Graceland Menu Prices

Although Graceland may be considered a fast food restaurant, many people can attest that the dishes that are part of their menu are not actually of the “fast food” variety because of the high-quality food that they are providing. Due to the on-site Baker’s Plaza, one of Bicol’s best sources of bread, pastries, and cakes, Graceland can also be compared to Goldilocks or Red Ribbon for all the people who visit Naga City.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Graceland menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Fried Lumpia121
Pancit Guisado670
Pancit Guisado Salo323
Asado Mami121
20 Pcs. Lumpia Shanghai333
Meat Lovers
Pork Steak120.8
Pinoy Adobo182.4
2 Pcs. Barbecue Meal124
Executive Meal222.4
Barkada Treat
Barkada Treat A541
Barkada Treat B636
Barkada Treat D1,517.60

Group Treats

Noodle Duo A700
Noodle Duo B592
Noodle Duo C597
Crispy Chicken481
All Meat980
Noodle Trio917
Pancit Guisado670
20 pcs. Lumpia Shanghai333
Pork BBQ513


Dark Chocolate109
Chiffon Cake358
Choco Fudge Roll Whole418
Mocha Supreme Jr.462
Chocolate Cake528
Mocha Java682
Strawberry Delight682
Mini Red Velvet109
Double Choco Roll Half270
Cherry Black Forest Roll Half330
Fudgy Choco495
Butter Cream round605
Chocolate Fantasy682
Red Velvet765
Black Forest Premium875


Ham Cordon Loaf50
Ube Royale79
Happy Choco94
Monay Bread77
Jumbo Cream Loaf88
Cheese Bread97


Cheese Cupcake Solo25
Egg Pie Sliced41
Garlic Sticks50
Hopia Baboy72
Hopia Mongo88
Garlic Biscocho105
Strawberry Puto151
Star Peanut Cookies40
Custard Mamon42
Banna Cake Best Value72
Hopia Ube88
Butter Biscocho99
Oatmeal Cookies120
Star Peanut Jar193

All Day Breakfast

Pinoy Breakfast221
Bangus Breakfast191


Sizzling Sisig213
Sizzling Bangus202
Sizzling Bangus Sisig212
Tenderloin Tips202
Pork Cordon Bleu233
Sizzling chicken168
Sizzling Sisig w Egg225
Sizzling burger steak218
Sizzling Porkchop221
Chicken Meals
1 Pc Chicken128
Chicken and Spaghetti183
2 Pcs Chicken208
1 Pc Chicken and Lumpia Shanghai172
Chicken and Pork BBQ198

About Graceland

A modest beginning that grew into a food industry powerhouse in the major cities and villages of Naga and Bicol. The legacy of Graceland was established by Felipe and Felicidad Dy. It was amazing how willing they were to do whatever it took to achieve their goals for their expanding family. As of February 2016, Graceland had grown to be a must-visit restaurant in the Bicol region. These comprise three additional eateries that offer food to suit various market tastes.

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Graceland Menu Best Seller

These dishes are the ones that customers often order whenever they get a chance to visit the Graceland restaurant in person.

Pork Steak

The ingredients that are typically found in this traditional Filipino-style pork steak are soy sauce, onions, salt, pepper, and calamansi. Since these ingredients work so well with this dish, it creates unique and savory flavors that would clearly appeal to the diners.

Pinoy Adobo

Like the sinigang soup dish, pork adobo is one of the most popular staple dishes in the Philippines. It uses slices of pork as its main ingredient. In this dish, the slices of meat are cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. Some variations also include onions.

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Pinoy Adobo rice meal available at Graceland Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

Barbecue Meal

This bamboo-skewered menu from Graceland is made up of chunks of thinly sliced pork that have been marinated in a unique blend of flavors and spices. This Filipino-style barbecue meal is typically grilled over charcoal and dipped in a container of hot vinegar before eating.


An Italian dish that Graceland made its own by adding a little bit of a Filipino twist to it. This spaghetti is made with a number of meat ingredients, including hotdogs, luncheon meat, and pork. This dish is perfect for birthday parties and other occasions.

Graceland's best-selling spaghetti Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

Crispy Chicken

Graceland’s version of crispy chicken is a tasty treat that is simple but delectable for both children and adults. Crispy fried chicken is unquestionably a traditional option, whether it is from a birthday celebration or just an appetizer for game nights with friends.

Crispy Chicken Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

Graceland Popular Menu

This menu is composed of dishes that customers first look for whenever they are dining at Graceland restaurant.


Filipino chicken noodle soups come in the form of chicken Lomi. The broth for this special soup is thicker than the broth for typical chicken soups. The texture of this dish’s broth is almost identical to egg drop soup, with the addition of a raw egg. The combination of water and cornstarch that is added at the end of cooking thickens the dish soup even more.

Fried Lumpia

Fresh Fried Lumpia available in Graceland restaurant Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

This dish is composed of different spring rolls that are very popular in the Philippines. These dishes are formed of a thin pastry skin, known as a lumpia wrapper, that encloses the lumpia fillings.

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Pancit Guisado

A popular Filipino noodle dish that uses rice noodles, shrimp, veggies, and shreds of chicken for its ingredients. The noodles in this dish are locally known as bihon, and the term guisado describes the technique that is used to prepare it; it simply means sauteing.

Asado Mami

Asado Mami perfect for gloomy days Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

Asado mami is a sort of beef noodle soup with Filipino-Chinese roots. This dish uses simple egg noodles, eggs, and other toppings that are also soaked in the hot, fragrant beef stock. The main ingredient that this dish uses is the soft beef brisket, which gives the dish even more flavor.

Graceland Cakes Menu

These Graceland cakes are guaranteed to be made by the best artisans in all of Bicol. These were created with flour, sugar, and other ingredients that are typically baked in an oven. Cakes were originally bred as modifications, but they presently encompass a broad variety of dishes.


The bread from Graceland has played a significant role in the Bicolanos’ diet. They offer three special loaves of bread; Ham Cordon Loaf, Ube Royale, and Happy Choco, which the locals absolutely love! Their bread is not as simple as the popular pandesal, each of them is uniquely flavored. But the best part of all of this is that these tasty bread are also reasonably priced.


The dishes on this menu are composed of baked food that was made with a dough of flour, water, and savory or sweetened shortenings. Graceland’s pastries are all sweet, baked treats that were made with the mixtures mentioned above and filled with cream to enhance their tastes even more.

Meat Lovers

These dishes that make up this Meat Lover menu of Graceland are composed of traditional Filipino meat dishes that locals love like; pork steak, pinoy adobo, and more. Aside from their taste, these dishes are also very affordable.

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Graceland's under Meat Lovers menu is Pork Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Graceland Official FB Page

Barkada Treats

The Barkada treats of Graceland were made for guests who come into their store with a bunch of people. Each food bundle is composed mostly of Filipino dishes but the main point of this menu is for barkadas that come to Graceland would enjoy their meal and also pay less than individual orders.

Group Treats

Graceland’s group treats mainly noodle dishes and pasta. However, they also serve other meat dishes from their original recipes. The main purpose of this menu is to allow customers who come in groups to still enjoy a variety of foods while paying less.

Graceland Menu Delivery

Graceland also offers every dish that is on its menu for delivery. Ordering from home is made convenient with the help of GrabFood and FoodPanda applications. To order from Graceland’s menu, just download one of the said applications and search for their online store from inside the app.

Talk to Graceland PH Staff

For more information about the current news about Graceland, you can send them a message through their social media pages. Not only they are promoting their products but also they’re offering other opportunities for their services. They have staff that will surely respond back to you. The links to their social media pages are provided below:



Email: [email protected]


Graceland is a well-known business that has developed into a number of businesses that Filipinos love. Out of the restaurants in the Bicol region, this one has by far the most gorgeous interiors. The restaurant is surrounded by inspirational phrases in frames of various sizes, as well as artificial fruits in frames that, due to their originality, will undoubtedly thrill your senses. The store’s lighting is warm and comfy thanks to a variety of things.

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