to please your taste buds and lift your spirits. So, indulge in a little self-care and satisfy your cravings with a delightful Happy Lemon beverage, ordered online for your convenience.

Happy Lemon Social Media Pages 

Here are happy lemon social media pages and accounts that you should follow and like to be updated on their latest products and discounts. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyLemonPh

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happylemon_ph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/happylemonph


Their brand actually speaks for itself. It’ll make you happy after drinking their products and I’m not exaggerating but their drinks are delicious. The tea is well brewed and their drinks are not too sweet just right. Very good products and nice crews. I love most of the Happy Lemon drinks and also their bubble waffle menu. I highly recommend them to everyone who loves refreshing drinks

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