Hot Box Menu Prices

The delectable cuisines of the Hot Box menu are served in a self-heating portable food box. It offers Filipino, Italian, and Chinese dishes consisting of merienda, pasta, dessert, and entrees. These hot box meals come in different sizes and they also provide customized boxes based on the needs of their customers. Customers can enjoy these dishes in three simple steps. First, pull the string completely out; second, allow food to heat; and third, open the lid carefully and enjoy the hot and delicious food. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Hot Box menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Benta Box Meals

Sweet & Sour Fish 219
Tausi Fish209
Beef Tapa 199
Pork Humba 199
Pork Binagoongan 199
Pork Menudo 199
Pork Dinuguan 199
Pork Sisig 199
Picadillo 199
Gising-gising 199
Chicken Barbecue 199
Tapsilog 199
Bangsilog 199
Tocilog 199
Burger Steak 169
Tuna Omelette 169
Beef Pares 149
Pork Siomai 149

Premium Meals

Bistek Tagalog 399
Beef Caldereta 359
Beef Tapa 349
Grilled Liempo 359
Pork Humba 339
Pork Binagoongan 339
Pork Menudo 339
Pork Dinuguan 329
Pork Sisig 339
Sweet & Sour Fish 389
Tausi Fish389
Bangus Spring Roll 349
Chicken Barbecue 339
Chicken Inasal339
Fried Chicken329
Chopsuey 299
Salt & Pepper Pork 449
Beef Brocolli 369
Orange Chicken 349
Roast Beef 399
Creamy Meatballs (3 pcs)319

Merienda Meals

Pancit Palabok (comes with bangus, spring roll, and puto)349
Pancit Malabon (comes with bangus, spring roll, and puto)329
Pancit Combi (comes with bangus, spring roll, and puto)329
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (with garlic bread)329
Linguini Carbonara (with garlic bread)329

Platter Box

Bistek Tagalog (Half)999
Bistek Tagalog (Full)1929
Beef Caldereta (Half)829
Beef Caldereta (Full)1599
Grilled Liempo (Half)829
Grilled Liempo (Full)1599
Pork Barbecue (Half)789
Pork Barbecue (Full)1499
Chicken Lollipop (Half)749
Chicken Lollipop (Full)1499
Sweet & Sour Fish (Half)999
Sweet & Sour Fish (Full)1499
Beef Tapa (Half)799
Beef Tapa (Full)1499
Pork Humba (Half)699
Pork Humba (Full)1449
Pork Binagoongan (Half)699
Pork Binagoongan (Full)1449
Pork Menudo (Half)699
Pork Menudo (Full)1199
Pork Dinuguan (Half)699
Pork Dinuguan (Full)1199
Pork Sisig (Half)619
Pork Sisig (Full)1199
Lumpiang Shanghai (Half)619
Lumpiang Shanghai (Full)1199
Chicken Inasal (Half)749
Chicken Inasal (Full)1099
Chicken Barbecue (Half)699
Chicken Barbecue (Full)1499
Fried Chicken (Half)699
Fried Chicken (Full)1499
Bangus Spring Roll (Half)599
Bangus Spring Roll (Full)1299
Tausi Fish (Half)899
Tausi Fish (Full)1399
Baked Cream Dory (Half)899
Baked Cream Dory (Full)1399
Steamed Soy Fish (Half)799
Steamed Soy Fish (Full)1399
Laing (with Pork) (Half)549
Laing (with Pork) (Full)999
Tofu Sisig (Half)549
Tofu Sisig (Full)1199
Chopsuey (Half)549
Chopsuey (Full)999
Fresh Lumpia (with Chicken) (Half)499
Fresh Lumpia (with Chicken) (Full)899
Lumpiang Togue (Half)399
Lumpiang Togue (Full)699
Salt & Pepper Pork (Half)1009
Salt & Pepper Pork (Full)2049
Sweet & Sour Pork (Half)629
Sweet & Sour Pork (Full)1119
Beef Brocolli (Half)839
Beef Brocolli (Full)1599
Orange Chicken (Half)759
Orange Chicken (Full)1449
Dim Sum (Half)699
Dim Sum (Full)1299
Siopao (4 or 8 pcs) (Half)339
Siopao (4 or 8 pcs) (Full)559
Baked Salmon (Half)Message Hot Box for the price
Baked Salmon (Full)Message Hot Box for the price
Roast Beef (Half)1299
Roast Beef (Full)2449
Creamy Meatballs (Half)899
Creamy Meatballs (Full)1699
Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken (Half)699
Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken (Full)1299
Chicken Cordon Bleu (Half)729
Chicken Cordon Bleu (Full)1449
Mashed Potato (Half)499
Mashed Potato (Full)899

Pasta / Rice

Pancit Palabok (Half)559
Pancit Palabok (Full)999
Pancit Malabon (Half)499
Pancit Malabon (Full)899
Pancit Combi (Half)469
Pancit Combi (Full)859
Charlie Chan (Half)919
Charlie Chan (Full)1739
Chow Mein (Half)549
Chow Mein (Full)969
Seafood Noodle (Half)469
Seafood Noodle (Full)839
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Half)339
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Full)589
Beef Lasagna (Half)899
Beef Lasagna (Full)1649
Baked Macaroni (Half)899
Baked Macaroni (Full)1649
Hungarian Sausage Penne (Half)749
Hungarian Sausage Penne (Full)1349
Alfredo Pasta (Half)749
Alfredo Pasta (Full)1349
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (Half)609
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (Full)1099
Linguini Carbonara (Half)609
Linguini Carbonara (Full)1099
Aglio Olio (Half)569
Aglio Olio (Full)999


Maja Blanca (Half)599
Maja Blanca (Full)1019
Cassava Cake (Half)559
Cassava Cake (Full)1019
Buchi (15 or 30 pcs) (Half)449
Buchi (15 or 30 pcs) (Full)799
Pichi Pichi (15 or 30 pcs) (Half)399
Pichi Pichi (15 or 30 pcs) (Full)729
Puto (Half)399
Puto (Full)729
Brownies (15 or 30 pcs) (Half)889
Brownies (15 or 30 pcs) (Full)1679
Caramel Bar (Half)549
Caramel Bar (Full)999

About Hot Box

Hot Box is a brand of Steam Box Corporation that is known for its innovative heating device and unique food packaging. It aims to provide its customers with portable hot and fresh meals that they can enjoy anytime anywhere. As part of their CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility, they will provide a hot meal to their affiliated foundations and charities for each box sold. 

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Hot Box Menu Best Seller 

These are the best-selling dishes of Hot Box that are packed with goodness and has a rich taste. 

Pork Menudo – A savory Filipino stew that is commonly prepared for different celebrations. It is made with pork, pork liver, carrots, potatoes, and other special ingredients cooked in tomato sauce. The bold flavor of this dish and the colorful vegetables makes this dish a crowd favorite. 

Beef Caldereta – It is a Filipino favorite dish made with tender and juicy beef chunks, vibrant and delicious vegetables, and rich tomato-based sauce. This Hot Box menu is packed with flavors and rich in nutrients, which is why it is considered one of the ultimate comfort foods that always delight the taste buds. 

Hot Box best seller menu item is the Beef Caldereta Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page

Pancit Malabon – It is a special noodle dish that originates in Malabon. The crowd loved this dish as it is visuacally appetizing and flavorful. The thick rice noodles, delicious toppings, and the yellow-orange color of its sauce go well together making it one of the traditional noodle dishes served on special occasions. It comes with bangus, spring roll, and puto. 

Pancit Malabon good for sharing Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page
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Sweet and Sour Fish – A dish that never fails to amaze seafood lovers as it has a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor. Its festive appearance and savory taste make it mouthwatering. This is available in benta box meals, premium meals, and platter boxes so diners can enjoy it by themselves or share it with their loved ones. 

Cassava Cake – This is a Filipino sweet dessert that is loved for its distinct flavor and texture. It is made with cassava, sugar, flour, and milk. This is one of the famous pasalubong that your loved ones will surely love. 

Benta Box Meals 

These benta box solo meals of Hot Box consist of delectable dishes that are served with rice. 

Pork Humba – A braised pork stew that has a perfect sweet and savory flavor. This delicious dish is famous in the Visayan and Southern regions of the Philippines. It is made with pork belly, bay leaves, onion, tausi, brown sugar, and other special ingredients stewed in fermented black beans sauce. 

Picadillo – This menu from Hot Box is made with minced beef and vegetables cooked in a tomato-based sauce. The goodness of this dish will delight your taste buds as it is packed with delicious flavors and an appetizing aroma. 

Laing – It is a traditional Bicolano dish where dried taro leaves are cooked with chili, coconut milk, and other ingredients. The is known for its spicy flavor that stimulates the taste buds and boosts your appetite. 

Chicken BarbecueChicken barbecue is a popular cuisine loved by people from different walks of life. The juicy, and tender meat as well as the special blend of spices and seasonings of its marinade makes it flavorful and visually appealing.

A Hot Box menu item is the Chicken Barbecue Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page

Beef Tapa – A popular breakfast meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is made with thin slices of beef marinated in a special blend of spices and cooked until it becomes tender. Its tangy flavor and tender meat never cease to stimulate the appetite of diners.  

Beef Tapa Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page

Premium Meals

The premium meals of Hot Box consist of Filipino, Chinese, and Italian cuisines served with vegetables, a side dish, and rice.  

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Grilled Liempo – A delicious and famous Filipino grilled dish that is commonly prepared in different gatherings as its texture and flavors complement well with other cuisines and beverages. 

Tausi Fish – It is made up of fried fish stewed with black beans. This simple yet satisfying and flavorful stew stimulates the taste buds of seafood fanatics. It is a must-try dish as it has an awesome taste that will make you crave more. 

Chicken Inasal – The distinct taste of chicken inasal makes it one of the favorite viands of Filipinos. The special blend of ingredients and cooking techniques creates an appetizing smoky and aromatic flavor. 

Orange Chicken – This Hot Box menu is a Chinese dish where the chicken breast is cut into small pieces, fried until golden brown and crispy, and cooked in the restaurant’s special sauce. This bite-sized and flavorful dish is one of the dishes that are loved by people of all ages. 

Roast Beef – It is an Italian cuisine where beef is roasted until it becomes juicy and tender. The enticing aroma and flavors that come with it make it luxurious and delectable.  

Roast Beef of Hot Box Premium Meals menu Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page

Platter Box

The platter box offered by Hot Box is available in half and full servings. The half serving is good for 2-4 people while the full serving is good for 6-8 people. The Filipino cuisines that it offers consist of Hotbox Special, Hotbox Classic, and Hotbox Veggies. It also offers Chinese dishes such as Dim Sum, Beef Broccoli, and Salt & Pepper Pork. There are also Italian dishes like Baked Salmon, Creamy Meatballs, and Chicken Cordon Bleu. The wide array of meals that it offers makes it easy for customers to pick the best dish that they can prepare and share with their loved ones. 

Creamy meatballs Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page

Merienda Meals 

The merienda meals from the Hot Box menu come with different sides and are good for one person only. It offers Filipino dishes such as Pancit Palabok, Pancit Malabon, and Pancit Combi that come with bangus, spring roll, and puto. The Italian dishes that it offers consist of Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Linguini Carbonara that comes with garlic bread. These pasta and noodle dishes are perfect to be eaten as an afternoon snack. 

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Pancit Palabok Pin
Photo Credit: Hot Box PH Facebook Page


Hot Box offers Filipino, Chinese, and Italian pasta and rice dishes that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. These are available in half and full servings. It serves traditional Filipino noodle dishes like Pancit Malabon, Combi, and Palabok. The Chinese pasta cuisines that it provides are Charlie Chan, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Seafood Noodle, and Chow Mein. Some of the Italian pasta that it serves are Beef Lasagna, Baked Macaroni, and Hungarian Sausage Penne. 


The desserts of Hot Box consist of Filipino dishes sweet and classic desserts that are available in half and full servings. The Hotbox Pinoy Sweets that it offers consist of Maja Blanca, Cassava Cake, Buchi, and Pichi-Pichi. Its Hotbox Sweet Classic includes Brownies and Caramel Bar. These delectable desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and will make your moments with your loved ones sweet and fun. 

Hot Box Menu Delivery 

The menu of hotbox is available for delivery through GrabFood and FoodPanda as well as on their website at You can also message them on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts at hotboxphils and call them at 7987-1-919, 0917-597-1199, and 0998-254-6000 to arrange your orders. For store pickup, you can book your preferred delivery service like Lalamove, Grab, Move It, or Borzo.

Hot Box Social Media Pages

Know Hot Box’s latest trends by tuning in to their social media platforms. They have several pages and channels for you to choose from. You may see their latest promotions, new food menu items, or exciting discounts that you will grab. Check out the links provided below to get started!








The dishes on the Hot Box menu are served fresh and hot which makes them delicious and flavorful. The dishes that it offers are perfect for any occasion and on regular days. This restaurant will give you a unique and memorable experience as they also offer customized boxes. Its customers commend its amazing heating technology, excellent customer service, accommodating staff, quality foods that are reasonably priced, and fast delivery service. 

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