Sincerity Cafe Menu Prices

The Sincerity Cafe menu features authentic cuisines from China, the Philippines, and other Asian countries with a special twist. It offers chicken, soup, seafood, snacks, vegetables, rice, pork, beef, noodle, and pancit sa bilao. The management sincerely prepares these cuisines to give diners affordable, healthy, and tasty cuisines that will satisfy the cravings of its guests and make their experience memorable. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sincerity Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


3 Cups Chicken (Half)283
3 Cups Chicken (Whole)518
Curry Chicken (Half)283
Curry Chicken (Whole)518
Honey Fried Chicken 518
Sincerity Fried Chicken (Half)253
Sincerity Fried Chicken (Whole)506


Makot Bola Bola Soup (Small)188.5
Makot Bola Bola Soup (Big)318
Native Chicken Soup 235.5
Crab Corn Soup (Small)318
Crab Corn Soup (Big)412
Duck Misua Soup 235.5
Fish Fillet 212
Misuaco Special 212
Ngo Kong Soup 235.5
Oyster Soup 212
Mixed Seafood Soup (Small)294.5
Mixed Seafood Soup (Big)412
Makot Bola Bola Misua Soup (Small)212
Makot Bola Bola Misua Soup (Big)341.5
Hung Sung Soup (Small)212
Hung Sung Soup (Big)318
Batchoy Bola Misua Soup 225
Batchoy Yuchi Misua Soup 225
Yuchitikwa Misua Soup 225
Corn Soup (Small)264.5
Corn Soup (Big)388.5
Misuaco 176.5


Deep Fried Oyster Ball (Small)342
Deep Fried Oyster Ball (Big)412
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (Small)353
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (Big)412
Fried Oyster Cake (Small)306
Fried Oyster Cake (Big)353
Shrimp Tempura (Small)342
Shrimp Tempura (Big)412
Tausi Fish Fillet (Small)353
Tausi Fish Fillet (Big)412
Relyenong Hipon 106
OysterTausi (Small)342
OysterTausi (Big)412
Oyster Omelet (Small)342
Oyster Omelet (Big)412
Crab Meat Omelet (Small)342
Crab Meat Omelet (Big)412
Camaron Rebosado (Small)342
Camaron Rebosado (Big)412
Curry Shrimp (Small)342
Curry Shrimp (Big)412
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu (Small)648
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu (Big)825


Fresh Lumpia 188
Kikiam (2 pcs)188.5
Machang Regular 106
Machang Special 130
Pork Siomai (5 pcs)166


Ampalaya Omelet (Small)295
Ampalaya Omelet (Big)365
Brocolli with Garlic (Small)318
Brocolli with Garlic (Big)388.5
Ampalaya Beef (Small)341.5
Ampalaya Beef (Big)418
Spinach with Garlic (Small)295
Spinach with Garlic (Big)365
Chop Suey (Small)341.5
Chop Suey (Big)412
Ampalaya Shrimp and Pork (Small)341.5
Ampalaya Shrimp and Pork (Big)418
Broccoli with Shredded Beef (Small)341.5
Broccoli with Shredded Beef (Big)412
Cauliflower with Shrimp (Small)341.5
Cauliflower with Shrimp (Big)412
Asparagus with Garlic (Small)318
Asparagus with Garlic (Big)388.5
Chicharo Shrimp (Small)341.5
Chicharo Shrimp (Big)412
Cha OE-Hema (Small)295
Cha OE-Hema (Big)365
Spinach with Crab Meat (Small)341.5
Spinach with Crab Meat (Big)412
Cauliflower with Hema (Small)341.5
Cauliflower with Hema (Big)412
Brocolli Shrimp (Small)341.5
Brocolli Shrimp (Big)412


Sincerity Fried Rice (Small)94.5
Sincerity Fried Rice (Big)153
Shanghai Fried Rice (Small)106
Shanghai Fried Rice (Big)212
Plain Rice (Small)42
Plain Rice (Big)118
Garlic Rice (Small)71
Garlic Rice (Big)118
Crab Rice (Small)200
Crab Rice (Big)256


Shanghai Lumpia (10 pcs)235.5
Sweet and Sour Pork (Small)353
Sweet and Sour Pork (Big)412
Shredded Pork with Onion (Small)353
Shredded Pork with Onion (Big)412
Loba 236
BBQ Asado 295
Sincerity Patatim with Cuapao (Small)648
Sincerity Patatim with Cuapao (Big)825
Shredded Pork with Tausi (Small)353
Shredded Pork with Tausi (Big)412
Angsio Tikua and Yochi 376.5


Shredded Beef with Onions 342
Sate Beef Angiso 342


Cha Misua (Small)182.5
Cha Misua (Big)247.5
Sincerity Chami (Small)171
Sincerity Chami (Big)242
Lomi (Small)171
Lomi (Big)242
Chacanton (Small)171
Chacanton (Big)242
Chamikibihon (Small)212
Chamikibihon (Big)306
Cha Bihon (Small)171
Cha Bihon (Big)242
LoBihon (Small)171
LoBihon (Big)242
Pata Chami 425
Sate Beef Chami (Small)225
Sate Beef Chami (Big)342
Chatanghon (Small)212
Chatanghon (Big)306
Seafood Chami (Small)225
Seafood Chami (Big)342
Lomisua (Small)200
Lomisua (Big)247.5
Vegetarian (Small)225
Vegetarian (Big)342

Pancit sa Bilao

Misua Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Misua Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Misua Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Misua Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Chabihon Guisado (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Chabihon Guisado (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Chabihon Guisado (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Chabihon Guisado (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5
Mikibihon Guisado (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Mikibihon Guisado (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Mikibihon Guisado (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Mikibihon Guisado (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5
Chatanghon Guisado (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Chatanghon Guisado (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Chatanghon Guisado (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Chatanghon Guisado (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5
Misua Guisado (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Misua Guisado (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Misua Guisado (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Misua Guisado (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5
Chami Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Chami Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Chami Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Chami Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Chabihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Chabihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Chabihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Chabihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Mikibihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Mikibihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Mikibihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Mikibihon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Chatanghon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Chatanghon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Chatanghon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Chatanghon Guisado (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Chacanton (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Chacanton (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Chacanton (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Chacanton (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5
Chacanton (Special/Seafood) (Small for 4-5 pax)565
Chacanton (Special/Seafood) (Medium for 6-7 pax)694.5
Chacanton (Special/Seafood) (Large for 8-10 pax)976.5
Chacanton (Special/Seafood) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)1153
Chami Guisado (Regular) (Small for 4-5 pax)447.5
Chami Guisado (Regular) (Medium for 6-7 pax)576.5
Chami Guisado (Regular) (Large for 8-10 pax)800
Chami Guisado (Regular) (Extra Large for 11-15 pax)976.5

About Sincerity Cafe 

In 1956, Mo Koan Uy and Lim Bee Uy established the Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant. They started it as a small mami house in Carvajal Street through the help of their fellow vendors. They named it Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant, as each family member serves its guests with a sincere heart. The recipe and business operations were passed on to their children as this restaurant continuously expand its operations. 

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Sincerity Cafe Menu Best Seller 

Sincerity Cafe is known for its delicious and comforting dishes inspired by Asian cuisines. Here are some of the best sellers of Sincerity Cafe that you should not miss out on, as these will give you a great dining experience. 

Sincerity Fried Chicken – It is an all-time best-selling dish of Sincerity Cafe. This Fried Chicken is made by coating and seasoning the chicken with special seasonings and spices. It is deep-fried expertly to balance its crispiness on the outside and tenderness on the inside. 

Sincerity fried chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant FB Page

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet – This is a delicious cuisine where bite-sized fish fillet is cooked with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce. It has a satisfying flavor as the ingredients are mixed masterfully. 

BBQ Asado – A hearty menu of Sincerity Cafe made with grilled meat cooked in a homemade barbecue sauce. The meat absorbs well the flavor of BBQ sauce, making each bite satisfying. It also has a tender texture and glossy appearance that entices the crowd to try it. 

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Fried Oyster Cake – Fried Oyster Cake is one of the Sincerity Cafe’s dishes that always pleases its crowd. It comprises oysters, onions, and other special ingredients mixed with starch and fried with eggs.   It comes with one side dish and two dipping sauces that boost its flavor. 

Shanghai Lumpia – Shanghai Lumpia is one of the popular dishes in the Philippines prepared on different occasions. This crunchy and delicious Shanghai of this restaurant consists of vegetables and other ingredients wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. 

Sincerity Cafe Menu Chicken 

The chicken cuisines served by Sincerity Cafe are famous for their unique and yummy taste. It comprises fried chicken, 3 cups of chicken, and curry chicken, which are always a hit among all age groups. 

3 Cups Chicken – Level up your adobo experience with these 3 cups chicken of from this restaurant. It is a special version of Chinese Style Chicken Adobo with a distinctive and addicting taste. The chicken is cooked in soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, vegetables, and other secret spices. 

3 cups chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant FB Page

Curry Chicken – It comprises chicken, potato, carrots, and other vegetables cooked in a delicious curry. The rich taste and thick texture of curry harmoniously blend with the other ingredients that come in this dish. 

Honey Fried Chicken – One of the crowd-pleasing dishes well-loved for its delicious taste, crunchy skin, and tenderness. It is made with whole chicken garnished with honey and fried until it achieves the desired consistency. 

Sincerity Cafe Soup Menu

The flavorsome soups of Sincerity Cafe consist of traditional and Asian-inspired cuisines that are hearty, delicious, and comforting. It includes seafood, pork, chicken, makot bola bola, misua, and corn soup

Duck Misua Soup – Duck Misua soup is one of the specialties of this restaurant that is flavorsome and pleasurable. The duck is simmered with Chinese herbs and vermicelli noodles or misua in a delicious soup until it becomes tender. 

Crab Corn Soup – It is a comforting soup with crab meat, corn, and secret ingredients. The fresh coriander leaves on its top enhance its taste and give an appetizing aroma. 

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Native Chicken Soup – This is a classic, simple, and flavorsome soup its patrons love. It is prepared using authentic Chinese ingredients to give diners wholesome cuisine. The aromatics and special spices of this dish make it heartwarming.  

Sincerity Cafe Menu Seafood 

Sincerity Cafe offers seafood dishes perfect for appetizers, snacks, or main meals. It serves sweet and sour seafood dishes, oysters, shrimp, omelets, and fish fillets cooked expertly to give diners a gratifying meal. 

Shrimp Tempura – It is one of the popular foods inspired by Japanese cuisine that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or snack. This tempura’s light and crispy batter complements well with the juicy shrimp. 

Deep Fried Oyster Ball – Enjoy a delicious seafood dish with this deep-fried oyster ball made with fresh seafood produce. It is best to pair them with garlic rice and vinegar dipping sauce to enjoy a flavorful meal. 

Rellenong Hipon – This rellenong hipon has a distinctive taste and presentation, made with stuffed shrimp wrapped in pork fat and flour. Its filling is packed with flavors, and its outer layer has a crispy texture that combines perfectly, gratifying each bite. 

Shrimp relleno Pin
Photo Credits: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant FB Page


The Merienda dishes Sincerity Café offer consists of tasty food commonly eaten during afternoon breaks. It provides Kikiam, Fresh Lumpia, Steamed Pork Siomai, and special and regular Machang. These comfort foods are also often served by street vendors that always catch the attention of passersby as they are filling and tasty. 

Machang Pin
Photo Credits: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant FB Page


Sincerity Cafe serves vegetable cuisines suitable for sharing and for those who want a healthier meal. It offers Chop Suey, Ampalaya Omelet, Ampalaya with Garlic, Cauliflower with Hema, Cha OE-Hema, Asparagus with Garlic, Broccoli with Shredded Beef, Broccoli with Garlic, and Spinach with Garlic. If you want vegetable cuisine with seafood, dishes like Broccoli Shrimp, Spinach with Crab Meat, Chicharo Shrimp, and Ampalaya Shrimp and Pork are perfect. 

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Sincerity Cafe provides different varieties of rice that will satisfy the palate of all ages. It offers plain steamed rice that goes perfectly with different cuisines. This restaurant also serves Sincerity Fried Rice, Crab Rice, Garlic Rice, and Shanghai Fried Rice, which are flavorful and appetizing. These rice meals are available in small and big serving sizes, perfect for solo and sharing.  

Sincerity Cafe Menu Delivery 

You can get your most loved comforting foods or meals from Sincerity Cafe delivered straight to your home using GrabFood and Foodpanda. If you prefer, you can call the closest Sincerity Cafe branch to your place and place an order for your favorite dishes. It’s easy and convenient!

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What are some signature dishes at Sincerity Cafe Philippines? 

Fried Chicken, Fried Oyster Cake, and Duck Misua are some of the signature dishes at Sincerity Cafe Philippines.  

Does Sincerity Cafe Philippines offer delivery services? 

Yes, Sincerity Cafe Philippines offers delivery services through partnered platforms such as Foodpanda and GrabFood. 

Does Sincerity Café Philippines have a catering service for events? 

Yes, some of its branches, such as Quintin Paredes and Banawe, offer event catering services for events. 

Does Sincerity Cafe Philippines accept credit card payments? 

Yes, Sincerity Cafe Philippines accepts credit card payments.   


The Sincerity Cafe menu consists of comforting Chinese cuisines that are expertly prepared. Its Specialty Fried Chicken is the specialty and most recommended cuisine of its patrons as they described it as one of the best-fried chickens they have tasted. This is an excellent place to visit as it provides authentic food, a good atmosphere, and sincere service. 

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