Rico’s Lechon Menu Prices

Rico’s Lechon menu is described as crispy, juicy, and flavorful. It can be eaten without a dipping sauce because of its crispy skin, juicy meat, and assorted organic flavor. Original and spicy are the two flavors of their lechon. It is recognized as the finest Lechon in Cebu that is loved by tourists. Their ala carte, extended menu, whole lechon, and per kilo are available for dine-in, pick-up, and restaurant delivery.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Rico’s Lechon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicken Skin160
Garlicky Squid Balls215
Chicharon Bulaklak220
Seaweed Salad220
Ngohiong (in-house)210
Lechon Lumpia Shanghai320
Crispy Kangkong105
Lumpia Sariwa180


Sinigang na Hipon390
Beef Bulalo670
Tinola Fish Tanigue430
Sinigang na Baka at Baboy440
Sinigang Lechon420


Crispy Feetchon390
Lechon Paksiw380
Dinuguan Special280
Lechon Belly Kare-Kare480
Fried Chicken390


Sizzling Lechon Sisig380
Sizzling Adobong Pusit390


Calamares Pritos280
Camaron Rebosado460
King Sized Baked Scallops (8pcs)320
Buttered Mix Seafood420

Sugba / Grilled

Grilled Pork Liempo (Belly)260
Chicken Inasal (Paa)280
Tuna Belly420
Grilled Daing na Bangus320
Cebu Chorizo (Regular)135
Cebu Chorizo (Spicy)150


Plain Pandan Rice (Solo)40
Plain Pandan Rice (Platter)140
Garlic Rice (Solo)50
Garlic Rice (Platter)155
Fried Rice Trio w/ 3 Kinds of Dried Fish (Solo)95
Fried Rice Trio (Platter)280
Solo Chorizo Fried Rice90
Platter Chorizo Fried Rice250


Adobong Kangkong210
Bicol Express280
Eggplant Salad w/ Egg160
Gising Gising310
Tortang Talong w/ Lechon220

Noodles / Dabest Gyud Pancit Platter

Pancit Canton290
Pancit Bihon270
Pancit Canton (6-8 person)600
Pancit Canton (12-15 person)900
Pancit Bihon (6-8 person)600
Pancit Bihon (12-15 person)900
Pancit Bam-I (6-8 person)680
Pancit Bam-I (12-15 person)980
Reg. Lechon Spaghetti w/ Minced Lechon (6-8 person)550
Reg. Lechon Spaghetti w/ Minced Lechon (12-15 person)850
Special Lechon Spaghetti w/ Meat Balls (6-8 person)580
Special Lechon Spaghetti w/ Meat Balls (12-15 person)880
Lechon Pancit Palabok w/ Lechon Strips (6-8 person)580
Lechon Pancit Palabok w/ Lechon Strips (12-15 person)880


Pandan Tapioca120
Halo-Halo Special Jr. 80
Halo-Halo Special Large150
Mais Con Hielo90

Refresher and Shake

Cucumansi Quencher130
Green Mango Shake150
Ripe Mango Shake150
Sago at Gulaman90
Water Melon Shake150
In Season Avocado Shake160


Pepsi Reg. (per Glass)80
Mountain Dew (per Glass)80
Root Beer (Glass)80
Pepsi (per Pitcher)240
Mountain Dew (per Pitcher)240
Root Beer (per Pitcher)240
Iced Tea (per Glass)90
Iced Tea (per Pitcher)250
Bottled Water60
Pepsi Reg. In Can80
Mountain Dew In Can80
Root Beer In Can80
SMB Pale Pilsen95
SMB Light95
Tsingtao Premium Beer90

Extended Menu List (New)

Jumbo Crispy Regular520
Pork Mascara Jumbo860
Pork Pata Humba390
Crispy Breaded Pork Chop220
Crispy Pork Binagoongan320
Sugba Pork Liempo360
Sugba Baby Back Ribs w/ Banana Catsup Sauce (Full)1180
Sugba Baby Back Ribs w/ Banana Catsup Sauce (Half)650
Sugba Pork Riblets w/ sweet catsup and toyomansi sauce280
Pork BBQ 5 Sticks280
Pork BBQ 15 Sticks680
Sizzling Bulalo620
Sizzling Tanigue Ala Pobre480
Sugba Tuna Belly420
Fish Tilapia Escabeche390
Sugba Tilapia380
Garlicky Fried Chicken480
Sweet & Sour Lechon Meat Balls280
Lechon Belly Kare-Kare480
Mixed Vegetable Ensalada w/ Burong Sisi150
Ampalaya w/ Lechon Baka390
Baked Mussel214
Special Lechon Spaghetti w/ Meat Balls260
Reg. Spaghetti w/ Lechon240
Lechon Pancit Palabok w/ Lechon Strips260
Mixed Seafood Salad160
Banana Turon Special with Ice Cream80
Banana Turon Classic65
Special Ice Scramble80

Whole Lechon

Original De Leche Size 3-5kg (6-12 person)9400
Spicy De Leche Size 3-5kg (6-12 person)10000
Original Family Size 7-7.9kg (15-20 person)10300
Spicy Family Size 7-7.9kg (15-20 person)11000
Original Small Size 8-10.9kg (20-40 person)12800
Spicy Small Size 8-10.9kg (20-40 person)13500
Original Medium Size 11-13.9kg (40-60 person)15000
Spicy Medium Size 11-13.9kg (40-60 person)16200
Original Large Size 14-16.9kg (60-80 person)17500
Spicy Large Size 14-16.9kg (60-80 person)18800
Original X-Large Size 17-19.9kg (80-100 person)19500
Spicy X-Large Size 17-19.9kg (80-100 person)20500

Regular Lechon

1/4 Kilo (250g)400
1/2 Kilo (500g)725
3/4 Kilo (750g)1100
1 Kilo (1000g)1350

Spicy Lechon

1/4 Kilo (250g)435
1/2 Kilo (500g)790
3/4 Kilo (750g)1170
1 Kilo (1000g)1420
Lechon Feet (per kilogram)600
Lechon Head (per kilogram)600
*Add On (Take-Out Box)50

Original Lechon Baka

Junior Size (1-2 person)435
Large Size (3-4 person)820
Fiesta Size (6-8 person)1485

Spicy Lechon Baka

Junior Size (1-2 person)450
Large Size (3-4 person)850
Fiesta Size (6-8 person)1580

About Rico’s Lechon

Rico’s Lechon is founded by Enrico Dionson in Cebu, Philippines in 2007. Meat Concept Corporation owned and manage this globally recognized and award-winning Lechon brand. It is one of the most iconic Lechon restaurants in Cebu.

YouTube video

This restaurant boomed after former President Joseph Estrada ordered lechon in this restaurant for his birthday. Since then, the restaurant grows continuously. Today, it has branches in different parts of Metro Manila.

Rico’s Lechon Menu Best Seller

Rico’s Pork Lechon original and spicy flavors menu are their best sellers in Cebu and Manila. The restaurant is known for its delectable lechon so people try their lechon. Its crispy, flavorful, and juicy taste makes people crave more. It is one of the recommended lechon restaurants for various celebrations and gatherings. Their lechon is roasted to perfection and cooked with precision.

Photo Credit: Rico’s Lechon FB Page

Regular Lechon vs Spicy Lechon

Regular Lechon and Spicy Lechon are the best sellers menu of Rico’s Lechon. It is available in pork and beef lechon. The main ingredients of these lechons are onion leeks and garlic. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

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Regular Lechon – Regular lechon has a lower price than spicy lechon. This lechon is roasted to perfection and spiced up with onion leeks and garlic.

Spicy Lechon – Spicy lechon has a higher price than regular lechon. The spicy flavor is added to make it more delectable. It is best for those who love to eat spicy foods.

Rico’s Lechon Ala Carte Menu

Appetizers – Chicharon bulaklak is an appetizer that is made of deep-fried pork mesentery and is served with a vinegar dipping sauce. The other appetizers that they offer are chicken skin, garlicky squid balls, seaweed salad, ngohiong (in-house), lechon lumpia shanghai, crispy kangkong, and lumpia sariwa.

Soup – Monggo is one of the best soups that you can pair with the main dish. Sinigang na hipon, beef bulalo, tinola fish tanigue, sinigang na baka at baboy, and sinigang na lechon are the soups in the restaurant.

Meat – This menu from Rico’s Lechon menu is made from leftover lechon and stewed in vinegar and other seasonings. Various meat dishes such as crispy feetchon, prichon, lechon paksiw, dinuguan special, lechon belly kare-kare, and fried chicken are also offered in this restaurant.

Sizzling – The sizzling dishes that are available are sizzling lechon sisig and sizzling adobong pusit.

Seafood – King-sized baked scallops are easy to prepare and have a crispy, buttery, and garlicky flavor. If you love plates of seafood, they also offer calamares prito, camaron rebosado, and buttered mix seafood.

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Photo Credit: Rico’s Lechon FB Page

Sugba/Grilled – Grilled daing the bangus is a dried, marinated, and grilled milkfish that is served with chopped vegetables and dipping soy sauce with chili. The other grilled dishes that they provide are grilled pork liempo (belly), chicken inasal (paa), tuna belly, grilled daing na bangus, and Cebu chorizo. Try this Rico’s Lechon menu and you won’t regret it.

Rice – It is a staple food in the Philippines and it completes the meal. The delectable lechon will encourage you to eat more rice. Various varieties of rice are offered such as plain pandan rice (solo), plain pandan rice (platter), garlic rice (solo), garlic rice (platter), fried rice trio with 3 kinds of dried fish (solo), fried rice trio (platter), chorizo fried rice (solo and platter)

Vegetables – Adobong Kangkong is one of the classic vegetable dishes that you can order. Water spinach is its main ingredient. It is cooked and simmered in vinegar and soy sauce and mixed with other spices. Chopseuy, pinakbet, Bicol express, eggplant salad with egg, gising gising, and tortang talong with lechon are the other dishes that you can choose from.

Noodles / Dabest Gyud Pancit Platter – Pancit Bam-I, also known as Pancit Bisaya is a famous noodle dish that originated in Cebu. It consists of egg noodles with various vegetables. Pancit canton, pancit bihon, lechon spaghetti with minced lechon (regular), special lechon spaghetti with meatballs, and lechon pancit palabok with strips are the other noodle dishes that are worth trying. An all-around Filipino favorite menu.

Photo Credit: Rico’s Lechon FB Page

Dessert – Halo-halo is one of the most-sought desserts. It is a combination of ice cream, milk, sago, and other sweet desserts. It is available in junior and large sizes. The other sweet desserts that you can choose from are pandan tapioca and mais con yelo.

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Refresher & Shake – Cucumansi quencher is a refresher that is a combination of cucumber and calamansi. Green mango shake, ripe mango shake, sago at gulaman, watermelon shake, and in season avocado shake are the additional refresher that will freshen you up.

Drinks -The drinks that are available per glass and in cans are pepsi regular, mountain dew, root beer, and iced tea. There are also bottled water, SMB pale pilsen, SMB light, and tsingtsao premium beer.

Rico’s Lechon Menu Delivery

You don’t have to go to Cebu to try this iconic and delectable lechon. It is available for delivery on online platforms such as GrabFood and Foodpanda. You can also message them on their social media accounts for delivery assistance if you don’t have an account on those online delivery platforms. It is also available for dine-in, takeout, and pick-up.

Social Media Pages

The prices and new dishes are changed over time, so following their social media accounts will keep you updated. You can also send direct/private messages to their social media accounts for reservations, inquiries, and deliveries. Their social media managers are responsive to messages. They typically reply instantly in Facebook messenger.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RicosLechonOfficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ricoslechonofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dabestgyud

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ricoslechonofficial


Rico’s Lechon menu is notable for its delectable taste. Tourists who visit Cebu and Manila drop by this restaurant to try their popular lechon. Travelers take out lechon and bring it home to their family and friends. It is also a perfect gift for celebrations and gatherings. They offer a wide range of menus so you have a lot of choices. They also have frozen food packs that are available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

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