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Are you craving a sandwich and don’t know where to get the best-tasting sandwich in the market? Great news! I found a fast food restaurant that will give you the satisfaction that you are looking for in a sandwich. The sandwiches that they serve are in good amounts leaving you full and satisfied. In this article, I am going to introduce a place where I find the most satisfying sandwich that you discover, and basically, you can easily find them especially if you are living in the metro and other locations nationwide. Ever heard about Subway? If not I’m pretty sure that you’ll be interested enough in this article specially if you are a sandwich lover. Let us take a look at the Subway menu and what can they offer, and see if after this article you’ll consider trying their food. I don’t want to delay things now since I wanted a bite later and my mouth is already watering, so without further ado let’s start. Shall we?

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Below, you’ll find the updated list of Subway menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Smoked chicken 6"154
Smoked chicken 12"307
Veggie delite 6"113.85
Veggie delite 12"227.7
Sliced chicken 6"138
Sliced chicken 12"253
Ham 6"138
Ham 12"253
Egg mayo 6"138
Egg mayo 12"253
B.L.T 6"138
B.L.T 12"264.5
Spicy Italian 6"159.5
Spicy Italian 12"299
Chicken teriyaki 6"149.5
Chicken teriyaki 12"276
Roast chicken breast 6"149.5
Rost chicken breast 12"276
Sliced chicken & ham 6"149.5
Sliced chicken & ham 12"276
Tuna 6"159.5
Tuna 12"299
Pulled pork 6"159.5
Pulled pork 12"299
Italian BMT 6"159.5
Italian BMT 12"299
Steak & cheese 6"184
Steak & cheese 12"335.5
Roast beef 6"184
Roast beef 12"335.5
Subway melt 6"184
Subway melt 12"335.5
Subway club 6"184
Subway club 12"335.5
Meatball marinara 6"184
Meatball marinara 12"335.5

Combo Deals

Veggie delite regular meal217.55
Sliced chicken regular meal241.7
Ham regular meal241.7
Egg mayo regular meal241.7
BLT regular meal241.7
Spicy Italian regular meal263.2
Chicken teriyaki regular meal253.2
Roast chicken breast regular meal253.2
Sliced chicken and ham regular meal253.2
Tuna regular meal263.2
Pulled pork regular meal263.2
Italian BMT regular meal263.2
Streak and cheese regular meal287.7
Roast beef regular meal287.7
Subway melt regular meal287.7
Subway club regular meal287.7

Bread Choices

Honey oatFree
Parmesan oreganoFree
Italian whiteFree

Subway Savers

2 pepperoni delite pandesal sliders, 2 cookies, 2 x 12oz drinks good 285
For 2
2 pepperoni delite pandesal sliders, 2 x 12oz drinks good for 3 340
2 subway melts 6", 2 pepperoni delite pandesal sliders, 2 x 16" oz drinks, 2 x 12"oz drinks good for 4 600

New LTO 6

Ultimate chicken cheesy strips181.78
Ultimate chicken BMT181.78
6" Meat stack ala carte 206.25
Meat stack combo237.5

New LTO Footlong

Ultimate chicken cheesy strips352.58
Ultimate cheesy BMT352.58
Meat stack ala carte400


Smoked chicken + drink195
Veggie delite regular meal217.55
Sliced chicken regular meal241.7
Ham regular meal241.7
Egg mayo regular meal241.7
BLT regular meal241.7
Spicy Italian regular meal263.2
Chicken teriyaki regular meal253.2
Roast chicken breast regular meal253.2
Sliced ham & chicken regular meal253.29
Tuna regular meal263.2
Pulled pork regular meal263.2
Italian BMT regular meal263.2
Steak & cheese regular meal287.7
Roast beef regular meal287.7
Subway melt regular meal287.7
Subway club regular meal287.7
Footlong ultimate cheesy BMT456.28
Ultimate chicken cheesy strips285.48
Ultimate cheesy BMT285.48
Footlong ultimate chicken cheesy strips456.28
Egg & Cheese breakfast meal207.73
Bacon egg & cheese breakfast meal232.13
Sliced chicken, egg & Cheese breakfast meal 232.13
Pulled pork, egg & Cheese breakfast meal 244.33
Meatball marinara regular meal287.7

Sides & Desserts

2 garlic butter toasties96.38
2 garlic butter & mozza cheese toasties108.58
2 pepperoni & veggie cheese toasties108.58
2 egg, mayo & veggie cheese toasties108.58
1 cookie40.25
3 cookies97.75
6 cookies201.25
12 cookies402.5
Lay chips46
4 hash browns28.75


Fountain drink 16oz57.5
Fountain drink 22oz70
Canned soda51.75
Wilkins bottled water34.5
Vita coco80.5
Bottled juice drink51.75
Powerade mountain blast57.5
Hot tea51.75

Regular salads

Veggie delite213.5
Sliced chicken213.5
Egg mayo213.5
Spicy Italian237.9
Chicken teriyaki225.7
Roast chicken225.7
Sliced ham&cheese225.7
Italian BMT237.9
Steak & cheese262.3
Roast beef262.3
Subway melt262.3
Subway club262.3

Mini salads

Veggie delite88.4
Sliced chicken103.7
Egg Mayo103.7

Ala carte breakfast sandwiches

Egg & cheese flatbread 6"132.98
Egg & cheese flatbread 12"253.76
Bacon egg & cheese flatbread 6"157.38
Bacon egg & cheese flatbread 12"302.56
Ham egg & cheese flatbread 6"157.38
Ham egg & cheese flatbread 12"302.56
Sliced chicken egg & cheese flatbread 6"157.38
Sliced chicken egg & cheese flatbread 12"302.56
Pulled pork egg & cheese 6"169.58
Pulled pork egg & cheese 12"326.96

About Subway

Subway is an American fast-food restaurant that offers a variety of sandwiches as ready-to-go meals. Its is founded on 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut by Fred Deluca a 17-year-old teenager then and was financed by Peter Buck. The original name for their business is Pete’s Super Submarine and eventually, the restaurant was renamed three years later.

The franchise operation for this brand in 1974 was on their second restaurant in Wallingford Connecticut. The second restaurant begins to be successful and since then their franchise grew more and expanded and now they became a global franchise.

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Subway serves different toppings allowing customers to choose which toppings are included on their sandwiches so basically, it’s like creating your own sandwich but we’ll do it for your method. The sandwiches that they offer are also healthier than your usual fast food. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and as of 2021 they already have 37,540 different locations worldwide in more than 100 countries.

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More than half of their restaurant is in the United States. Their headquarter is in Milford, Connecticut. The current owner of this fast food restaurant is the Deluca family with John Chidsey as the CEO and with 410,000 employees including Franchises.

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Best Subway Menu Sandwiches

Here is the list of the best sandwiches that you can get from the Subway menu list. This could be your guide in case you are still not familiar with their foods.

Cold Cut Combo – They have this classic cold cut sub and if you want your toppings to be toasted this is not for you. This contains bologna which has a strong flavor and is not for everyone. This option is recommended for authentic Italian deli lovers.

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Sweet Onion Teriyaki – The chicken on this menu is sweet, and it goes well with your choice of veggies and toppings. With teriyaki sauce and a bit of sticky chicken, this one is a little messy but is so good. Though this is not the best option if you are in the office and have things to do after lunch.

Buffalo Chicken – The buffalo chicken in this Subway sandwich has a little punch since it is a little hot. This subway sandwich is delicious I can recommend choosing tomato cucumber and lettuce to enjoy this sandwich.

Black Forest Ham – This subway sandwich menu is for people that wanted a treat but don’t want to break their diet. The ham is sliced and actually has the best flavor to combine with some vegetables. This sandwich is one of my favorites.

Italian on Subway Menu PhilippinesPin
Photo Credit: Subway FB Page

Turkey Breast – This simple subway sandwich is very good for customizing since turkey breast can be partnered with almost all of their toppings. Turkey breast is very flavorful too but the flavor is not that strong, just right.

Spicy Italian – If you would like a spicy sandwich, then this Subway menu is the one to get. Packed with different meat like salami and pepperoni and a load of cheese surely a very flavorful sandwich in every bite.

Veggie Delite – If you are a meat eater like me you can skip this one. However, if you are a vegan, this is your only choice on their menu. This meatless sandwich could be boring at first but since we can put what we want on the sandwich then choose any sauce that we like and this will definitely taste great.

Roast Beef – Hands up on this one. The classic flavor of roast beef is really something. This is absolutely delicious plus this one is not messy to eat so totally recommended for someone who just grabs a sandwich during a lunch break.

Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham – This simple Subway menu is easy to customize that’s why this is included on their best sandwiches. Both turkey and ham offer different flavors so you can add whatever sauce you want. This may be plain and boring but it depends on how you customize your sandwich right.

Steak and Cheese – If you love Philly cheesesteaks this one is for you though this is quite different from Philly cheesesteaks, it contains the same flavor so why not right? This one is not messy to eat. Try it for yourself this is absolutely delicious.

Buffalo Chicken Spicy on Subway Menu PhilippinesPin
Photo Credit: Subway FB Page

Best Subway Menu Sauce Combination

The best sauce combination for subway sandwiches could be thousand islands, ranch, chipotle southwest, and BBQ. This sauce combination is the best combination that goes on everything on their menu and also for their salads.

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Buffalo Chicken on Subway Menu PhilippinesPin
Photo Credit: Subway FB Page


Truly Subway is something that we can enjoy and customize our sandwiches. Also, the Subway menu selections are healthier than your usual fast food. This restaurant offers yummy goodness in every bite. The servings are many so it’s not your typical sandwich that won’t make you full. Highly praised by sandwich lovers and people on the go. Also, they are quick-serving fast food and that is also a plus. The way they let their customers watch how they made their sandwiches is also good to point for them. Highly recommended, thumbs up.

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