Amare La Cucina Menu Prices

Love pizza? Are you looking for the best pizza or pasta that you can find in the market? No worries I found the best restaurant for you. Check out Amare La Cucina menu as they serve different kinds of Italian foods that you’ll surely love. Not a fan of pizza? It is fine they also have different kinds of pasta, salad, chicken, and other food items that you will for sure enjoy. This restaurant is one of the best that will catch your cravings if you love those items that I mentioned above. Already interested? Then please give me some time to read my article, let’s get to know them more let’s see the food items that they serve, their prices, and many more. Let’s see if after this article you’ll consider trying their restaurant, believe me, the foods are awesome. So much for a too-long introduction, let’s not delay things and start now.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Amare La Cucina menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Beef carpiaccio295
Meatballs a.k.a polpetta250
Mozzarella sticks250
Truffle fries200
Mozzarella dip290
Raclette dip350
Wood fried sausage220


Insalata verde260
Insalata de pollo320
Insalata di gamberoni350
Marianne's special355


Chicken wings410
Wood fired ribs445
Chicken skewers380
Wood fired ribs w/orzo365
Chicken skewers w/orzo335

Wood fired brick oven pasta

Meaty 3 cheese pasta520
Ultimate cheesy pasta585


Aglio de olio225
Pesto alla genovese295
Gorgonzola pasta435
Ala carbonara350
Truffle pasta390
Ala sardines310
Ala gamberi395
Frutti di mare425
Al arrabiata350
Ragu bolognese370
Wagyu pasta435


Al frutti di mare450
Pizza con prosiciutto420
Ragu bolognese350
Sausage pepperoni mushroom390
Pinoy boy420
Wagyu pizza overload540
Goat cheese pizza605
Foie grass606
Pulled pork bbq pizza440
Arabiatta pizza360
Carbonara pizza400

Must try

6 cheese pizza770
Gorgonzola pizza815
Truffle pizza700

Dessert pizza

Nuttela pizza280
Roasted mallow speculoos pizza300


Coke zero/light70

Iced tea

Regular iced tea 350ml65
Regular iced tea 1L155
Mint iced tea 350ml70
Mint ice tea 1L165
Bottled water40

About Amare La Cucina 

Build from a small space at the ancestral home of the founder Edmark Bustos with creativity, diligence and passion this Amare La Cucina was founded, born in Baguio City a city in the northern part of the country where its roots started. This restaurant has grown and become a favorite destination for customers who looking for an authentic brick oven pizza Neopolitan style. Edmark the Found gathers inspiration from his fellow restauranteur to create hand stretch and different flavor doughs that they serve on the market these days.

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After training, planning, and formulating the best pizza the first full-scale restaurant was opened in a Hotel in Baguio by the year 2014 and up until now, they can still draw customers both locals and tourists to their restaurant. Amare La Cucina means to love the kitchen in the Italian language though it’s an abbreviation of the founder’s name combined with his siblings. Their first branch outside Baguio City was in Pasig city which was built by the year 2017. Until now they are continuing to operate and improve their items for their beloved customers and already have several branches nationwide mainly found in Luzon. 

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Amare La Cucina Menu Best Seller

Here are the list of their best-selling items that you should try and also the chef’s recommendation. A safe choice that you’ll surely hesitate to order since you’re already sure that it is good. 

Tre FormaggioThis pizza is made with blended plum tomatoes as a base and topped with four kinds of cheese which are cheddar, mozzarella, Reggiano, and Parmigiano with some special herbs and finished with extra virgin olive oil. Highly recommend it to our cheese lovers folks and when it comes to taste it is amazing. The serving size for this is 13” which is fairly large enough for sharing with 2-3 persons. You may also request them to add some extras like bacon, basil, black olives, and many more. 

Photo Credit: Amare La Cucina FB Page

Wood Fried Ribs – This food item is cooked in a brick oven, made with pork ribs seasoned generously, and served with some vegetables and their house garlic yogurt sauce. Cooked in perfection to achieve very tender and juicy meat. I love this partnered with their salad Marianne’s special. One I can highly recommend and also my personal favorite among all the items on their menu. 

Frutti di Mare – A pasta fish for seafood lovers is frutti di mare. Made with mixed seafood like shrimp and squid with tomato sauce spicy olive oil and a bit of white wine. A healthier choice if you’re looking for a lighter pasta dish. A single serving can be shared by 2 persons already and can also request extras and add-ons. 

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Ultimate Cheesy Pasta – This pasta dish is made with a classic carbonara sauce as a base and then mixed with 6 kinds of cheese like gorgonzola, Parmigiano, goat cheese, raclette, cheddar, and mozzarella. A pasta dish that is suitable for customers who love cheese then baked with parsley and also garnished with parsley. Also great for sharing as this is good for 2-3 customers already and can also add extras and add-ons. 

Photo Credit: Amare La Cucina FB Page

Ragu Bolognese – A pasta dish that will surely capture your tastebuds. Made with ground beef that is slow-cooked until tender, some Italian sausages, bacon, and pork, and finally topped with extra virgin olive oil, cheese, and parsley. What I like the most about this pasta dish is all of the ingredients are not overpowering each other so you will surely taste the meat and the strong taste of Italian sausage. Also good for sharing for 1-2 persons and can also ask for add-ons and extras. 

Marianne’s Special – This delicious vegetable salad has arugula leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and sweet walnuts then tossed into a special dressing. This healthy salad is very light and fresh. I highly recommend you guys try this with their wood-fried ribs. That combination is awesome. 

Amare La Cucina Pizza Menu

Amare La Cucina offers different varieties of pizza but the way they cook their pizza is the reason why their pizza is extra special. Cooked in a brick oven means cooking the old-fashioned way. You can also request extras if you want your pizza to be loaded. 

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Pasta Menu

Most Amare La Cucina pasta dishes are Italian styled they use fresh ingredients with carefully created sauce which makes their pasta so delicious it’ll be your new favorite once you tasted it. Most of their pasta dishes are served in big portions so it’s great for sharing. 

Amare La Cucina Menu Delivery

If ever you’re craving Amare La Cucina food items all you have to do is call their branches that offer delivery. Here is the list of their numbers. 

Metro Manila: 0956-633-2771

Baguio: 0916-332-1522

La Union: 0917-721-2684

Naic, Cavite: 0977-390-2455

Or you can place your order thru third-party delivery services like Food panda and Grab Foods. 

Talk to Amare La Cucina Philippines Staff

If you need to tell the Amare La Cucina staff about your concerns, or suggestions, you can reach them on their social media pages. Otherwise, you can also send them a message using the same phone number that was discussed during the menu delivery. To find their social media pages, simply refer to the links below:




The price is reasonable for the pasta and pizza, it’s amazing that their pizza is made from scratch and cooked in a brick oven which made the pizza more delicious. The portions of their serving are good for sharing so I highly recommend them for family or barkada eat-outs. The crews are nice as well, we just have to wait for a couple of minutes to get our order but that’s understandable. A great place with a cozy ambiance and customer friendly restaurant. A casual dining type of restaurant where you can enjoy amazing food for a very reasonable price. 

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