Your Local Menu Prices

Your Local menu is categorized into Lunch & Dinner and Weekend Brunch. The Lunch & Dinner menu consists of Starters, YL Buns, Main, Noodles, Sides, Desserts, Beers, Signature and Classic Cocktails, Sparkling drinks, and White and Red Wine while the Weekend Brunch includes Toasts and Buns, and Rice Meals. Coffee and beverages are also included in these menus. It also offers exclusive dishes for special events, potluck trays for celebrations, and set meals that allow you to create a perfect meal to satisfy your cravings. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Your Local menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Son-In-Law Eggs 170
Truffle Aburi Fries275
Gochujang Tuna Tartare 310
Prawn Toast 320
Roast Beef Katsu Sando 340
Pomelo Salad 395
Beef Rendang Chicken 395
Torched Unagi 450
Feel Good Chicken 475

YL Buns

Beef Rendang Bun 250
Salted Egg Chicken Bun 250
Chili Crab Bun 295
YL Buns Platter 770


Black Pepper Spam Misubi Bowl 350
Roasted Cauliflower Curry 385
Tofu Steak and Eggs 425
Chicken Rice 450
Glazed Pork Nasi Lemak 480
Truffle Aburi Pork Chasyu 475
Crispy Lamb Flakes Massaman 560
Lamb Rendang 640
Torched Salmon Donburi 795
Steak Nasi Goreng 1350


Laksa Fettucini 470
Striploin Hokkien Mee520
Mentaiko Brown Butter Udon 550


Extra Egg 50
Black Rice, Corn, Shitake100
Ginger Rice100
Mantou Bread 150
Side Salad 180


Bottled Water 50
Yakult Lemonade 150
The Tarik 150
Sea Salt Lemonade 150
Gula Melaka Iced Tea 180
Arnie Palmer 190
Sparkling Water 230
Ginger Almond Lemonade 270


Miso Caramel Ice Cream 330
Avocado Tart 340
Chocolate Earl Grey Pudding 360
Cereal Milk Ice Cream 355


Espresso (shot)180
White 150/170
Mocha 185/195
Sea Salt Coconut Americano 185/195
Citrus Pandan Coffee Soda 195


Asahi 180
Engkanto High Five Honey Ale 290
Engkanto Live It Up Lager 290
Monkey Eagle Philippine Ale 370
Monkey Eagle Psychedelic Blonde 370

Signature Cocktails

Op-Un 370
Kalma 385
Ukiyo 395

Classic Cocktails

Gin & Tonic 420
Whiskey Sour 420


Don Luciano Pink Moscato (Glass)480
Don Luciano Pink Moscato (Bottle)2100

White Wine

Sarah's Creek Chardonnay (Bottle)990
Sarah's Creek Sauvignon Blanc (Bottle)990
Camelot (Glass)350
Camelot (Bottle)1550
Los Vascos (Glass)450
Los Vascos (Bottle)1870
Corte Viola Soave (Bottle)1200
Bat Gavi Del Comune di Gavi 1600

Red Wine

Sarah's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (Bottle)990
Sarah's Creek Merlot 990
II Poggio dei Vigneti Chianti 1800
II Poggio dei Vigneti Montepulciano 1200

Toasts and Buns

Brown Butter Kaya Toast 160
Pancetta Kaya Toast 245
Salted Egg Chicken Buns 250
Chili Crab Buns 270
Parma Ham Sourdough Toast 425
Avocado Blue Cheese Toast 490
Beef Brisket Hash Croissant 550

With Rice

Hand Pulled Chicken Rice250
Black Pepper Spam Misubi Bowl 350
Chili Crab and Chicken Congee 370
Roast Beef Tapa 460
Smoked Salmon Nori Brekkie Bowl 650
Torched Salmon Donburi 795


Bottled Water 50
Soda 90
Sparkling Water 90
Sea Salt Lemonade 160
Yakult Lemonade 160
The Tarik 160
Gula Melaka Iced Tea 180
Arnie Palmer 190


Espresso (shot)100
White 150/170
Mocha 185/195

Signature Coffee

Sea Salt Coconut Americano 185/195
Citrus Pandan Coffee Soda 195

Potluck Tray

Glazed Pork Nasi Lemak 1200
Assorted Buns Tray 1350
Mentaiko Brown Butter Udon 1100

About Your Local 

Your Local is one of the brands under the Tasteless Food Group. It offers different Asian-inspired cuisines with a local twist. The culinary background and experiences of Chef Denny Antonino and Nicco Santos helped them to create authentic and innovative dishes. The multiple layers of flavors and unique cooking styles make their dishes stand out. 

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Your Local Menu Best Seller

These are the best-selling dishes of Your Local that makes people come back as they are filled with goodness. 

Truffle Aburi Pork Chasyu – Chaysu pork belly aburi with truffle aioli is roasted slowly to perfection. It is then laid on a bed of Japanese rice and topped with leeks and pickled onion. The rich truffle sauce of this dish makes it extra delicious. 

Truffle Aburi Pork Chasyu Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Torched Salmon Donburi – It is a succulent dish where shitake black rice is topped with Norweigan salmon, Ebiko, Oboro, Mentaiko, and Salmon Skin on Roast Corn. The sweet and savory flavors combined with a variety of textures make it a sensational dish. 

Black Pepper Spam Musubi Bowl – A hearty and tasty dish perfect for lunch on weekdays. It consists of black pepper kecap manis, nori, aioli, roasted sesame, and Japanese rice.  

Black Pepper Spam Musubi bowl is one of the best seller item in Your Local menu Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Beef Rendang Nachos – Fire up your appetite with this nacho dish with an Asian twist. It is made with lightly crisp wantons that are served with a tasty combo of beef rendang, cilantro aioli, cheese sauce, pickled onion, and chives. 

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Chili Crab Bun – This is the best-selling bun of Your Local filled with chili crab, cucumber spears, mantou, cilantro, and leeks. 

Lunch & Dinner Menu 

These are some of the starters and main dishes that are part of Your Local’s Lunch & Dinner menu.

Gochujang Tuna Tartare – Start a great meal with this fresh and spicy menu from Your Local that is made with tuna loin, Gochujang dressing, sesame, peanuts, and rice chip. 

Gochujang Tuna Tartare Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Truffle Aburi Fries – An irresistible and all-time favorite starter that is filled with goodness. Torched truffle aioli fries are topped with cheese and garnished with nori powder. 

Feel Good Chicken – Feel the goodness in every bite with this Feel-Good Chicken dish of Your Local. It is made with prawn-paste chicken served with maple cream cheese. 

Prawn Toast – One of the most satisfying dishes that make people crave more. This dish consists of milk bread, deep-fried minced prawns, herbs, Singaporean sweet chili jam, and roasted sesame. 

Torched Unagi – Your Local collaborated with the “Taste and Tell” restaurant to create this extraordinary dish. It comes with 2 pieces of torched eel kabayaki, mentaiko aioli, mantou toast, pickled onion, cucumber, and chives. 

Torched Unagi Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Chicken Rice – A main dish that always satisfies the cravings of people from different walks of life. Ginger rice, steeped chicken, sweet soy, and chili sauce come with this dish. 

Steak Nasi Goreng – This is a steak and egg combination with a Southeast Asian twist. This Your Local menu is marinated in satay curry and grilled to perfection. Son-in-law eggs, nasi goreng fried rice, and smashed cucumber are served with it. 

Roasted Cauliflower Curry – A tasty Indian-inspired curry sauce and caramelized cauliflowers create a vegetable dish that is bursting with flavors. Chicken rice, herb salad, and fried papadum complete this dish. 

Crispy Lamb Flakes Massaman – The fried lamb shoulder flakes are served with a creamy massaman curry sauce, sous vide egg and basil fried black rice. 

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Glazed Pork Nasi Lemak – It is a flavorful dish that will surely be loved by everyone. It comes with coconut rice, braised pork belly, fried eggs, sweet and spicy anchovies, and peanuts. 

Hot Stone Nasi Lemak Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Your Local Brunch Menu 

Make your weekends extra special with your loved ones with these exclusive brunch menus that are only available every Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM. 

Pancetta Kaya Toast – Enjoy the taste of Singapore with this Pancetta Kaya Toast. This version of Your Local restaurant on this classic breakfast dish from Singapore makes it authentic and unique. Toasted milk bread is stuffed with fried pancetta, homemade kaya jam, soft egg, brown butter, and sweet soy. 

Pancetta Kaya Toast Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Salted Egg Chicken Buns – A delightful bun where mantou bun is filled with fried chicken, maple cream cheese, and salted egg

Avocado Blue Cheese Toast – Make your brunch more exciting and satisfying with this toast made with smashed avocado, blue cheese, poached egg, sourdough, and greens. 

Hand Pulled Hainanese Chicken Rice – An aromatic and savory dish made with poached chicken, ginger scallion sauce, kecap manis, herb salad, homemade chili sauce, and fragrant rice.  

Roast Beef Tapa – It is a mouthwatering rice meal that consists of roast beef brisket and homemade tapa glaze topped with a fried egg and served with truffle aioli, nori fried rice, and herb salad.  

Chili Crab and Chicken Congee – This dish consists of chili crab, Hainanese chicken, mantou crouton, aji tamago, and Japanese fried rice. 

Smoked Salmon Nori Brekkie Bowl – This fresh and delightful dish will make you look forward to the weekend. Nori fried rice is topped with smoked salmon and poached egg. Ebiko, salmon skin, herb cream cheese, and greens make this dish look fun and festive. 

Smoked Salmon Nori Brekkie Bowl Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page


The rich flavor of these delectable noodle dishes of Your Local makes them remarkable and satisfying. 

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Laksa Fettucini – A comforting, rich, and creamy dish that will boost your mood. This dish is made with fettucini cooked with chili, salmon, kamaboko, egg, coconut cream, and cilantro. The creamy and comforting broth of this pasta makes it mouthwatering. 

Striploin Hokkien Mee – Beef striploin is stir-fried with rice noodles, black vinegar, herbs, bok choy, and shrimp broth. The tender striploin makes this classic hokkien mee rich in beef flavor. 

Striploin Hokkien Mee Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Mentaiko Brown Butter Udon – The brown butter enhances the taste and flavor of this dish. Udon noodles are cooked with brown butter sauce, pork chasyu, bonito flakes, nori, and sesame. 


The coffee that Your Local menu offers consist of an espresso shot, black, white, and mocha flavors that are available in hot and iced. There are also signature coffees such as Sea Salt Coconut Americano, made with Yardtick’s Switch Beans and Gula Melaka topped with lightly salted coconut mouse; and Citrus Pandan Coffee Soda, made with soda water, espresso, pandan, lemon grass, kaffir, and citrus fruits. The aroma of these coffees and their rich taste makes them great beverages that can energize you and help you to be more active and productive. 

Sea Salt Coconut American is a best seller coffee in Your Local menu Pin
Photo Credit: Your Local Official FB Page

Your Local Menu Delivery 

The menu of Your Local is available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. For delivery, visit which offers free delivery for a minimum spend of PHP 1000. You can also place your order on third-party delivery platforms such as GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Pickaroo. 

Your Local Social Media Pages

Looking for the latest buzz on Your Local? Check out their social media pages to stay up-to-date on their menu offerings, promotions, and special events. Be sure to follow and subscribe to their pages to never miss a beat!



Email: [email protected]



Your Local menu consists of delectable dishes that are perfect for those who want to taste different flavors of Asia with a local and modern twist. The wide selection of these dishes will make it easier for you to find the perfect dish that will satisfy your cravings. It also offers an exclusive set of dishes for special events and potluck trays to make your celebrations more fun, meaningful, and memorable. 

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