Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Menu Prices

There’s a place that I wanted to recommend to you guys if you’re looking for delicious wings, so if you’re craving it then this is the right article for you. This place is operating not too long but I can guarantee you that their foods are really good. Have you heard about Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings? If not then keep reading. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings menu has different varieties of flavors to offer for their chicken wings and aside from those they also have other items such as burgers, pastas, and other treats that for sure will catch your interest. Today we are going to take a deeper look at the food that they serve, their best-selling and popular items, and of course, something about them for us to get to know them better. I’m all excited about this and I’m sure you are too so let’s begin. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Wings (Basic/Premium)

1/2 Dozen Reg309/339
1/2 Dozen Jr.239/269
1 Dozen Reg579/649
1 Dozen Jr.459/499
Wings world Reg (Premium only)649
Wings world Jr. (Premium only)499

Boneless (Basic/Premium)

Boneless solo 229/239
Boneless with rice249/259
Boneless medium439/449
Boneless large689/699

Drumstick (Basic/Premium)

Drumstick 4pcs289/299
Drumstick 8pcs529/539
Drumstick 12pcs719/729

Liberty box 36pcd wings in 1 box (Regular/Junior)

Liberty box basic1729/1339
Liberty box combination 1899/1469
Liberty box premium 1849/1399

Wingette & Drumette (Basic/Premium)

All wingette medium 279/309
All wingette large 529/579
All drumette medium 279/309
All drumette large 529/579


Fettuccine spaghetti stroganoff 299
Spaghetti basil aioli279
Spaghetti bolognese 289
Spaghetti hungarian 299
The new york special 459
Fish & Chips239
Burger steak with rice319
Hungarian sausage with rice199


BBQ Chicken burger 269
Buffalo chicken burger 269
Spicy chicken sandwich 279
Frankie's burger269
Garlic Parmesan burger229
BBQ Chicken burger (meat free)329
Buffalo chicken burger (meat free) 329
Spicy chicken sandwich (meat free) 339


Aioli dip40
Blue cheese dip30
Ranch dip30
Truffle dip30
French fries 120
Twister fries140
Onion rings170
Mozzarella sticks 210
Sweet potato fries 170
Spam mac & cheese 140
Mashed potato 60


Oreo cheesecake 180
New York Cheesecake 160
Salted caramel cheesecake 180
Fudge brownie 120
Buffalo wings ice cream (solo/pint)128/349
New York cheesecake ice cream (solo/pint)129/349


Mineral water 40
Coke 75
Coke Zero 75
Royal tru orange 75
Sprite 75
Stellina's pink lemonade 85
Sola iced tea85
Acai berry100
Caramel macchiato 130
Cafe americano100
Absolut vodka (shot/bottle)125/1750
Jose cuervo gold (shot/bottle)125/1850
Jack daniel's (shot/bottle)170/2000
JW Black label (shot/bottle)230/2400
Tanduay ice85
Brew kettle 85
Brew kettle radler 85
Smirnoff mule85
Heineken 135
Heineken silver135
Corona extra165
Stella Artois 145
Soul hard seltzer 145
San Miguel light 85
San miguel apple/lemon/lychee 85
San Miguel pale pilsen85
San Miguel super dry110
San Miguel premium 110
Smirnoff mule (bucket of 6)480
Heineken/Silver (bucket of 6)780
Brew kettle/radler (bucket of 6)470
San Miguel 470

About Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

Three business partners and friends from high school are those behind Frankie’s, they are Kevin Te, Kevin Tañedo, and Eduardo Firmalo. These three friends turned into business partners and built their restaurant name when they started their business in September 2012. their first branch is located in Ortigas. And after that, it only took them 6 years for their business to grow, as of 2018 they already have 7 branches all over the metro and over 400 employees, as of now they have 15 branches. Eventually, become a household name because of their patience and skills.

All of their wings are carefully selected to ensure the quality of their products and make sure that they only offer the highest standard possible, they make sure that their wings are above the average wing size and of course meaty. The inside of their restaurant is inspired by the concrete jungle of new york city, making their place as cool as a position with large and comfortable couches to cater to large groups of customers.

They want their customers to feel comfortable just like dining at home. Their raw materials undergo strict checks and assessments to ensure that their wings are fresh and delicious in every bite. Aside from their popular wings they also offer other delicious options they even have delicious beverages and alcoholic beverages, their team will make sure that their customers will have an awesome experience. 

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Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Menu Best Seller

Here’s the sample list of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings best sellers. 

Classic Buffalo – The classic buffalo version of Frankie’s is made by deep frying the wings until it is golden and crunchy and then tossing them in a pan of hot sauce and other added condiments until the wings are evenly coated. This one has a spicy and tangy taste, not too spicy though but spicy enough for a kick. The wings are evenly cooked and the sauce taste good too. A must-try item on their menu that any spicy lovers should try upon visiting their restaurant.

Classic buffalo wings Pin
Photo Credits: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings FB Page

Salted Egg -The salted egg version of Frankie’s is Crunchy and juicy chicken wings that they fried until golden in color then tossed into a salted egg yolk sauce that is buttery with some chili flakes on it. This one taste amazingly good. Very flavorful I may say, it has a mild spicy flavor that is actually not noticed but in there, saltiness and creaminess because of the salted egg sauce and a bit of a sweet accent. I really enjoyed this one after my partner introduced this to me. One of the most delicious on their menu. 

Garlic Parmesan – The garlic parmesan version of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings menu has that garlicky but not that strong flavor plus the creaminess from the parmesan and can sense a hint of butter on this one as well. Garlic parmesan is not spicy so if you don’t like spicy wings this flavor is the right one for you. Their garlic Parmesan is also one of the most popular flavors for their wings. Garlic parmesan is perfect with anything whether it’s just by itself or with some fries. This is my personal favorite as well. 


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Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings serves 6 choices on their wings menu. They have 1/2 dozen regular or jr. Where you can choose from basic to premium flavors. They also have 1 dozen regular and junior as well with a choice of basic and premium flavors as well. They also have wings world regular and Jr. However, in this one, they only offer premium wings flavor. 

Honey mustard wings Pin
Photo Credits: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings FB Page

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Menu Boneless

The boneless menu offers delectable boneless chicken, devoid of any bones, and comes in both basic and premium flavors. This menu boasts an array of options, including the boneless solo, boneless with rice, boneless medium, and boneless large, giving customers a variety of choices to suit their preferences.


Frankie’s Drumstick menu is a mouthwatering delight, with a tempting selection of three options to choose from: Drumstick 4 pcs, Drumstick 8 pcs, and Drumstick 12 pcs. But that’s not all – they go above and beyond by offering an array of flavors for this menu, catering to all taste preferences. Whether you’re craving a classic taste or seeking a more indulgent experience, Frankie’s has you covered with their enticing range of both basic and premium flavors for their delectable Drumstick menu.

Salted egg drumsticks Pin
Photo Credits: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings FB Page

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Menu Mains

On their main menu, they offer other food items like pasta. The first item is their fettuccine chicken stroganoff, they also have spaghetti basil aioli, spaghetti bolognese, and spaghetti Hungarian for other pasta choices. They also have the new york special which is a variety of picka picka served in a mug, fish and chips, burger steak with rice, and Hungarian sausage with rice for rice options. 

Spaghetti hungarian pesto pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings FB Page

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite food items at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings is made easier simply by sending them a dm on their Facebook page or you can also order thru uber eats, grab food panda, or any available within your location. 

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You can also contact them directly at the numbers provided below. 

Taguig – 0288233990

Manila – 09177099614

Pasig – 0286871250

Mandaluyong – 09177050563

Pasig – 0286688456

Muntinlupa – 09569534125

Pasay – 0289342128

Quezon City – 09150333374

San Juan – 09176263520

Social Media Pages

Your feedback helps them improve and ensure we’re delivering the best dining experience possible. Join them on social media for exclusive deals, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and the chance to be part of the growing Frankie’s family. Share your love for our food, tag them in your photos, and let us know your favorite menu items.






Where can I find Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings branches in the Philippines?

Most locations of Frankie’s are inside NCR or National Capital Region. They have locations in Quezon City, Taguig, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, and Muntinlupa. 

What types of chicken wings does Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings offer?

Frankie’s offers regular and premium wings. These fried and flavorful wings usually have savory flavors like buffalo, salted egg, honey garlic, and many more. 

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings?

Yes, Frankie’s offers vegan options all you have to do is ask for it. 

Is Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings halal certified?

According to our research, they are not halal certified but they also serve halal food items. 


Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings menu has a lot of delicious items that will surely satisfy your cravings, they have a lot of delicious food choices so they are basically a one-stop shop. Employees are nice and very accommodating plus their place is quite nice. They offer reasonable prices on their foods and everything that they serve screams quality. Well maintained place I may say and very comfortable. 

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