Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices

Searching for a place to go where you can get your Japanese food cravings? I recently found one and that place is our topic for today. This place offers authentic Japanese cuisine that I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested especially if you are a Japanese food lover. Have you heard about Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant? If not and you want to try this place stay here with me. Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant menu will truly satisfy your Japanese cravings once you take a glance at the menu.

Their menu offers a lot of delicious items that they prepare the traditional way so you’re going to have a chance to experience real Japanese foods without traveling to Japan. In this article we are going to talk about their whereabouts, the price of their food items, and everything that you need to know about them, Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Set Menu

Sashimi To Yakizakana800
Gyunabe Set720
Sashimi to Tempura Zen700
Unajyu to Cha Soba Zen890
Koyaki Jyu To Udon Zen720
Ryo Goku Gozen (Bento)890
Kaisen Chirashi Sushi Zen (Bento)790
Nigiri Sushi Gozen750
Sukiyaki Udon To Maki Sushi690
Wagyu Hamburg Steak Zen950
Teppan Gozen1000
Teppan Seafood Zen1030
Teppan Lobster Gozen2700
Teppan Wagyu Gozen Ohmi Rib-Eye Beef5500
Matsukaza Sirloin Beef5820
Kobe Beef6080
Ebi Katsuni Zen580
Kurobuta Tonkatsu Gozen680
Kurobuta Tonteki Gozen630
Higawari Set650
Jyu Jyu Beef Steak Set650
Chicken Teriyaki Set470
Okonomiyaki Set440
Tempura Set480
Miso Ramen480


Eda Mame210
Tako Wasabi320
Horenso Ohitashi290
Konomono Mori320
Agedashi Tofu200
Hiroshima Oyster Motoyaki590
Nasu Dengaku200


Kani Miso Salad520
Spicy Tuna Salad390
Sashimi Salad550
Kaiso Salad430
Maguro Butsugiri Avocado Salad520
Kani Salad390
Spicy Salmon Salad460
Hotate Gai790

Nimono, Mushimono, Shirumono

Dobin Mushi350
Asari Sakamushi320
Asari Miso320
Kaisen Hokkaido Soup480
Tokusei Chawan Mushi200
Miso Shiru100
Gazami Miso300
Gyuniku Tofu Konabe690
Tonjiru Tokyo Style220


Fresh Yellowtail Fish790
Japanese Sweet Shrimp (4pcs)1380
Japanese Red Prawn from Hokkaido780
Japanese Yellowjack Fish890
Japanese Sea Bream Fish900
Tai Usuzukuri730
Lapu Lapu500
Fresh Salmon650
Fresh Big Eye Tuna580
Fresh Squid490
Shime Saba590
Uni Imported Japan2200/450
Hotate (Scallop)1380
Tokusen 7 Sashimi Mori1900
Spicy Maguro530
Jack Mackerel1900
Chef Sashimi Mori6000
Kisetsu No Gyokai Rui1300
Spicy Shake630
Sashimi Mori1050
Spicy Sashimi Santen800
Assorted Sashimi1500

Sushi moriawase

Jo Sushi1230
Tokujyo Sushi (Yanagibashi)1730
Gokujyo Sushi (Hamacho)2030
Tokujyo Chirashi Sushi (Sakura)1760
Aburi Nigiri Sushi Gosyu910
Aburi Nigiri Sushi Kyu Syu1230

Nigiri sushi

Bitan Ebi810
Ama Ebi420
Shima Aji380


Futomaki (Half)380
California Real Crab Roll780
California Maki370
Salmon Skin Roll380
Spider Maki / Temaki580
Ebi-Ten Roll480
Spicy Shake Maki / Temaki430
Spicy Hotate Maki/ Temaki760
Spicy Maguro Maki / Temaki380
Kappa Maki / Temaki145
Oshinko Maki / Temaki170
Unakyu Maki / Temaki480
Kanpyo Maki / Temaki260
Negitoro Maki / Temaki810
Zeitaku Futomaki (Half)810
Dragon Roll1830


Ebi Onigarayaki570
Ika Shogayaki370
Hamachi Kamayaki or Hamachi Arataki1900
Tori Terivaki370
Wagyu Amiyaki Steak3680
Gindara Teriyaki or Saikyoyaki990
Saba Shioyaki610
Shake Kabutoyaki440
Shake Kabuto Nitsuke530
Hamachi Kabuto Shioyaki Kabuto Ni2100
Lapu Lapu Kabuto Shioyaki490
Lapu-Lapu Nitsuke500
Butabara Shio480
Uzura Bacon Yaki130
Gyutan Shioyaki220
Gyuniku Enokimaki220
Gyuniku Asparamaki220
Shake Amashioyaki450
Gyukarubi Slice220
Arabiki Sausage230
Hokkaido Kaisen Chanchayaki720
Hokke Shioyaki580
Hotate Butter Yaki870
lka Uni Yaki480
Salmon Harasu Yaki550
Hotate Kaibashira Isobeyaki1300
Hiroshima Oyster Doteyaki590
Sazae Tsuboyaki1300
Yaki Onigiri200
Wagyu Matsuzaka Beef Kushi Yaki2400
Wagyu Kobe Beef Kushi Yaki2650
Wagyu Ohmi Kushiyaki1900
Kuroge Wagyu1700


Shiitake Lemonyaki250
Agedashi Nasu230
Enoki Foilyaki270
Asupara Olive Yaki250
Shimeji Dake To Garlic250
Ghagaimo Butter150

Rice dishes

Nin-niku Yakimeshi200
Kaisen Yakimeshi280
Gyuniku Yakimeshi280


Soft Shell Crab620
Wakadori Kara Age400
Kaki Furai590
Kurobuta Tonkatsu480


Ebi Tempura Moriawase490
Mix Kakiage Tempura420
Ebi Tempura380/730
Shiromi To Asparagus Tempura460
Tempura Moriawase450
Sakura Ebi Scallop Kakiage Tempura500
Kaki Isobe-Age650
Ise-Ebi Tempura2400

Tepanyaki wagyu promotion menu

Matsuzaka Gyu Sirloin A56300
Ohmi Gyu Rib-Eye A4 200g5200
Kobe Gyu Rib Eye A56400
Kuroge Wagyu4700

Tepanyaki (a la carte)

Lamb Chop Herb Steak990
Ise Ebi / Lobster Garlic Steak1610
Wagyu Hamburg Steak840
Hotate Gai790
Teppan Wakadori400
Kaki teppan670
Foie Gras Steak1700
Maguro Steak590
Lapu-Lapu / Shiromi Uni Sauce600
Yasai Itame370
Salmon Steak650
Kinoko Mix450
Ebi Butter Yaki550
US Rib-Eye Beef1100
Tofu Steak590
US Tenderloin Beef900
Enoki To Hourensou450
Wagyu Ohmi Rib-Eye Beef4950


Shake Kamameshi680
Tori Kamameshi560
Hotate Kamameshi770
Gyuniku Kamameshi600
Kaisen Kamameshi750
Gomoku Kamameshi750


Tempura Udon550
Yaki Soba450
Mentaiko Sumiudon1700
Miso Ramen530
Nabeyaki Udon650


Kurogoma Ice Cream200
Coffee Jelly230
Matcha Ice Cream and Shiratama Zenzai250


Iced Green Tea Latte170
House Iced Tea220
Fruit Shake230
Fruit Juice230
Four Season250
Fruit Smoothie250
Soda Water115
Tonic Water115
Bottled Water80


Sumiyaki Coffee195
Decaf Coffee160
Brewed Coffee150
Iced Coffee160


Asahi Super Dry220
Sapporo Premium Beer Bottle220
Kirin Draft Shibori200
San Miguel Pale Pilsen200
San Miguel Light200

About Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant is located in Bonifacio Global City. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to experience authentic Japanese cuisine. Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant will surely transport you to the land of the rising sun by tasting their mouthwatering dishes. Located on the 2nd floor of the Fort Entertainment Complex to be exact, they have been open since October of 2015 this place was built to deliver authentic Japanese food experiences in our country or at least Manila. They got their name Ogawa from their chef’s name Kiyoshi Ogawa.

Ogawa is a former head chef of Shangrila Hotel Edsa by the way. The concept for this restaurant was made possible by George Pua a businessman from No Limits Food Inc with Kiyoshi Ogawa a renowned Japanese chef. Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant provides only the best ingredients for their customers serving the freshest vegetables and seafood and high-quality meat imported from Japan. Japan is known for its food preparation excellence and that’s what Ogawa delivers. 

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Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant Menu Best Sellers

Here are samples of Ogawa’s most recommended items on their list of menus and also their best sellers. 


Katsudon is one of the best sellers of Ogawa included in their set meals. The Katsudon version of Ogawa is basically pork cutlets in a rice bowl that is made with eggs, tonkatsu, and some onions that they sauteed in a sweet and delicious sauce. Katsudon is a comfort food that you will truly enjoy especially if you’re a fan of meats.

Katsudon Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Partnered with their main dish enjoy this delicious side menu that Ogawa traditional Japanese Restaurant offers to truly enjoy your meal. What I like about their katsu don is that the pork is easy to eat, cooked very well but not dry and the sauce is really savory. You guys must try their katsudon and believe me this is absolutely amazing. 

Wagyu steak don Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll is a different kind of sushi that they serve at Ogawa. This one really looks good and when it comes to taste it’s amazing. Their dragon roll is beautifully presented that’s why it’ll just want you to stare at it instead of eating it. Their dragon roll is made with omelet, dragon tempura, and some cucumbers then wrapped together before topping with fresh water eel slice and some slices of ripe mango. Truly a flavor explosion in every bite. With all the freshest ingredients that they use in making their dragon roll, this one delivers a fresh and light taste, this is also a must-try item. 

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Dragon roll Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Teppan Lobster Gozen

The teppan lobster gozen version of the Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant menu is like tasting the best of both worlds. If you want to taste the sea and the land at the same time this is the perfect choice for you. One of the most popular items at Ogawa is their Teppan Lobster gozen and truly this is a must-try.

This item has lobster teppanyaki and is served with high-quality steak, some appetizers, miso soup, salad, fried rice, and pickles. You will also get a chance to watch them prepare your food at their teppanyaki station. Teppan lobster gozen is also a must-try item on their menu. 

Robatayaki don set Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Coffee Jelly Dessert

I honestly don’t know the exact name of this dessert but I want to include this on the list since this is really good. The desserts that they will serve you at Ogawa will depend on the meal that you ordered and we got this coffee jelly dessert that I truly enjoyed. I honestly am not a fan of any kind of jelly as a dessert that’s why I tried to ignore this dessert at first but my friend tried to convince me to give it a try.

(L-R): Matcha panna cotta, Okinawa style Coffee jelly Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

It’s good and for some of you who will ask this one is a coffee jelly dessert that they topped with ice cream. This item is really simple but will surely deliver satisfaction in every bite. The combination of flavors in every bite is like exploding in your mouth. 

Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant dishes no worries since they are offering delivery service, all you have to do is to call their phone number at (02)88864994

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Gyuniku kamameshi Pin
Photo Credits: OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Social Media Pages

As you explore Ogawa’s menu’s authentic flavors and indulge in exquisite creations, here’s your key to an enhanced dining experience: join them on social media!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ogawa.manila

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ogawa.manila


What are Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant’s business hours? 

Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant is open from Mondays to Sundays from 12 p.m. until 10 p.m. 

Do we need reservations if we are planning to visit Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant?

Normally booking is required at Ogawa to save yourself from hassle. 

What are the payment methods that are acceptable at Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant?

Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant accepts major credit cards and cash. 

Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant: Are they halal certified?

No, this place is a non-halal-certified restaurant since they are serving meats that are haram with our Muslim friends. 

Is there a parking space available at Ogawa? 

Yes, there are a lot of parking spaces available if you visit Ogawa so no worries about parking space. 


If you want to experience authentic Japanese cuisine Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant is the perfect option for you. Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant menu has a wide variety of dishes that will surely satisfy your Japanese cravings once you take a look at their menu. The place looks amazing the atmosphere inside the place is cozy and has a customer-friendly vibe. Their service personnel are also nice and very approachable, clean, comfortable, and properly maintained place. Overall experience with Ogawa is good and a highly recommended place for everyone to try. 

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