ChizMozza Menu Prices

Are you a cheese lover and you are looking for a place where you could get the best mozzarella sticks? Found a place for you so look no more. The ChizMozza menu has a wide selection of mozzarella sticks and other food items that you will surely love and enjoy especially if you are a big cheese lover like me. In this article, we are going to take a look at their menu, prices, and something about them. Let’s get to know them a little bit more and maybe after this article you will consider this establishment and try their products. Let’s begin people. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of ChizMozza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Mozzarella Bites (Original/Spicy)

6pcs 49/54
40pcs (Frozen) 275

Mozzarella Sticks (Original/Spicy)

20pcs (frozen)275

Popsicle Cheese

Spicy or Parmesan 55

Premium Dip

Pesto dip20
Spicy garlic 20
Garlic ranch20
Garlic Parmesan 20

Monster Stick (Original/Spicy)

7pcs (frozen) 275

Ham and Mozza Pops


About ChizMozza

Chizmozza is first established in 2016. Owned by Marydae Hannah Ramos this business has grown and still continuing to grow because of Hannah’s determination and a good mindset, a lot of businesses have closed down because of the recent pandemic (covid virus) but Hannah manage to make her business still grow despite the situation. This establishment already received awards. Starting a food cart business is already on her mind since high school.

At first, Hannah planned on doing pancakes but her mother disagree so she changed the plan. She came up with mozzarella sticks when she was browsing on Facebook and saw a video about it, she knew that mozzarella sticks can be available in few restaurants and it is expensive, she then came up with the idea of mozzarella sticks, shes a one-woman team in promoting her business, she does the recipe and she’s in charge of promoting as well. The business became successful and the rest is history. As of now they already have 30 outlets In various locations in the country and will continue to grow. 

YouTube video

ChizMozza Menu Mozzarella Bites

Their mozzarella bites are coated and fried mozzarella cheese, it is served in a bite-size and is very delicious and flavorful. Their Mozzarella bites are available in their original flavor or spicy and could order in 6 pcs for only 49 PHP 12 pcs for only 95 PHP 18 pcs for 139 PHP and 36 pieces for only 275 PHP. You can also get it in 40 pieces and frozen at a very low price of 275 PHP as well. Their mozzarella bites are basically loved on the first bite because for sure you will crave this one. Popular among students and on-the-go customers who want easy-to-eat and on-the-go food. They also serve these mozzarella bites with free dips which is mayonnaise and ketchup for more delicious treats. 

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Photo Credit: ChizMozza-Robinsons Galleria San Pedro Laguna FB Page

Mozzarella Sticks

This is basically just like the mozzarella bites the only difference is their mozzarella sticks are bigger obviously but the flavor is just the same. It is also flavorful and delicious and cooked coated in batter and some herbs and spices. Their Mozzarella sticks are available in their original flavor or spicy flavor and could order in 3 pcs for only 59 PHP, 6 pcs for only 115 PHP, 9 pcs for 165 PHP, and 15 pieces for only 275 PHP. You can also get it in 20 pieces packed and frozen at a very low price of 275 PHP as well. They also serve these mozzarella sticks with free dips which are mayonnaise and ketchup for more delicious treats. 

Affordable and delightful mozzarella stick that will really satisfy your cravings Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Instagram Page

ChizMozza Menu Popsicle Cheese

Their popsicle cheese has two flavors to choose from they have Spicy or Parmesan depending upon your preference. Their popsicle cheese has free dips which are mayonnaise and ketchup. They serve their fried mozzarella on a stick which is very convenient and a great idea if you are someone who wanted to enjoy food without making a mess. Their popsicle cheese is very delicious and not oily something that I really like about them, this is actually my personal favorite among the food items on their menu. 

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Have a taste of these popsicle cheese either spicy or parmesan flavor Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Facebook Page

Monster Sticks

Just like the first two chizmozza’s monster stick is basically mozzarella cheese dipped into a batter and deep fried. If the mozzarella bite is just a bite-size and the mozzarella stick is bigger then their monster sticks are the biggest product on their fried mozzarella option. Their Monster sticks are available in their Original or Spicy flavor and could order in 1 pc for only 49 PHP, 2 pcs for only 95 PHP, 3 pcs for 139 PHP, and 6 pieces for only 275 PHP. You can also get it in 7 pieces packed and frozen at a very low price of 275 PHP as well. They also serve their monster sticks with free dipping sauces like mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. 

The bigger, the more cheesier. Grab these mozza monster sticks only in ChizMozza Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Facebook Page

Ham & Mozza Pops

Just imagine their mozzarella bites with ham, delicious right? Their ham & mozzarella pops are made with mozzarella cheese bite combined with a slice of ham then dipped into a batter and deep fried. This delicious treat is available in 3 pcs for only 35 PHP, 6 pcs for 70 PHP, 12 pcs for only 130 PHP, and 24 pcs for 250 PHP only. Their Ham & Mozza Pops is also good for take-outs since just like Mozza bites these are easy to eat and not messy. They also serve this with free dips of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup for a more flavorful Ham& Mozza Pops experience. 

Ham and mozza pops offered in ChizMozza Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Facebook Page

ChizMozza Wow Sticks Menu

The Chizmozza menu also has wow sticks. Their wow sticks have a garlic ranch flavor and can be ordered as 3 pcs plus garlic ranch for only 199 PHP, 4 pcs plus garlic ranch for only 249 PHP, and 5 pcs plus garlic ranch for only 299 PHP. These Wow Sticks are very flavorful and delicious because of the garlic ranch. I personally love this food item of Chizmozza and this is also perfect for takeouts for movie nights or just a get-together with friends or family. 

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Mozza sticks just made WOW with ChizMozza's WOW sticks. Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Instagram Page

Premium Dips

Add these premium dips together with you mozza bites for affordable price Pin
Photo Credit: ChizMozza Instagram Page

Chizmozza also offers premium dips that are really suitable and perfect for their mozzarella sticks. If you like more flavorful dipping sauce you can order their premium dip for only 20php. They have 4 flavors to choose from pesto dip, spicy garlic, garlic ranch, and garlic Parmesan. 

ChizMozza Menu Delivery

If you are craving your favorite Chizmozza food items ordering online is made easy for you. All you have to do is to go to their website to order your favorite food items. Please note that the delivery service has a delivery charge and minimum order amount. You can also use your favorite food delivery service that is available in your location. 

Social Media Pages

Stay in touch with all the things that are new to ChizMozza by following their social media pages! They are constantly posting exciting updates, from special promotions and new menu items, to the latest news on their branch locations. Be sure to check out the links provided below for easy access to all the information you need:




Great food kiosk, and a good place to go if you are looking for delicious mozzarella sticks and bites. The ChizMozza food menu is heaven for cheese lovers plus their price is also affordable. The food preparation is clean as well as their area. I like how flavorful their dipping sauce is as well. The crews are friendly I already befriended one since I used to go to their establishment once a week after a long week of work. I highly recommended Chizmozza for cheese lovers out there who love anything about cheese

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