Enbu Menu Prices

Enbu as a Japanese restaurant served its piping hot meal with love and passion. We can clearly see on the Enbu menu that they put effort into every dish that they serve due to its aesthetics and deliciousness. 

Today, Enbu can only be found at Okada Manila but Filipino still goes back and forth to this restaurant due to its uniqueness. Enbu can be found at the Crystal Corridors of Okada manila. So, if you wish to have that Japanese sentiment then Enbu restaurant can satisfy your sentiments. Come and visit today and let’s have a wonderful meal together! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Enbu menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Boiled Organic Vegetables in Japanese Broth240
Chef's Choice of Assorted Appetizers780
General Santos Tuna and Salmon Salad Tartar-style served with Shiso Dressing560
Homemade Smoked Pickles with Cream Cheese480
Seasonal Deep-fried Fish Marinated in Tosa Vinegar300
Smoked Homemade Dried Fish480


Organic Green Salad with Sesame Dressing380
Sashimi Salad with Onion Dressing480

Robatayaki - Fish & Meat

Grilled Fish of the DayPMP
Beef Hoba Miso-yaki1800
Black Cod1200
Charcoal-grilled Crab and Kani Miso in Crab Shell680
Charcoal-grilled Wagyu Steak3800
Chicken Leg Teriyaki with Japanese Sansyo Sauce680
Duck Breast Grilled and Smoked Over Rice Straw980
Grilled Prime Beef Sirloin Steak1900
Grilled Squid480
Grilled Toro Mackerel580

Robatayaki - Vegetable

Grilled King Oyster Mushroom120
Grilled Onion with Bacon220
Grilled Pumpkin90
Grilled Shiitake Mushroom120
Sweet Corn160
Sweet Potato, Corn, Pumpkin, Mushroom and Tomato Baked in Foil980

Hot Dishes

Fisherman-style Fish Broth with Vegetable Soup680
Japanese-style Miso Soup180
Sake-steamed Fish of the Day with Assorted Vegetables800
Simmered Fish Head of the Day with Vegetables990
Vegetable Hot Pot680

Rice & Noodles

Grilled Eel Mixed with Rice1480
Grilled Rice Ball with Tea380
Steamed Rice160
Tempura and Noodles550
Vegetables with Noodles600



Sushi - Assorted

Fish of the Day110
Maguro (Tuna)110
White Fish110

Fried Dishes

Assorted Tempura780
Marinated Fried Chicken720
Prawn Tempura520
Vegetable Tempura580


Enbu Dessert Platter780
Japanese Sweets of the Day320
Japanese-style Halo-halo450
Premium Japanese Roll Cake with Fruits420
Seasonal Ice Cream300

Signature Set

Enbu Set1500
Jumbo Chicken Katsu Curry650
Kid's Plate600
Vegetarian Sushi800

About Enbu

Invoking ancient Japanese cooking methods, Chef Yuji Abe and his staff invite guests to have a seat and watch as they slowly grill the best meats and freshest produce over charcoal, producing dishes that are beautifully charred, flavorful, and filled with smokey scents.

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Enbu Menu Best Seller

We Filipinos are accustomed to consuming commonly requested meals. We had a tradition that the most popular dishes were those that were delicious, affordable, and exceptional. Therefore, if you came to learn about Enbu’s greatest sellers, I won’t take up much more of your time and will instead provide you with a list of those items.

Stamina – This Enbu menu might help you increase your stamina and satisfy your hunger while also fixing your low stamina. Fresh noodles are combined with black bean sauce, garlic chives, and a dash of chili in this ramen.

Cheese Tempura – When eating cheesy tempura, the combination of crispy breaded shrimp and creamy cheese can ultimately make you feel hungry.

Salmon – You may get this 120 peso sushi whenever you want. Salmon is wrapped in a roll of rice and nori and served as nigiri, which is a little ball of seasoned rice topped with a slice, or as a maki roll (dried seaweed).

Enbu Set – Despite the Enbu Set’s 1500 price tag, you will actually receive more value from this dish than you would expect. Salmon yuanyaki, beef houba yaki, sashimi, pickles, fruits, rice, miso soup, and tempura are all included in the Enbu Set.

Jumbo Chicken Katsu Curry – Take pleasure in this 650 peso dish that combines a sizable piece of chicken katsu with savory stewed pork.

Enbu Signature Set Menu

In the Enbu menu, you can find this signature set that consists of different platters that are basically aesthetically pleasing and mouthwatering. Signature sets are frequently viewed as a means to emphasize the restaurant’s advantages and provide patrons the chance to try a variety of dishes all at once. Here are some of Enbu’s Signature set: 

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Enbu Set – You may overwhelm yourself with the price of this Enbu Set which is 1500 but, this dish can really provide you more over its price. Enbu Set consists of beef houba yaki, sashimi, fruits, pickles, salmon yuanyaki, rice, miso soup, and tempura. 

Jumbo Chicken Katsu Curry – Enjoy this 650 peso dish which contains one large chunk of chicken katsu combined with flavorful stewed pork. 

Tempura – To those seafood lovers out there, please enjoy this tempura signature set that can be bought for 690 pesos only. This signature set contains rice, miso soup, pickles, fruits, and salad. 

Shrimp Tempura Pin

Sushi – Enjoy this set which consists of nigiri, dragon rolls, tempura, salad, pickles, fruits, and miso soup. 

Kid’s Plate – To those kids out there and our young at hearts adults, this signature set suits you very much! Enjoy this set for 600 pesos only! 

Enbu Ramen Menu

Ramen is a popular and comforting dish, known for its rich, savory flavors and satisfying texture. At Enbu, you can purchase a ramen menu that contains rich noodles which can godly satisfy your Japanese cravings. If you wish to know more about the ramen that is being offered at Enbu, then please continue reading. 

Shoga Shoyu – This 420 peso dish contains fresh noodles combined with pork chashu which is best partnered with soy sauce dipper. 

Miso – If you want your ramen to have a bean sprout but still want to taste the taste of the original ramen, then you can purchase this Miso Ramen. Miso Ramen consists of fresh noodles plus pork chashu plus bean sprouts. 

Miso Ramen available at Enbu Pin

Stamina – To boost your stamina and cure your hunger, this 480 peso bowl can help you fix your low stamina. This ramen consists of fresh noodles with black bean sauce plus garlic chives and has a kick of some chili. 


To stimulate our appetite, we usually ate this bite-sized meal that can help us to boost our hunger. On Enbu’s Menu, you can clearly find mouth-watering appetizers that you would like to taste before jumping to your main course. So to give you background on what appetizer you would purchase, here are some of the descriptions of their appetizers. 

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Hiyayakko – This 120 peso dish consists of cucumber, leeks, tofu, ginger, and tomato. 

EdamameEdamame is a popular appetizer at Enbu as it can give you choices of Sio, Norisio, and Spicy. 

Cheese Tempura – Shrimp covered with crunchy breading plus creamy cheese can ultimately give you the feeling of hunger as you munch on every inch of cheesy tempura. 

Enbu Sushi Menu

Small amounts of seasoned rice are paired with a range of foods, such as raw or cooked seafood, vegetables, and occasionally eggs or meat, to create the Japanese dish known as sushi. Sushi is frequently served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger and is typically rolled in nori (dried seaweed). A famous and upscale cuisine, sushi was first developed in Japan in the 7th century as a technique to preserve seafood.

Taste authentic varieties of Sushi and Maki available at Enbu Pin
Photo Credit: Okada Manila FB Page

Sushi comes in a wide variety of forms, such as maki (rolls), nigiri (rice with fish on top), sashimi (raw fish without rice), and others. They also served different sushi that can satisfy your palate, so here are some sushis that you can choose from the Enbu menu. 

Salmon – This 120 peso sushi can be available anytime you want. It is served as nigiri, which is a little ball of seasoned rice topped with a slice, or as a maki roll, which encloses the salmon in a roll of rice and nori (dried seaweed).

Maguro – Though it simply refers to tuna sushi, Maguro is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is considered a delicacy for its rich flavor and tender texture.

Whitefish – Enjoy a platter of white fish sushi for 110 pesos only! Sushi made from white fish is highly regarded for its delicate flavor and sensitive texture. Soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger are common toppings for this dish. Snapper, sea bass, and amberjack are a few of the common white fish kinds utilized in sushi.

Fish of the Day – You may ask yourself what fish is included in this meal. However, if you want to find out what fish you will taste for this day, then why not spend 110 pesos on this secret meal?


Japanese delicacy called maki is made of rice and other items like vegetables, eggs, or shellfish that have been wrapped in nori (dried seaweed) and then cut into bite-sized rounds. Popular meal Maki is available in a range of tastes and fillings and is frequently served as an appetizer or main dish. California roll, tuna roll, and cucumber roll are a few kinds of maki that are frequently used (Kani Kama Maki). Maki is a common ingredient in Japanese food and is frequently eaten with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi.

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Thin slices of raw fish or meat are served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger as sashimi, a traditional Japanese meal. The term “sashimi,” which translates to “pierced body,” refers to the custom of pricking the fish to verify its freshness. Sashimi is a specialty dish of Japanese cuisine that uses premium, fresh ingredients and is regarded as a delicacy. Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail are frequently used in the preparation of sashimi, but other meats, such as beef or horse meat, may also be used.

Sashimi Pin

Kushiyaki Plate

This platter of happiness menu from Enbu consists of bite-sized pieces of grilled meat, fish, or vegetables. The word “Yaki” means “grilled,” while the word “Kushi” refers to the skewer. Salt, soy sauce, or other seasonings are frequently used to season kushiyaki platters. Typical kushiyaki ingredients include chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables like bell peppers and mushrooms. It is frequently consumed in a laid-back, informal setting with sake or beer.


Deep-fried delicacies like tempura, katsu, and croquettes are a staple of this Japanese cuisine. Due to its crispy texture and salty flavor, it is frequently served as a side dish or as a main course. The Japanese words “age” and “mono,” which together mean “object,” are the roots of the English word “Agemono.”

Enbu Menu Delivery

Enbu is truly magical and pristine, why? Simply because you can only find its one-of-a-kind restaurant at the heart of Okada Manila. So far, Enbu has this one strong branch but it is favored by many due to its plethora of dishes that can be served to anyone. Without further ado, here are the details to locate and contact Enbu. 

Address: Crystal Corridor, New Seaside Dr, Okada, Tambo, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Operating Hours: M-Su: 11 AM-2 PM, 5 PM-10 PM

Contact Information: (02) 8555-5799

Social Media Pages

As the guests partake in a delectable and exciting experience, the whole thing is boosted by the spectacle of dancing flames and vibrant entertainment. Please refer to the following information for their social media accounts and contact information.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OkadaManilaPH 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okadamanila/ 

Website: https://www.okadamanila.com/dine/casual-dining/enbu 

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +632 8888 0777


Japan really has a special place in every Filipino’s Heart. On the Enbu menu, we can literally find numerous Japanese dishes that can give satisfaction our Japanese cravings. I cannot clearly say that thanks to their colonization we have adopted their cuisine, many Filipino also suffered from the Japanese Colonization. Nonetheless, we Filipinos survived and adopted some of their tradition which includes their cuisine. 

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