Sariwon Korean Barbecue Menu Prices

Sariwon Korean Barbecue menu is popular for its authentic Korean dishes such as Bulgogi and Galbi. The other cuisines that it offers are grill sets, meats from the grill, meats from the kitchen, seafood & other specialties, noodles, soups and stews, rice, executive solo sets, dessert, and beverages. These dishes are of high quality and fresh ingredients are used to alleviate your Korean dining experience. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sariwon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Grill Set

Valentine Grill Set for 2 3080
Valentine Grill Set for 43875
Signature Grill Set for 23080
Premium Grill Set for 22180
Special Grill Set for 21300
Signature Grill Set for 45875
Premium Grill Set for 43605
Special Grill Set for 42430

Meats from the Grill

Deung Shim 1415
Yangnyeom Galbisal 835
Yangnyeom Wagyu Salchisal 1710
Galbisal 745
Seng Galbi 2240
Yangnyeom Galbi 2100
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup 535
Woo Samgyup 505
Grilled Bulgogi 505

Legendary Bulgogi

Sariwon Bulgogi 578
Bulgogi Jeongol 632

Meats from the Kitchen

Galbijim 715
Dak Galbi 450
Dak Bulgogi 450
Dwaeji Bulgogi 405

Seafood & Other Specialties

Haemul Pajeon 405
Gyeanjjim 160
Gimbap (12 pcs)280
Gimbap (6 pcs)155


Japchae 405

Soups and Stews

Soondubu Chigae360
Deung Galbi Kimchi Chigae360
Galbitang 570
Doenjang Chigae265


Jeonju Bibimbap405
Dolsot Bibimbap 405
Kimchi Bokkeumbap470

Executive Solo Sets

Upjinsal Executive Set 440
Galbisal Executive Set 650
Yangnyeom Galbisal Executive Set 675
Woo Samgyup Executive Set 440
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup Executive Set 490
Grilled Bulgogi Executive Set 480
Dak Galbi Executive Set 440
Dak Bulgogi Executive Set 440
Dwaeji Bulgogi Executive Set 395


Red Grape 145
Mango Banana145
Coffee Jelly 145
Ripe Mango 170
Oreo Cookies & Cream 170


House Blend Iced Tea 135
Honey Lemon Dalandan130

Softdrinks & Water

Coke 105
Coke Zero105
Bottled Water55

Korean Wine & Soju

Bokbunja 795
Baekseju 530
Original Soju 265
Fresh Soju 265
Green Grape Soju 265

Bottled Water

San Miguel Pale Pilsen 105
San Miguel Light 105


Mojito Soju 210
Sangria Soju 295
Margarita Soju 195


Sizzling Apple Graham 205
Vanilla Ice Cream with Red Beans 165
Coffee Jelly 69

About Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Sariwon Korean Barbecue is the brainchild of Mrs. Bun-im-Koo. The name of this restaurant originates from Sariwon, a town in North Korea, where she developed her first Korean Beef Bulgogi recipe. She opened her first restaurant in 1938, with 20 seats serving her neighbors and friends. With its high-quality dishes, it has grown into a multi-awarded restaurant and its main branch in Seoul can now cater to 350 people. 

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Sariwon Korean Barbecue Menu Best Seller

These are the must-try Korean dishes that will impress you with their unique features and give you an exciting dining adventure.

Haemul Pajeon – It is a classic Korean pancake made with mussels, shrimp, squid, and green onion. This is one of the restaurant’s specialties that is great for seafood lovers

Haemul Pajeon is a classic Korean pancake Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Soondubu Chigae – Soondubu Chigae is a signature menu of Sariwon Korean Barbecue and has a hot and spicy flavor. It is a tofu soup that contains pork and seafood served with rice. 

Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup Executive Set – An executive solo set meal made up of 120 grams of marinated USDA Choice beef belly set. It comes with rice, Doenjang Chigao, and four side dishes that are limited to one round of refill. 

Sariwon's Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup executive set for solo eater Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Sariwon Bulgogi – Fresh USDA Choice beef is sliced thinly, grilled with broth, and served with homemade sweet potato noodles and signature Sariwon sauce. Its tender, flavorful, and juicy meat makes this dish delightful. 

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Deung Shim – Deung Shim is a rib-eye steak that is cooked to perfection. This is a sumptuous and delectable dish that you must try as it will complete your dining experience. 

Meats From the Grill

These sumptuous meat from the grill are good for sharing and worth trying as it has a heavenly taste and texture. 

Woo Samgyup – It is made up of a thinly sliced and marbled fresh USDA Choice beef belly. This is a satisfying dish loved by people from different cultures because of its tender texture and delectable taste. 

Grilled Bulgogi – Tender pieces of USDA Choice beef are marinated with leeks, onions, and fruits. This is a fun-to-eat dish that will be enjoyed by all family members. 

Add this Grilled Bulgogi to your grill and you'll never regret it. Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Yangnyeom Galbi – It is one of the popular Korean cuisines made up of USDA High Choice beef bone-in short ribs marinated and grilled until it becomes juicy and texture. 

Yangnyeom Galbisal – This is a USDA Choice beef rib fingers deliciously marinated in a special sauce and a choice of herbs and spices. Its irresistible aroma makes it an exciting and appetizing dish. 

Seng Galbi – It is made up of fresh beef short ribs, a high choice of USDA, grilled on a ceramic charcoal grill, and served with a homemade sauce on the side.

Satisfy your meat cravings with these Seng galbi or fresh beef short ribs Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Meats From the Kitchen

Meats from the kitchen consist of appetizing cuisines that are expertly cooked to give you a remarkable dining experience. 

Galbijim – The imported beef stew is cooked slowly until it becomes tender. This meal is good for 1 person. It is a well-known cuisine in Korea served on special occasions and holidays. 

Dak Galbi – This Sariwon Korean Barbecue menu is made from grilled boneless chicken carefully marinated overnight in a special sauce and served on a hot sizzling plate. Its spiciness makes this dish more satisfying as it gives a pleasurable feeling. 

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Dak Galbi that you'll love if you dine in Sariwon Korean Barbecue Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Dak Bulgogi – Sesame chicken barbecue is grilled and served on a sizzling plate. This sweet and savory Dak Bulbogi is bursting with flavors as it is marinated in the restaurant’s choice of spices. 

Dwaeji Bulgogi – A spicy pork barbeque is grilled and served on a sizzling plate. It is a famous Korean Barbecue dish that is marinated in a special sauce that complements well with the texture of the meat. 

Dwaeji Bulgogi dish menu in Sariwon Korean Barbecue Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page


Korean noodle dishes encapsulate the rich culture of Korea. These traditional noodles offered by Sariwon symbolize longevity which makes it one of the common dishes prepared on birthdays.

Japchae – A festive Korean noodle dish where vermicelli noodles are stir-fried with green onion, mushroom, pork, carrots, and other vegetables. It is one of the most-liked Korean dishes that have a distinctive and savory taste. 

Mul-naengmyeon – This noodle menu from Sariwon Korean Barbecue that originates in North Korea is made up of the restaurant’s chilled sweet potato noodles cooked with vegetables in chilled beef broth. It is a dish perfect for hot weather. 

North Korean's pride is the Mul-naengmyeon served in Sariwon Korean Barbecue Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Bibim-Naengmyeon – It is a chewy and spicy noodle dish that originates in Incheon. Homemade cold sweet potato noodles are garnished with hot chili paste. The cold breeze of this dish will make you crave more. This is one of the most sought cuisines of Korean noodle lovers. 

Premium Grill Set

Premium grill set is available in set sets. The first set is good for 2 people or fewer. It consists of two servings of White Rice, Gyeranjjim, Haemul, Mini Pajeon, Soondubu Chigae, and 330 grams of Yangnyeom Galbisal

The second premium set is good for 4 people. This set includes 180 grams of Yangnyeom Galbisal, 180 grams of Galbisal, 250 GRAMS OF Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup, Soondubu Chigae, Haemul Pajeon, Japchae, Gyeranjjim, and four servings of white rice. 

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These premium grill sets are worth their price as it consists of satisfying sets of meal that you can share and enjoy with your loved ones. 

Soups and Stews

These Korean soups and stews are full of flavor that will make your meals more exciting. It offers spicy and non-spicy soup to cater to the different flavor profile preferences of its customers. The spicy noodles that it offers are Soondubu Chigae, tofu soup with pork and seafood; Deung Galbi Kimchi Chigae, pork ribs, and kimchi stew; and Doenjang Chigae, a mildly spicy stew made with tofu, beef bits, vegetables, and soybean paste. The non-spicy noodles that it provides are Galbitang, beef ribs soup with brisket chunks, and Seollongtang, a creamy and rich beef bone soup. All of these Sariwon Korean Barbecue menus are served with rice. 

Popular dish of soup menu at Sariwon Korean Barbecue is Soondubu Chigae Pin
Photo Credit: Sariwon Official Facebook Page

Sariwon Korean Barbecue Menu Delivery

Experience Korean dining experience at the comfort of your home with your loved ones through delivery. You can order online through GrabFood, on their website at, or Viber them at 09668626670. They offer same-day delivery and accept advance orders. Stay tuned on their social media sites for delivery promos so you can get a discount. 

Social Media Pages

You can keep up with the latest menu, products, and discounts from Sariwon Korean Barbecue by following or liking their social media pages. I highly recommend doing so to show your support and stay informed about their latest offerings.







The Sariwon Korean Barbecue menu will give you a memorable and exciting Korean dining experience. Its authentic and delicious dishes will make you feel like you’re in Korea. It is one of the best Korean restaurants that people visit so you need to be early to avoid waiting for too long. This is a highly recommended restaurant because of its affordable dishes, great ambiance, and attentive staff. 

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