Kimpura Menu Prices 

The Kimpura menu consists of Japanese dishes that are made using authentic, fresh, and finest ingredients. The Japanese cuisines that it serves are Sashimi and Sushi Moriawase, Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi, Makimono, Special Maki, Temaki, Ala Carte, Teishoku, Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, Salad, and many more. Bento meals that consist of delicious and most-sought dishes are also offered for those who want a fulfilling and balanced meal. There is also a Manager’s Choice and Set Menus that are created for 6 and 10 people.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kimpura menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Sashimi Moriawase

Matsu 1780

Sushi Moriawase

Matsu 915
Nigiri Moriawase 560
Hako Zushi Moriawase 570
Chirashi Zushi 820
Chef's Special 1780

Nigiri Sushi

Maguro 90
Hamachi 225
Shime Saba 110
Uni 95
Shima Aji 95
Tai 95
Ikura 290
Akagai 160
Ama Ebi 195
Hokigai 120
Ebi 110
Unagi 145
Ika 95
Tako 200
Ebiko 110
Kanibo 75
Tamago 75
Toro Market Price


Maguro 550
Hamachi 890
Uni 340
Shime Saba 650
Ika 440
Shima Aji 395
Tako 1030
Ikura 1030
Akagai 655
Ama Ebi 630
Hokigai 775
Ebiko 430
Hotategai 660
Lapu-Lapu Usuzukuri 675
Aji Tataki 325
Maguro Tataki 595
Kuruma Ebi 420
Kanibo 340
Tamago 145


Ikura Maki 520
Hamachi Maki 455
Unagi Maki 380
Ebiko Maki 225
Tekka Maki 225
Ebi Maki 220
Uni Maki 220
Oshinko Maki 180
Kani Maki 180

Special Maki

Unagi California Maki 570
Ebiko California Maki 360
Ebi Tempura Maki 320
Kimpura Maki 305
Philadelphia Maki 405
Futo Maki 475
California Kani Maki 260
California Maki Ebi 285
Salmon Skin Maki 225
Kasupikai Maki 455
Dragon Maki 455
Dynamite Maki 320
Aburi Salmon 455
Kaiso Salad Maki 320
Crunchy Kani Maki 430
Crunchy Ebi Maki 455
Fusion Maguro Hako Sushi 550
Spider Maki 570


California Salad Ebi 210
California Salad Kani 190
Yasai Salad 130
Spicy Tuna Salad 170
Salmon Skin Salad 140
Kanibo 130
Ebi 140
Tamago 110
Unagi 200
Shime Saba 210
Maguro 135
Kajiki 135
Ebiko 145
Hamachi 305
Ikura 420

Ala Carte

Dashi Maki Mix 215
Nasu Abura Itame 130
Nasu Agedashi 130
Horenso Ohitashi 320
Horenso Peanuts Ae320
Niku Jaga 320
Natto 195
Butakakuni 280
Yaki Gyoza 200
Chawanmushi 130
Butakarashiyaki 360
Yakiniku 695
Shake Butter Yaki 660
Shake Mushimoto 685
Saba Misoni 455
Gindara Nitsuke 1250
Kabutoni (Salmon or Hamachi)Market Price
Wakadori Kuwayaki 305
Butashogayaki 360
Chicken Teriyaki 305


Unagi Teishoku 1050
Tempura Teishoku 775
Ebi Tempura Teishoku 890
Gindara Teriyaki Teishoku 1595
Yakiniku Teishoku 835
Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku 445
Tonkatsu Teishoku 545
Torikatsu Teishoku 520


Kimpura Okonomiyaki 475
Seafood Okonomiyaki 660
Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki 660
Vegetarian Okonomiyaki 360

Teppanyaki Combination Specials

Tenderloin Steak & Scallops2800
Rib Eye Steak & Mixed Tempura2180
Rib Eye Steak & Nigiri Sushi 2180
Rib Eye Steak & Prawns 2180
Sirloin Steak & Oysters 2080
Sukiyaki Beef, Prawns & Oysters 1700
Scallops, Cuttlefish & Blue Marlin Fillet 1650
Prawns, Oyster & Salmon Fillet 1650
Scallops, Prawns & Oysters 1680
Chicken & Prawns 1130


Beef Usuyaki 695
Kaki Bacon Maki 455
Seafood Maki 685
Enoki Teppan 475
Horenso Butter Maki 485
Tofu Steak 290
Enoki Bacon Maki 545
Teppanyaki Assortment 545
Maguro Teppanyaki 570
Buta Karashiyaki Teppanyaki 360


Kobe SteakMarket Price
Wagyu Rib Eye 7000
U.S. Tenderloin 2100
U.S. Angus Rib Eye 1700
U.S. Sirloin 1500
Sukiyaki Beef 900
Chicken 290
Lapu-Lapu Fillet Market Price
Blue Marlin 570
Oyster 360
Scallop 780
Codfish 1250
Lobster Tail 780
Prawn 685
Cuttlefish Fillet 550
Fresh Asparagus 255
Mixed Vegetables 345
Mushrooms 195
Green Pepper195
Onions 140
Bean Sprout 170


Kani Somen Salad 320
Kaiso Salad 340
Kani Kyuri Salad 255
Kani Mango Salad 360
Potato Salad 110
Spicy Tuna Salad 570
Spicy Salmon Salad 660


Agedashi Tofu 145
Tofu Steak 290
Yudofu 220
Hiyayako 220
Tofu Den Gaku 200

Grilled Dishes

Gindara Teriyaki 1250
Yakitori 265
Tori Chizu Maki 295
Yakitory Platter 930


Saba 490
Sanma Yaki 485
Shake 665
Hamachi Kabutoyaki Market Price
Hamachi 910
Gyu Asparamaki 670
Shishamo 85
Ika 260
Chicken Thigh 255
Chicken Wings 225
Chicken Roll280
Eggplant 110
Onions 110
Mushroom (Oysters)185
Green Pepper110
Fried Tofu 140

Tempura Age Mono

Tempura Moriawase 600
Ebi Tempura 720
Soft Shell Crab Tempura 570
Shitake No Tsutsumi Age 570
Ebi Fry 540
Kanibo Fry 450
Tonkatsu 405
Torikatsu 375
Kaki Fry 375
Tori Karaage 280

Per Piece

Ebi 90
Kakiage 95
Kisu 85
Ebi Kakiage 220
Ika 85
Kanibo 85
Yasai 95


Sukiyaki (Whole)1150
Sukiyaki (Half)730
U.S. Sirloin Sukiyaki (Whole)1900
U.S. Sirloin Sukiyaki (Half)1150
U.S. Sirloin Shabu Shabu1700
Kimpura Nabe 1130
Yosenabe (Whole)1450
Yosenabe (Half)750


Yasai Soup 85
Miso Shiru 90
Osuimono 145
Asari Misoshiru 98
Nira Tamago Toji 110


Nabeyaki Udon 720
Tempura Udon or Soba 685
Tori Udon or Soba 445
Niku Udon or Soba555
Tanuki Udon or Soba 370
Kakiage Udon or Soba 450
Yasai Udon or Soba 405
Yaki Udon 460
Yaki Soba 405
Sobayaki Tempura Mori 520
Without Tempura Shrimp 370


Seafoods Ramen 590
Shio Ramen 425
Tonkotsu Ramen 425
Tantan Men 425
Hiyashi Ramen 350

Cold Noodles

Zaru Soba 325
Cha Soba 325
Ten Zaru Soba 490
Ten Cha Soba 550


Gyudon 585
Unajyu 990
Katsudon 475
Tamago Don 305
Oyako Don 405
Tendon 450
Gindara Don 1320
Ebi Katsu Don 550
Tori Teriyaki Don 370
Tekka Don 530


Kamameshi (Yasai)290
Kamameshi (Ebi)450
Kamameshi (Tori)320
Kamameshi (Mixed)370
Ochzuke (Shake)320
Ochzuke (Nori)210
Ochzuke (Ume)320
Ochzuke (Ikura)680
Onigiri (Shake)250
Onigiri (Ume)225
Onigiri (Okaka)175

Yakimeshi (Fried Rice)

Beef Rice 120
Shrimp Rice 150
Seafood Rice 150
Chicken Rice 115
Vegetable Rice 100
Garlic Rice 85
Mixed Rice 130


Tempura Ice Cream 270
Gelatine Ala Mode Special130
Jelly Buco Delight 160
Coffee Jelly 160
Coffee Butterscotch Sundae160
Mango Supreme 145
Banana Tempura 105
Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail 155
Fruit Medley 210
Banana Split 270
Buco Sherbet 95
Matcha Ice Cream 95
Kiwi Fruit Jelly 145
Ogura Ice Cream 120
Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream 165

Bento Menu

Sukiyaki Bento 1000
Unagi Kabayaki Bento 1100
Hamburger Steak Bento 750
Gindara Teriyaki Bento 1100
Teppanyaki Bento1100
Futomaki and Udon Bento 700
Chicken Teriyaki Bento 900
Tempura Bento 1070
Tonkatsu Bento 700
Shake Batayaki Bento 950

Manager's Choice

Manager's Choice (good for 10 persons)22900+
Manager's Choice (good for 6 persons)12700+

Set Menu

Set 1 (good for 10 persons)20800+
Set 1 (good for 6 persons)11500+
Set 2 (good for 10 persons)19600+
Set 2 (good for 6 persons)11700+
Set 3 (good for 10 persons)13800+
Set 3 (good for 6 persons)8500+
Set 4 (good for 10 persons)14200+
Set 4 (good for 6 persons)8700+
Set 5 (good for 10 persons)16000+
Set 5 (good for 6 persons)9800+
Set 6 (good for 10 persons)14000+
Set 6 (good for 6 persons)7300+


SMB Light 155
Pilsen 140
Dry 165
Premium Beer 195
Heineken 170
Kirin 295
Sapporo Beer 295
Asahi Beer 295


Cold Sake 1 Cup 395
Jug 280
Yamada Sake 850
Namachozo Sake 850
Iichiko Silholite 2500
Iichiko Napoeon 2000


Royal Salute 525
JW Black Label 325
JW Red Label 325
Chivas Regal 325
Old Parr 160
J & B150

Vodka & Gin

Absolute 185
Stolichnaya 150
Bacardi 190
Glenfiddich 235
Gilbeys Gin 180
Tanqueray 235


Jim Beam 160
Jack Daniel 180
Jose Cuervo 250

Brandy & Cognac

Carlos 1180
Remy Martin VSOP335
Remy Martin XO 750
Henessy VSOP305
Henessy XO750


Red Wine Per Glass 240
White Wine Per Glass 240
Corkage Per Bottle 500

Fresh Juice

Lemon Juice 180
Banana Juice120
Orange Juice 180
Mango Juice 140
Buko Juice 150
Pineapple Juice 140
Watermelon Juice 140
Dalandan Juice 140
Four Seasons 180
Calamansi Juice 140
Apple Juice 180
Carrot Juice 150
Calamansi Soda 185

Juice in Can

Tomato Juice 180

Soft Drinks

Regular in Can95
Diet in Can 110

Kimpura Iced Tea

Kimpura Iced Tea 90

Mineral Water

Imported 140


Brewed Coffee120

About Kimpura

Kimpura is a Japanese restaurant that was founded in the 1970s to serve people satisfying Japanese cuisines. The name of this restaurant comes from the words “Kim’, which means gold, and “Pura”, a short term for Tempura. The elegant design of its interiors and the authentic dishes that it serves gives its diners a unique and memorable Japanese dining experience. 

YouTube video

Kimpura Menu Best Seller

These are some of the best sellers of Kimpura that you should not miss out on as it has a pleasant and authentic Japanese flavor.  

Ebi Tempura – This is an all-time bestseller of Kimpura that is known for its perfection. It is made with fresh and plump shrimp perfectly coated with special breading and expertly deep-fried. Even after forty years, it still amazes the crowd with its fresh and delicious flavors in every bite. 

Yaki Gyoza – Steamed dumplings are stuffed with cabbage and tender pork served with a savory sauce. Diners loved this Kimpura menu because of its meaty core, soft texture of the top portion, and crispy sides that make it more delicious. The flavorful sauce that comes with it complements well with its rich, juicy, and garlicky goodness. 

Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Gindara Teriyaki – Codfish is garnished with the restaurant’s special blend of sweet wine sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The buttery and silky-smooth texture of the codfish always tickles the palate. Its sauce makes it visually appealing as it creates a luxurious touch. 

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Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Spider Mak – A special creation of Kimpura that is made up of cucumber, lettuce, ebiko, and shell grab garnished with unagi sauce. The rich and natural flavors of this dish make it appetizing. It has a bright color and contrasting textures that will excite your senses. 

Dragon Maki – The dragon design of its plating presentation gives this dish an extravagant look. It consists of sweet mango that is laid on fresh cucumber and ornate unagi maki. The fresh and vibrant color of mango, the smoky flavor of unagi, the soft and sticky texture of rice, and the sour taste of vinegar make this special maki delicious. 

Kimpura Ala Carte Menu

These are some of the Ala Carte dishes served by Kimpura that will make your meals more enjoyable. 

Nasu Agedashi – Japanese eggplant is fried and cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce. Bonito shavings are added to make it more flavorful. The melt-in-your-mouth eggplant and the savory sauce will satisfy your cravings. 

Butakakuni – Boneless pork chunks are braised with a sweet wine sauce until it becomes tender, juicy, and flavorful. Its special sauce makes and slow cooking method make its taste authentic and unique.  

Shake Mushimono – It consists of layered steamed salmon and tofu. Slices of lemon, mushroom, and cabbage also come with this dish. To enhance its flavor, a tangy dipping sauce and a special side dish is served with. 

Gindara Nitzuke – Codfish is cooked in a sweet wine sauce and ginger. An imported codfish is used to make its taste authentic. The original flavor of codfish and its savory sauce will boost your appetite. 

Chicken Teriyaki – The special sweet wine sauce created by this restaurant is the ingredient that sets this dish apart from other chicken teriyaki recipes. Boneless chicken is used to give diners a tender, sweet, and juicy chicken dish. 

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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pizza or pancake that is packed with gratifying flavors. These are the different okonomiyaki offered by Kimpura. 

Vegetarian Okonomiyaki – Kimpura created this dish for vegetarians and health-conscious customers. The nutritional value that it provides is one of the features of this dish that encourages people to try it. 

Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Kimpura Okonomiyaki – This is a special okonomiyaki that is created by Kimpura. Its special ingredients go well together and create a delicious taste. 

Seafood Okonomiyaki – A dish created for seafood lovers as it consists of fresh seafood toppings. The texture of its flour-based batter and the flavor of different kinds of seafood are perfectly combined making it irresistible. I highly recommend this Kimpura menu if you like seafood.

Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki – It is made up of vegetables, eggs, meat, noodles, and other special ingredients. The savory goodness in each bite will make you crave more. 


These are the makimono or sushi rolls of Kimpura restaurant that are loved by diners for their pleasurable taste. 

Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Ebi Maki – This maki consists of shrimp, a special sauce, and boiled rice that is wrapped in seaweed. Its simplicity and delicious taste make it one of the Japanese dishes that impresses the crowd. 

Ikura Maki – The vibrant color of this ikura maki gives this dish an aesthetic look. It is one of the most-sought Japanese maki variants as it is packed with umami flavors and nutrients. 

Kani Maki – Crab meat is cooked perfectly, covered with rice, and wrapped in seaweed. Each bite of this delicious maki will make tickle your sense of taste with satisfying flavor and texture. 


Sashimi is one of the remarkable Japanese dishes that is loved by people from different parts of the world. It is composed of thin slices of raw seafood that have a low fat and calorie content. A special sauce created by the restaurant is served with it. It offers Maguro Tataki which is made up of rare slices of tuna that come with ponzu sauce and spices. Kimpura serves a wide array of sashimi so you will surely find your favorite. The other sashimi choices that it provides are Shake, Maguro, Hamachi, Kajiki, Lapu-Lapu, Uni, Shime Saba, Ika, Shima Aji, Tako, Ikura, Akagai, and many more.  

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Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Kimpura Set Menu 

Kimpura offers six different set menus that are good for 6 and 10 people. It consists of six different Japanese dishes that come with rice, soup, and dessert. It is a perfect choice if you are dining in large groups to make your meals more affordable and taste the savory flavors of Japanese cuisine. These set menus can also be served on different occasions as each set is well-crafted to meet the needs and wants of people from different walks of life. 

Photo Credits: Kimpura Facebook Page

Kimpura Menu Delivery 

The delicious and authentic Japanese cuisines of Kimpura are available in GrabFood so you can enjoy them with your loved ones in the comfort of your home or office. It also offers a curbside pick-up that allows you to get your orders at their designated areas. For orders, you can call them at 7-621 6791 and Viber them at 09563427256. 

Social Media Pages

Kimpura’s social media pages provide information about the restaurant, its menu, promotions, and other updates. Customers can also leave reviews and feedback on these platforms. Links are provided below.




The Kimpura menu is notable for its elegant presentation which makes it picture-perfect. It is regarded as one of the best Japanese restaurants that offer authentic and innovative dishes. This is one of the go-to and most recommended restaurants that always satisfy the cravings of those who love Japanese cuisine. Their customers keep on coming back as they keep the original flavors of their dishes through the years. 

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