R&J Bulalohan Menu Prices

Nothing beats a great soup or a savory meal with your favorite people. At R&J Bulalohan, the commitment to serving flavorful and great quality meals that feature the finest collection of Filipino delicacies is unwavering. From their popular dishes as Bulalo and Sinigang, this restaurant is definitely the heart of Filipino cuisine. Here is their menu collection for you to check out.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of R&J Bulalohan menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicharon Bulaklak290
Crispy Ulo ng Baboy479
Tokwa't Baboy197
Beef Taquitos222
Crispy Shrimp233
Plain Tokwa117
Crispy Tenga282
Steamed Tofu167


Clubhouse Sandwich142
Ham Sandwich89
Ham And Egg Sandwich101


Crispy Pata923
Sizzling Sisig296
Lechon Kawali253
Inihaw Na Liempo271
Pork Adobo210
Pork Spareribs With Paprika345
Breaded Porkchop222
Inihaw na Porkchop222
Pork Baby Backribs394
Lechon Kawali With Kare-Kare406


Bulalo Special731
Bulalo Regular (Without Vegetable)670
Bulalo Steak713
Beef Kare-kare480
Beef Kaldereta437
Beef Steak Filipino Style319
Sizzling T-Bone Steak388
Bicol Express314
Crispy Tadyang Ng Baka376
Beef Tapa307


Buffalo Wings307
Hongkong Chicken271
R & J Fried Chicken314
Garlic Chicken283
R&J Cantonese Chicken603


Torta Talong With Giniling173
Tortang Talong Plain111
Ensalada Talong136
Oriental Mixed Vegetables With Tofu290
Beef with Broccoli413
Ampalaya Con Carne Vegetable222
Seafood Chopsuey319
Kilawin Labanos173
Steamed Broccoli222


Sinigang na Spareribs ng Baboy344
Papaitan Baka234
Papaitan Kambing234
Sinigang Na Hipon344
Sinigang Na Sugpo394
Sinigang Sa Miso Ulo Ng Salmon504
Soup 5277


Crispy Hito369
Fried Tawilis185
Fried Tilapia148
Tanigue Kilawin319
Spicy Shrimp345
Seafood Kare-kare344
Fried Boneless Daing na Bangus505
Garlic Prawn394
Sizzling Seafood Sisig344
Sizzling Mixed Seafood With Broccoli381
Hito Adobo sa Gata468
Halabos na Sugpo394
Camaron Rebosado345
Shrimp Gambas357
Fried Garlic Squid419
Tuna Belly882
Tuna Panga670
Inihaw Na Pusit Bagsat443
Inihaw Na Pusit Lumot543
Lapu Lapu517
Inihaw na Tanigue369


Adobo Kambing413
Kalderetang Kambing413
Kilawin Kambing320
Tofu Steak191


Plain Rice41
Yang Chow Fried Rice173
Garlic Rice57
Pork Fried Rice87
Beef Fried Rice87
Sisig Fried Rice216



Binalot sa Dahon

Binalot Sa Dahon 2246
Binalot Sa Dahon 1173

Package Meals

Package 12,029
Package 22,029
Package 32,029
Package 42,029

Group Meals

Group 1909
Group 21,045
Group 31,192
Group 41,451
Group 51,451

Diskwento Barato Meals

Barato 11,475
Barato 2934
Barato 3851
Barato 4811
Barato 5755

Pancit sa Bilao

Bihon-Canton Guisado283
Sotanghon Guisado296
Miki Bihon265
Bihon Guisado240

Super Magic Meals

Magic 1233
Magic 2245
Magic 3233
Magic 4208
Magic 5221
Magic 6245
Magic 7245
Magic 8245
Magic 9208
Magic 10270
Magic 11208
Magic 12221
Magic 13258
Magic 14233
Magic 15245
Magic 16203
Magic 17221
Magic 18233
Magic 19282
Magic 20258

Inihaw & Crispy Bilao

Mixed Ihaw-ihaw1,339
Crispy Mix1,684
Prito Mix1,206
Inihaw Mix983
Mix BBQ922

Noodles & Congee

R & J Seafood Lomi160
Lomi (Regular)123
Sotanghon Guisado136
Bihon Canton130
Bihon (For reference)123
Miki-bihon (For reference)123
Bulalo Mami117
Plain Lugaw80
Oriental Seafoods Noodle246

Goto Fiesta

R&J Goto Fiesta Special259
R&J Goto Fiesta Regular210
R&J Goto Fiesta Classic171
R&J Goto Fiesta Solo142
R&J Goto Fiesta Solo126
R&J Goto Fiesta Solo141


French Fries67


Buko Pandan66
Leche Flan66

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Pineapple in Can68
Coke Zero (Canned)68
Mineral Water (Bottled)37
Coke Regular (Canned)68
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange68
Coke Light (Canned)68

Alcoholic Beverages

Red Horse89
San Miguel Pale Pilsen87
San Mig Light93

About R&J Bulalohan

R&J Bulalohan is classified as one of the top casual dining restaurants that offer traditional Filipino cuisines that feature various textures and hearty vibes from their menu collection that provides you with the mother’s love of cooking. From the aromatic fumes that certainly provide a pure indulgence to every sip of their savory soup. It comes as no surprise that they have maintained their place for a long time and continuously earned the love of every Filipino and tourist.

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R&J Bulalohan Menu Best Seller

Now for the long-awaited menu best-seller list that offers you the flavorful dining experience that you don’t want to miss. Here are the best-selling dishes at R&J Bulalohan.

Bulalo Special – This iconic Filipino cuisine will give you the best day, especially during rainy seasons. It is a beef soup cooked in bone marrow along with oxtail that is perfectly seasoned and savory to its finest meal.

Bulalo Special Pin
Photo Credits: R&J Bulalohan Official FB Page

Sinigang na Spareribs ng Baboy – The level of sourness of this sinigang menu of R&J Bulalohan is definitely to love which is enhanced with pork ribs along with vegetable and tamarind juice. 

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Fried Tawilis – This crispy small silver fish is one of the native delicacies in the Philippines that gives you the perfect crunch with its golden brown texture.

Fried tawilis Pin
Photo Credits: R&J Bulalohan Official FB Page

Lumpiang Shanghai – An all-star in every Filipino reunion! This Lumpiang Shanghai offers you the crunch and the flavorful bite you need in this spill roll that features ground pork, and minced vegetables.

Lechon Kawali – Another Filipino favorite that offers you a crispy pork belly that is chopped into pieces giving you the crispy golden brown and succulent insides.

Crispy pata Pin
Photo Credits: R&J Bulalohan Official FB Page


Another savorful experience will be indulged and delighted with their hottest collection of Pork Cuisines that offers you the finest spices and flavors of Filipino delicacies!

Tocino – This Filipino favorite breakfast menu from R&J Bulalohan offers you the balanced flavor of Sweet and salty perfectly cured pork that is intricately marinated in mixtures such as soy sauce, sugar vinegar, and more.

Pork Adobo – Another all-star at R&J Bulalohan gives you the savory bowl of this Pork Adobo that is made out of Pork slices, soy sauce, and vinegar along with other spices and seasonings. 

Inihaw na Liempo – The fiery adventure of this inihaw na liempo is worth being recognized globally. The mixture of soy sauce with vinegar and garlic is one of the best things in this grilled liempo. It is slightly charred to give you the sublet crispy and juicy bites.

Inihaw na liempo Pin
Photo Credits: R&J Bulalohan Official FB Page

Sizzling Sisig – the Filipino favorite pulutan is here to give you the finest flavors of this chunky and juicy sisig. It is made out of chopped pork flavored with chili and onions as well as the calamansi juice that enhances the natural flavor of the pork. 

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After a heavily meaty dish, it is time to side for something healthy and something flavorful. This collection is perfect if you want to have an extra healthy choice but delicious bites of their collection.

Beef with Broccoli – This stir-fried R&J Bulalohan menu offers you the various textures of thinly sliced beef that is marinated in special seasoning and cooked to its utmost tenderness. The broccoli in this dish gives additional character and depth to the dish.

Chopseuy – An extra healthy dish is here to give you the finest flavors of mixed vegetables that are perfectly sliced and cooked until they give the desired texture of the dish. It is perfectly seasoned and a highly recommended dish in their vegetable collection.

Chopseuy Pin
Photo Credits: R&J Bulalohan Official FB Page

Torta Talong with Giniling – This savory eggplant that is cooked with eggs and various mixtures that are deep fried until it reaches golden brown is partnered with a savory ground beef that highlights the fusion and Filipino seasonings.

Pinangat – Another comfort food of the many that features a sour soup that is flavored with fish. It is cooked in a meticulous manner as it needs to be flaky and extra thick and is served with vegetables and tamarind juice.

R&J Bulalohan Menu Delivery 

Step into the world of Filipino cuisine at R&J Bulalohan and if you are looking for a way to enjoy this comfort food in the comfort of your home, I offer you this delivery method you can do to have your favorite R&J Bulalohan dish delivered right to your doorstep. You can order through FoodPanda Philippines for a very efficient and faster transaction. They also offer various coupons for extra deals and discounts.

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Stay tuned for tempting treats, sizzling surprises, and unforgettable meals that will fill your feed with foodie happiness. Let’s share the love for great food together – one post at a time!”

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/randj_bulalohan

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does R&J Bulalohan offer? 

R&J Bulalohan offers you a delightful collection of classic and traditional Filipino cuisines that have a special place in the Filipino heart. They offer hearty meals and comfort food that you have loved since then.

What is R&J Bulalohan known for?

Just the way their name stands for itself, R&J Bulalohan is famous for its special Bulalo along with other flavorful collections of Filipino dishes.

What are the operating hours of R&J Bulalohan?

R&J Bulalohan operates as early as 6 AM until 11:30 PM every day.

Can I order takeout or delivery?

They offer dine-in and In-store pick up so you can order through third-party delivery channels such as FoodPanda Philippines.


In conclusion, R&J Bulalohan is a restaurant that will fill you with memorable experiences. From their flavorful menu collection such as their special bulalo which is their main highlight, this restaurant will never go wrong when it comes to your flavorful Filipino cravings. It is also a great thing that they never settle on classics but continuously venture into something innovative by launching new menus such as their latest Crispy and Tender Cantonese Fried Chicken. As a blogger, those kinds of enthusiasm and commitment are a great advantage for a restaurant that will lead them to reach greater heights

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