Tokyo Tempura Menu Prices

With the help of more than 25 years of know-how in the food industry, the Tokyo Tempura menu prides itself on its own innovation and the experience of serving the most delicious and affordable tempura. Tokyo Tempura’s menu is made up of different varieties of tempura, which their diners would love! Customers have the option to choose the specific type of tempura that they were craving thanks to the diversity of options on their menu.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tokyo Tempura menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Tempura Bucket599
Imperial Mix169
Hotto Tempura99
Chili Cheese Tempura59
Siracha Butter Glazed tempura99
Hickory BBQ glazed tempura140
Tempura Duo125
Glazed tempura99
Trio Healthy Mix Tempura95
Kani Tempura59
Sho Tempura75
Baichi tempura99
Biggu Tempura130

Rice Meals

Tempura Rice85

About Tokyo Tempura

Tokyo Tempura first started as a food cart business in 2012 and branched out to major malls and food parks. It became popular later on and was dubbed “Murang tempura.” By the year 2015, Tokyo Tempura had already spread exponentially outside of Metro Manila to Central and Northern Luzon and the Visayas region.

Back in the day, there were many buffet restaurants that had long lines of people queuing up for shrimp tempura. So the goal of Tokyo Tempura when it was created was to make tempura available and affordable for all Filipinos. They felt that it was good to democratize tempura to allow more people to enjoy the different varieties of tempura that are available almost everywhere at a very affordable price.

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Toyko Tempura Bucket Menu

This tempura bucket can be filled with 45 pieces of shrimp tempura or 25 pieces of shrimp tempura and 25 pieces of Kani tempura, depending on what the diner’s choice is. This is a family-sized bucket and is good for approximately four to five people. The Tempura Bucket is worth your money, not just because of its quantity but also for its quality.

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Enjoy a family bucket of tempura only in Tokyo Tempura Pin
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tempura Facebook Page

Kani Tempura

A serving of Kani Tempura is made up of six pieces of crunchy and tasty Japanese deep-fried crab sticks that were dipped in a light and crispy batter and deep-fried to perfection. Each of them will make you want more! While this tempura is very delicious and filling, they are offered at a very affordable price! It is definitely a quick snack that is worth the money.

Imperial Mix

The Imperial Mix menu from Tokyo Tempura consists of 5 pieces of shrimp tempura, another 5 pieces of Kani tempura, and an additional 2 pieces of chili cheese tempura. Well, what else can you say about this item other than amazing? The different varieties of tempura in this mix complement one another, resulting in a perfect blend of flavors in your mouth! It is definitely a well-thought item that is not only affordable but also very delicious.

Can't choose between kani or shrimp tempura? then try this Imperial Mix Pin
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tempura Facebook Page

Hotto Tempura

Hotto Tempura is the hottest tempura available at Tokyo Tempura. One serving of Hotto tempura contains six pieces of cheese tempura that are served with a jalapeno cheese dip. One serving is good for one person only, but the six tempura that is in this item are not only delicious but also filling! It can be consumed as a snack but will make you feel full until your next meal. A must-try dish if you ever visit Tokyo Tempura!

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Chili Cheese Tempura

This item consists of 4 pieces of crunchy and tasty chili cheese tempura. Each tempura is made of a chili that was stuffed with cheese and dipped in a batter to make it crispy then deep fried to perfection! Tokyo Tempura’s chili cheese tempura is definitely worth your money as it is a tempura that is very affordable while having the best blend of crunchy, tasty, and spicy feelings.

Tempura just got better with spicy and cheesy flavor Pin
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tempura Facebook Page

Siracha Butter Glazed Tempura

One of the three tempura items in Tokyo Tempura’s glazed tempura menu. Every serving of this juicy, tasty tempura consists of 5 pieces of sriracha butter-glazed tempura. The tasty and juicy feeling that this tempura gives you in every bite is already worth the money that you have spent. It is a definite must-try item every time you visit Tokyo Tempura!

Spicy lovers would love to try this Siracha Butter Glazed Tempura Pin
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tempura Facebook Page

Glazed Tempura Garlic Parmesan

The second tempura is part of Tokyo Tempura’s glazed tempura menu. Once you try each of the 5 pieces of garlic parmesan glazed tempura in one serving, it is definitely addictive! You wouldPhoto Credit: Tokyo Tempura Facebook Page definitely order more! Not that it is a problem because each serving is very affordable. And each bite you take of the garlic parmesan glazed tempura will tell you that it is worth the money that you have spent.

Hickory BBQ Glazed Tempura

Hickory BBQ Glazed Tempura is the third item of the three glazed tempura menu of Tokyo Tempura. Each serving of this must-try tempura is composed of 5 pieces of delicious Hickory BBQ Glazed Tempura. This tempura is definitely worth your money as it is not only delicious and affordable but it is also very filling!

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Tokyo Tempura Menu Delivery

You can now enjoy tasty and crunchy tempura in your home while you Netflix and chill! Tokyo Tempura now offers delivery service for every item that is on their menu, so you won’t have any problems missing an episode of your favorite TV show while ordering your favorite tempura!

Just download the FoodPanda, Pickaroo, or GrabFood application on your mobile phone and look for the Tokyo Tempura. Browse their menu, and when you find the tempura that you’re craving, just press the order button and wait for your food.

For more information about their menu delivery and delivery services, you can go to Tokyo Tempura’s official website or social media applications.

Talk to Tokyo Tempura PH Staff

For more information about their menu or services offered, you may reach them through their social media pages and message them. They have staff that will accommodate your inquiries easily. The links are provided below:






Each and every tempura item on Tokyo Tempura’s menu is not only delicious and affordable but also a joy to experience. The place itself provides quick, convenient, and relatively affordable tempura. It would definitely serve as a niche for those who want to have their tempura on the go. Tokyo Tempura is the place you would want to go to if you are craving authentic, delicious, and budget-friendly tempura!

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