Bonchon Menu Prices

Fried chickens are really popular among our generation because it is easy to eat and affordable but have you tried Korean fried chicken? Or are you intrigued about this fried chicken and you wanted to try it but don’t know where to go? I have great news for you. I found a fast food restaurant. Yes, a fast food restaurant and they are specialized in Korean-style fried chicken and other fast food. Have you heard about Bonchon? If not they are a Korean-style fast food that offers a lot of good food like Korean-style fried chicken, fast food style bibimbap, and other delicious items. Let’s get to know them a bit more let’s see if after this article you’ll be interested enough to try their products. Without further ado let’s start with people.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Bonchon menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

A La Carte

3 pcs chicken fries110
5 pcs chicken fries159
Chicken poppers (regular)79
Chicken poppers (large)120
Classic ko-dog59
K-float with k-fries95
Double loaded sandwich149
K-style 8989
2pc chicken162
Crispy mandu75
2 pc crispy fish165
Crispy shrimp165
Crispy squid165
Beef bulgogi165
Korean beef stew175
Spicy korean beef stew179
Chicken bibimbowl105
Beef bibimbowl105
Seafood bibimbowl105


Chapchae (regular)105
Chapchae (large)280
Bulgogi noodle soup65
Jjiampong spicy seafood noodle soup65
Corn and spinach45
Kimchi and coleslaw59
Mac n seoul45
White rice25
Crispy mandu55
Seoul fried chicken49
Oriental chicken salad155
Caesar chicken salad155
K-fries (regular)40
K-fries (large)60
Flavored k-fries (regular)45
Flavored k-fries (large)67


2 pc chicken boxed meal173
2 pc chops boxed meal172
Wings boxed meal172
Double loaded sandwich boxed meal179
1 pc chicken boxed meal102
Glazed chicken fries boxed meal172
Chicken chapchae meal172
K-style feast A198
K-style feast B198


Crispy shrimp boxed meal175
Crispy squid boxed meal175
Crispy fish boxed meal175
Fish and chips boxed meal175
Seafood chapchae175
Seafood k-style feast198


Beef bulgogi175
Korean beef steam meal185
Spicy korean beef stew meal189


Chicken bibimbowl meal175
Beef bibimbowl meal175
Seafood bibimbowl meal175
Bibimnoodles meal175

Team Bonchon

Team bonchon for 3545
Team bonchon for 4750
Team bonchon seafood750
8pc team bonchon box520
6pc team bonchon box395
3pc team bonchon box205
Seafood platter410

About Bonchon

Bonchon was founded in Busan South Korea on the year 2002 by Jinduk Seo. Its first location in the United States was in New Jersey a state in the US where you can find a large population of expatriates, then it later spread thru 21 states in the US and 8 countries internationally.

YouTube video

They are serving thru countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, The Philippines, and South Korea. The country that has the most location is the Philippines which they have 136 stores already. Bonchon headquarters is in Dallas Texas and currently, Flynn Dekker is the CEO.

Bonchon Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Bonchon menu best sellers that you should try whenever you go to their restaurant.

Chapchae on Bonchon Menu Philippines Pin
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Chap Chae – Enjoy this refreshing noodle meal that can be served mild spicy or extra spicy. This Bonchon menu is easy and light meal that will give you the feeling of being fulfilled but not full, good as an appetizer. With the fresh vegetables and the flavors, Chap Chae is a great alternative if you’re not into meats at the moment. A must-try Bonchon menu.

Chocolate Bingsu – This very delicious and refreshing dessert is one of the must-tries especially if you love chocolate ice cream or and desserts. Chocolate is not overpowering so you can enjoy this easy and a little light dessert. Recommended for chocolate lovers.

Mango Bingsu – Not to be biased but I really love their mango bingsu. The bursting flavor of mango has this tangy and fresh flavor to it that is so addictive at the same time light. This mango bingsu is not surprisingly one of the best seller items in Bonchon. This one is really delicious I swear.

Bibimbowl on Bonchon Menu Philippines Pin

Loaded Bibimbowl with Soup – This bibimbowl meal meat depends on you. It could be chicken, beef, or seafood. A lighter option on their bibimbap menu list. The bibimbap is fresh and very tasty, the soup adds excitement to the bibimbap and also comes with a red iced tea. Also, a must-try.

Original Bibimbowl Meal with Soup – The original bibimbowl meal of Bonchon was made with fresh vegetables and chicken. There’s no other option aside from chicken but nothing to worry about since this original bibimbowl is so satisfying and delicious. Also served with soup and red iced tea.

Fiery Spice Bibimbowl Meal with Soup – This one is just like the original bibimbowl meal, also made with fresh vegetables and chicken the only difference is this one is spicy for customers who love their food spicy. Also, serve with soup and red tea.

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Beef Stew Seal – Their beef stew meal is served with rice and red iced tea. This stew is really satisfying the flavors are rich and the beef is really tender. A great meal to order as comfort food. What I like the most about this beef stew is the amount of meat they put in a single serving. Really good with hot steamed rice.

Bingsu Strawberry on Bonchon Menu Philippines Pin

Strawberry Oreo Bingsu – Imagine oreo flavored dessert mixed with strawberry to make it even good. That’s the strawberry oreo bingsu of Bonchon. Enjoy this dessert any time of the day, one of their best dessert and also a must-try. But still, nothing beats the mango bingsu for me but this is also good.

Bonchon Most Popular Menu

Bonchon’s most popular menu is their Korean-style fried chicken which has two glazed soy garlic and spicy. But if you wanna try both of the flavors you can also request half and half. They became popular with their fried chicken that’s why their fried chicken is their most popular menu. Portions of their fried chicken is also pretty big and it won’t leave you not full. But of course, there are so many foods on their menu to enjoy not just the chicken.

Bonchon Menu Delivery

If you are craving Bonchon food items but don’t have time on going outside because of your busy s chedule you can order thru their website, all you have to do is to go to their website at accept cookies and start your online orders. If this is too complicated for you, you can try to use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods or other delivery services that are available in the market these days for your order.

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Reach Bonchon Philippines Staff

Do you have a comment, or suggestions, or simply wanted to ask the Bonchon staff about their latest update, news, and promos? You can reach them by sending them your message on the following social media pages:





What does BonChon mean in Korean?

Bonchon made their sauce in Korea to ensure the authenticity and quality of their sauce.

Why is Bonchon chicken so good?

Bonchon chicken is really good because it is the Korean way of cooking. It is different from other fast food and usually, fried chicken is dipped or mixed with a special sauce.

Who owns BonChon Philippines?

Scott Tan is the owner of Bonchon Philippines. He bought Bonchon in the Philippines in the year 2010 at Ayala triangle Garden.


Bonchon menu serves delicious fried chicken in different flavors in the Korean way that’s the reason why many people love their restaurant, especially the chicken. Was really surprised about this place, yes it is fast food but the food here are quality and really delicious. Can’t forget their chicken because it’s really good but bibimbap meals are also a must try and also those lovely desserts of a bingsu. The place is well maintained and I don’t have to wait for a very long time for my order to arrive. Highly recommend it for food lovers who want to try a different style of cooking. Nice place to eat with your loved ones and friends. Thumbs up.

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