Nonki Menu Prices

With all of the Japanese restaurants that are currently popping up in every corner of the city, it is hard to find the perfect place to have your favorite Japanese food in these restaurants. However, when it comes to recommending Japanese restaurants that highlight donburi, sushi, sashimi, and even bento sets, I might have the perfect restaurant for that so you don’t have to stress yourself over it. Introducing Nonki and its well-valued menu that will provide you with unforgettable Japanese dining.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this Japanese restaurant’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Donburi Rice Bowls

Katsu Curry480

Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi Sampler 640
Spicy Roll 265
Unagi Mango Maki455
Salmon Cheese Maki380
California Maki305
Crunchy Roll270
Futo Maki350
Nonki Maki Special320
Salmon Maki Special360
Kappa Maki165


Chirashi Sushi640
Bara Chirashi 500
Fried Sushi220
Unagi Sushi420
Tamago Sushi100
Sushi Sashimi Sampler 1,160


Salmon Sashimi480
Tuna Sashimi 360
Spicy Sashimi 290
Sashimi Platter4,400
Sashimi Sampler 1,245

Sushi Set

Sushi platter A2,230
Sushi platter B1,900
Sushi platter C1,780
Sushi platter D1,480
Sushi platter E1,445
Sushi platter F1,385
Sushi platter G1,100


Ebi tempura410
Tori Karaage320
Agedashi Tofu200
Tempura Moriawase340
Hotate Ebi Katsu 220
Hire Katsu300
Ika Ringo420
Menchi Katsu 250
Kushi Katsu220


Chicken Teriyaki290
Salmon Shioyaki345
Saba Shioyaki370
Ika Maruyaki360


Izakaya Set A1,310
Izakaya Set B1,290


Salmon Head Arani430
Salmon Belly Arani450


Beef Teppanyaki850
Chicken Teppanyaki415
Mix-Seafood Teppanyaki570


Shoyu Ramen425
Spicy Beef Ramen365


Cha Soba370
Zaru Soba315
Ten Zaru Soba435


Kanikami Salad205
Potato Salad125
Salmon Salad350


Nonki Chahan215
Japanese Rice90
Japanese Garlic Rice105


Chicken Teriyaki Bento450
Tonkatsu Bento450
Sake Shioyaki Bento370
Tori Karaage Bento410
Shrimp Tempura Bento 370
Saba Shioyaki Bento410
Hire Katsu Bento370
Buta Shougayaki Bento350

About Nonki

Nonki is a world of delicious and high-quality Japanese cuisine that hits the heart. It is a restaurant that provides you with a gateway of culinary excellence from their authentic Japanese flavors made by their skilled chefs. From sashimi up to donburi bowls, every bite of their collection is an exquisite flavor packed with an authenticity that honors tradition. They also offer various sets that are perfect to share with your family dining or friends to hang out with. A fulfilling experience and pleasurable dining await you here at Nonki.

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Nonki Menu Best Seller

Embrace yourself for another magnifying adventure as we take a closer look at their menu bestseller that features the authentic and finest flavors of Japan.

Beef Teppanyaki – Indulge in these easy meals that feature the magical flavor of Beef Teppanyaki. It highlights tender strips of beef that are grilled to perfection and served in a medley of vegetables.

Gyoza – Never underestimate this bite-sized gyoza that features a burst in the most flavorful experience. It is fried to golden perfection and infused with a flavorful mixture of meat.

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Chicken Teriyaki – Experience the harmony of the sweet and savory flavor of this Chicken Teriyaki that highlights a tender grilled chicken that creates a different level of smokiness and aroma.

Salmon Shioyaki – A haven for seafood enthusiasts! This salmon shioyaki features grilled salmon that is perfectly seasoned with an adequate amount of salt. It delivers a melt-in-the-mouth experience and it is also high in protein.

salmon shioyaki Pin
Photo Credits: Nonki Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Saba Shioyaki – Treat yourself to this well-deserving meal that features a grilled mackerel highlight in its slightly salted natural taste. it is very simple but allows you to indulge in a flavorful experience.

Donburi Rice Bowls

You will never run out of options in this collection of Donburi Rice Bowls. It offers you a magnifying combination filled with delightful flavors and our staining textures.

Oyako-don – Starting this list with a very comforting bowl. It features a chicken and egg that simmers perfectly in a savory sauce. One of the must-tries that I can fully recommend in this collection.

oyako-don Pin
Photo Credits: Nonki Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Gyudon – A delightful thinly sliced beef is here to give you the sweetness in a fusion of flavorful sauce. It is served over a bed of rice and you definitely need to prepare yourself for this meal.

Katsu Curry – A crunch that you will surely love is here at Katsu Curry. This menu of Nonki features a crispy breaded pork cutlet that is delightfully paired with aromatic curry sauce packed with Japanese spices and flavors.

Katsu-ju – Take your delicious meal on a flavorful twist with their classic take on katsu that features a combination of cutlet and fluffy layers of eggs over a bed of rice.

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katsu-ju Pin
Photo Credits: Nonki Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Maki Sushi 

Enjoy the irresistible goodness of the Nonki Maki sushi menu which has various rolls infused with different ingredients that are guaranteed of freshness and quality.

Spicy Roll – A sensation that will tantalize your taste buds because of its spicy kick is here in this fresh spicy roll. 

spicy roll Pin
Photo Credits: Nonki Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Crunchy Roll – A colorful and vibrant assortment that will surely entice you to flavors is here at Crunchy Roll. It is known to be loved by the soft textures of its outside and the crunchy and juicy inside.

Salmon Cheese Maki – Take your favorite and delightful fusion of creamy cheese and fresh salmon meat in this magnifying goodness of Salmon Cheese Roll that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

salmon cheese maki Pin
Photo Credits: Nonki Japanese Restaurant FB Page

California Maki – This timeless favorite features a flavorful combination of mango, mayo, and delightful crab sticks. A truly recommended sushi in this category.

Nonki Menu Delivery

At Nonki, you will never have a hard time getting your favorite Japanese food delivered right to your doorstep. Why? because they offer a delivery service through their official website where you can easily purchase and add to your cart your favorite rice bowls and sushi. They offer an easy-to-understand interface so it will give you hassle-free transactions for you to enjoy your favorite Japanese meal in the utmost comfort of your home. They are available for pick up too and they’re accepting MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and even Gash or Maya payments.

Connect with Nonki

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey? Nonki invites you to join them in savoring the flavors of Japan like never before. Follow them and open the door to a world of delectable experiences!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of cuisine does Nonki offer? 

Nonki offers a delightful collection of the authentic and magnifying goodness of Japanese cuisines that features sushi, sashimi, ramen, donburi rice bowls, and more.

What is Nonki known for?

It is known for its trademark Beef Teriyaki, Ika Uni Sushi, and Katsu Curry.

What are the operating hours of Nonki?

They have various operating hours depending on every store location, you can check their website for the locations that entail their operating hours in every branch available in the Philippines.

Where is Nonki located in the Philippines?

Nonki has a very accessible number of branches available in various cities in the Philippines. you can click this link that will direct you to their official website which entails all of the locations of Nonki Restaurant in the Philippines.


In conclusion, Nonki is a safe haven for every Japanese food enthusiast out there. Aside from the fat tat they offer a safe option for everyone who is taking their first Nonki experiences such as their iconic Beef Teriyaki, Gyoza, and Dumplings, it is undeniable that they are really committed to giving you a sweet and savory experience that will take you to a world filled with every dish where the heart of Japan is served in every plate.

Whether you are in the mood for a seafood adventure or a meaty dish, Nonki always has a seat available for you. To add to that, I also want to commend their donburi rice bowl menu which offers a mouthwatering goodness that will never disappoint. It has a very comforting atmosphere, especially their Oyako don. It was a wonderful experience and I definitely recommend this restaurant.

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