Chevy Burger Menu Prices

Burgers are the face of Chevy Burger menu and are the most popular and most ordered item for customers. But they aren’t the only dish that makes their menu special. Chevy Burger also serves delicious and delectable sandwiches, rice meals, pasta, and even salads and side dishes. Their menu aims to provide Filipinos with a taste that they are already familiar with so that they can just enjoy the experience without second guessing what ingredients the dishes are made of.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Chevy Burger menu prices.

Main ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chevy Burger45
Cheesy Chevs55
Chick and Burger65
Messy Melt85
Twin Patty99

Premium Burgers

Hawaii Five-o115
Chevy Belly130
St. Salmon100
Torpedo Burger130


Chicken wich60
Crispy Chicken99
In Da Club99
Holy Fish99
Giant Dog55
Hungry Yan Sausage70
German Yan Sausage85
Rice Plates
Chevy Burger Steak105
Crunchy Chicken Rice105
Classic Fried Chicken125
Fish out125


Very Spaghetti 105
No Drama Carbonara115
Fresh Basil Chicken Pesto145

Salad and Sides

Green Salad80
Happy Macaroni
Wing it!155
Macho Nachos75
Fish and Chips115
Holla! Quesadilla90
Supah Fries35

About Chevy Burger

Chevy Burger is a Filipino-owned burger chain that is located at 116-I JP Rizal St., Calumpang, Marikina City. The location is very convenient for all the Manilenos and the people that live in the surrounding area. They offer tasty and affordable burgers whose tastes are already familiar to the Filipino palate.

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Chevy Burger Menu Best Seller

This is the list of the most popular products that are frequently ordered by the people who visit Chevy Burger branches.

Chevy Burger

Chevy Burger’s regular burger is made with a beef patty, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, catsup, and mayo. The ingredients are perfectly blended together to create the most flavorful burger fillings and to further enhance the overall taste of the burger.

Taste this on of the best-seller burger! Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page

Cheesy Chevs

This is an improved version of their regular burger. It contains all of the same ingredients as the Chevy burger, but also includes lettuce and cheese. These two ingredients make a big difference in the burger’s taste. They enhance the already delicious burger to make it a much more delectable dish.

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Their signature burger added with cheese to enhance the flavor. Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page

Torpedo Burger

This burger is also a premium burger on the Chevy Burger menu and is popular with customers. It is a heart burger that is made of a beef patty, pepperoni pizza sauce, cheese, and olives.

St. Salmon

Being one of the premium burgers that Chevy Burger offers. This luxurious burger is made up of a pink salmon patty, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, mayo, cheese, and cheesy, creamy cheese. One of the premium burgers that are very popular among its regular customers.


This menu is composed of what makes the Chevy Burger brand, tasty and affordable burgers.

Chevy Belly

This premium burger is made of a beef patty, ham, egg, cheese, chicken spread, mushroom, bacon, onion, cucumber, and lettuce. There is a reason why it is one of Chevy’s premium burgers. It is very luxurious and filling, and the taste is incomparable to the other burgers. Definitely, a must-try when you visit them.

Don't miss to taste Chevy Belly! Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page

Chick and Burger

It is a burger that is made of a beef patty, cucumber, lettuce, and a homemade chicken spread. The chicken spread is a special recipe of Chevy Burger that blends perfectly with the beef patty’s taste and enhances each other’s flavor to create a very tasty burger.

Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page

Twin Patty

Chevy Burger’s twin patty is made of beef patty, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, and cheese sauce. This juicy burger has a cheesy filling that melts inside your mouth. It is definitely one of the burgers that you must taste whenever you visit them.

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Hawaii Five-O

One of the most popular and delicious premium burgers that they offer. This premium burger menu from Chevy Burger is made of beef patty, bacon, onion, tomato, cucumber, mayo, lettuce, cheese sauce, and slices of pineapple to complete the burger’s Hawaiian vibe. The ingredients are well selected to make sure that their tastes blend well together and create the best burger that they can serve to their customers.


Not only do they serve hearty burgers, but they also serve tasty sandwiches. Although not as popular as the burgers, it is understandable as their burgers are the face of their franchise, and the sandwiches that they serve aren’t something that you can overlook. When it comes to taste and price, it will surely give you your money’s worth. They offer tasty and filling sandwiches that are reasonably priced.

Sandwich dish at Chevy Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page

Rice Plates

You’d somehow expect a burger place to also serve sandwiches. But it is pretty rare to see a burger place serve rice meals. However, They didn’t make a rice plate menu just for the sake of it. They serve absolutely wholesome rice meals! Aside from their rice and burger steak, they also serve fried chicken and fish dishes. Tasty, filling, and very affordable!

Rice meal dishes Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger FB Page


For meals, customers don’t only have rice as an option when they visit them. It is because the burger place also serves pasta that would go really well with their specialty, which is the burgers. Although Chevy Burger only serve three menu varieties of pasta, their taste and portions are the main reasons you’d want to order. The price of their pasta is very reasonable. There’s no reason why you won’t want to try these delicious pasta.

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3 Varieties of Pasta offered in Chevy Burger Pin
Photo Credit: Chevy Burger Instagram Page

Salad and Sides

For appetizers, you should consider ordering their salad and sides. Chevy Burger produces tasty, healthy salads and fun, enjoyable side dishes for a very affordable price. You can pair these with burgers, sandwiches, rice plates, or pasta, depending on what you prefer. This menu provides customers with many ways they can enjoy their dining experience while they are at the restaurant.

Chevy Burger Menu Delivery

You can now order your favorite burgers and get them delivered to your doorstep by downloading the FoodPanda or GrabFood applications on your mobile devices. You can find their store by searching for Chevy Burger on the app’s main interface. Ordering is very simple and can be done online.

Social Media Pages

To know more about their menu delivery and delivery services. Visit their social media pages and reach out by sending them a message. To be redirected to their Facebook page, click the link that is provided below.




The Chevy Burger menu items aren’t a stranger to the palate of Filipinos. From their burgers, pasta, rice meals, and even the sides, Chevy Burger serves a familiar taste that Filipinos have always loved. Their fried chicken, in particular, will make you nostalgic for your mother’s lutong bahay on special occasions such as birthdays. Each dish’s portions are large and really make you feel like the money you spent was worth it, especially after tasting them. The place is spacious, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Overall, this place is really good when trying to grab a casual meal.

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