Pepa Wings Menu Prices

Chicken meals are the specialty of the Pepa Wings menu. It consists of Barkada Meals, Pepa Fried Chicken Meal, Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Box of Wings, and Solo Ranger. The flavors that it offers are Hickory BBQ, Salted Egg, Asian Zing, Cheddar Cheese, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, and Sour Cream. There are also spicy flavors such as New Yorker, Wild Spice, and El Pepa. Its new must-try flavors are Butter Sriracha and Korean Yangnyeom

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Pepa Wings menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Super Ranger Meal

Solo Ranger (3 pcs chicken wings, rice, fries, & drink)189

Solo Ranger

Solo Ranger (3 pcs chicken wings with rice)119
Solo Ranger (3 pcs chicken wings with rice & 12oz drink)154
Solo Ranger (4 pcs chicken wings with rice)149
Solo Ranger (4 pcs chicken wings with rice & 12oz drink)184

Box of Wings

Box of 6 (1 Flavor)219
Box of 8 (Up to 2 flavors)279
Box of 10 (Up to 2 flavors)359
Box of 20 (Up to 4 flavors)699

Pepa Fried Chicken

Box of 4309
Box of 4 (add up to 1 flavor)30
Box of 8 499
Box of 8 (add up to 2 flavors)50
Box of 10 619
Box of 10 (add up to 4 flavors)90

Barkada Savers

Set A (12pcs chicken wings, 3 rice, 3 drinks, & 3 fries)629
Set B (16pcs chicken wings, 4 rice, 4 drinks, & 4 fries)839
Set C (20pcs chicken wings, 5 rice, 5 drinks, & 5 fries)999

Chicken Meals

2 pcs Chicken Fillet with rice149
2 pcs Chicken Fillet with rice and drink184
5 pcs Chicken Nuggets with rice119
5 pcs Chicken Nuggets with rice and drink154
2 pcs Chicken Fingers with rice119
2 pcs Chicken Fingers with rice and drink154
2 pcs Pepa Fried Chicken with rice149
2 pcs Pepa Fried Chicken with rice and drink184


Crinkle Cur Fries (Regular)42
Crinkle Cur Fries (Large)80
Cheesy Fries99
Plain Rice25
Dirty Rice45
Garlic Ranch Dip20
Chives Mayo Dip20
Blue Cheese Dip20

Ala Carte

Chicken Nuggets (6 pcs)129
Chicken Nuggets (12 pcs)239
Chicken Fingers (2 pcs)109
Chicken Fingers (3 pcs)149
1 pc Chicken Fillet with rice89
1 pc Pepa Fried Chicken with rice89


Bottled Water (325 ml)20

About Pepa Wings

Pepa Wings was developed in 2016 to serve people with affordable and delectable chicken wings and milkshakes. The owners joined bazaars and food stalls to offer their products. High public demand inspired them to open its foodcourt branch in Market Market. Within a year, they opened more branches to reach more customers and a year later, they opened their doors for franchising. 

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Pepa Wings Menu Best Seller

Pepa Wings’ famous chicken wings are its best-selling item. These are the top three favorite flavors of chicken wings that customers love. 

Wild Spice Chicken Wings – The sweet and spicy flavor of these chicken wings will boost your appetite. It is an original recipe of Pepa Wings made with different herbs and spices. This flavor is one of the famous flavors because the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness makes every dish irresistible. 

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings – Chicken wings are flavored with garlic bits and parmesan.  This flavor from the Pepa Wings menu will take your chicken wings and dining experience to a new level. Garlic Parmesan chicken wings are perfect for those who are not fanatics of spicy flavor. 

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Have some Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

New Yorker Chicken Wings– Its sour and spicy flavor will make you love this dish and come back for more. It can be eaten on its own, as a viand with rice, or with other dishes of Pepa Wings such as fries and chicken nuggets. 

Spicy and tangy feeling when you eat New Yorker Chicken Wings Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

Barkada Savers

Barkada Savers are available in three sets. Set A includes 12 pieces of chicken wings, 3 rice, 3 drinks, and 3 fries. The inclusions for set B are 16 pieces of chicken wings, 4 rice, 4 drinks, and 4 fries. Set C is good for 5 people as it consists of 20 pieces of chicken wings, 5 rice, 5 drinks, and 5 fries. These barkada savers allow you to choose 4 flavors of chicken wings

With these barkada savers, you and your friends will enjoy more delightful dishes at a lower price. The items that are included in this set are perfect for all ages so it is also a great meal for the whole family. It is also perfect for those who want to try different flavors of chicken wings as you can choose up to 4 flavors. 

Pepa Fried Chicken Meal

On the Pepa Wings menu, you’ll find the mouth-watering Pepa Fried Chicken Meal, which is sure to satisfy your cravings for crispy and savory chicken. This meal includes two pieces of juicy fried chicken, perfectly paired with a serving of plain rice and a generous drizzle of delicious gravy. If you’re looking for a more complete meal, you can add a drink for an additional price. The combination of crispy chicken and flavorful gravy is so tantalizing that you’ll be tempted to ask for seconds of rice. For those who can’t get enough rice, you have the option to add extra plain or dirty rice to your order to satisfy your appetite.

Aside from Fried Chicken, it also offers other chicken meals such as Chicken Fillet, Chicken Nuggets, and Chicken Fingers. It all comes with plain rice and gravy. 

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Chicken Fingers Meal Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

These chicken meals are excellent meals for those who are not fanatics of chicken wings. It is a meal that kids will surely love as they are familiar with this dish. Crinkle-cut fries and cheesy fries are ideal side dishes that you can add to your meal. 

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets are one of the favorite dishes of young people. Its golden-brown color, crispiness on the outside, and juiciness on the inside make it truly delightful and satisfying. There are also chicken nuggets with rice for those who want to eat it as a main meal. You can choose from 3 pieces or 5 pieces. 

Chicken Nuggets A La Carte Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

This menu from Pepa Wings is ideal for people who want to eat it as a snack or paired it with other items such as crinkle-cut fries, cheesy fries, and dirty rice. The dip choices that it offers to make chicken nuggets more flavorful are garlic ranch, chives mayo, and blue cheese dip. 

Chicken Nuggets with Crinkle Cut Fries as a go-to snacks Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

These chicken nuggets will bring you back to your childhood days. This is also another dish that you can give to your kids as it will boost their appetite. It is also a good source of tryptophan which increases the production of serotonin which can make you feel good. When you feel good, you will be able to enjoy your meal with your friends and family. 

Box of Wings

The box of wings comes in four sets. A box of 6 comes in 1 flavor, a box of 8 comes in 2 flavors, a box of 10 also comes in 2 flavors, and a box of 20 allows you to choose up to 4 flavors. These boxes are perfect meals that you can prepare for gatherings or any events. You can also bring this as a gift when you visit a friend or relative. 

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Solo Ranger

Solo Ranger consists of plain rice and chicken wings that are available in 3 and 4 pieces. Chicken wings come in 1 flavor only. You can also add a 12oz drink to this meal for an additional price.

Solo Ranger meal featuring Butter Sriracha Flavor of chicken wings Pin
Photo Credit: Pepa Wings Official FB Page

There is also a super ranger meal that consists of solo ranger 3 pieces of chicken wings in 1 flavor, plain rice, fries, and a drink. It is an excellent choice for those who will dine solo or order for themselves only. 

Pepa Wings Menu Delivery

Bring home your favorite Pepa Wings dishes and enjoy them with your family through delivery. Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo are online delivery platforms where you can place your orders. You can also order on their website at For bulk orders, store pick-up is the best option. You can send them a message on their official Facebook page or message them on their phone number +639503108768 to arrange your orders. 

Pepa Wings Social Media Pages

By following Pepa Wings’ social media pages, you can also get a sneak peek into their new products or menu items that they might be launching soon. You may also be able to participate in exclusive giveaways or contests that are only available to their social media followers. The links are provided below to get you redirected to their pages:





The flavors of chicken wings on the Pepa Wings menu are like an art. It offers 10 best-selling flavors so you will always have something new to try. It is a great place for chicken meal fanatics. The texture, flavor, and presentation of its dishes are perfectly combined which will make you love chicken wings even more. 

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