Cafe Cristina Menu Prices

The foods that Cafe Cristina offers on their menu are delicious and savory and have a traditional Filipino flavor. Every delectable taste is evidence of how much they value having the best ingredients and how passionate they are about producing and serving foods of the highest quality! Not only do they want to provide their customers with good food, but they also aim to make their dining experience enjoyable.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe Cristina menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All-day Breakfast

Daing na Bangus290
Pork Tocino265
Beef Tapa285
Corned Beef220
Adobo Flakes250
Spam Rice230
Breakfast Croissant235
English Breakfast320

Rice Bowls

Beef Salpicao260
Chicken Teriyaki200
Garlic Hungarian220


Adobo Flakes110
Pork Tocino110
Lechon Kawali125
Beef Sirloin135


Garlic Mushroom270
Sizzling Salpicao280
Sizzling Sisig299
Creamy Tofu230


Tinay's Binagoongan299
Crispy Lechon Kawali260
Arroz Ala Cubana245
Classic Chicken BBQ280
Adobo Wings230
Pork Katsudon240
Fish Katsudon200
Adobong Kangkong190

Kids Menu

Chick n Spag280
Burger Steak250
Fish Finger200


Plain Rice Platter99
Garlic Rice Platter120
Baggong Rice Platter120
Plain Rice20
Garlic Rice30
Dips and Sauces20
Ice cream30


Cristina's Ribeye755
Grilled Porterhouse800
Grilled Tuna495
Salmon and Cream500
Maple Pork Blade450
Chicken Pesta450


Eleng's Kare kare330
Crispy Pata750
Half Chicken455
Sinigang na Salmon560
Pork Belly Sinigang455
Sinigang na Hipon510
Classic Bulalo450
Beef Adobo sa Gata470

Pica Pica

Tori Fingers205
Cristina's Wings290
Fish Dip n Chips180
Nachos Overload300
Potato Wedges150
Fried Cheese Sticks245
Sloppy Cheesy Fries175


Pumpkin and Cream165
Roasted Mushroom150


Asian Garden Prawn290
Chicken Caeasr250

About Cafe Cristina

Cafe Cristina, which is located in Antipolo, is not only easy to find but also quite convenient for the locals and the neighboring areas. Their goal is to be able to revitalize their diners’ spirits through their food. Additionally, Cafe Cristina attempts to reimagine the cafe as a comfortable and relaxing gathering space for both families and friends.

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Cafe Cristina Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of dishes that are mostly ordered by customers that visit Cafe Cristina.

Pork Belly Sinigang – Filipinos’ most well-known comfort food is Sinigang, which is a sour soup. This sinigang is cooked with pork belly and some vegetables like sampalok, gabi, labanos, kangkong stalks, string beans, okra, and tomatoes. The savory and sourness of the soup make everyone want to eat more, along with rice on the side.

Beef Adobo sa Gata – This recipe is made by stewing beef and adding coconut milk to it. Beef adobo sa gata is famous among Filipinos and will surely make the customers want to eat more. This food can be enjoyed by customers at a very affordable price. It is good for customers looking for a heavy lunch or dinner.

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Adobo Wings – Adobo is another food that is famous on the Philippine menu. The adobo wings contain a rich and thick brown sauce that has an aroma of garlic and bay leaves. It is a must to try the menu at Cafe Cristina to enjoy the delicious and famous adobo wings at an affordable price.

Burger Steak – Burger steak, also known as hamburger steak, is a type of meat dish created from a tasty and savory burger patty that is best accompanied by a savory mushroom gravy sauce. The perfect way to serve this dish is with an abundance of mashed potatoes and heaps of rice.

Burger Steak Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Cristina FB Page


Crispy PataCrispy pata, also known as crispy pork leg, is another popular dish in Filipino cuisine. This is made by deep frying the pork and is best served along with a spicy soy-vinegar dip. This dish can be served both as a main dish and as a pulutan.

Crispy Pata Poppers Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Cristina FB Page

Sinigang na Hipon – Sinigang na hipon, or Filipino shrimp soup, is another sour soup dish that is a favorite of some Filipinos. This soup menu from Cafe Cristina can serve as a main dish for both lunch and dinner. Of course, shrimp, okra, labanos, eggplant, and kangkong are the ingredients of this dish, along with Sinigang Mix to achieve the sour taste of the soup.

Pork Katsudon – This dish, pork katsudon, is a Japanese pork cutlet rice bowl made with eggs and sauteed onions simmered in a savory and tasty sauce. This is served in a bowl containing all the ingredients atop the steamed rice.

Binagoongan – Binagoongan is another well-known dish from Filipino cuisine. It is a dish that contains beef that has been cooked in bagoong alamang, also referred to as shrimp paste, as well as a variety of vegetables, most notably water spinach. The majority of customers love this meal for its mouthwatering flavor, which is best paired with steamed rice.

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Tinay's Binagoongan Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Cristina FB Page

All Day Breakfast

Daing na Bangus – Another must-try dish is daing na bangus, which is fried milkfish marinated in vinegar and special spices for at least an hour, or it can be overnight. And then it is fried until crispy and reaches a golden appearance. This is a popular dish that is best eaten for breakfast.

Beef Tapa – Beef tapa is a well-known dish that is most often served during breakfast. This Cafe Cristina menu is prepared by curing the meat with salt and allowing it to dry directly under the sun, or it can be smoked in order for the meat to be preserved well and have a great taste. This dish is served with an aroma of garlic, a savory flavor, and a little hint of sweetness.

Adobo Flakes – This special dish, adobo flakes, also known as kagikit in Mindanao, is made with meat that is shredded and dried into thin flakes. Adobo flakes are a popular breakfast dish that is put on steamed rice, and is well-seasoned with a fried egg on the side.

Burgers and Sandwiches

Cafe Cristina also includes varieties of burgers and sandwiches on its menu. Customers most likely get these during snacks or in-between meals. Burgers and sandwiches offered in Cafe Cristina are highly rated by customers for their good taste and, thus, really satisfy their cravings. It is also very affordable for everyone!

Cafe Cristina's Bacon Cheeseburger Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Cristina FB Page


Pasta is a dish that is often enjoyed and ordered by customers. It is typically a food made from a mixture of eggs, flour, and water that is eventually formed into different shapes, then boiled. Some types of pasta can be macaroni, spaghetti, and noodles.

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Chicken Carbonara available in Cafe Cristina Pin
Photo Credit: Cafe Cristina FB Page

Pica Pica

Pica pica is known as a colloquial term that usually means “little snacks”. It is a snack that is composed of different finger foods that can be eaten and enjoyed by small to big groups of people, whether friends or co-workers.


A steak is a dish that is cooked from a thick cut of high-quality meat that is often cubed or diced. The best ways to cook steak are by broiling, frying, sear-roasting, and grilling.

Cafe Cristina Menu Delivery

Cafe Cristina is a coffee establishment with dine-in and online delivery options that are situated in Antipolo, Philippines. You can download FoodPanda to order comfortably in your home and await delicious meals. For additional information on their cuisine and other events, join their social media pages and follow and like them.

Talk to Cafe Cristina PH Staff

Cafe Cristina has several social media pages that you can message if you have inquiries about their restaurant. They have staff that will respond to your message. Below, are the links to access their pages and websites.




Anyone can enjoy the huge variety of Filipino cuisine on the menu at Cafe Cristina, regardless of whether they’re dining alone or with great company. Cafe Cristina sells amazing food at reasonable prices. Customers at Cafe Cristina may choose from a variety of dishes that are prepared with Filipino ingredients. Aside from their best-selling dishes like pork belly sinigang, adobo wings, and beef adobo sa gata, their other meals are just as tasty and well-liked by customers.

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