Motorino Pizza Menu Prices

Loves pizza and pasta? Are you looking for a good pizza and pasta and already tried a lot but still looking for the better? May I recommend a good restaurant for you to try? Have you heard about Motorino Pizza? They offer good-tasting Neopolitan-style pizza, flavorful pasta, and other food products that you will surely love. Their restaurants are mostly in the metro so for sure you’ll locate their location easily. This classy-styled restaurant ambiance is so gorgeous and perfect for family and friends eat outs, their pizza has been in a newspaper and has already been acknowledged as the best pizza somewhere abroad so for sure food is really good. They offer brick oven-style cooking for their pizza that’s why their pizza is different, I’m being too talkative here so much for a long intro, let’s get to know the Motorino Pizza menu and see if after this article you’re convinced enough to try them. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Motorino Pizza menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Alfredo with roasted shrimp535
Aglio olio with bacon340
Mushroom pasta375
Clams and bacon395
Classic mororino meatballs435
Parmesan and mascarpone445
Fruitti di mare535
Crema al tartufo nero415
Creamy pesto with shrimp495
Salsiccia e pomodoro435


Insalata caprese585
Caesar salad330
Apple wallnut salad495
Calamari fritti495
Motorino meatballs340
Roasted shrimp565
Roasted corn135
Roasted chicken wings340
Clams al bianco240
Salumi plate445
Roasted pepper and mozzarella585
Fritto misto520


Classic cheese415
Margherita buratta625
Carne trio475
Smoked ham and mushroom455
Soppresatta piccante520
Pizza al ouvo445
Luca's special595
Meatball calzone520
Red pepper chorizo520
Truffle and mushroom550
Aglio formaggio345
Mushroom and sausage445
Prosciutto de parma680
Colatura di alisi475
Quattro formagi475
Manila clams580
Truffle honey and 4 cheese580

Aperitivi & Digestivi

Grappa frattina100
Galliano L'Autentico120


Patron silver285
1800 silver285
Jose cuervo285


Ketel one vodka200
Grey goose vodka265


Tanqueray gin165
Bombay sapphire165


Captain morgan80
Bacardi superior80


High ball250


J.W double black195
Suntory kakubin130

Single malt

Glenfiddich 12yrs275
Kavalan concertmaster460


Hennessy vsop420

Bottled beer

Stella artois175
Smb pale pilsen95
San Miguel premium130

Draft beer


Soft drinks

Mineral water65
San peligrino 500ml195
San peligrino 250ml130
Aranciata/ limonata/ coke reg/ coke zero195
Coke light/ sprite/ sarsi80

Craft sodas

Cucumber lime soda145
Yuzu soda145
Raspberry soda125
Lime soda125

Fresh shakes and juices

Ripe/green mango shake125
Dalandan shake125
Fresh lemonade115


Lemon is ced tea95
Mint iced tea125
Raspberry iced tea125
Earl grey, English breakfast, chamomile, green tea (hot)95

Coffee iced or cold

Latte machiato145
Cafe latte145
Flat white145
Caramel macchiato165
Cafe mocha160
Roasted hazelnut165

Red wine


White wine

Lambrusco bianco190
Pinot grigio210

White reserve wine

Riesling italico doc1600
Bianco di curtoza doc1600

Red reserve wine

Valpolicella doc valpantena1500
Pinot nero nuage igt natle verga1100
Barolo docg sacco3500
Chianti classico docg bonacchi1800
Brunello di montalccino docg bonacchi5900
Barbaresco docg sacco2650
Amarone della valpolocela doc valpantena4900

About Motorino Pizza

This pizza restaurant was founded by chef Mathieu Palombino in 2008 in Brooklyn. They have a couple of branches in New York, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Manila. Thanks to Trisha Santos an entrepreneur along with her partners as they are the ones responsible for bringing Neopolitan authentic pizza into the country. They already have a couple of branches in our country and still growing to be more popular because of the delicious foods that they offer.

YouTube video

The restaurant is huge but the best place to seat is at the back since the front is a bit crowded and people are passing by. The pizzas are priced a bit pricey but believe me it’s worth it. Motorino is a world-famous pizza restaurant that is quoted as the best pizza in New York loved by celebrities and locals that’s why when they started their branch in the country it became quite popular in no time. They also offer pasta dishes and other food items that you will surely find delicious. They are open from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. 

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Motorino Pizza Menu Best Seller

Here are some of the best-selling menus of Motorino Pizza that you should try. They also encourage their customers to try these menus.  

Photo Credit: Pexels (Picture For Reference Only)

Caesar Salad – Made with fresh and crispy lettuce with anchovy dressing. They serve their caesar salad with crouton basically garlic bread with cheese which is pecorino romano. 

Photo Credit: Pexels (Picture For Reference Only)

Roasted Corn – Motorino’s version of roasted corn is basically corn with oreganata butter then topped with shredded pecorino for more flavor. They roasted their corn in their wood fire oven to add smokiness to the flavor. 

Motorino Meatballs – This Motorino Pizza menu is made with seasoned meatballs with tomato sauce. They also sprinkled it with fresh basils and pecorino. Their meatballs are very good though not recommended for those who have hyperacidity. 

Motorino Chicken Wings – Made with oven-roasted wings then tossed in a rice sauce composed of extra virgin olive oil, and some splash of lemon, sprinkled with chili flakes before topping their sliced onions. I can also taste a touch of mint in this dish but overall it is very delicious. 

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Best Motorino Pizza Menu

Photo Credit: Motorino Pizza Philippines Fb Page

Margherita Pizza – You know the pizza is good when you can see that burnt edges and bubbly crust. This pizza has a rice flavor of tomato sauce and basil plus olive oil for the Italian flavor. The mozzarella cheese that is used in this Motorino Pizza menu is made with cow’s milk which gives a creamier flavor, they also put pecorino by the way. I am not surprised that their Margherita is their best pizza as I tried it for myself and it is my new favorite. 

Pasta Menu

Motorino is not only good with pizza but with their pasta as well, they offer different options for pasta dishes that you will surely enjoy. They offer classic meatball pasta, alfredo with roasted prawns, arrabbiata, and many more. Their pizza has this distinctive flavor and aroma that will surely boost your appetite. 

Dolci Menu

On their dolci menu they offer some desserts tiramisu, affogato, 3 flavors of bowl of gelato, scoop of gelato and torta alciocoolato. Their Dolci menu is basically their dessert menu. Among all of the desserts that they offer my favorite and actually I ask their crew which best seller is their tiramisu. It has this rich flavor and soft texture, and the sweetness is just right amazing flavor burst, to be honest. I also like their affogato as well, simple and very delicious. 


Motorino is being generous that’s why they have this promo of 15% off on all of their pizza until October 31, 2022. This promo is only valid for dine-in take-out and online delivery. To know more about Motorino pizzeria promos and exciting deals you can also like their social media pages like Facebook  at Or Instagram at  to updated on their upcoming promotions and deals

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Motorino Pizza Menu Delivery

If it happens that you crave Motorino Pizza but you do not have time to go out no worries because you can order your favorite Motorino Pizza items by going to their website at

orders online are available from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm every day. There’s a Minimum purchase of 400php per transaction. You can pay thru bank transfer using BDO for your order. You can also use third-party delivery services like food panda, Lalafoods, and grab foods. 

Social Media Pages

If you want to get the latest posts of Motorino Pizza for their menu, prices, and current promos, we encourage you to start liking and following their social media pages. In this way, you can get the latest trends whenever they update their pages. To start following, click the links below:




One of the best resto that is existing in our market these days. The foods that they offer are superb. Their pizza has this bold flavor and distinct Italian flavor. The dough is well cooked, golden brown crust and just the right toppings. Other food items like pasta and salads are very good. When it comes to their restaurant the design is spectacular it’s like you’re in a fine dining place but they are actually a casual dining restaurant.  A great place suitable for family and friends eats outs. An outstanding place highly recommended for everyone. 

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