Tsukiji Restaurant Menu Prices Philippines

Looking for a restaurant that offers delicious Japanese cuisine? Look no more I found the perfect place for you to try. This place offers a variety of great dishes that will surely satisfy your Japanese food needs. Ever heard about Tsukiji? If not lend me a little of your time because we are going to talk about them. The Tsukiji Restaurant menu has a lot of offerings from simple to complex Japanese dishes that I’m pretty sure you will love.

In this article, we are going to talk about the foods that they serve, the prices for each item, and something that you might want to know about them before you decide to try visiting their place. I’m actually excited about this since I really enjoyed my experience trying their restaurant so if you’re ready I’m not going to delay things here and let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Tsukiji Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


??? Kabu - Imported Red Radish300
Shiro Kabu - Imported White Radish300
Nasu Ippon Zuke - Imported Eggplant375
Daikon Ippon Zuke - Imported Daikon Radish375
Kyuri-Japanese Cucumber250
Hakusai - Napa Cabbage200
Nozawana - Turnip Greens250
Takana Aburaitame - Mustard Greens250
Kimuchi - Spicy Napa Cabbage Kimchi250
Kakuteki - Radish Kimchi250
Takwan- Imported Yellow Radish375


Yakiginnan - Grilled Ginko Nuts450
Eda Mame - Boiled Soy Beans250
Soramame - Boiled Broad Beans250
Morokyu - Cucumber With Fermented Soy Beans250
Kimpira Gobo - Boiled Mountain Root250
Kabocha Amani - Sweet Pumpkin250
Satoimo Amani - Sweet Taro Root250
Takenoko Tosani - Sweet Bamboo Shoot250
Horenso - Cooked Spinach With Katsuboshi250
Yakinasu - Grilled Eggplant With Katsuboshi250

Sunomono Vinegared Dishes

Shime Saba - Vinegared Mackerel With Cucumbers And Wakame Seaweed600
Tako - Octopus With Cucumbers And Wakame Seaweed600
Yaki Anago - Grilled Sea Eel With Cucumbers And Wakame600
Wakame Kyuri - Cucumbers And Wakame Seaweed300


Kaiso - Seaweed Salad With Sesame Dressing1500
Kani - Special Crab And Mayonnaise Salad1500
Wafu - Lettuce With Mixed Sashimi Topping1500
Daikon - Lettuce And Radish Salad With Creamy Dressing 1200
Stamina - Green Salad With Sesame Dressing750
Potato - Potato Salad With Japanese Mayonnaise250


Nama Kaki Ponzu - Fresh Oysters In Ponzu Sauce880
Ika Ring Age - Fried Squid Rings450
Ika Gesoyaki - Grilled Squid Tentacles250
Ika Watayaki - Grilled Squid Innards In Foil400
Ika Okizuke - Preserved Whole SquidMarket price
Ika Shiokara - Preserved Squid With Ink250
Takobutsu - Chopped Octopus550
Takozukushi - Marinated Octopus With Sesame300
Shirasu Oroshi - Baby Whitefish With Radish300
Ikura Oroshi - Salmon Roe With Grated Daikon300
Maguro Natto - Tuna With Fermented Soybeans450
Ika Natto - Squid With Fermented Soybeans350
Jumbo Satsumaage - Grilled Fish Cake850
Shirao Karaage - Crisp Fried Snowfish660


Hontoro - Fatty Tuna Belly3600
Chutoro - Tuna Belly3600
Kampachi - Amberjack2400
Hamachi - Yellowtail2000
Tai - Sea Bream2200
Toro Salmon - Salmon Belly1800
Tako - Octopus1000
Ika - Squid600
Katsuo Tataki - Seared TunaMarket price
Shime Saba - Marinated Mackerel900
Uni- Imported Sea Urchin3000
Botan Ebi - Spot Prawn2400
Ama Ebi - Sweet Prawn1000
Aka Gai - Red Clam1000
Hotategai - Scallop1000
Hokkigai - Surf Clam1000


Tokujo Nigiri - 9 Pieces Premium Sushi & 3pcs Maki2800
Matsu Nigiri - 9 Pieces Special Sushi & 3pcs Maki2300
Take Nigiri - 9 Pieces Sushi And 3 Pieces Maki1600
Ume Nigiri - 9 Pieces Local Sushiand 3 Pieces Maki1200

Chirashi Sushi

Shogun - Sushi Rice Served With An Assortment Of Japanese Pickles, Fishcakes, Nimono Vegetables, Grilled Fish, Sashimi2300
Daimyo - Sushi Rice With Premium Sashimi1800
Maguro, Tako, Ika, Hamachi, Salmon, Ikura, Kani, Shime Saba
Special Daimyo - Sushi Rice With Premium Sashimi Toro, Hamachi, Kanpachi, Uni, Tai, Botan Ebi, Salmon, Ikura3200
Super Special Daimyo - Sushi Rice With Premium Sashimi Hamachi, Kanpachi, Uni, Tai, Botan Ebi, Salmon, Ikura, Tobiko, Negitoro4500

Nigiri Sushi

Uni - Imported Sea Urchin1500
Hontoro - Fatty Tuna Belly1200
Chutoro - Tuna Belly1100
Kampachi - Amberjack600
Hamachi - Yellowtail600
Tai - Seabream600
Toro Salmon - Salmon Belly550
Maguro Tuna450
Ika - Squid350
Ebl Prawns450
Ama Ebi - Sweet Prawn500
Kani - Crab Stick450
Aka Gai - Red Clam450
Hotategai - Scallop500

Maki/Temaki Sushi

Unagi Maki - Eel650
Negihamachi Maki - Chopped Yellowtail With Spring Onion Roll 500
Futomaki - Large Sushi Roll With Assorted Ingredients650
Negitoromaki - Chopped Fatty Tuna Belly With Spring Onion Roll550
California Maki - Mango, Cucumber, Kani, Mayonnaise, Flying Fish Roe550
Kappa Maki - Cucumber Roll250
Kanpyomaki - Dried Pickled Gourd Roll250
Oshinko Maki - Pickled Radish Roll250
Natto Maki - Fermented Soya Bean Roll300
Tekka Maki - Tuna Roll350
Inari Sushi - Sushi Rice Stuffed Tofu Pocket330

Sashimi Boat

Special Sashimi Boat - Small (6-8 Persons) Hontoro Chutoro Hamachi Kanpachi Uni Tai Salmon Amaebi Hotate (42 Slices)13000
Special Sashimi Boat - Large (8-10 Persons) Hontoro Chutoro Hamachi Kanpachi Uni Tai Salmon Amaebi Hotate (65 Slices)19000

Sushi Boat

Special Sushi Boat - Small (6-8 Persons) Hontoro Chutoro Hamachi Kanpachi Uni Tail Salmon Amaebi Hotate Negitoro Maki (27 Pcs Sushi 9 Pcs Maki)11000
Special Sushi Boat - Large (8-10 Persons)Hontoro Chutoro Hamachi Kampachi Uni Tail Salmon Amaebi Hotate Negitoro Maki (40pcs Sushi 12 Pcs Maki) 14000

Combination Sushi-Sashimi Boat

Special Sushi Sashimi Boat Small (6-8persons) Hotoro Chutoro Hamachi Kanpachi Uni Tai Salmon Amaebi Hotate Negitoro Maki (20pcs Sashimi 16pcs Sushi 6pcs Maki) 14000
Special Sushi Sashimi Boat Small (6-8persons) Hotoro Chutoro Hamachi Kanpachi Uni Tai Salmon Amaebi Hotate Negitoro Maki (42pcs Sashimi 18pcs Sushi 6pcs Maki) 20000


Wagyu Ohmi Sirloin Steak 5,9005900
Wagyu Ohmi Rib-Eye Steak 5,9005900
Wagyu Ohmi Butteryaki5500
Wagyu Ohmi Shabu-Shabu5500
Wagyu Ohmi Sukiyaki5500
Wagyu Sashimi2500
U.S. Snake River Farms Wagyu Ribeye Steak4000
U.S. Angus Rib-Eye Steak2800

Tepan Yaki Ala Carte

Wagyu Ohmi Sirloin5900
Wagyu Ohmi Rib-Eye5900
Snake River Farms Wagyu Ribeye Steak4000
U.S. Angus Beef Tenderloin3000
Jumbo Prawns1800
Assorted Seafood2500
Japanese Scallops (150gm)1500
Shimeji Mushroom Butteryaki400
Yasai-Tame Vegetables420
Special Fried Rice - With Shrimp And Pork450


Gindara Teriyaki - The Original Grilled Black Cod2900
Gnara Saikyo - Miso Marinated Grilled Cod Fish2600
Gindara Arani - Black Cod Jaw Simmered In Special Sauce2100
Kan Saba (Shioyaki, Nitsuke)850
Hamachi (Kabutoyaki, Kabutoni)5500
Hamachi Kama (Shioyaki, Nitsuke)Market price
Kinki (Shioyaki, Nitsuke)Market price
Mako Karei (Karaage) Market price
Kinmedai (Sashimi, Shioyaki, Nitsuke)Market price
Toro Kama Yaki - Grilled Japanese Fatty Tuna Collar9800
Unagi Kabayaki - Grilled Eel From Shikoku Island1600
Salmon Kamayaki - Grilled Salmon Head2850
Jumbo Unagi - Extra Large Grilled Eel2300
Shake Shioyaki - Grilled Salted Salmon800
Sanma Hiraki - Grilled Dried Pacific Saury450
Saba Hiraki - Grilled Dried Mackerel Fillet650
Aji Hiraki - Grilled Dried Horse Mackerel Fillet450
Shima Hokke - Grilled Dried Hokkaido Akta Mackerel1100
Shishamo - Grilled Dried Capelin Fish450
Maruboshi Iwashi - Grilled Dried Whole Sardin450


Special Assorted Tempura1900
Tarabakani Tempura2400
Assorted Tempura - Deep Fried Batter Dipped Seafoods And Vegetables 1000
Anago Tempura - Sea Eel1000
Ebi Tempura - Prawns (5pc.)850
Kisu Tempura - Whiting650
Kakiage Tempura - Assorted Vegetables500
Ebi Furai - Breaded And Deep Fried Prawns750
Iwashi Furai - Breaded And Deep Fried Sardines650
Tarabakani Shioyaki3950
Hotategai Hamayaki990
Yosenabe - Japanese Seafood And Vegetable Hotpot2000
Udonsuki - Lapanese Seafood And Vegetarie Hotpot With Udon Noodles 2000
Ika Sugatayaki - Grilled Whole Squid980
Ika Teppanyaki - Sautéed Squid With Vegetables980
Ika Ichiyaboshi - Grilled Dried Squid980
Ika Okizuke - Marinated Squid1000
Ohebi Shioyaki - Grilled Jumbo Prawns (1 Piece)800


Kurobuta Tonkatsu1600
Buta Shogayaki650
Kushi Katzu 500


Yakitori 450
Chicken Teriyaki 650
Fried Chicken Wings450
Tori Tatsuta Age550

Rice And Soup

Takana Fried Rice - Pickled Mustard Greens450
Special Fried Rice - With Shrimp And Pork450
Plain Rice110
Miso Soup - With Fermented Soybean Paste110
Clear Soup110
Special Miso Soup - With Tai Fish Head550
Chawanmushi - Steamed Egg Custard270


Nori Chazuke - Seaweed450
Ume Chazuke -Pickled Plum450
Tarako Chazuke - Cod Fish Roe450
Shake Chazuke - Salted Salmon550
Ikura Chazuke - Salmon Roe550


Okaka - Bonito Shavings220
Ume - Pickled Plum220
Shake - Salted Salmon220
Konbu - Sweet Seaweed220
Tarako - Cod Fish Roe220
Yaki Onigiri - Grilled Rice Ball220

About Tsukiji

Tsukiji Restaurant is a place that serves premium Japanese dishes that are prepared by their chef Toshiro Okajima and his team of great chefs since 1989. This place is located on the 3rd floor of the Milkyway Building along Arnaiz Ave. Makati City. Since they opened their restaurant Tsukiji has been known for serving authentic Japanese dishes in the Metro. Their name comes from the legendary fish market in Tokyo. They are also the first restaurant to import fresh sushi, wagyu beef, and other kinds of seafood from the Tsukiji market in Japan.

To this date, they still get their fresh ingredients from Japan at least thrice a week. Their guests can assure the quantity and freshness of the foods that will be served to them on every visit. This place actually has two dining rooms the first one is for their sushi bar for their customers to enjoy fresh sashimi and sushi that is prepared by their chef Toshiko Okajima, this room is also designed in a traditional Japanese restaurant.

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The other dining room is for their yakiniku dining with grilling tables where their guest are invited to cook wagyu beef. The wagyu beef that they offer is Ohmi wagyu beef which is also the official Japanese imperial household choice of beef. They also have function rooms for large groups of customers and al fresco dining is available. 

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Tsukiji Restaurant Menu Best Seller

Here are some items that they offer at Tsukiji restaurant. 

Sashimi and Sushi – Tsukiji Restaurant serves the best and premium quality sashimi and sushi that they got straight from Japan and other parts of the world. The items that are always available on their sushi and sashimi are: hontoro also known as bluefin tuna, uni which is fresh sea urchin, hotate, or scallops from Canada. Hamachi also known as yellow tail, botan ebi, or spot prawns from Greenland, local tuna of Gen San.

Tuna sashimi Pin
Photo Credits: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant – Makati FB Page

Sake which is salmon from Norway and some seasonal seafood. You may also ask their chef what’s available and new for the day. All of their sushi is made from their special koshihikari rice. You can guaranteed that every sashimi and sushi that they serve is as high quality as possible truly delicious and worth its price. 

Yakiniku – Yakiniku is translated as yaki for grilled and niku which means meat. They have a yakiniku room where customers can cook on their smoke-less grilling table. You can actually choose from their variety of meat choices like Ohmi wagyu beef or Kobe-styled beef from US Snake River farms.

Ohmi wagyu beef steak Pin
Photo Credits: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant – Makati FB Page

Yakiniku offerings of Tsukiji are a great experience. The meats especially their home wagyu beef have something that melts in your mouth feels, even the Kobe-style beef is a must-try since it is delicious as well. One thing that I appreciate about their yakiniku room is that it’s almost smoke-free so after visiting them you wouldn’t smell like barbecue at all. My favorite part of visiting them, to be honest. 

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Shabu Shabu – On their shabu shabu you will get a chance to enjoy their thinly sliced Ohmi wagyu beef or kobe-styled beef cooked in a hot pot. The broth used in this hot pot menu of Tsukiji Restaurant has gomae and ponzu sauces or it could be simmered on their special sauce for sukiyaki. Beef-cooked shabu shabu style is tender and really easy to chew. It is like effortless eating while enjoying the savory and delicious meat in a hot pot. The broth tastes amazing as well. It was truly an exceptional experience. 

Shabu shabu Pin
Photo Credits: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant – Makati FB Page

Lunch Set

Tsukiji Restaurant offers lunch sets on their menu, they have tempura teishoku which is fish, prawn, and vegetable tempura with rice, miso soup, and side dishes. They also have sashimi teishoku this one is a set of 5 kinds of sashimi, rice, miso soup, tempura, and side dishes. Other than that they also have yakiniku teishoku which consists of US sirloin and special sauce, miso soup, rice, and side dishes. Other items on their lunch sets are tonkatsu teishoku, sukiyaki teishoku and yakizakana teishoku. 

Tonkatsu teishoku set Pin
Photo Credits: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant – Makati FB Page


On their chicken menu you will choose from 4 delicious chicken dishes, the first item is their yakitori which is grilled skewer chicken that is seasoned with teriyaki sauce or salt. They also have chicken teriyaki which is grilled chicken leg part marinated in teriyaki sauce. Fried chicken wings are also available on their chicken menu this one comes with ponzu sauce and lastly their tori tatsuta age which is basically a fried marinated chicken. 

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Fried chicken wings Pin
Photo Credits: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant – Makati FB Page

Tsukiji Restaurant Menu Delivery 

When you’re yearning for the delicious food offerings from Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant, fulfilling your cravings is as easy as dialing their contact numbers: 8843-4285, 8812-2913, or 0995-617-9209. Simply give them a call, and you’ll be savoring Tsukiji’s delectable dishes in no time.

Social Media Pages

Get ready for a voyage through the world of Japanese gastronomy, memorable moments, and a dining experience that will make your feed a sushi lover’s paradise. I encourage you to follow and like their social media pages listed below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsukjirestaurant

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsukiji_makati

Website: https://www.tsukiji-restaurant.com/location.html


What are the business hours of Tsukiji Restaurant?

Tsukiji Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. They will start to operate at 11:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m.

Tsukiji Restaurant: Are they halal certified?

Tsukiji Restaurant is a non halal certified place that offers pork dishes that are haram with our Muslim friends. 

What are the payment options of Tsukiji Restaurant?

They accept cash payments and credit and debit cards. 

Do we need reservations at Tsukiji Restaurant?

We are not sure if Tsukiji Restaurant requires reservations however Tsukiji Restaurant accepts reservations. 


This place is absolutely amazing I really enjoyed their yakiniku and shabu shabu. The Tsukiji Restaurant menu offers a wide range of Japanese and Asian dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings, though we can’t tell that this place is affordable the prices of their food items are reasonable. Nice ambiance and a very spacious area for dining. A clean place plus high-quality dishes is what you can expect at this restaurant. Their chefs and staff are nice too and very approachable as well. One of the best places that I’ve been to. 

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